Street Fighter V’s Bearded Ryu Is The Hottest Ryu

Street Fighter V’s Bearded Ryu Is The Hottest Ryu

Well hello there, rugged Ryu. Did you lose your razor blade? I don’t mind.

What you’re seeing above is not Joe Manganiello, contrary to what it may seem. Actually, it’s the special Gamestop “Battle Costume” pre-order skin for Street Fighter V. Here’s another look:

Normally, we’re pretty wary of posting about pre-order incentives, but this new Ryu is simply too hot not to share. I swear — my Twitter feed right now just, tons of people salivating over bearded Ryu, which is funny given that, in terms of looks at least, he’s normally one of the most unremarkable characters in Street Fighter. But throw in a beard? Suddenly everyone is screaming “DADDY!!” at this digital person. Well god damn. Really though, look at the keyword “Ryu” on Twitter right now. “Hot Ryu” is trending in some places. The thirst is real, and only a Hadoken can cure it, people.

Oh yeah. There are other pre-order bonuses too. You can read about them here, if you’d like. They’re not as handsome as lumbersexual Ryu though, so who cares, really?

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  • Throw a beard on someone who looks like he’s a bunch of rocks lumped together and girls will wet their panties over his “hotness”… Men have the same reaction to the Chun-Li or Cammy costumes and they are “sexist”. Go figure.

  • Chun Li’s tiny skirted version showing the most ass is the hottest Chun Li…

    Too much?

    Nah. Both are blatantly sexist. Who gives a toss. Hypocrisy for all!!!!!!

  • It is strange that Patricia has often called for the end of objectification of women in video games and yet this is ok? Look, I don’t really care if characters of either gender are over-sexualised, it is just a game after all. Just seems strange to me.

    • Butthisisdifferent.gif one is covering up skin and the other is showing MORE skin.

      haha but no seriously, I read your comment and had to check the author again. Surprised it was Patricia that wrote this. Maybe she’s calmed down a bit?

        • There’s a bit of a difference in the way that unrealistic body types for both men and women are represented in games though – big buff men with beards is more of a male power fantasy than it is objectifying for a female audience. So when it comes down to it, the inequality is not that only women are given ridiculous aesthetic standards in games, but that they are always designed for the male gaze.

          I won’t bore you with the specifics, but there’s been a lot of interesting discussion online around this issue!

          • So a scantily clad, good looking male is just a male power fantasy? So that male character isn’t objectified then? I guess that’s ok because only women can be objectified.

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