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  • Morning all. Word of advice, do not repair your phone and get a loan phone out. This thing looks and works like its from the early 2000s but just happens to have a touch screen.

    How’s everyone? Hope you all had more sleep than me

  • Things I did this weekend:

    – Had lunch in the city with pal, got sun burnt.

    That is all.

    Not so productive on the weekend front.

    • I lost my wallet in Garden City. Need to replace bank cards, ID, Medicare, there was $200 cash and a note my wife wrote me 13 years ago when we first started dating that’s now gone.

      Plus I really liked that wallet and they don’t make it any more.

      • Aw man. That suuuucks. Really sorry to hear that, Freezey. 🙁

        Was hoping you guys all had a good night.

        Here’s hoping the wallet turns up somewhere and you get it back.

      • That sucks, nothing worse than a lost wallet. Garden City as well, that is the haystack of shopping centres

      • Man that’s a real bummer. It sounds really silly, but i’ve decided to scan all those special notes that my wife has given me and save them to dropbox. Just in case i lose them etc. I lost my prescription sunnies in Garden City a few years back. No-one handed them in. It’s like.. what are you gonna do with prescription sunglasses??

        I really feel for you.

      • Dammit.
        The note part would hurt a lot.

        I guess you could keep checking with Garden City lost and found and police… sometimes thieves leave wallets in places where they can be found by people with a conscience. :/

  • Hey all!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend! Mine was pretty great. Went out to dinner Saturday night to celebrate my cousin finishing his TAFE course. I got to catch up with some of my cousins whom I haven’t seen in a while and got to drink a cocktail out of a fancy glass. Also crashed at my brothers and we played Terraria until early Sunday morning.

    Sunday I didn’t do to much, mostly just spent all day playing DA:I. I did The Iron Bull’s story quest and then I got sad.

  • Well, my weekend was half great, half shit. Saturday was the great part. My mate John and I went to the Farmers Market for breakfast. I had a lamb steak sandwich with onions and rhubarb relish. Also had a coffee and the girl who was taking names for orders recognised me. Picked up some ginger beer on the way out and headed to our next destination.

    MAICON (Mini Anime Island Convention) was our next destination. Unfortunately, it was a bit disappointing this year. I played Tekken Tag Tournament 2, walked around for a bit and bought some stuff. I was pretty happy with my purchases, which were a postcard of the Spirit of Tasmania being attacked by a giant blue ringed octopus ($1), a copy of Dr Strangelove on DVD ($5!) and some Fallout bottle caps (2 Nuka Cola, 1 Sunset Sarsparilla, $7). Also had a bottle of Ramune. John and I decided to head home, and we stopped off for lunch on the way. I had a sausage roll and coffee.

    Saturday night was great. Went to a Church dinner and the theme was Greek Feast. Souvlaki was the main course, and the lamb was cooked beautifully. Dessert was assorted Greek stuff, including baklava, galaktaboureko and loukoumades. Then they brought out a cheesecake as a farewell for one of the pastors, and an ice cream cake as a birthday cake for one of the other pastors. I didn’t eat the cheesecake or ice cream cake as I’d had enough dessert.

    Sunday is a day I want removed from my memory banks permanently. Spoilered so you don’t have to read it:

    On the way to church I got into a stupid argument with my mate John’s dad who drives me to church. I completely lost it and triggered a meltdown. I haven’t had a meltdown like that for years and it’s scared me. Obviously, the rest of the day was a washout, as I was exhausted after the meltdown. Meltdowns suck.

    Overall the weekend gets 5/10. 5/5 for Saturday and 0/5 for Sunday.

    • Whether in the brain or in northern Ukraine, meltdowns are a pain.

      Why the HELL did I make that rhyme??

        • Many are the days when my dark sense of humour is the only thing keeping me alive… Hell, more than once I’ve used the fact that Chernobyl happened on my birthday as a weird joke

    • I decided to upvote your post as i see the glass half full. One good day is far better than two terrible ones. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better today, meltdowns suck, i haven’t had one for a while now though.

      • Yeah, I’m trying to look at it that way. I’m starting to feel better, but I will be obsessing over the meltdown for a while. Just hope it doesn’t have any long term consequences.

  • Ola amigos, como estas?

    I had game filled weekend, probably the most I’ve had for a long while. I binged on Batman Arkham night and played a little Rocket League too!

    I really, really, really liked Batman. I agree that it has to be one of the most polished games of all time. I loved all the little things; like for every part you are up to in the story all of the other characters, guards, etc. all had a little comment of their own around how the situation was playing out.

    I also realllllly liked (Spoilered for end game story content)
    Playing as Joker inside of Batman’s mind was a cool touch, hearing him get more progressively scared gave a human side to him rather than just the unhinged lunatic he is for most of the game/movies.

  • So I’m in that position where I actually received leftovers from Father’s Day lunch. My parents need to stop giving me extra food otherwise I might not need to cook again for a long time.

  • Played Until Dawn with my wife on Saturday night. Spent 4 hours arguing with her about every decision. Great game!

    I also got my Diploma in Laboratory Technologies on Friday too. Goodbye Year 12 certificate.
    I got an OP of 21 so I really didn’t need it in the first place 🙂

    • I played through Catherine with my wife watching. She never argued or gave input to any decision, just stared at me each time one came up, her judgemental eyes making me uncomfortable.

      • That game just makes me feel uncomfortable in general, its even worse because every time I scroll past it on the ps3 Cathryn asks why don’t I play her game and I dont have the heart to tell her what the games about

      • God this is pretty much what I get in every single relationship based cutscene in any BioWare game ever. I swear to god my mrs times walking into the room just as some kind of relationship scene comes up and she’ll be like “so who’s that character meant to be”……

  • Morning everyone.

    I had a Friday night that was both fun- and frustration-filled. Went to a mate’s house with my PS4 and started playing through Until Dawn. We got about 6 hours into it before it suddenly borked and said the application data was corrupt. Spent about half an hour trying to fix it before calling it quits at 3am. I’ve since discovered that the problem may have been disc-related (I polished it up and seems to at least load up now, fingers crossed).

    Saturday I invited some mates over for pizza, movies and games while my wife was at work overnight, so we got started on Diablo III until tiredness made us switch to movies. Watched about 2/3 of Equilibrium (starring Batman!) before zonking out.

    Woke up on Sunday morning to find the house filled with cut-out paper hearts by my daughters and their friend who had slept over. Also found the fridge stuffed with stuffed toys and children’s clothing (???). I cleaned up the house and when my wife got home from work we went for a drive over to Rushcutters Bay, didn’t find a parking spot, drove back to Hunters Hill and had lunch at the Dachshund cafe, where I had a beef/bean burger (fantastic). Mucked around with the kids in the afternoon and slept, reading a heap more of The Fires Of Heaven (for about the 13th time).

    Oh, also played some Persona Q, Skylanders SWAP Force and made an alchohol-laden tiramisu.

    • I like it. It’s slower and more character based and I dig that. I like the lead Kim Dickens too and the different time and place is pretty great as well. I’m a fan! 🙂 It’s also cool knowing the rules and what to look out for, while the characters don’t.

      • I dunno, last weeks episode was pretty fast paced 😛 But it’s interesting to see how it sort of just went from nothing to “oh shit this is an issue” pretty fast.

        Still want to know where it originated from though, damn it.

  • Hola Tay

    Red’s series of busyish weekends has begun! After this weekend I’m almost booked solid up until the weekend after PAX!

    Saturday, went and gave blood in the city. Finally picked up a 7 wonders expansion (Cities, cc @trjn) then hosted board games at mine for a couple people. Played Qwirkle, and Boss Monster, and Munchkin Apocalypse, and Rise to Power. Fun times!

    Sunday woke up annoyed because I’d realised I’d bought a wrong ingredient to make Dukkah, so traipsed to the supermarket to get the right one which pushed my schedule out of whack. Picked up my brother and drove to my aunt’s at Greenock for Father’s Day lunch, which was nice. Family show, Grandpa was there. Despite the shit that’s going on with the other half of my family, it’s nice to have a side of the family that’s comparatively sane.

    Then I went home and played Metal Gear. I Electrically stunned and then Fultoned a bear. GOTY Forever.

    A Monday Morning Question
    : Following an Apocalypse, which species do you want to inherit the earth? I’ve always hoped bears would gain primacy post-humans.

  • Hey, TAY.
    Spent Father’s Day helping Dad in the garden, and waiting for Mad Max to finish downloading.

  • So the fiber got connected on Friday. Turns out 1 of our neighbours had used our portal, but the NBN were happy enough to run another one for us, after 2 months of back and forth. It’s glorious. We are on the 100/40 speed plan, which works out in the real world to just under 96Mbps down, just over 35Mbps up and fantastic ping. Xbox and Netflix quota free with 250gb on top of that, I reckon I downloaded at least 150gb on the x1s with prob another 35gb on the ps4 and about 30gb on the pc.

    Most of the weekend was spent on netflix and playing with amazing ping (Titanfall, GTA Online, Rocket League (unfortunatley it doesn’t make me any better at RL)).

    So happy to be finally done with using my phone as a wifi hot spot for the last 6 months. Time to save and build another pc and/or buy a 4k tv.

    • For my understanding (and don’t reply if you don’t feel comfortable answering), how much does getting NBN installed and signing up to a plan cost?

      • That depends on if youre getting it installed to an existing property or if you built a home and laid the cabling yourself (or the builders did because you paid them to).

        If it’s an existing home the details and cost should be on the nbnco website. We built a new home and paid for it to be nbn ready, so the cost varies from builder to builder and it was 2 years ago that we paid for the cabling to be there (yes the damn build took 2 years) and it was around the $2000 mark.

        Sorry I cant be more helpful, I didn’t look into the pricing for existing homes. There is a “small developer claim” which may cover it and costs $1000, but Im not sure thats what you need. Sorry again!

    • Oh god, that upstream.

      I get faster than you downstream off-peak on my Cable (maxes out at around 117mbit, but it’s more like 40-50 during the evenings) but 2mbit up if I’m lucky.

  • My wife went to a hen’s night on Saturday and, wearing heels for the first time in years, promptly fell over as soon as she got to the city, injuring her knee. We had planned on my driving into the city to pick her up as a contingency plan, but expected she would be fine to get a train most of the way home.

    But of course with her injured and less capable of walking, she opted to get picked up. Which is fine.

    Or would have been fine if:

    a) it hadn’t been raining, which not only makes driving more difficult but turns everyone into lunatics; and,
    b) there was a police operation in the inner west which closed off a significant portion of the city-west link and slowed traffic to a walking pace.

    I left the house at 10pm to pick her up and, after getting lost because my phone’s GPS suddenly stopped talking once I was 1km from home which meant I had to hope for red lights to check it periodically (the first and last time I will bitch about getting a constant string of greens) I arrived shortly after 11pm. Getting into the city was the easy part. We should have realised the delays early, turned down Victoria road and gone home via Silverwater. We ultimately got diverted through Abbotsford which actually is fine because her grandmother lives there and it was suddenly very familiar territory. I think we rolled into Villawood McDonald’s (five minutes from home) for a late dinner at around 1:20am.

    And that’s my first ever driving-into-the-city adventure.

    • That sucks. Had a round about trip myself but was mostly my fault for missing a turnoff. Although I hear you on the rain, added a bit to the trip home but isn’t worth the risk to do 110 though large puddles in the dark.

      Hope the wife’s knee is ok

    • Inner city driving is godawful, good of you to go help though. My nan lives in Abbotsford as well.. MAYBE WE HAVE THE SAME GRANDMA :O

      Did you have dinner in Abbotsford? There’s lots of nice Vietnamese restaurants there, not sure if they are open that late though.

      • Nah, we continued on through Abbotsford and through Five Dock to get to Parramatta road, cut through Burwood to the Hume Highway, then went to Villawood where there’s a 24 hour Macca’s.

  • Big ups and a Community Kudos award to @sughly for being so damn patient with me and driving me around to find my wallet despite it meaning he missed the first part of the movie, not that we would have missed much even if we missed it all….

    Also he paid for my dinner after I had ordered it then realised my wallet was gone.

    Fun story: we were sitting at the lights when another car came screaming past us through the lights, locked up its brakes but too late, crunch, smacked into another car. Heart skipped a few beats just seeing it.

    • That car crash was such a bizarre addition to the night! Was perfectly happy to though, as you say I doubt we missed much ^^ just felt so bad for you. Did it end up turning up anywhere though?? Also, @strange – are you alive still?

      • Not yet. Garden City took my number and said they’d call if it turns up. Police couldn’t have been less interested.

      • I am alive. Kicking, even. 😀

        I kind of lied to Rockets and said something I ate hadn’t agreed with me because it was easier than explaining what was really going on.
        I haven’t been well recently, my body just shuts down randomly and I have to go to bed or I kind of just pass out. I could feel the shutters coming down and I knew I had to get home. I felt really bad for leaving Rockets alone in the movie but I figured it would be better than freaking him out by passing out. 😛

        Sounds like I dodged a bullet with the movie, though.

