Super-Rare Sonic The Hedgehog Game, Once Lost, Now Playable

Super-Rare Sonic The Hedgehog Game, Once Lost, Now Playable

One of the rarest Sonic games of all time is Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car, an arcade game for kids that was released in 1991. If you weren't in Japan that year (so...pretty much all of us), you've probably never played it, as it has never been released again, ever, in any format.

Until now! A copy has been found and dumped online for use in MAME emulators, meaning pretty much anyone can now play and...well, if not enjoy the game (it's very much a kid's title), then at least experience it.

Which Sonic fans might want to anyway; it's the first game in the franchise to ever feature voice acting.

Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car had you playing as Sonic, who for some reason was now a Japanese cop, driving a squad car around and keeping his animal buddies safe from Dr. Eggman/Robotnik

While it's nice people who weren't in Japan in 1991-92 (or have played one of the few remaining cabinets) can now play the game, it's a shame MAME can't recreate the feeling of sitting in one of these:

Super-Rare Sonic The Hedgehog Game, Once Lost, Now Playable

(Clip via @neozeed & @Richmond_Lee, image via Sonic Retro)

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