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    Had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday I went to the footy with my Uncle and got to see a cousin who I don't see often, plus two of his kids. The Hawks won, which made it even better. I've been to all 4 games at Aurora Stadium this year and not had to pay for any of them.

    Yesterday I went to church as per usual, but after church, some of us hung around and played games for a while. We played The Resistance and Saboteur. I'd played Saboteur before, but not The Resistance. The Resistance is pretty easy to pick up though. We played 4 games of it, and I was a Spy the first 3 times. My team won 3 out of 4 of the games. Definitely want to play again.

    Saboteur was fun, I was one of 3 Saboteurs in the second round and we played with the Expansion which made it even more interesting. After that I went home and watched Semi Pro and John Wick. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed John Wick, given that I'm not a huge fan of Keanu. It was definitely worth watching.

    Been playing MGS: Peace Walker since it's the only official MGS I haven't played. Don't know what to think. Normally MGS always stretched the suspension of disbelief but PW goes a bit too far. It's the 70s and I'm fighting hovercrafts controlled by advanced AI. I do like how they wrote Snake this time around. Normally Snake is just one note, but in this game they've allowed him to joke around and stuff.

    Decided to go back to D&D and found out everybody died. They've also decided to move on to Shadowrun. The issue now is that the problem player is the GM, so we can expect the story to be completely morbid. For the trial game we had to get used to the system, some very disturbing things happened including a baby getting stuck under the accelerator of a car I'm going to give it a shot, but the dice system is really complicated and annoying.

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      My tip, keep a list of the stuff you're likely to do a lot. So, Perception checks (I think) are Intuition & Perception/Awareness, so I have a roll of 6. Standard shots from my rifle are 14, or 20 if I edge it. My sneaking is 8, I think, stuff like that. Does get a bit more complicated if you're using magic to buff stuff, but it's not too bad really. Is a pain if someone's slowing down the whole group though.

        I don't like the amount of dice need for rolls. I just wanna know if I succeeded or not, why do I have to waste my time picking out the 1s and 6s.

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    Has mgs broken street date yet?? A man can dream...


    *vibrating intensifies*

      Reaction gif time!

        Best reaction. I am a grown man and not even remotely ashamed this is exactly what I am doing.

          I figured as much. =P It's how I will be when Project Zero 5 comes out

      Fun Fact: EB have had their MGSV stock since Saturday. It's all just sitting there, ready, waiting, unplayable.

        Except for that one staff member who brought a copy from eb and took their copy home on Saturday to play.

        And thats true, my friends friend works at rb and did exactly that

    I'm actually sort of nervous about tomorrow; this is the last time where I'm going to be blissfully ignorant about Quiet. I want to trust Kojima, but I'm so worried about what her story is, and why she's being presented the way she is.

      Some people know the answer. They said it's a Kojima reason, but it's still not enough to justify it.

      Personally I would change it to my head canon. Remove her stockings, make her bald, suggest she was experimented on to create light bending skin. I'll even show this by having her veins always showing. She's bald all over her body because hair doesn't disappear. Her clothing will be camo coloured to be easier to hide. Then I'll give her a cloak to wear when she's not on missions.

      I'm also pretty concerned about whether they'll give some context to what happened to Paz in Ground Zeroes. Not that it'll make what happened any more palatable, but it's certainly better than her getting repeatedly raped and tortured purely due to her being a woman and because they needed someone to fridge in order to put Snake in a coma.

    Dearest TAY,

    On the weekend I finished my second play through of Until Dawn. I really dug that game. Far from perfect, but pretty great all the same. On Friday I went into the city to take photos with my DSLR. Was a good day, but I made the mistake of wearing new shoes and walked ages and now have blisters a-plenty. Hooray. On Saturday I was going to attempt to get out of my comfort zone and go meet new people, but ended up being super hermit-y. Didn't leave the house. :'(

    I did set up a dating profile thing, though. :P

    Oktoberfest Brisbane is only 39 days away!

    Your pal,

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      Also did any one get the extended edition of Until Dawn? What was the extra scene like?

        I tried to pick it up at EB Games but they said they'd sold out. I then picked it up for $20 cheaper at JB Hi-fi although without the steelbook case and the extra scene. I've heard the extra scene is not really that important in the scheme of things.

      Is 'dating profile' code for naked rugby man scrum?

    I paid real monies and picked up a copy of devil's third. I was at the coast all weekend, so I still have no idea of where it lies on the "broken to monster hunter" continuum with the critics.