    • It sucks about your wallet. Especially the note! That’s what I said to my husband when I got home, that yeah it would suck cancelling and replacing cards, but the worst would be the irreplaceable memorabilia I keep in my wallet.

  • Whee, early morning rise for funeral times. Fun.

    Dammit, was hoping to scab a lift so I could catch some more sleep. No such luck.

  • Morning errbody hows every little thing? My weekend was full of bacon and eggs.

    Friday had an early night as I was exhausted from work, had kfc for dinner and began my no soft drink goal.

    Saturday woke up at 8am did a workout watched some youtube then had bacon and eggs for brunch. Parents got home from Uluru at around 2pm so spent a few hours talking, finished off the first half of season 3 of Total Divas and then watched Mad Max that night, I thought my copy was broken because the first action scene where max is trying to escape felt and looked comically sped up and weird to me but it might of just been a few scenes every now and then, I give mad max a 3/5 it was good and I watched it twice I just wish their was abit more backstory.

    Sunday we had fathers day breakfast which was bacon, eggs and pancakes then Cathryn and I went to her dads for fathers day where we had Chicken rolls for lunch. We did this whole thing with and I played some blood bowl which is a fun but stupidely annoying game that I just cant understand or be good at.

    A monday morning question, what game do you play heaps of but no matter how much time and effort you put in your still not good at it

    • Rocket League. Most of the time I feel good about myself, until I get absolutely stomped and remember that I’m complete trash.

    • RTS, I absolutely love playing these kinds of games, build an army, crush your enemies with said army, but I always get crushed so easily

      • This is me especially in campaign, im like im doing so awesome they’ll never beat me “hold X until reinforcements arrive in 5 minutes” NOPE get fucked im out

    • I saw it for the first time yesterday. The pacing was really weird overall.

      Felt like one 45 minute car chase, followed by a brief breather, then resumed the same car chase for another 20 minutes, another breather where we get some quick introductions and the stale air of a half-breath of plot, followed by the previous car chase in the other direction.

  • Further reviews of MGS V: Kaz continues to throw shade every time a soldier is Fultoned. “You’re going to extract him?”

    • Kaz is kinda a dick. I’m wondering if Snake’s gonna pull him into line properly at some point.

    • Kaz needs to calm the hell down.

      “You destroyed their anti-air radar!? It wasn’t one of the targets Boss! But that means the helicopter can land close to the target.”

      Dude is hella bi-polar.

      • Well he needs to carry both sides of the conversation since it seems like Keifer demanded a hefty sum per word for his dialogue.

        • After playing MGS:GZ on the weekend, I’m REALLY not convinced that Keifer was worth whatever they spent.

          • Nah, he’s great.

            It’s just that he’s surrounded by the original MGS voice cast and they’re all still as hammy as ever.

            Makes it really jarring.

          • Miller was certainly jarring as hell.

            Possibly that, and the only thing I really got to hear him say for the entire game(let) was, “Get down,” and “Speak,” or, “Spit it out.”

            I’m sure it gets a bit more verbose in the full game, but even I could’ve done the dialogue for Snake in MGS:GZ and been worth the money.

          • There’s very little Snake dialogue in TPP too.

            But what is there is pretty good. He definitely knows how to deliver lines.

            And he doesn’t do that anime actor inflection on the end of lines.

          • I’ve played about 4 hours of TPP so far and he’s said about 10 words total. He’s really lost all the personality he had in Snake Eater. Very much feels like a blank slate character.

          • I think that might be on purpose as my theory is

            You’re not Boss but a brain washed Grey Fox.


    I’m going to be bringing board games. Many of them. Many lots of them.

    If there are any in this list that you want to check out, let me know. Then I can bring them along with the many lots that I already have planned to take.

    • Based on that list I’ll bring (much to your disdain) Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, Spyfall and maybe Sentinels of the Multiverse if I can feel like lugging all those cards.

      I think Resistance has to happen at some point.

        • Yes, yes I do.

          I haven’t actually had a chance to play the game yet so keen to see if it’s actually any good.

          • It gets old quickly. I’d say 70% of the enjoyment is reading through the cards and looking at Matt Inman’s illustrations. I don’t regret backing it, but it could easily have been a much better game with some more planning rather than a weird hybrid of go fish and old maid.

      • I’ll bring Resistance and 2 Rooms and a Boom. Spyfall is a funnier Resistance though. Once that comes out, I’m not sure Resistance will get a run.

  • Weekend was mostly uneventful.

    Friday night I saw Imagine Dragons with @alexpants, and we realised how old we are, standing at the very edge of the “mosh pit” just enjoying the show by standing still and listening to the music…and then waking up being sore all over. Standing still man, it’s hard work. Anyway, Imagine Dragons are great live and put on a great performance. We also had fancy McDonald’s “create your taste” menu thing for dinner. It’s also pretty good.

    I’ve been without Internet at home since Thursday (yay, go Internode!) so spent most of the weekend just lazing about the place. Watched Kick-Ass 2 for some reason on Saturday afternoon. I don’t think I’ve watched it since seeing it at the cinema. It wasn’t as good as I remember it being. Then I played some Infamous Second Son, seeing as it has been sitting there unplayed sinceI got my PS4. Got a delicious hamburger for dinner to spite @blaghman’s healthy eating and then watched Scream 4, which was surprisingly better than I remembered it being.

    Sunday I played more Infamous, spent about an hour on the phone to Internode trying to convince them to send out a tech because I’d already done the 20 things they wanted me to do. Finally got them to book a tech in to check it out tomorrow. Rest of the day was spent continuing with Infamous. Somehow managed to get to something like 74% completion in the maybe 5 hours I’ve played it in total. Ended the weekend by watching Minority Report, which is still one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made.

    • My healthy eating of a single carrot.

      Not to be confused with my healthy eating on Sunday, which was a salad with blue cheese in it. God I need to make that salad more often.

  • I hope all the Dads of TAY had a nice fathers day

    I got cuddles in bed, a nice book and a colossus Pop vinyl figure. Then after breakfast bundled up the family and heading bush to see my Dad. Haven’t seen him on fathers day for a number of years and his birhtday just before so figured it would be good. Missed a turn and then GPS died so took ages to work out were we were going (didn’t know if we could take another turn or if he had to u bolt)
    So with the delay there and the late start we decided to skip go out for lunch and go to dinner instead. Which meant I got Mum’s egg noodle for lunch which I haven’t had in over 10 years. Tiglet liked it to so there is another quick and easy lunch on the menu.
    Dinner was nice, went to a chinese place and Mum and Dad were shocked at home much Tiglet ate, and what she ate. All in all Tiglet was almost perfectfor the day, even if she didn’t say Daddy for me. Slept pretty much all the way up and back and was well behaved at dinner.

    Sorry to rockeTay folks, but in the end it was after 10 before I got home

  • Those of you who help me deal with my anxious Friday arvo last week will be happy to know I got a call at 6pm to be told I got the job! Got an amazing pay offer and got told I was top candidate out of all the ones that interviewed for the role by far =D

    Now I get to organize my resignation in my current role today where this could inadvertently lead my boss into having a mental breakdown because that’s how grossly understaffed we are and he refuses to hire more people [email protected]

    Side note: Thanks to the new job went out and celebrated with the mrs on friday evening and treated myself to buying MGS V on Saturday and picked up my pre-order copy of Mad Max! To think 3 weeks ago I had nothing to play and now I have Batman, Mad Max, Phantom Pain, Fire Emblem & Bloodborne =O

    • If it is his choice not to hire then it is on him. If he isn’t allowed to hire well you can feel sorry for him but you gotta do what is best for you. Also whoooo!!!

      • Oh it’s completely his choice; it’s a small firm and he’s the director. The last 6 months at this job have been hell; just been gritting my teeth building up my experience base so I could catapult myself into a better role! Which I might’ve overshot a little cos I’ve got a great entry level role into one of my favourite firms in Australia =D

        Jokes aside I really was nearing the end of my tether; almost walked out on the job last week but I’m glad I held in there till the very end =]

        • What sort of job are you moving into? I’ve been running amok with my Eydis Darkbane (Everytime you target this minion with a spell, deal 3 damage to a random enemy) and Mukla’s Champion (Bananas for all my minions :D:D:D)

          • It’s an investor services role; a step back in terms of responsibilities but a step up in terms of pay; also it frees up more of my time to complete my diploma which I need to move up in this career path.

            What kind of deck are you presently running? I’m swapping between a Druid beast deck that Massan was running a few days back and a bit of a patch job priest deck that destroys pally’s =D That said I’ve only played a few games this season and only rank 19. Gonna need more cards to effectively move up the ladder :@

          • I thought it was an Aggro Deck, but I think it’s actually closer to something resembling a Control Deck.

            Spoilered for length:
            Number of cards, Mana, name of card)
            1×0 Target Dummy<
            2×1 Blessing of Might
            1×1 Competitive Spirit
            2×1 Hand of Protection
            1×1 Elven Archer
            1×1 Young Priestess
            1×2 Equality
            1×2 Seal of Hope
            1×2 Master Swordsmith
            1×2 Nurbian Egg
            1×3 Coghammer
            1×3 Muster for Battle
            1×3 Seal of Champions
            1×3 Eydis Darkbane
            1×3 Flesheating
            1×3 Silent Knight
            1x3S Silver Hand Regent
            1×3 Warhorse Trainer
            1×4 Blessing of Light
            1×4 Consecration
            1×4 Hammer of Wrath
            1×4 Tournament Medic
            1×5 Mukla’s Champion
            1×6 Avenging Wrath
            1×6 Sideshow Spelleater
            1×8 Chromaggus
            1×10 Sea Giant/s>

            My main plan is to get as many minions I can on the board then giving value to them by virtue of spells/inspiring the minions. My signature move is getting the Warhorse trainer on the board and then a muster for battle/Silver Hand Regent inspire spam going. If my opponent has let me get heaps of minions on the board I then try and summon the Sea Giant. I used to have the game plan of getting a Sea Giant to stay alive long enough to use the Paladin ‘Blessed Champion’ to double their attack 😀

          • Wow you run a really diverse deck; not many copies of cards in there huh? Surprised at the inclusion of Elven Archer/Young Priestess and even target dummy. Do you get much value for them in ranked? Same question for Tournament Medic/Silent Knight.

            I’m actually running a pally deck to meet yesterday’s daily of 5 pally wins and I’ve somehow put together some crazy level of synergy by accident. Basically the deck revolves around getting these 3 cards on the board – Silver Hand Regent, Mukla’s Champion & Murloc Knight making my hero power super OP. I use early game buff cards to keep some board presence and usually open with Emperor Thaurisaan + Divine Shield to make turn 6 & 7 cheaper for my combo =]

          • Damn I lost my reply to this lol.

            I change the cards regularly so there are minions still hanging around in there from old decks.

            I like the opening play of the Young Priestess/Master Swordsmith/Target Dummy so they are just hanging out buffing one another for a couple of turns. It’s probably not the strongest opening but it catches folks off guard I think, it’s also cool to play if you have a ‘blessing of light’ and turn your 0/2 Target Dummy into a 4/6 Target dummy as well lol.

            The SIlent Knight was an experiment I was trying, the divine shield and continual buffing with blessing of might and blessing of light for a 10/10 divine shield protected/stealth minion I’ve not seen done all too often in Hearthstone. It’s worked a couple of times in ranked, normally I have to expose him though with attacking a strong minion which ends up ruining my plans of super buffing it lol.

            The Tournament medic plays into a strategy I was running in an earlier iteration of this deck, when I had 1xNerubian,1xDragon Egg, theTournament Medic and 1xAncient Watcher where I try and fake out my opponent by putting minions on the board that players don’t necessarily want to attack, then buff them and punish the player for not taking them out 😛

            I really like that synergy in that deck you mentioned, I’m thinking about chucking a couple of Murlocs in my deck somewhere and then going cray with the SIlver Regent/Murloc Knight spam 😀

  • By the way Canned meat peoples. Anton and I have pulled out due to my mental space at the moment, after whats been happening recently I need some time at home. I hope this doesnt leave anyone in the lurch getting to canberra

  • Good morning everyone. I played in another Smash Bros (4 Wii U) tournament last weekend, and I continue my streak of coming 3rd in my pool and therefore narrowly missing advancing to the bracket stage *yay*. I played shockingly bad with my main character (Captain Falcon) but later I played a friendly match against Australia’s best Falcon and beat him with Marth, which was bizarre. I also played Melee at the tournament, and as usual didn’t win a single game :3

    I also went into uni yesterday, which isn’t the most fun thing you can do on a Sunday.

  • Bloody hell, MGSV is a fucking huge game. I’ve put in over 40 hours and I’m only 40% through the game.

    But I did finally unlock extra bases and oh man, those microtransactions make so much sense now.

