Sometimes FIFA Is A Bit Like Rocket League

As much as I love FIFA, I kinda feel like my video game soccer needs are being covered by Rocket League — a game that features flying cars playing with a human-sized football.

That said — sometimes FIFA can be as awesome as Rocket League. Sometimes.

Like in the above video. This is the kind of insane situation that happens all the good goddamn time in Rocket League. This is FIFA being like Rocket League.

I guess this is what I'm trying to say: when FIFA is more like Rocket League, this is a good thing. Screw realism, screw the beautiful game. Flying cars have changed everything. MORE OF THIS PLEASE.


    "Screw realism, screw the beautiful game."

    Un.For.Giveable Mark!

    I agree, when I was first getting the hang of Rocket League I thought wow, this is the future of real life sport (maybe a little impractical in hindsight).

    Screw Rocket League.. it even bores me in the Highlight Reel. FIFA all the way.

      Damn man, you might want to be careful talking like that around here.

      I actually love car game and I love soccer, I just don't want the two mixed.

    Real life drone racing is the future of sport imo

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