    I'm a fan of vanquish, online shooters, no more heroes, ninja gaiden, and old Japanese developers who exclusively wear sunglasses and have beautiful hair. I'm cautiously optimistic for incoming fun!

      I'm a fan of a scale with monster hunter at the top!

    Splatfest was on Sunday. I reached level 20. =D
    Sid was bitten on Friday, but it was his own fault. He stole someone else's toy and wouldn't give it back. The dog seemed sorry after it did bite him and I think it was accidental. She just wanted her ball back.

      First splatfest I've missed, and I haven't had a go of the new weapons yet. Were you all singing or all dancing?

        Singing. I like both but prefer singing.
        I'm not too fond of the snipers. I seem to switch and change often though


    Went to Watsons Bay yesterday for a day out with the family. Nice sunny day for a walk around the beaches and up to the lighthouse, with lunch at the beach club.

    Played Spaced Hulk with my daughter. It was the first mission where you need to get the heavy flamer terminator to the control room. He made it almost all the way there before being cut down from behind by a genestealer. My daughter was disappointed.

    Getting places in The Witcher 3. I've just passed the 'point of no return' and it's starting to ramp up now. A certain battle was pretty fun and chaotic. Now we are on the offensive, and, I presume, the home stretch.

    Picked up Until Dawn and will play with mates on Friday night. Looking forward to it :-)

    Morning all! Hope your weekend was awesome. I'm at a conference this week, so not much chance for gaming, but in reality uni work is my new game. Each day studying gives me a "high score" of a word count at the end of the day!

    That said, I did manage to get back into Destiny to get to level 30, actually quite keen for the Taken King now.

    Dropped Max off at the vet to get desexed.
    Also, I can't stop farting because of jalapenos.
    And I'll be picking up MGS V on Friday! \o/

      That was a rollercoaster from start to finish. =P

      OMG, I had beans last night, got the same farting issue.

      Oh, and picking up MGSV on Wednesday.

    Howdy fronds!

    I hope everyone's weekend was grand!

    I had a pretty stressful week last week. I was in a car crash on Wednesday. No one was hurt thankfully and I've finally finished up chasing insurance so now they can handle the rest. Also, my Grandmother was admitted to hospital because she was struggling to breath. She caught pneumonia which is pretty bad for older people. Although she has been released back home and everything seems to be good now. Also, I seem to have picked up this darn cough I can't seem to shake.

    That said though, this week is a new week! Hopefully things will be better this time around!

      Oh man, sounds like you had a tough week, buddy. All the best!

      *arches eyebrow, concentrating intently*

      *good juju beam engaged*

      Your week will be awesome. I have willed it.

      That cough is the worst. Mine has been hanging around for a month. But I'd rather deal with the perpetual cough, rather than the influenza b that my friends have.

      Car crash. I'm sorry to hear that but I'm glad you're okay.
      Grandmother. As long as they catch it early, she should be fine. Dealing with these things early is the key.
      Cough. Tell me about it. I get rid of one cold, I pick up another.

    Bleh. Weekend wasn't quite as good as I hoped as I struggled with a cold. Still kinda off today but almost over it. I went out to dinner on Saturday night with family which was nice but my taste buds weren't really wowed with the food. It wasn't bad but nothing fantastic either.

    Also played some 40K RPG, this time with more space marines. We killed an Ork Warboss with a melta bomb to the chest. Also lots of fire. It was good.

    I have 1 chapter to go in Until Dawn. I am either the worst at this game, or the best. Depending on how you look at it.

    Getting fibre: take 2 on Friday. Although I'm not sure the problem has been solved on the nbn side. Our isp seems to think it's all fixed now so hopefully they are right. $500 phone/internet bills per month are getting painful 6 months in. If you take what we should be paying for 100/40 fibre according to our isp thats $600 instead of $3000. I could have built an acceptable pc for $2400 or bought a 4k tv.

    Rant over, I'll update on Friday after the appointment.

    Oh, Mad Max is out this week on PS4 and Xbone. Are we prepared for the mediocrity? Honestly though I hope this game will be good but in reality it will probably be mediocre.

      I'm semi-keen, but it's going to have to wait for me until after Metal Gear. I'm sure it'll be decent at least.

    Okay, so this is something that's been making me curious as I have no understanding of the motivation behind these things but in regards to the whole Ashley Madison thing
    having a read through of the AM Fembots article on Gizmodo and the "Affair Guarantee" costs $300? And all that gives you is a bunch of extra messages to send? Question is if you were that desperate for extra marital sex wouldn't it be a whole lot easier just to hire an escort? Curiosity got the better of me and having a look at some listings $300 will get you a pretty high class escort. Seems like it would remove a lot of the mess out of it all and be a simple transaction with the same result but with an actual guarantee. Or is looking at this from a cost/benefit side a dumb way to see it? As I said, I don't understand the motivations here beyond base need.