    • MGSV all weekend. Oh, and Father’s Day but that was all.

      Actually, that wasn’t all. I went out and bought new Star Wars toys in between family outings because new Star Wars toys.


      I completed Episode 11, inadvertently skipping 10, and obtained Quiet via lethal force – though wished I had tried non-lethal. I then stopped by and visited her in the brig and suddenly the MGS3 Snake Eater theme began playing. I wonder what’s up with that..

      • There’s a whole bunch of music that plays in the brig. I presume she has music playing for fun, given I imagine conversation isn’t her favourite pastime.
        I managed to beat her non lethally. Having D-Dog as a spotter helps that fight a LOT

        • He is so good for recon. You can run into pretty much anything blind and he’ll have the entire operation marked out for you by the time you reach the first guard.

          • Yeah, works really well. Didn’t help once dudes got NVG but I’ve sent some of my lackeys to wreck that shit.

    • I’m at 41 hours (according to Steam), 33% done. This game will take me longer than The Witcher 3 at this rate.

    • Really taking my time with this. Think I’m at maybe 15 hours? About 13% or 14% complete. Finished Episode 13 of the main story, and done a bunch of side ops. Having an insane amount of fun. Avoiding anything and everything MGS related online too. Not even reading the Kotaku review. Enjoying having next to no information on this, and discovering as I go.

  • My parents tried to poison me twice on Father’s Day. Maybe I really am a bad son.

    Also, road trips are pretty fun when you’re the passenger and in control of the music playlist. Looking forward to the Canberra road trip this weekend! Gotta make a cool new playlist to impress.

  • Took the old man to a new Japanese restaurant for Fathers Day on Sunday. Was pretty great! A bit expensive and we had to wait in a line for a table to free up beforehand, but totally delicious. Yayoi, it’s called. It replaced Wagamama in The Galeries when it closed down a while back.

    Also made a bunch of Rum Cupcakes on Friday night as a trial run before Can’d Meat. You know how much I like to toot my own horn, so I’ll say those were pretty great too. Needed more Rum though. They barely even got Pants drunk.

        • If you can find it give Cargo Cult a try. It’s awesome, ingredients from Papua New Guinea so there’s some bias behind my opinion but it’s good.

          • I hear that’s a pretty alright spiced rum.

            I remember I tried Kraken out of the pure idea because Krakens are cool and stuff. It was pretty average & disappointing. Captain Morgan black spiced runs rings around it and it’s like $10 cheaper lol.

          • I’m not a rum connoisseur (I much prefer gin) but Sailor Jerry makes a delicious dark’n’stormy.

          • Ah fair enough.

            Those mixed rum lines from Bundaberg are so nice, it’s the only time i’ve enjoyed their rum xD

          • I haven’t actually tried those bundaberg mixers – I just looked up what to do with spiced rum and tada – ginger beer. Mostly though, it’s going to turn into some christmas fruit cake and pudding.

          • Ah. They’re nice but pretty expensive at like $6 a bottle lol.

            That sounds awesome using spiced rum for soaking the fruit cake fruit in..

        • But… But! Millionaro. It’s like drinking salted caramel, and it’s soooo good. Just increase Pants’s rent one week to pay for it. It’s a good investment.

        • Captain Morgan spiced gold runs at about $33 a bottle at Dan Murphy’s. It’s rather nice for something that cheap.

  • Morning. I have not got as far with Elsa as I would have liked. My brother is causing issues again so I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked.
    Time to get back to it!

    Side note, anyone here use illustrator and willing to outline a photo for me? Not sure if I have time to do it myself

    PS. the cape just ripped at one of the seams. Not happy, not impressed, pretty pissed off and trying to find a solution
    11.00 am And another part has just broken. Ugh, it’s worked for the rest of it, but it’s one section!
    12:34 pm Seems to be cooperating now.
    1:00 pm Finished lunch, time to start again
    1:42 pm Pinning is a pain
    2:36 pm Still pinning the same piece of cape. I should’ve been lazy and used a wood burning tool
    3:01 pm 75% of the pinning on one part of the cape is done. Still have at least 2 more pieces to do once this one is done
    4:24 pm Took a break from sewing. Had a nap. Gotta go up the shop. Resume sewing at 5pm.
    5:06 pm back at it

  • Ooooops. Oh, poop. My medicine holder thingy with all the days of the week on it was empty, so I went to re-stock it with antidepressants. I got three of the tablet to put it in the holder thingy, but at some point I just forgot about them. When I remembered about them an hour later, I realised the medicine holder thingy was still empty.

    I must have absent-mindedly took three antidepressants at once. I’m only allowed to take one a day. I’m either going to go crazy, get sick, or something else. The fact that I’m not worried about my potential death tells me that the anti-anxiety tablets are working at least.

      • I used to take 3 anti-depressants a day. You might have some adverse side affects but it won’t kill you or make you sick.
        20 will though.

        I should probably mention, I’m on Lovan 20mg (also known as Fluoxetine)

      • Turns out three is probably not lethal, but I can’t drive, and should go to the emergency room if I get really sick. Fun fun fun.

      • Poisons information is the best place. 13 11 26 They will tell you very quickly what to do.

    • Yeah, maybe give the pharmacist a call realquick.

      One of the things which can occur with overdoses is liver damage. If the pharmacist tells you to check in with ER, they have some techniques they can sometimes use to flush the excess chemical before the liver starts trying to process it.

  • After waking up late yesterday due to a post-Post Modern Jukebox sleep in, I took my 4 year old daughter for a father’s day walk up the south side of Noosa National park and watched the dolphins play next to the headland.

    Dem feels. :’)

  • So just thought i’d throw this out there as a recommendation for any dog owners in regards to monthly flea/tick/worming compound.

    So I recently just switched Chilli to NexGard for fleas/ticks & Interceptor Spectrum for worms (heart, hook, tape, round & ringworm, both chewable ones. All I can say is, they’re fast acting and seem work really well. I haven’t found a single flea on her since I gave her NexGard.

    I was previously using advocate, which I had some serious issues with around March & April, which landed her in the vets for one weekend extremely sick :/ It seems I got a pretty bad batch that was extremely runny and didn’t stick to her skin like it usually did. Plus it didn’t seem to be working as well anymore.

    So yeah, the Interceptor is pretty well price imo, the NexGard could be better priced though. But PetBarn aren’t exactly competitive I found out heh. I can get it much cheaper from a lady who runs her own pet food & supplies business.

    • Is NexGard suitable for puppies?
      We’ve got the worming tasty chew things sorted but fleas will need to be addressed as it starts to warm up.

      • That’s a pretty good price for 12 months worth.. Damn!

        I was originally going to go with Sentinel but I was told I would be better off getting Interceptor since it did just worms so heart worm + the other 4 ones one which most brands don’t do for some reason, and then get a separate flea & tick. Since where I am tick season this year powered through winter, one neighbours dog picked up a paralysis tick in June and one vet saw 11 cases of paralysis tick in July, which is just insane :S

        Also the worming set me back 8 bucks a month which isn’t bad at all.

        • Ah, we’re not in tick territory here. Sentinel was suggested to me by the vet when we adopted Sid. Said it did everything but adult fleas, so the cycle is broken.

          • Not even in summer time, I would’ve thought Melbourne would see ticks in summer?

            It is one thing that sucks about up here, I must say. At least it’s not as bad as it is at a mates property, they’re riddled with ticks in the summer time.

  • Speaking of Blagh’s moderately sized meat…

    I’ll be dusting off bringing my 360 and Rock Band like the last couple of times. Señor @rize has offered to bring his plastic instruments for our enjoyment too.

    Foot, hand, foot, hand, foot, hand, GREEN!

  • Hi all! Had a pretty relaxed weekend, mostly playing Mad Max. The car combat is pretty awesome, and the voice acting is pretty good with some sore spots (Max seems to have, as labelled by Steven Fry, the “permanent acid reflux” Australian accent, and Chumbucket is extremely fond of trying to sound Australian while mispronouncing things like “dinky-dee” and using the American pronunciation for “route”… *shudders*). Still Max’s accent is miles ahead of Bane’s in Fury Road – who seemed a bit like Martin Freeman after a few too many cartons of cigarettes. Best accent has to be Griffa – it’s spot on, reminiscent of Bruce Spence’s Gyro Captain and Jedediah from the second and third movies resp.

    The ground-combat system is like a poor imitation of the Arkham system, tho, with a very odd control scheme – the standard X to punch, Y to counter, but with RB to dodge, B to shoot (and RB to aim, tho it’s usually unnecessary), and A to execute… and it’s sometimes responsive enough to work properly.

    That said, it’s already got more story than Fury Road, so looking forward to spending a bit more time with it.

    • I’m enjoying it so far (about 15 hours in, just cleared Jeet’s area entirely, barely progressed story at all). The combat is pretty great (especially in the car), and the world design is pretty impressive. Storms are amazing random events, too! Though in a lot of respects, the game is rather repetitive and doesn’t hold a candle to Fury Road.

      • I’m kinda sad that when I first experienced a storm, I was out scanning minefields in Chum’s buggy… no harpoon to grab the thing that went flying past… Also a shame that I’ve only seen two storms in the 13 hours I’ve played thus far.

        I saw Fury Road for the first time yesterday, after I’d got maybe 8-9 hours into the game; a lot of the things I’d put down to being a cool extrapolation of Mad Max 2 & 3 turned out to be actual things in Fury Road… and I kinda wished they were just in the game. The neon flares, the buzzards’ spike-covered vehicles… Maybe I just can’t appreciate Fury Road in the same way others do…

    • Yo, I’mma let you finish, but Fury Road is the best action movie released this year at least.

      • I find it hard to believe it was directed by the same person as the original three…

        It was literally a 90 minute car chase, followed by 30 minutes of that same chase in the other direction.

        • There’s a surprising amount happening under the hood of this movie, but you have to go digging a bit to get all its meaning.

          It’s quite possibly the best buried story I’ve ever seen in a big budget film. It’s practically the Dark Souls of blockbuster cinema 😛

          • I thought it was more like Borderlands The Movie 😉

            But I agree, it was a fantastic movie, but it really it should have been named Furiosa.

  • TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm ACST and 8pm AEST. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @negativezero; minus @beeawwb who is on holiday but adding @gingerchris86 to the group.

    There is a party going on and these adventurers are likely to invite themselves to the festivities.

    • I dunno man. Last party we attended I took an energy beam through the chest and nearly died. Your parties tend to be a tad extreme.

    • Hooray, looking forward to it tonight. I’m not quite done on my Character sheet, but i am getting there. (also freaking out a little bit because I’m not sure about one or two things, but I’ll just ask a lot of questions tonight

    • Oh yeah. @redartifice and @freezespreston, I’ve been looking at Pathfinder Unchained recently and I’m willing to allow both of you to use the unchained variants of the rogue and barbarian instead of the standard class. The main thing about the unchained variants is a series of quality of life improvements which makes things easier and gives you guys a little more versatility considering everyone else is running around with spells and magic.

      You don’t have to be fully across the details by tonight and you don’t have to take them on if you want but the option is open to you if you want. (Links in the spoiler)

      • @freezespreston: I think you should look at this for one specific reason: it changes the temporary hit points gained by raging so that they are lost first when you take damage, i.e. you don’t have the drop-dead-when-you-stop-raging issue.

        EDIT: Also

        “Intimidating Glare (Ex): The barbarian adds her Strength modifier in place of her Charisma modifier on all Intimidate checks to demoralize a foe. She can attempt an Intimidate check to demoralize an adjacent foe as a move action instead of a standard action. If the barbarian successfully demoralizes an adjacent foe, that foe is shaken for the remainder of the barbarian’s current rage.”

        “Terrifying Howl (Ex): The barbarian unleashes a terrifying howl as a standard action. All enemies that have been shaken by the barbarian (usually through the Intimidate skill) within 30 feet must succeed at a Will save (DC = 10 + 1/2 the barbarian’s level + her Strength modifier) or be panicked for 1d4+1 rounds. Once an enemy has attempted a save versus this ability (whether successful or not), it’s immune to this power for 24 hours. A barbarian must be at least 8th level and have the intimidating glare rage power to select this rage power.”

        • That makes it less risky to use at least, more tankiness is great for the whole party mid fight.

        • I’ll look into it. Intimidating glare is a little useless. Already have a feat that allows me to use strength and charisma modifiers together and Dazzling Display takes care of the howl ability, plus I don’t have to be raging to use them.

          • I don’t know, @popdart5 would need to confirm, but given that the feat you’re talking about (Intimidating Prowess) is written “Add your Strength modifier to Intimidate skill checks in addition to your Charisma modifier.” and this one is “The barbarian adds her Strength modifier in place of her Charisma modifier” I’d interpret that as meaning add double your strength modifier – prowess adds your strength modifier to the core skill bonus, and then that power changes the skill to be str-based instead of cha.

