Stop It Metal Gear Solid V, This Is Too Sexy

Stop It Metal Gear Solid V, This Is Too Sexy

Phew. Is it, uh, is it getting a little hot in here?


I can't believe I just had to type that about what's in this post.

Anyway, so there are some scenes in Metal Gear Solid V featuring the scantily-clad Quiet, and in them, she...postures. They're contentious! Some people think it's pervy, others think it's very Metal Gear.

What happens, though, when you do what MikeKob did and swap out Quiet's character model with Ocelot's? Well, I'd like to think that everyone could set aside their differences and just enjoy the end result.


    That is amazing :) The whole Quiet thing just seemed gratuitous and pointless.

    I actually did think Ocelot was pretty sexy to begin with....

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      I look just like Ocelot, and am 100% sure I have never had anyone think that...

        Lol, you gotsta have his moves. Pay close attention to that video :D

    Between this and the gun modding I feel like buying this game on console would be a terrible wast of potential.

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      As the owner of MGSV on PS4 despite having a perfectly capable PC:


    Lol that was hilarious. Coffee spitting style.

    This is awesome but i'm sick of people saying their justification for portraying quiet like that is stupid. Isn't boobs a good enough reason for boobs anymore? Don't be a boob nazi.

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