Surprise, Dragon’s Dogma Is Coming To PC

Surprise, Dragon’s Dogma Is Coming To PC

Dragon’s Dogma is one of the most criminally underrated action games of the last few years, but it’s getting a second chance at life on PC, with Capcom stealthily announcing that Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is coming next January.

Dark Arisen was originally an expansion, but it also included everything that came with Dragon’s Dogma. The PC version, naturally, is getting full Steam support, in addition to higher-resolution visuals and “improved fidelity.”

Surprise, Dragon’s Dogma Is Coming To PC

I cannot wait to play Dragon’s Dogma again!


  • I picked Dragon’s Dogma for the PS3 up the other week for $10 second hand & loved it, despite all the frustrations that it has with the camera, lack of targeting of monsters & the rapid ganking when you go out exploring.

    Am waiting on my copy of Dark Arisen for the PS3 (you get special unlocks for having an original DD save file).

    Highly recommend it.

    Plus imagine the modding you can do on the PC version.

    • DD:DA was actually free on PS+ back in the day. I never actually played it… always meant to, but never got around to it. Got a bit of a PS+ backlog like that which I’ll probably never get to since I can’t see myself spending that much time on the PS3 these days.

      • I never bothered with PSN+. Waste of money for the most part, since never upgraded my PS3 hard drive (may do one day).

        DD:DA is only costing me $20. Whereas it’s $26 2nd hand.

  • Hot damn. That’s a guaranteed purchase for me. Dragon’s Dogma was a real surprise hit for me, huge and deep. I can’t wait to see the invigorated online options when it hits the Steam community.

    I’ve been meaning to pick it back up and finish it, but even the concept of plugging the PS3 back in is a mood-killer.

  • wohoo. I have the dragon’s dogma dark arisen on PS3 but never played it until now. Will definitely pick it up on PC and play it.

  • Hell yeah I’ll be buying this.
    Had the original and DA on X360, but just couldn’t play a game like that at 720p <30fps, it was painful.
    Playing it on PC is going to be perfect!

  • This was one of the few games that ever made me feel like I was missing out by not owning a PS3.

    PC Release with full Steamworks report? If they release it at like $30, I’ll be on it day one.

  • This is awesome.I’ll be picking it up again as long as it isn’t capped at 30fps or anything stupid like that. I bought the game originally just after getting a proper gaming PC and the poor performance put me off. It must have been like 20 fps half the time on PS3.

  • I keep.coming and going with this game, not’s bad, there’s just other games that take my interest away from it. Maybe once I get demon souls out the way I’ll try again… Unless Zestiria is out by then… Or Fallout 4

  • This is why the PC rules! Most good games head our way in some form or another, and we have almost complete backwards compatibility (may take a couple of days to get working though :-P)

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