            Also the second part is useful, being able to intimidate a specific foe as a move action.

            Also if @popdart5 allowed it, Unchained also adds some bonuses on skills. Rogues get it for free but any other class can get the bonus by taking Signature Ability feat. Basically every 5 ranks you have, the skill becomes more powerful. Intimidate gains the ability to make enemies frightened or panicked for multiple rounds depending on how much you beat their will save, which basically makes them run away from you in terror.

    • I usually basketball on Mondays, so it’s not a great night. I can probably make it on after 10 tonight, though, if no other days suit.

        • @tigerion, @redartifice @zetrox2k, 10pm tonight, or after Utopia on Wednesday should be okay for me.

          • Yeah I should, but I was waiting for @negativezero’s Star Wars and then @freezespreston’s Wrasslin. Maybe alternate weeks could become experimental RPG weeks, for Fiasco/Microscope/other stuff…

            I’m finally running Fiasco IRL at a boardgaming/RPG con in two weeks too.

          • (Completely Joking, I know how much time that stuff takes up)

            Also hooray at running IRL Fiasco – that should be kool!

          • Well Star Wars probably isn’t ever happening unfortunately unless we can find a weekend where timezones overlap between Seattle and eastern Australia.

          • @negativezero yeah I figured that, was more that we were talking about it back in May or so 🙂 would be cool to have the planets align at some point- when a friend of mine was in Dallas we could play Ticket to Ride on My saturday morning which was her Friday night, so something similar may work…

          • The time diff between Pacific coast and Aus Eastern is 19 hours right now, so basically add +7 to current time. Meaning that 8pm PDT Friday is 1pm AEST Saturday. In the summer the gap widens due to going off of Daylight Savings in the US and going onto it in VIC/NSW/SA. When that happens we actually gain two extra hours of overlap (the gap gets bigger but times get closer together). 8pm PST Fridays is 3pm AEDT, and Saturday US/Sunday AU becomes perfectly workable for a good chunk of the day too.

          • @negativezero once you settle in, let’s raise the topic again, reckon you’d get a couple takers for a Saturday/Sunday game

      • Both.
        We set a private game and then join in from that. Not 100% but it would probably be close to a 50/50 split between the 2

  • Also purchased MGSV soundtrack. Get on that shit.

    I enjoy video game OST’s far too much, sometimes I think. I mean video game music has always been a thing, but the quality we see nowadays should never be taken for granted. I mean I’m looking forward to Deus Ex Mankind Divided’s OST just as much as the game itself.

  • Got back into playing Bloodborne on the weekend. Had to use a guide to know what to do next since it’d been so long since I last played and wasn’t sure what I was doing. Good thing too, since I’d apparantly done a lot of the game in the wrong order and probably would have spent hours running around trying to find where I was meant to go next.

  • Scored myself the best bargain last week. A glass & metal desk for a massive $15 from the Salvo’s. I now have enough room to have both my monitors \o/

  • So. Acquire/Career One/Who ever else. Keep harassing me to do a “training course” with them. I keep telling them no, and they don’t understand and get angry with me when I tell them I am not interested and do not call me again. It’s gotten to the point i’ve had to block their number in my phone yet they keep calling from a new number each time the pack of pricks.

    • Pushy sales people. Had some guy come knocking on my door from ‘the electrical company’ on Saturday dramatically informing me that the price of electricity had gone up, and only he could save me from certain doom. I politely informed him early on in his spiel I wasn’t interested and was happy with my current provider, but he continued. I reiterated his services weren’t required, again, and he continued talking. I subsequently closed the door mid-spiel to some muttering about me being a prick or somesuch.

      I mean sure, they’re just doing a job – I get that, which is why I’ll never be rude to them. I let them get the first part of their spiel off, then politely decline. But if you’re going to ignore me and be rude, then I’m not talking to you. They need sales, so they get pushy, they get pushy, people get shitty. It’s a crummy situation.

      • I have a little trick of assholes like that; I engage the conversation long enough to get their name and the name of their company and then tell them I’m not interested. If they’re rude I’ll call up the company and file a complaint =P

      • I had one that was more amusing than annoying the other day
        Had a couple of kids come to more door selling raffle tickets. They were for the special school nearby that specialised in kids with learning difficulties. Now the one who was talking very obviously had a script memorised and was told you have to say this when somebody answers the door. Wss basic stuff, hi, from this school, selling tickets, 1st prize is A, 2nd prize is B, 3rd prize is C. The main issue with it was I think he was told to read the prize off the ticket so I was getting the full description. 1 nights accommodation, a bottle of australian sparkling wine on arrival, parking for 1 vehicle, etc…
        SO I interuppted and said sure, I’ll take some, how much. and they told me. So while I duck in to grab my wallet I hear “and 3rd prize is a ……..” as he continued the script

    • Call centre’s are legally obliged to take you off their calling list if you ask them to. Next time someone from that site calls let them know you want to be taken off their calling list permanently and if you get another phone call from them you’ll file a complaint with the ACCC.

      Edit: You do have to very specifically ask and confirm that they have taken you off their call list. Asking them never to call you again doesn’t press the right buttons and won’t get you anywhere.

  • So is there ANYONE here who doesn’t own the James Flamestar and the Stargazers comic yet?

    Written by @shane and anonymous_pessismist, it stars @cakesmith, @rize, Qumulys and @alexpants in their triumphant comic debut (assumed debut, anyway, I never actually checked). And a talking guitar called the Indestructible Axe of Angrilor that has its own bizarre agenda.

    Epic, amusing, passionate, pithy and poignant post-apocalyptic musical carnage awaits. 74 pages… for one dollar.


    This isn’t the most sympathetic article. They admit they sell houses to young families knowing they’re ex meth labs and will put new occupants in hospital, endangering lives but won’t say anything because it will be harder to sell and banks will be unhappy.

    Yeah, hate to tell you author but you are the one coming off as the bad guy in that scenario.

  • Accidental Antideppressant Overdose Update: Feeling mostly fine. Extremely unlikely that I need to go to the emergency room. Hooray for living! \o/

  • It’s always great when marketing send out a notification that they’ve done something like update the website to a new design.

    Queue a torrent of emails from the development QA team who have found things that don’t work properly.

  • Last 72 hours or so in summary:
    – Cancelled plans to have dinner with my Mum because I…
    – … worked until 9:30pm Friday night getting some stuff done so I could put it into code review before the weekend as it’s a long weekend in the US.
    – got home about 10pm, had a damned good lamb korma for dinner then sat and blobbed infront of the TV for a bit, watching some stupid cryptozoology show on Netflix. Discovered that Washington state is bigfoot central apparently.
    – Went to bed. About 1am just as I’d gotten to sleep, sister rings to tell me her place had been burgled. Thinks they might have been in the house when she got home, even. Glad she didn’t actually encounter them directly if that was the case as that might have been really bad. Footscray sucks.
    – 3:30am meeting I had to be seen to attend. So up at 3:30, wrapped in a blanket infront of my laptop and half-asleep for an hour. Polished off a box of shapes which was a bad idea in retrospect.
    – Back to bed. “Fuck it, I’m sleeping in” I say. Neighbours start yakking really loud right on the fence line and doing some kind of construction work about 8:30am. They did not stop all day. 🙁
    – Gave up on sleeping, ended up pulling out 3DS and giving Senran Kagura 2 another try. Turns out that I just needed to get good. Or more accurately, get out of the missions, go into the side content and do some quick challenges which unlocked ‘shinobi stones’ that I could equip. For about 10 mins work I suddenly was able to boost everyone’s attack power by about 200% and double their defense, which made the game feel vastly easier. Possibly even too easy. Proceeded to storm through it all. Only point I had any real trouble was the final boss, which is a ridiculously unfair fight due to the camera being absolutely fucking atrocious. The actual combat in the game is great, better than the first game by a mile and probably better than Shinovi Versus on Vita, but the bosses tend to ignore attacks that would stun you if you were hit with them, some of the characters have some bad animation lock and some abilities that cause them to attack hard in a slightly unpredictable direction, and the camera is really crap and doesn’t have an option to focus on the bosses and it’s too close in meaning you get hit by off-screen enemies a lot (especially the final boss who teleports everywhere). Still, I enjoyed it.
    – Decided that I needed a new thing to play now that I knocked out that, so MGS. Starting with Ground Zeroes. I started up the PS4 and started that download. Only 3 or so gb so should be quick, can usually suck that down from Steam in about 10-15 mins. It took 9 hours, so I ended up watching more netflix and then passing out.
    – After passing out on my shitty tiny couch, I decided I’ve had enough of having a bullshit 2-seater that I can’t lie across. So I went to Ikea and bought a new one. Sadly it doesn’t match the 2-seater in color (they recently discontinued that one’s model, one I got is nearly the same but diff color). I was going to hold off until I’ve moved but it’s actually cheaper to buy in Australia and then have the company pay to ship it for me.
    – Had lunch and dinner with my Mum & sister on Sunday. Rang father and grandfather. Neither are in the country (Dad’s about to move from Thailand to Beijing) so no gifts were given, making me the worst son as the only one to benefit on the weekend was me.
    – Crust pizza gave me bad indigestion. I always had problems with their peri-peri but we didn’t order that so I’m thinking it must be some kind of common ingredient, maybe one of the sauces.
    – Stayed home this morning and ‘worked from home’ while waiting for Ikea deliverypeople who came with my couch in all its cardboard-encased glory. While waiting, I broke my Kantai Collection drought. After clearing E6 last week (after a week off) I needed to let resources regen for a couple days, then found I didn’t have time or interest to play again and challenge the last event map. Event ended this morning so I jumped on and had a few tilts at an earlier map. Isokaze! I’ve been trying to get her for over a year. The event she was a reward from was too hard for me at the time, and then she’s only ever been a hard-mode drop on a difficult map in events since then. Finally finished a map this time at a high enough difficulty to have a chance at her, but according to the databases she was about a 0.5% drop chance so super lucky.
    – Delivery people came and gave me my couch. Built it in about an hour. Lego for grown-ups.
    – Tonight I shall probably not sleep because I will be ultra-nervous as tomorrow morning I will be off having someone pour chemicals into my eyeaugment my vision again.

    You will probably not see me on TAY for a week or so after tomorrow. I expect that my vision is going to be pretty shit and staring at a screen trying to read it will be awfully painful until early next week.

  • Scree’s cosplay watch!

    6:17 pm. Finally finished pinning one piece of the cape. It’s 7 pieces, 3 haven’t even been cut out yet.
    6:26 pm. done maybe 25% of the second piece. Stopping to do Japanese study.
    6:34 pm. Japanese study done. Time to resume sewing.
    7:01 pm. It’s not co-operating again
    7:04 pm. Dinner is done. Forgoing eating until the cape base is halfway pinned.
    7:14 pm Halfway done. Dinner time!
    7:40 pm. Didn’t eat much, wanted to pin.
    8:43 pm. Finished the 2nd panel that needed pinning. Will take a break to do some writing.
    9:20 pm. Got incredibly confused. Said sorry in confusion.
    9:37 pm. Done writing, feeling a bit crappy but will start back on sewing.
    10:37 pm. Finished the 3rd panel and am done for the night.

  • Today is just one of those days.. I’m nervous as all hell for this interview I have with EB Games on Wednesday evening.

    On top of that I just found out a few hours ago an old TAFE teacher of mine who I became good mates with his wife passed away last night after she had an aneurysm last Sunday whilst already in hospital for some kind of virus she had contracted 🙁 She was so lovely, one of the nicest and thoughtful people I have met.

    • Uhh, about that.

      Specifically the latter one.

      Prepare for disappointment.

      (you don’t have any food allergies I should know about, do you? I’m up to date on most people, but I’ve never dealt with feeding you before)

          • I called it: I knew I’d forget. Thanks for the heads-up.

            Okay, Saturday… eldest kid has ballet, then middle kid has swimming… in keeping with tradition, I might be able to pop in for a few minutes around mid-afternoon! I’ll bring a box of freebies (another tradition) \o/

          • I was considering doing a post just to remind Gooky and you, but I thought it might come across as condescending or something. :p

          • He’s got an electric baby grand. Not sure if there’s a second keyboard around, then it could totally be like the Daffy vs Donald scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

          • I do today, I won’t on Saturday. Sister’s finally moved to a place big enough for it, so it’s being moved tomorrow.

          • I actually thought to put it in my phone, so have managed to remind myself!

            …was it Beauchamp? I mentioned it to a relative yesterday and they started asking whereabouts in Canberra, and it wasn’t in my maps history any more so I just tried looking around and trying to remember by shape, and that part looked/seemed kind of familiar.

  • @shane is like 14 comments away from taking the 2nd spot away from me for most comments on Kotaku ;_;

  • @redartifice @tigerion @zetrox2k did we land on a decision? I’m free tonight, equally free Wednesday at 9:45ish.