      Like most scams, rational thought rarely enters the equation.

      I imagine for a lot of those men (let's face it; it was all bloody men in that site anyways) it's about developing a mutual attraction outside of their existing relationship. An escort as you say simplifies the equation but also means the attraction isn't mutual; it's more akin to a business transaction. I guess the Madison website greyed that distinction enough to make the concept more appealing?

      That said I don't understand the concept of extra-marital affairs at all; if you're attracted to or want to be attracted to someone else why are you wasting yours and your partners time?

      There are a couple of brothels near my place that are like $170 an hour and include a massage, I could stop at a nice restaurant on the way home after and still have change out of my $300 if all I wanted was a quick meaningless lay.

      I feel like the "affair guarantee" pricing is just bloody stupid but I guess the whole site was built around the thrill of the hunt or whatever. As someone who's never contemplated infidelity (refusing to inherit the sins of my father, I suppose), I guess I'll never really understand the mindset.

      I don't think brothels take out late-night TV ads, either.

      ...Hope Mrs Freeze isn't looking at your browsing history. :)

        I have some local adult services in my browsing history but I shared the results with my wife out of morbid curiousity about otherwise innocuous looking business parks that always seemed to leave their signage on at night. A week or so previously we'd gotten lost in Parramatta and inadvertently wound up in a nest of what appears to be small offices around 11:30pm, except they all had "open" signs and literally red lights illuminating the buildings from the eaves. It was kind of hilarious how clichéd it was.

          Our local one is just above the tyre shop down the road. Classy.

      Well part of it is the "I don't pay for sex" thing. Paying for sex is something for losers, I'm using a service just in case but it isn't paying for sex, just privacy.
      There is also a disrespect of sex workers and the concept that they are dirty and the like. Finding another married woman (or man but less common) she is going to be more normal and have had less partners which some men worry about.

    Hi TAY

    Went and visited the ol' family this weekend. Caught up with a couple of friends from back home that I haven't seen in months. Spent my 5 hours on the train furiously breeding Pokemon. Had breakfast with the grandparents. Ate fancy Peach French Toast. Got told I looked like Where's Wally. Ran home to fit in as much Splatfest time as possible. Everybody is terrible but me.

    Pretty good weekend except way too short.

      Also I signed up to GoGet this morning because they have a deal running. Look out, world. Pow got wheels again.

      furiously breeding Pokemon
      How progresses your *ahem* furious breeding?
      I'm up to batch 600-700 on my main project on OR, and I thought I'd race a side project on Y to see which is easier / faster. I have concluded that XY is still far better for breeding even though eggs / loop / IV check is 3 different locations instead of one. Mostly because the ORAS bike seems to be a lot slower.
      Didn't help that the side project came through after 50 eggs while the main project ground its way to 600 with no result.

        Basically done! I've got 5 out of 6 bred and ready for training. Working on the last one tonight (probably would've been finished already but only realised the ability I wanted was a hidden ability just before I started :P) - things go so fast when you don't have to worry about Egg moves (surprisingly none of the team need any)

        Had to boot up X for the first time in ages to try and nab a hidden ability from a horde. Which was put on hold for half an hour or so because the route I needed to farm on was raining :P So glad they got rid of Sweet Scent not working in the rain in ORAS.

        Have heaps and heaps of breeding rejects if you ever want any. Probably just going to Wonder Trade the 2/3IV stuff. Keep a couple of the 4/5IV in case people want them.

        EDIT: Yeah, the bike feels a little faster in XY (silly question, but you are using the Mach Bike in ORAS, right?). Dunno if it's just an illusion though. ORAS still takes it for me just because everything is in the one place. So convenient. I hope they have a similar thing in all games in the future.

        Last edited 31/08/15 2:28 pm

          Yup, Mach bike.
          I rate the difference around 80 eggs in ORAS VS 100 eggs in XY.
          Plus, the infinite hatch loop in XY can be resumed with a tap of the D pad, whereas the ORAS one gets broken by an egg hatching and needs lots of manual intervention (not to mention the damn sandpits)

            Hopefully the next game can combine the two.

            Actually, cut out one of the steps and have an IV check straight on the stats screen. Even if it's just a little icon next to the stat that indicates how strong it is.