  • TAY RPG Pathfinder completed for another night. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @negativezero @gingerchris86

    GM Summary: Between aggressive kissing and dwarf tossing, Lundgredolph is a riot at parties.

  • Woo, weekend. Spent most of it playing Elite CQC again I think. Really wish I was recording some of those matches, had some absolutely insane flying in some of them, weaving in and out of structures and making all kinds of crazy escapes.

    For Father’s Day we had a woodfire pizza lunch outside. The rain held off nicely, finished early enough to get the fire started and managed to hold off til just after we were done packing up. Then went down to visit Nonno, was greeted with “who is this Palestinian?” the moment he saw me 😛

    Also got told on Saturday night that I had to make dessert for Sunday. Ended up going with a mars bar cheesecake. Seemed to turn out pretty well, got a fair few comments on it. Appearance-wise anyway, not sure I’d use the recipe again without attempting some adjustments 😛 And there is so so so so much of it left, probably could’ve halved it instead. Doesn’t help that my sister’s boyfriend is lactose intolerant, so didn’t contribute to the demolition efforts. And they didn’t even take any with them when they left either.

    Got back to pianoin’. Finally trying to learn the last half of a piece I started working on… I don’t even know when, maybe at some point earlier in the year. Or late last year. Nice that it actually seems to be working for once. Thanks, brain!

  • Just cranked out some 3v3 ranked Rocket League. Was doing pretty well, had some pretty sweet set ups and scored 1 or 2 good goals. Lost a couple of times, and had the least points on my team a few, but ended the night at a rank of 470 which is an improvement. Look out @rize I’m coming for you :-p

    • With the way my random team mates are performing lately I’m far more likely to jump on the same team as you 😛

  • Apparently, Super Mario Maker drops on Saturday…
    And here I was thinking it’d be mid-week… :\
    Oh well, at least there’s Armikrog.

    • Just to be devils advocate: a well done short story is much, much better than a bloated novel.

      • I agree entirely! I’m not a fan of bloat, and am a pretty ruthless editor.

        I just don’t seem to be able to produce a short story, and leave it there 😛

          • Short answer: I don’t know.

            Longer answer: I don’t even have a microphone, and I’m pretty terrible at committing to a regular time, because children are difficult at night. Also, from what you’ve told me about Microscope, I’d say I have a 50/50 chance of loving it/loathing it. I don’t play particularly well with others creatively speaking, and I’m honestly a little worried about messing up friendships.

          • It’s not a regular thing, it’s a one-shot, so don’t worry about that.

            And it’s set up so that everything is accepted as an idea

    • Urgh. I want physical books, I really do. But the shipping will kill me and I’m running out of space in my bookcase. I would totally do it but I would only really make the jump if I was playing Numenera offline where I would prefer using the books.

  • I went to a movie trivia night for my brother’s birthday last night. Ohhhh I am not good at trivia. 😛 I feel like I learned a lot though. I think I only helped with one question correctly (naturally, it was about anime). Totally the dead weight of the group.

    But it was a lot of fun! We should gather up some TAYbies for one sometime.

  • I was checking out last night because they pretty much constantly have free trials going and obviously rather than getting you hooked on what a fantastic service it is, the point of the free trial is to give you the service free for a month then hope you forget to cancel so they sucker you for a month worth of subscription. That has to be the answer, because once that free trial is up, will charge you $14.95 per month. The benefit? One audiobook each month. One.

    Seriously? For less than that four people at once can log into my Netflix account and watch one of thousands of TV shows and movies in HD, and you’re offering me one book per month?

    No, thank you.

    • IDK what your public library service is like, but in SA I can access a bunch of audiobooks through the overdrive app for gratis.

      • I should look into this. I don’t have a “local” library since my suburb is a hole, but there’s a few within driving distance.

        • I used Overdrive a lot last time I went O/S because I was doing a lot reading on my tablet, it’s good stuff.

      • First through third base should be varying degrees of thinking about them, fourth base never happens and doesn’t exist.

        • My high school bases:

          1st base: think they’re cute
          2nd base: occasionally glance at them in class
          3rd base: wander around the school during lunch hoping to accidentally bump into them
          4th: speak to them on a strictly academic level at spaced intervals, knowing that even the slightest hint of familiarity will lead to people making fun of you for having a crush, which will make things weird and drive them away – which is a best case scenario, assuming they don’t find you physically repellent but are socially required to distance themselves from you. Worst case scenario, vicious rumours spread about what a loser you are, the person of interest is forced to publically voice their disgust at the very idea of your existence, and you become an object of ridicule until you seriously contemplate throwing yourself under a bus.

  • Just found out last night the gmp max in MGS5 : Phantom Pain is 5 million, does this seem rather low to anyone else? the deployment costs in late game are astronomical, I would of preferred a infinite pool, seems like I might have to start hoarding plants/gun placements/vehicles to have a reliable cash flow.

  • @highperformance See my deck construction process is very different; I actually destroy decks after I’m done with them and create a new one and keep tweaking it until I’m happy with it. E.g. this pally deck I’m currently running has so far afforded a win rate of 2-1 out of 3 matches where I lost to a very aggro hunter and didn’t have enough early game to counter/stall. However from those 3 matches I learned that Thaurisaan has incredible synergy with inspire based minions and the 3 that I listed work very well together. Unfortunately Mukla’s champion inspire procs before murloc knights or silver regent meaning the new summons don’t get a +1/+1 buff. However with Silver regent I’ve also been running cards the buff my pally infantry like Lance carrier for early game removal or ideally Warhorse Trainer, Quartermaster (which I don’t have). I find these have incredible synergy as well with Muster for battle; basically this combo creates a midrange pally deck that will zerg the opponent repeatedly. By the time I’m at 6/7 mana my opponent has to decide between killing the regent, the trainer, mukla or my variously buffed silver hand recruits. The only major threat to my combo is hellfire and flamestrike however there’s enough tempo with the inspire minions that I’ve survived most board clears pretty well. Pyromancer is a larger threat though…..

    Edit: Best part about Murloc Knight is when he summons a second Murloc Knight! I then proceed to divine shield both of them =P

    Double Edit: Also with your deck high you’ll find at later meta-game players will look to wipe the board clear when going against pally’s because the greatest danger against a pally is allowing them to obtain board control. The new secret deck that’s going around is pretty damn lethal. Personally I would look to trade out Target dummy with Annoyotron and Silent Knight is a 3/4 mana minion right? I think you’ll find better value minions at that level of the mana curve and better stats which will let you buff them. Also the problem with buffing a single minion is you leave yourself open to counters like mind control; big game hunter; Shadow word pain; hex; etc.

    • ^^^ Everyone reading this and my posts who don’t play Hearthstone are like;

      ‘Guys are damn effin nerds they are.

      • Oh, Hearthstone, that M:tG knockoff?

        I kid I kid I’ve been playing Magic for less time than Hearthstone has been out anyway

        • Yeah the main reason I like HS over M:tG is the convenience; I can play quick matches at work, etc. On average a match in HS lasts around 5-10min? I found with M:tG that could be considerably longer and I know that’s part of the games mechanics (i.e. LoL v DotA) but time is scarce on my end so I’ve noticed I’m favoring more time sensitive games the older I get.

          • That’s more than fine, man. I play Magic with friends, not digitally, so that’s what I use it for

  • Welp, I’ve put a pre-order down for Super Mario Maker, and I’ve picked up Mad Max Fury Road on Blu-ray! \o/

  • Anyone going to the Canned meat need a ride from the airport or whatnot? I’m already playing taxi for @Rocketman, so if you’re arriving anywhere near the same time as him (I think it was 11am on Friday but I wasn’t paying attention) let me know.

  • @tigerion @beavwa @tech_knight
    Is Saturday the 28th okay and did you want to do escapism or laser tag?

      • The hems didn’t work out and removed the intricate work I did. 3 of the four panels had to be unpicked and I’m about to go back to working on the hems now.

        Okay, I’m pretty much back to where I started on Monday. Better then losing a few days

        • Oh well thats good then 🙂 I was gonna say if you need some help on anything I could ask my aunty, she does alot of sewing of intricate designs, granted its for mardigras and drag queen shows but she knows her way around a sewing machine

  • First post Tuesday night.. jeebus… where did the start of this week go?

    Weekend was great, no study, no pressure, father’s day was excellent, wife got me a bottle of canadian club on Friday afternoon, started playing Pillars of Eternity on desktop and found out it runs alright on my laptop – goodbye uni productivity at the library, also squeezed in a little Hotline Miami as I never finished it ages ago.

    Work is manic right now… and will be for the next few weeks which is always exciting.

    That’s all… no substance to this ramble… back to what you were doing now. 🙂

  • Why is so much of MGSV’s story buried in the tapes? Seems like 3/4 of it is hidden away there. And Snake actually talks in them rather than just staring silently like a gimp.

    • Yeah, I wish it was less awkward to listen to them, too. Like, I’m glad that it’s not just one hour long cutscenes all day erryday, but fiddling in menus every 2 minutes is a pain. :/

    • Overtly long cutscenes full of waffle or optional audio tapes full of waffle? I just cannot believe Kojima actually did away with those long-arse movies. Probably for the better, in this instance, I think as the ones we do have are pretty sweet.

      • I liked the ridiculous cut scenes. Main reason I played the games. This one the game itself is far better but it seems to have lost a lot of Metal Gear’s soul.

        • This one doesn’t feel like a Metal Gear title, it’s a different beast altogether. Perhaps the idea was to lure in newcomers to the franchise.

          • To me it feels more like Metal Gear rather than Metal Gear Solid. I love MGS cut scenes but I think they would have messed with the flow of the new, more free form game play. I’m doing my own thing rather than just filling in the blanks between what Kojima wants me to do. It’s funny, so much of it is filler content, just extracting random high profile targets that don’t really matter, but its still really fun to play.
            Long term I think the series will probably benefit from this switch. You can do sixty hours of missions in Africa without a problem, but every 60 hours of cut scenes and codec conversations ends up stacking more and more lore on top of a pile that’s already too big to process.

            Also I’m pretty sure the important conversations are all highlighted in yellow, so that makes it a bit easier to sort through.

        • Aw man, that upsets me. I was really looking forward to the movie-length cutscenes. They’re what makes Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Solid to me. Damn.

          • Don’t worry, there’s still some killer super weird cut scenes, just now you actually get to do a lot of the cool shit instead of being shown it.

        • Oh, there’s still a lot of weird, weird stuff in there. Guard conversations, the stuff in the tapes, the cutscenes that are there- it’s just that more of the action that was previously in a cutscene is now in play

  • Well, apparently, to get Blu-rays to play in Windows 10, I have to use my Blu-ray software alongside AnyDVD HD.
    Works like a charm, though. 😀

  • Random thought while watching the Mad Max review on ggtv tonight:

    Sam Worthington would have made a great Max in Fury Road.

      • Is this the game vs BATDIPPAS where I’m subbing in? Tomorrow night at about 9 should be ok for us.

    • Haven’t really seen anything of Sam since Terminator: Salvation. For someone who was billed as an upcoming action star, he’s kinda dropped off the radar.

      Totally agree about Max though. An Australian Max would have been a cherry on top for that movie.

      • I think possibly the most recent thing he’s done was Cake with Jennifer Aniston, which came out last year – I think it’s on Netflix now.

      • He’s been busy. Bunch of smaller stuff plus we’re getting Avatar 2 in about 18 months or so I believe then Avatar 3 is the year after that and Avatar 4 is the year after that one.

        • I admit that I completely forgot that Avatar sequels were being made. The first movie didn’t really wow me into thinking the story or the universe needed more to it although apparently a whole new trilogy was needed.

          But it’s cool that Sam’s back as the big blue alien warrior.

        • Sigh. I’m probably going to watch those 2 or 3 times again, too.

          Avatar was the first (and one of the few, still) 3D movies that actually had me so impressed with the 3D that I just wanted to… spend time experiencing it, not so much paying attention to the Fern Gully rip-off plot.

    • I really liked Tom Hardy in the role, but I agree: Sam Worthington would have been a great choice too!

  • Ugh, not happy with how Elsa’s cape is turning out at the bottom. I feel like I’m putting in %150 effort and only getting a result of %25

    Sorry everyone, I’m just really frustrated

  • RockeTAY League

    Round 4 is go!

    This week’s matches are:


    It looks like this past week was a particularly busy for most people, so don’t stress if you haven’t played your match still, just get to it when you can.

    The full fixture is available in this comment.

    @redartifice @tigerion @benny @fatshadylive @zetrox2k @shane @phoenix @cakesmith
    @coldcamv @markserrels @freezespreston @jacksonwryan @rize @finishedlast @blaghman @cookingmama @gingerchris86 @batguy @alexwalker

    • @[email protected], I’m hoping to play our game tonight with @cookingmama as sub? WRECK-A-MENDED can we please schedule our game for the 16th, when @alexwalker is back in town? Would also be good if whoever BATDIPPAS are playing the following round–and maybe even the round after THAT–is available that night (as I go away for 3 weeks on the 17th).

      • @bdkiaf – any chance you can fill us in with what the next two fixtures would be so we can try and organise ahead of time?

        • Sure thing! Your games for the rest of the league:

          Week 4 – Starting 9/9

          Week 5 – Starting 16/9

          Week 6 – Starting 23/9

          Week 7 – Starting 30/9

          Week 8 – Starting 7/10

          Week 9 – Starting 14/10

          cc @batguy

    • @tigerion @shane @zetrox2k Still good to go at 9:45 EST tonight?

      Also, if you’re available, @bdkiaf @coldcamv do you want to try knock it over tonight too?

  • Last night I mucked around with spreadsheets for about two hours and I enjoyed it. I’m not certain if I should be concerned that I enjoy playing with office software but oh well.


    Grim Fandango is on sale via Steam – $5.09

    If you have not played this game, you have not played.

    • With bony hands I hold my partner
      On soulless feet we cross the floor
      The music stops as if to answer
      An empty knocking at the door

      It seems his skin was sweet as mango
      When last I held him to my breast
      But now we dance this grim fandango
      And will four years before we rest.

      • I got very distracted by Rocket League… and Metal Gear Solid replays… and Mad Max. I’m a short way into Year Two IIRC.

  • Woke up to Destiny’s update indicating it *might* be done by the time TTK unlocks on the 15th. Sony, please yell at your Australian CDN provider. 😛

    • It’s nuts, hey?

      I seem to get a much faster download when I have my PS4 in rest mode, maybe give that a spin.

      • Keeping an eye on it from work – seems to have sped up considerably since I turned the PS4 on around 7. Woke up to 300MB downloaded with 99+ hours left to go; in the 7.5 hours since then, it’s pulled 10GB, so it should be done by tonight. Maybe it just wasn’t fully transferred to the Australian CDN when they hit the launch button…

          • I saw someone saying in one of the threads that they messed about with OpenDNS and boosted their speed tenfold or sommink.

          • Yea, I saw that too (swap your PS4’s DNS servers to Google’s DNS –, for anyone else interested) before I left for work, and it seemed to have done the trick. Haven’t changed anything since (as I’ve been at work, obv) but can monitor the download usage through my ISP’s portal. Was averaging 1.4-2.9GB an hour up until about 1pm, then dropped to 0.27-ish, where it seems content to stay. :'(

          • They’re onto your cowardly and deceptive attempt to bypass honest regional discrimination.
            How dare you, you filthy Australiasian second-class citizen!
            Know your place.

            …Or something. c.c

          • Here we go.

            Slightly off (but still on) topic, I managed to be out and about so ducked home to check on download of the update. 30 hours left *insert frowny face Siri*
            SO using the power of reddit found changing settings to opendns and a quick pause/unpause sped up my download time with now a constant decent speed (for my house) and I’m down to only 6 hours left. (PS4)
            Just for info if anybody else has crappy regional internet like me and wants to play the game tonight.

  • American Express just sent me a treasure chest full of chocolate, but instead of providing the key there was a note saying ‘call me for an obligation free conversation about upgrading to a mega ultra platinum executive president card and I’ll send you the key’. It’s a really clever idea but it took me about 30 seconds to dismantle the hinges and get the chocolate.

      • Always try and ninja your name as the contact on accounts your company/department signs up for. You’ll get a lot of junk mail thrown on your desk but from time to time you’ll get a box of goodies. I once got a mini remote control helicopter from the place where I buy my tools. Kept me entertained all week. =P

    • I like hearing about these sorts of marketing things, getting really creative. Like 5 gum putting ‘dares’ on their chewing gym like Fantales have trivia stuff.

      • Yeah, even when it’s just a weird pen or something it’s fun and engaging. I do feel a little bad about not calling her since a lot of effort went into it, but I’d only be wasting her time. The box it came in unfolds in a really well thought out way. The chocolate coins even have the American Express logo on them. Lots of attention to detail.

    • Staples Technology Solutions sent our IT dept an awesome Porsche Remote Control car not too long ago with a letter which said something along the lines of, ‘get in touch with us and we’ll send you the remote control for the car.’

      Needless to say, we now have a really cool Porsche model permanently on display.

    • At work we get stuffed toy dinosaurs from one of our website hosting providers for some absolutely unknown reason. They just arrive in the post with no note or anything. We don’t know what’s going on but the office couch is starting to become full of them.

  • WednesTAY Wake Up

    Yesterday when I was grovelling for forgiveness about another holiday I’ve ruined for my partner, I harked back to a few weeks ago when I was given some advice that just didn’t click at the time but looking back now makes complete and utter sense.

    Rather than dwelling on my failure, I’d rather revel in others success. SO my question for you all today, is what is the best piece of advice you have been given, and did you take it?

    • My dad once told me to get a haircut and get a real job. I did both.

      My dad is really George Thorogood. Kidding, I think he was just shitty seeing me sleep in all day long when he’d get up and head to work. This was like, fifteen years ago now.

      Good advice is any advice really. It’s up to you how you choose to process it. Just don’t knock back advice is my advice.

    • “Trust your instincts.” Common advice, but still the best I’ve taken. Life-saving, even.
      Every time I’ve been in a bad situation that fucked me over, I let my head and common sense override my instincts. It might be nothing, but even if you rely on instincts for exercising caution and STILL get fucked over, at least you’ll have the peace of mind that you did everything that you could.

      Best advice I’ve regrettably ignored:

      “Mate, you’ve got the money, you need to invest in this stock. It’s going to explode.”

      “Don’t go to uni – you aren’t committed to it, you’ll just be going through the motions.”

      “Just ask her out already; it’s a date, not a fucking marriage proposal.”

      “Take the job, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. If she’s ‘the one’, she’ll put up with the challenges.”

      “Spend more time with the people you love, because you never know when they’ll be gone.”

    • “Keep your arms straight”

      Took it, and glad I did. Makes climbing a whole lot easier.

      …yeah, I couldn’t really think of anything else. Maybe I’ve just never been given much advice. Or never taken it.

    • Cogito Ergo Sum; I think therefore I am. Best piece of advice I have ever found (had this whole philosophy phase as a teen) and it’s led me to the discovery of so many branching life philosophies that continue to shape and serve me today =]

    • I’m holding off on MGSV until I complete Arkham Knight and Mad Max; save the best for last kind of deal =P

      • No, people kept trying to recommend it be there, but I only allowed myself 3: Bloodborne, Witcher 3, and Fallout 4.

        I COULD HAVE 4 EXCEPTIONS. No-one would know… except you guys. And my PSN friends.
        The solution is simple. We kill the Batman. I must erase my PSN friends list. And you guys. No-one will know.

        • I think it’s fascinating how the semantics subconsciously changed from ‘no-one would know’ to ‘no-one will know’.

        • I wouldn’t fault you for adding it to the list, it’s not just the better Metal Gear game I was expecting pre-Ground Zeroes it’s a must play title, but it’s September so why start bending the rules now?

          That said if you figure out a way for me to gift a copy of the game from the PSN store to your account without screwing around with pre-paid cards it’s yours.

          • Thanks, but that would be cheating and I would know. 🙂 It’s always been about willpower, not money.

            No, I can be strong… I can wait. Surely.

          • Yeah, I figured as much but thought I’d give you an easy way out (assuming there actually is a way to gift games on the PSN, which I haven’t been able to find so far).

  • One other thing that’s bothering me about MGSV and to a lesser extent the people covering it: THAT’S NOT BOWIE! Even the game lists it as Bowie but it’s the Midge Ure cover. Bowie wrote and performed the original which doesn’t sound half as trippy.

  • I’ve never played MG, hearing about it though makes it seem really awesome.

    But is it… too late for me?

    • Probably. The Metal Gear games aren’t renowned for being able to jump in them. However, Konami releases HD re-releases every two years, so finding the old games shouldn’t be too hard.

    • You’ll want to put aside a day for a marathon of the story from previous games before jumping into MGSV; the overall story is quite far-reaching and complicated. Alternatively you could go the hardcore route of replaying all the previous games in chronological order =P

    • Did you get Ground Zeroes for free on PS+? I played that and have some awareness of the overall story from youtube summaries and brief exposure to a couple of the games. It seems like enough.

    • Here is what we said to @tigerion last week in response to his questions:

      Let’s say there was a hypothetical monster that exists in this world who hadn’t played metal gear games. Supposing they were interested in redeeming this epic character flaw and was wondering how to go about it.
      What options would they have to play and what systems would need to have in possession in order to do so. And is it even worth it? If there were to play, what would be the recommended games, is it a ongoing story or are they stand alone. Any reason not to just jump into 5

      Dear mr Hypothetical monster

      – Of them all, 3 and 5 are probably the most stand alone. 3 is really very good and can be played on PS2, PS3, Vita, or 3DS
      – If you play Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, you could probably keep up, and wiki any backstory. The plot is continuing but often weeeeeeeird and you can enjoy the gameplay regardless, and the cassette tapes in V will bring you up to speed on backstory
      – If you wished to run the entire series, best bet is to grab the Legacy collection on PS3, or digital download them all there.
      – Of course it’s worth it. It’s a game series that has been groundbreaking in many ways and with each release has kept pushing the envelope- while you can level many criticisms against individual games (MGS2 tends to bear the brunt of them), it’s never stopped innovating.
      – PS3 is the best console to play them all on. Original MGS and MGS4 are still locked to PlayStation (well technically there was a Gamecube remake of the original MGS but you’ll have to borrow a copy off @mrtaco)

      But you can just grab GZ and TPP on PC and you’ll be reasonably up to snuff

    • It’s not a great entry point plot-wise since it stems from Snake Eater and Peace Walker, but mechanically it’s the one to start with. Luckily while the plot references a lot of events it’s not directly important to understanding what’s happening.
      What you want to know is that Snake (aka, Big Boss) is a legendary soldier who after some serious bullshit quit America and started his own mercenary army. Of the many shady organisations and conspiracies in the Metal Gear universe this one deals with Cipher, sort of a dodgy American military unit. In the mid-70’s they tricked Snake’s lead scientist Huey into letting a Cipher’s people pretending to be a nuclear inspection crew into his off-shore base (imagine Cobra Commander turned an oil rig into his HQ). Cipher’s goons then proceeded to shoot up the place. Snake arrived just before the fighting broke out with a pair of kids (child soldiers he made friends with in a previous game) that he just broke out of a top secret prison camp (Ground Zeroes is the mission to rescue them).
      Unfortunately while they were prisoner Cipher’s leader surgically implanted bombs in the girl. The bomb goes off, Snake is caught in the explosion and eventually ends up in a coma for nine years. That’s where MGSV starts. Hideo Kojima is a huge film fan so the MGS games have a lot of cinematic stuff. MGSV is actually the exception to that rule but the introduction is this really weird half cinematic semi-on rails thing. It’s like Half-Life’s tram if you were crawling around on your belly half dead. Don’t let it scare you off. The rest of the game is actually really free form.

      It’s also worth noting that Metal Gear has a sort of real/unreal thing going on. It’s set in the 80’s and historically appropriate at times, but there’s a lot of tech that people in the 80’s thought was right around the corner (advanced robotics and military technology) and a touch of super natural stuff. Not demons and magic per se, but Cipher’s unit has some X-Men/monsters in lead roles.

      A bit of extra background material. Metal Gears are essentially a new type of walking weapons platform. They’re sort of inspired by earlier attempts but not directly related. At this point in the story (the 80’s) they’re still very experimental and everyone who tries to develop this sort of tech keeps it top secret, so their origin isn’t really that important to the story.
      Everyone references it’s relationship to Peace Walker, the previous games Metal Gear, but it’s not until much later in the timeline that anyone starts mass producing this sort of weapon so everyone will still comment on it in a way that gives you an explanation of what this Metal Gear is and why it’s significant. The big deal with them is that they’re usually considered a device that will dramatically alter the balance of power. The game expects you to know this stuff but again because it’s early on in the timeline everyone reacts in a way that fills in the important parts.

        • I felt like I should but it’s all either stuff you’re expected to know going into MGSV or revealed as it’s introduced. The twists all sort of come from that stuff. I did avoid going into Snake Eater spoilers as much as possible though. The game doesn’t hold up as well mechanically but it’s certainly worth going back to.

          • As someone who’s never played any of the MGS’s and is planning on spending some time over a weekend catching up on the story I’d rather not have it spoiled for me; I understand that your post skims over the basic concepts of the games however I’d like to experience the story with a fresh pair of eyes and if I hadn’t stopped reading after the first few sentences I would’ve lost that.

            Placing spoiler tags on story/lore based posts is a minor inconvenience at best and helps anyone who doesn’t want to know anything about a game’s/tvshows back story.