            Last edited 31/08/15 3:25 pm

              Thing is, they want to keep that sort of stuff hidden from the average player, since they don't need to know that to just play the game for fun. I don't think that'll drastically change.

                Yeah I know. They've been making big convenience changes in the last few games for the competitive scene though so it wouldn't surprise me if we saw something like that eventually. Even if it is just as subtle as the light red/blue colour of the stats affected by Nature.

                  It could be a Bank enhancement to help justify the cost vs functionality provided...

          I picked up another shiny while farming for a horde HA mon too.

          But yeah, sometimes genderless breeding is so much easier - don't have to worry about the ball, male/female rates, egg moves, just crack out a 6 and then start churning the eggs.

    Good morning friends! As many of you have seen already, I have bought a PS4 after trading in my Wii U and a bunch of Wii U+Xbox One games. I also put a $10 deposit on a Game of Thrones Edition of Risk, which I'm pretty pumped for.

    Thanks @dc, @redartifice & @jocon for adding me so far! My PSN is highperforma89 for anyone else who feels to play with me!

    So far I've got Batman, GTA 5 (Part of the bundle), The Order: 1886, The Last of Us and ?Killzone Shadowfall (3 for $75). Did I do good?

      All that missing is to download Rocket League...

        I left it downloading before I left the house this morning :P

          Nice. :D

            And Bloodborne, you cannot miss that experience.

              I had it in my hand on the way up to the counter, but I thought it would seem a bit ridiculous of me to have all of those games so I wanted to put one back :*(

      I only have The Last of Us out of that lot and it's an amazing game. I have it on PS3 too. I'd love to get GTAV, but the games I have at the moment are keeping me busy. I keep saying I'll get it, but then another game comes up. It'll be in the $5 bargain bin by the time I get around to playing it haha

      Killzone looks interesting and hopefully it comes to PS+ one day, same with The Order. You have a nice lot of games there that will keep you going for a while. Check out Rocket League when you get the chance ;)

        I hope so! I was partway through Batman on Xbone, so I have decided to start again on PS4 to pay homage to a very good game! I do have a lot there, I have GTA on Xbox so I'll try trade it in I think.

      I'll add you too! sibalicious

    Good morning!

    I had a good weekend. Did some running, got a bit faster :)

    And I just looked through the photos of cosplay from PAX Prime and I'm getting all excited/inspired for PAX AUS! \o/

    Flew to Coffs Harbour for work on Friday, it was about as exciting about getting on a bus except that I got to the bus stop about an hour earlier than I needed to and almost completely drained my phone battery by 7am out of sheer boredom. Thankfully the Domestic Terminal offered free wi-fi or I'd have drained all my data too.

    After a very short presentation and an extensive walk-around of the best-maintained shopping centre I've ever visited, I got very drunk then got back on my flying sky bus to return to Sydney.

    Spent all weekend playing Destiny. Like, all of it. Cleared multiple raids, did Prison of Elders level 32 on all three characters (a first) and level 34 on one character. Thankfully after getting an etheric light and each of the helmets on offer from Variks this weekend, I can hit 34 on all three characters. \o/

    Going to try and take a run at Skolas tonight since the modifiers are fairly good and next week (with as yet unknown modifiers) is the final week to score the year 1 triumph. Maybe @miketarno can sherpa me and the wife since he seems to have already smashed it? :P

      I need the boots on all 3 characters to hit 34 for each. Hopefully this week Variks will have them, if not I'll have to earn and burn some etheric lights.
      On PS4 me and a few mates are going to try finish the raids on hard and Skolas this weekend to finalise that Year 1 triumph as well!

        The one and only time I did Iron Banner, which was the first after House of Wolves dropped, I got to rep 5 on all three characters and bought the greaves and gauntlets, plus a total of 6 etheric light. With that light, I was able to get my hunter and titan to 34 as long as they each used an exotic helmet. My Warlock languished in level 33 misery until I scored another etheric light. Having the helmets already at max light gives me more options to be a 34, such as my titan wearing something other than Helm of Inmost Light or Saint-14... I can't imagine why I ever would, but the option is there.

          Gotta roll with exotic helmets for the Titan! Saint-14 especially is a life saver for the fire team on the tough gigs.

    Apparently Dancing All Night is going to be $60 from EB in Australia, and about $68 in Canada bucks.
    Games in Australia are actually cheaper than somewhere else in the world? What is happening!
    At this rate, I'd be better off flying back to Australia, buying games then flying back. Outrageous.

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