          • Fair enough, but if you did read anything there don’t worry about it too much. Almost anything you could have accidentally read there is in the mission briefing documents you should read prior to the first game (if I remember correctly they’re in the menus before you start a new game, make sure to check them out). If you’re concerned about that stuff I’d recommend playing them in release order rather than chronological. Even though the more recent games happen in the past they tend to setup the events in the future in a way that doesn’t skirt around the twist that happen later on (in earlier games). The big twist in MGS2 will be that Sonic is Tails pretending to be Sonic after he died in Operation Eggman, then in a game set earlier that was released later they’ll show you everything that led up to it in a way that spoils the twist (like how the Star Wars prequels spoil every twist in the original trilogy).
            The games sort of blend their history into real world events and explain them in-character. So the original MGS briefings talks about stuff the stuff happening in the games set earlier alongside real world political scandals and wars as though they actually happened. It’ll be all like ‘Jimmy Olsen stabbed Superman, then Lois Lane went rogue and under orders from the Secret Muppet Conspiracy the Nixon administration staged Watergate in order to cover the whole thing up’. Talking about peace treaties and UN policies along side their weird stuff. You don’t need to read any of that to play the games but it enhances what’s going on. If you’re going to sit down and play through hundreds of hours worth of games a little extra time getting in character with that stuff is worth it.

            I’m not trying to change your mind on your spoiler policy, I understand where you’re coming from, I just want to reassure you that as important as anything you might have read sounds this is almost all stuff the games will explain to you before you get started (I did spoil Ground Zeroes, but as much as I loved it you should watch a summary of it rather than paying full price for it, and if you do play it the plot is a three minute long cut scene that MGSV recaps right away).

          • It’s a general TAY spoiler policy. That kind of knowledge can ruin people’s experiences of games, especially if they like to go into things with fresh eyes. It takes a second to use the spoiler tags, it’s what they’re there for. It doesn’t really impact the person posting at all, and avoids them unintentionally ruining things for others.

          • I’m not trying to start an argument over it or anything since it doesn’t make a difference on my end and I’ll keep it in mind in the future, but don’t you find that counter productive? I mean if I set the definition of a spoiler widely enough to cover such basic information it puts Highperformance in a position where he shouldn’t hit the button because he doesn’t know if I’m saying ‘this is the premise of the game, stuff that it won’t explain that will confuse you if you don’t know’ or ‘this is what happens in MGSV’ on the other side.
            I hope this doesn’t come across as me stubbornly digging in and insisting I’m right and you guys are wrong, if you guys want to do things this way that’s fine with me I’m just curious as to how you came to this point. I’m all for people going in with fresh eyes and I know this isn’t structured like a forum so just avoiding the topic entirely isn’t as easy as it sounds, it just seems fresh eyes covers just about any mention of the series. I know personally when I go in with fresh eyes I don’t want to know anything about the game. I don’t want to know if it’s good, I don’t want to know how it plays, I don’t want to see the trailer, I just want to put the disc in and go in without bias. So to me a fresh eyes tag is just being clear that you’re talking about the game.

    • Nah dawg, jump straight into Ground Zeroes and Pahntom Pain.

      It’s basically a master class in Metal Gear Solid gameplay systems.

      If you’re worried about missing out on the story, don’t be, it’s insane. But if you really wanna know what’s going on then just watch a YouTube video or read a timeline.

      I mean, even if you do play all of them you’re not gonna form the bond to the characters people like me did because they’ve existed in our world for almost 20 years. Which is what a lot of MGSV’s story so far has banked on.

      Plus did I mention that the story is bat shit insane?

      • Dan speaks truth, @highperformance – I don’t really give a shit about most of the characters, have SOME fondness for Solid Snake, but mostly for Big Boss who I consider the true series protagonist/good guy, and knowing how everything pans out series-wise kind of put a dampener on my enthusiasm for TPP due to it basically being set in the middle of the series timeline and having no meaningful impact on an already-known result.

        Even so…

    • Maybe. I’m replaying all the old games in preparation for MGSV, and I think they’re bloody amazing games, but I’ve got fifteen years of fanboy nostalgia to back that sentiment up.

      Without that, who knows? The world’s a weird place.

      • I just read the section about a 40 minute firefight. FORTY MINUTES. I really wanted to experience it for that, seeing the photos I thought it looked like The Witcher 3 with guns lol.

  • Oh my God, The Great Australian Spelling Bee is a real show. It’s a real show. I saw bus ads, but I always thought it was some cooking show or something with a stupid name.

    • I choose to believe that it’s actually a cynical show about the horror of both normal reality TV shows, and spelling bees.

      Like a reality version of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (which is the show responsible for my ability to spell Syzygy). And nothing will destroy my blissful ignorance.

  • You guys.

    The work project I’ve been working on for almost a year, my precious baby, is finally starting to be packaged up and sold!

    This is what a father must feel like when he sells his first baby :’)

  • I’m 52 seconds into a 12 minute summary of Metal Gear Solid lore.

    I’m already completely lost.

    • Are you finally going to fulfill yours (and others’) dreams by joining a stripper troupe?

      • I can just see @freezespreston now, waving his bits around while seductively saying “Not as clumsy or random as a blaster, an elegant weapon for a more civilised age”…

  • Finished job interview. Think it went pretty well. Will know the results sometime next week.

    Yeah. That won’t weigh on my mind over the weekend at all. :}

    • Good luck Mr Bond! Are you leaving the public sector to become an international man of mystery…. FOR HIRE!?

      • @Transientmind


        Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007


        From Brisbane With Regards

        *Bond Fanfare*
        *Theme Song by Lana Del Ray starts playing*

        • Moving up within the public sector? Do we have a new Minister of Defence? (that’s a thing right? minister of defence?)

          • Minister of Defence is a parliamentarian. We have a Chief of the Defence Force and a Secretary of the Department. Neither particularly glamorous roles.

    • Hope it goes better than my last one, I had the same situation with the added hope that there were actually 2 jobs on offer rather than one and I got neither… Bastards.

  • I have a spare Uplay PC code for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier if anyone wants. DM me on Twitter or Steam if interested.

  • Well, I want to play something, but I the antihistamines are kicking in so even if I could decide, I suspect I’m only a few minutes from quoting Hans Moleman: “Down I go…”

    • Play something turn based, then it’ll still be there when you regain consciousness. Well, unless you collapse on the key that ends the turn, then you’ll lose terribly.

  • I read a book yesterday!
    I used to read more than I even played games, but I kind of stopped because I read so fast it was difficult to afford to keep up with my habit. Last week I was in the library killing time waiting for my bus and after looting the sewing, quilting, and embroidery section I sat down to look at them when a book spine on the shelf near me caught my eye. Mazarkis Williams. I remembered hearing that name when people recommended books and it had stuck in my mind because of how unusual it was. So I borrowed the book.
    I started reading The Emperor’s Knife just before lunchtime and finished it just after the kids got home from school. I just couldn’t put it down. And now I own the whole trilogy on my Kindle but I’m scared to begin reading the second book because it will suck my whole day away again. 😛

    • Always nice to find a series like that.
      Mrs Tigs is rereading the tiffany books from discworld at the moment and think she is averaging a book each 2 days so far

          • I’ll probably read it in the next few weeks but if it hadn’t come out, I’d’ve considered I Shall Wear Midnight the last Discworld novel. In the same sense that I consider Mort the first one because the world doesn’t feel formed properly in earlier books.

          • I think Mort is the best entry point for sure. The first three are interesting as later reads, but Mort is the first one where he takes his own world seriously. Though Equal Rites has its moments.

          • I don’t consider the other books non-canon or any nonsense like that. They’re just the bit before it gets good.

          • @trjn oh, they’re certainly canon, it’s just where it switches from wall to wall zany do anything to actually taking the Discworld as a place in which people live not as a backdrop for jokes.

          • I like to think of Colour of Magic, Light Fantastic and Equal Rites as books where events happen in a D&D campaign. Whereas Mort and later novels are stories that take place in Discworld, which is the world that evolved from the D&D campaign’s setting.

  • Metal Gear Solid 2 complete. On to Snake Eater.


  • I cant find for the life of me where the section to upload screenshots for our rocket league games is… anyone able to assist?

    @bdkiaf perhaps?

    • Don’t worry about the screenshots, you just need the scores! The website is pretty unclear on that. Also, I think @shane might have to submit the scores for you guys, since it still has CrazyGuy listed as a player for your team. Unless he can change the members on the league page.

      Edit: Alternatively, I can also submit scores for any match, so I’m happy to do that too.

  • So following my resignation I’m starting to get a few alarm bells going off that makes me think this workplace is going to try to shaft me on my annual leave payable upon termination. Anyone know what my options are if this happens?

    • Do you have your payslips showing leave owing (as they should?) If they show that and it’s not paid out, you can go straight to fairwork.

      Though @shane is the dude to talk to about this.

      • Yeah no…. my paylsips don’t show leave accrued but I’m pretty sure I have every single one saved on file so at the very least I can prove how long I’ve worked here.

        • Hmm, payslips should show leave, assuming you were on a non-casual role. Should show up as a Holiday leave accrual or under a header of Entitlements.

          As long as you have your payslips though, you should be good.

          • Here’s hoping I’m just over-reacting and they’re being evasive on the details because it’s really busy.

            @shane @zetrox2k Do any of you guys know if I should be able to find out how much leave I have? I’ve requested this twice before and they’ve just kind of evaded the question verbally and never responded to my email requests. I asked again following my resignation via e-mail and the Payroll person just said “she’s busy at the moment and will do the calcs later”.

          • All legal payslips must have the numbers of hours/days leave youve accrued on your payslip…. should be on there have a good look.

          • I’m 100% mine don’t mention it because the previous times I’ve asked the payroll lady about how much leave I’ve accrued she couldn’t tell me. (just double checked my most recent one and it has no mention of annual leave accrued). Are they legally obligated to provide me with this information?

            Edit: Thanks for the replies zetrox =]

          • technically not a legal requirement, but considered best practice…. your work however is legally obligated to provide you with the numbers on request. i would make all corespondance via email, from a personal account, to ensure you have copies of all conversations.

          • if you want to and you know exactly how many days off youve taken, yopu accrue from memory about 13.33 hours of annual leave every month in a full time job. one day, is calculated at 8hrs, so divide by 8 to get the number of days…

    • They cant legally refuse to pay out your annual leave. If they do, theres always VCAT/Small claims tribunal or whatever is in your state… you’ll be out of the courtroom in about 15 minutes. I went through the same situation about 5 years ago… court asked me how long i was working there, ordered my previous employer to produce my employee records, immediately said this is pretty straightforward, ruled in my favour, and ordered them to pay me a full days pay for every work day they delayed paying me in addition. (about 1.5 months)

    • Have a union rep…?

      Also, I’m sure it’s illegal – you work through the ‘notice’ period for your resignation (2 weeks to 4 weeks generally depending on contract/length of service) then any accruals owed must be paid to you.

    • Do you have your employment contract. Providing you are not contractor/casual then you have nothing to worry about.

    • Everyone else has already covered this, but if you can resolve this in-house, that’d be the best case scenario, of course. Don’t bust your ass over it, though, because there’s plenty of legal recourse available to you.

      Fair Work Ombudsman is a good port of call. They look out for your workplace rights. If you’re a member of a union, get them involved too, make them earn their fees.

      It’s flat-out illegal to not pay out annual leave upon termination (for any reason, I believe, except possibly gross misconduct, which is N/A in this case because you resigned). If you’re not a self-employed contractor or a casual worker, you are definitely entitled to annual leave payouts (and possibly annual leave loading too, but that depends on the industry/workplace/parent award/workplace agreement, so I can’t advise on that).

  • Had that job interview for EB Games last night. I think it went alright. I should know if I get a 2nd interview with the store manager of the store i’ve applied for in the next 2 weeks, so yay.. Also the manager of my local EB was there, even though he isn’t hiring this year, which was nice to see a familiar face that knows me heh.

      • Not this time actually. I was full on expecting it. They actually had us sell them a product they themselves sell. There was also the Xbox One vs PS4 debate, sell the console you’re not familiar with to the opposite side. Then there was build lego sets without instructions then with instructions heh.

  • For those interested. You can pre-order the “limited edition” Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone expansion pack which comes with 2 physical Gwent decks (Scoia’tael & Monster) from EBGames.

    Not too sure if it’s a retailer exclusive deal though. Although seems like you can’t get it for the Xboner which kinda sucks.

    • I’m still trying* to figure out if that’s the same Gwent set that came with the xboner CE.

      *lazily waiting for someone to tell me

      • Oh right, xboners got some gwent stuff with their collectors edition. Still, kinda sucks if you bought the standard edition on for your xboner and now want to pick up all the decks.

  • Did a preliminary Personal Fitness Assessment today and holy crap did I fail miserably… I must have been starting from the absolute bottom because I could only score up to 3,7 on my beep test… HOW UNFIT AM I? 2 months of exercising every second day and can only get to 3,7?
    Pretty angry at myself over that to be honest.

    • Wait, what? 3.7? Did you have a massive bender the night before?

      If you’ve been exercising for that long and still only getting that it’s probably a strong signal to look at what your exercise plan is. Remember that the shuttle run is essentially a measure of your VO2Max so any strength or midpace distance jogging isn’t going to help. You need to do more high intensity burst stuff like interval sprints (if you really hate yourself) or I found stationing really helpful. Basically set up two spots about 20-30 meters apart, sprint a couple of laps between them then drop and do some push ups, sprint a couple of laps, drop and do some situps, sprint a couple of laps, do some squats etc etc. Good way to keep up high intensity and easy to measure progress as there’s set steps that you can see yourself getting more and more in.

      • I recall pixel mentioning he was practicing shuttle runs almost daily?

        @pixel_the_ferret_viking – Can you narrow down what aspect of the beep test is causing you grief? e.g. muscle fatigue; loss of stamina, etc.

        • Running the beep test isn’t really helpful. Good to do it regularly to get an idea of where you’re at but it’s just pushing yourself to your maximum then stopping. Need to get to about 80% then sustain it for increasingly longer periods of time to get yourself up there.

          • Mhm while I don’t have any experience with the test looking at it; it looks like a mix of strength/speed with a degree of stamina tossed in depending on the level of speed you need to pass. I imagine the toughest part of the test would be having stop and turn and maintain that level of momentum with each lap; you’ll need well developed thighs/calves coupled with a good BMI and cardio to pull it off (pretty much what you already covered freeze! =p)

            @pixel_the_ferret_king – doing the math on the beep test a good target before you take the test might be to see if you can maintain a speed of 11.5 km/h (if you use a treadmill) for over 8 minutes with relative ease; following which you’ll want to train for the high intensity stuff freeze mentioned which should build the relevant muscle groups while acclimatizing your body to the impact sprints will have. Worth noting with high intensity runs like this what’s required for the beep test warming up and cooling down is doubly important to make sure to get your heart rate well and truly warmed up before commencing any training.

          • I’m just going off my experience training for it. Went from running a 4.2 when fresh to test day running a 9.8 immediately after a 400m sprint and pull up test in about 4 months.

          • Yeah your routine is definitely the end-game for preparation of the beep test however from I’ve read you and pixel have very different starting levels of fitness. I for one recall when I first started jogging the highest I could get to without hurting myself was 6km/h (horrible I know) and had to spend a few months building that up 13km/h; so there’s no way I would’ve pulled off a 4.2 fresh, I would’ve been lucking to get to level 2!

            It’s always worth remembering when taking routines off the internet or from gym partners to make sure that routine suits you. Everyone’s body has different strengths and weaknesses and people also have personal preferences for what they enjoy doing (e.g. I love swimming over jogging and enjoy shoulder/bicep exercises so I always couple those with a routine I hate doing like push ups or squats). It’s actually really worth speaking to a personal trainer or engaging their services for 1-2 sessions when you first start out so that they can craft a plan for you to follow or at least give you some guidelines to look for based on your personal fitness.

        • I think loss of stamina more than anything.
          I’ve never been a strong runner to start with which probably doesn’t help.
          When i’m done, i can barely breath and my shins/calfs are hurting so much i can barely stand.
          I thought at first the pain was caused by wrong type of shoes so i forked out for some decent runners with proper level of support for my foot type, but my calfs still hurts incredibly much.

          • Shin splints can usually be narrowed down to a few things; shoes (like you mentioned), the surface you’re running on can have a huge impact, your running technique (easy to let this deteriorate as you get tired and put the weight of your running on your joints and bones than your muscles) and finally your existing body weight ratio to leg strength. You’ll want to figure out which of these is causing your shin splints as long term they will seriously hinder your ability to continue running.

            If stamina is where your problem is look to improve your cardio by utilizing sustained exercises that improve your body’s ability to re-oxygenate. e.g. if the target speed needed for a level 7 beep test is 11.5 km/h over 8 minutes you’ll want to make sure you can maintain at least 12 km/h for 20 minutes in a straight sustained line.

            Two other things that I mentioned previously but just about everyone who starts gymming underestimates – diet and rest. Without either of these two you will not make any decent gains regardless of how hard you push yourself. Muscles also have a habit of acclimatizing to any gym routine after 4-6 weeks meaning even if you increase the weights the routine won’t provide gains like it used to as your muscles have gotten used to that set of motions.

            So couples things to keep in mind if you haven’t implemented already; refuel with the right diet (you’ll want a healthy mix of carbs, high amounts of protein and a moderate dose of lipids to help your body recover). Ensure a minimum of 8 hours of rest every night and be in bed between the hours of 10-12 (this has a huge impact on recovery times). Take a rest week once every 4 weeks; meaning after 3 weeks of gymming intensely the 4th week should be light cardio and aerobic exercises, enough to keep the blood pumping but nothing to wear out your muscles.

            Getting to the fitness level of your choosing is a marathon, not a sprint, going hard and fast over a short period will ensure injuries, wear/tear and disappointment. Patience, rest and recovery are your best friends if your end goal is become as fit as possible as quickly as possible.

            Edit: Spoilered wall of text

          • You’re always a pool knowledge when it comes to this stuff man! Appreciate it…
            Didn’t know it was called shin splints but looking it up that’s exactly what it is!

            Thinking I might try and scrape some money together and go talk to a professional to get some ideas of how to improve and avoid shin splints… Knowing my fantastic motor skills it’s probably my technique 😛

          • No probs pixel =] My 3 vices are games, gym and finance so I’m happy to get stuck into a conversation on either of the 3 xD

            If you’re going to spend money to see someone about your splints I’d recommend a physio over a personal trainer; they can fix your technique and determine which muscle groups you should work out to reduce the impact on your shins!

          • Also, you might need to make friends with a foam roller. It’s a nasty device, but it’s great for those of us with tight calves and sore bits from running. A physio can show you how to use it.

      • This is why i’m confused and annoyed at myself! I have been running almost daily to try and get better and i can only perform to that level?

        I’ve been following a program a computer did for me in the ADF Active app on my phone.
        Alternating between 2 routines:
        Full body work out:
        Continues shuttle run for 2 min
        Squats for 1 min
        Push ups for 1 min
        Situps for 1 min
        Lunges for 45 seconds
        Planks 30 second hold
        all of the above 3 times through

        And Endurance boost which is:
        Shuttle run 20m x 2
        Walk 40m
        Shuttle run 20m x 4
        etc.etc. all the way up to 10 and back down.

        I’m clearly just really, really REALLY shit 😛

        • Have you been increasing it over time? Say the full body start doing it 4 times the next week, then 5 then 6 and so on?

          • Full body exercise has been staying the same, but the endurance boost started at max of 6 continues shuttles and ramped up to 12…
            But yeah, guess i just need to git gud and push myself harder, clearly i’m not going hard enough.

        • I think the new plan developed for me does have interval sprinting in it, so hopefully that will help…
          But yeah, feeling pretty demoralised at the moment 😛

          • Don’t let it get you down. A big part of the training process is refining what you’re doing over long periods of time. People rarely start in 100% the right place. When you start out it’s all about motivation and getting yourself in the mindset to train. You aim for goals but the important part is getting yourself used to training being part of your life. It doesn’t seem like much when you’re feeling bad, but the fact you’ve stuck with it is a far more important victory than any test score.
            It’ll feel like you wasted your time up to this point because you’re not as fast or strong as you thought you would be, but if you take what you’ve learned today and apply it to your training tomorrow you’ll have made significant progress.

    • Probably not worth it for you but if you wanted somebody to push you and break the boredom you are welcome to come over and we can do the beep test together and some training. Would be good for me as well.
      You probably know that I’m in Glen Iris so a bit of a mission to do it, although I work in South Melb so could work something out there if you want as well

      • Hmmmm, might not be a bad idea to have a partner TBH.
        Even if it’s just once a week meetup in a park somewhere mid-pointish for us…
        I do work in Port Melbourne so it would be possible for me to easily get down that way.
        Give me a little while to come up with a new strategy and i will get back to you.
        Thanks for the offer!

        • I’m assuming you drive into work?
          If you want to do a catchup after work, even once a week that could work. Best be might be to just head down to Albert Park and we can either do intervals and the like or just go for a run around the lake. It is where Park run happens on Saturdays so if we get organised we might be able to do a few more of them.

          • Hmmmmm…. HMMMMM actually sounds rather excellent, I’ll regroup, check rosters and stuff and be in touch for sure!

          • I am very much hoping to do Albert Park parkrun on the PAX weekend. I want to add an interstate parkrun to my list!

          • I’m keen if you’re looking for tay buddies… PRE-PAX-PRE-MEAT-MEAT-UP CONFIRMED! We should get a whole group of taybies together!

      • Yeah that’s what I’m leaving towards at the moment and will probably drag @tigerion with me XD

        • Yay! It’s fun. Remember your barcode and money for coffee. And if you volunteer, you’ll meet the loveliest group of people outside of TAY 😉

          This weekend is a special parkrun for me – it’s my 50th! I get a 50club tshirt!! \o/

        • I’m all good with this. I actually work most Saturday mornings so it is actually pretty easy for me to go from park run to the office. I’ve just been slack, and it has been cold and I’m a big wimp.

          • I would suggest this Saturday except I start work at 8 and it’s non negotiable as I’ll be the only one here 😛 might look into Saturday after though?

          • Yep definitely, I’m on lates the next few weeks so I don’t finish until 8pm bit after that I should be on earlies again which is a 2:30pm finish which might work out nicely

  • Does anyone remember what the launch cost of the original Playstation console was here in Australia? I’ve seen some people on Kotaku mention it was A$1000 but that does not seem right to me and I’m certain my PSX box has a A$199 sticker slapped on it. Then again, I could have purchased mine around 1999, which is hardly launch period..

    • I’m thinking A$299 max? I could have sworn the PS3 was the first Playstation to break the A$1k mark here in Oz, and the PS2 around A$700.

      • And PS3.

        That was the first time I ever paid for anything with $100 notes.

        Felt like a goddam pimp.

        • My PS2 was a bit under $400 with Burnout, and I think my PS3 I paid a bit over $500 with games.

          Was a later adopter with both of them

    • I have a feeling it was around the $400 mark? Maybe?

      I got a PSX at Xmas the year it launched and that sounds around the amount Santa would spend on a gift my brother and I had to share.

        • An interesting argument:

          We all know PS4 launch here was A$550, and now two years later you’re lucky to find a deal on the console for $399. But there have been a couple, even with games.

          However two years after the launch of PSX in 95 I picked one up for $199 in 97, it’s hard to believe the original launch price was A$630. Just my two cents, no beef.

          • Oh, I don’t stand behind that figure at all, that was a very basic analysis.

            Remember, PSOne was sold as a toy item like nintendo, not a specialist computer product, so I doubt it was a $630 toy in the mid 90s.

            Me and my brother didnt get a Playstation until about August 2000, because my parents bought a new tele to watch the olympics on and bundled the playstation with it.

      • I remember someone paying some ridiculous amount like that when it came out. I would have said $700-$800. Although that could have easily included an extra controller, memory cards and games. Back then it could have also been brought from some over priced department store on day one. Prices aren’t great now but they’re more consistent.

    • Okay, so an update.

      I have found an image of my PSX box which shows SCPH-9002A and A$199. Wikipedia tells me this particular model released Christmas of 1997, which is a good two years after launch.

      Verdict? I still have no idea what the launch price was here. 😛

  • Well, Destiny patch finished around 11 last night. Spent over an hour bumbling around the tower on all my characters – finishing basic quests, getting a level-appropriate ghost shell from the Speaker, managing the crap in my postmaster, sorting out my faction allegiances… debating whether to go into Crucible for the faction quests… So much I should probably do, but probably wait until next Tuesday to do it… Might run through the questified story – looks to be a bit of reading to do… but it gives Xp that would be better spent next week when the level cap unlocks. Meh, I’ll give it a shot on my warlock, seeing as I’m remaking him next week anyway.

    Kinda disappointed by the subclass quests thus far – “Kill 50 enemies with your super, grenade or melee” (a friend running a defender titan was trying to do this, and apparently punching an enemy in your bubble isn’t counted, but shooting them in your bubble is – I’m guessing the “or” was programmed to be an x-or to prevent counting melee kills in the bubble twice?), then “Generate 25 orbs of light” (which is harder than it used to be – two majors nets you 6 orbs, not 8, and red-bar enemies may not even grant an orb on kill), “Complete a strike, during which you need to kill 3 majors with your super and get at least 15 kills total” which I left for tonight… The quest flavour text is interesting, but the execution is kinda dull. I guess they’re meant to be combined with bounties and other quests so you’ve got multiple objectives at any one time, or done as you progress through the story quest chains… cos I spent a long time waiting for my grenade, melee and super to recharge (Gunslingers – use your knife juggler perk – it will speed things up a lot; Monte Carlo is extremely useful here, too… or do these quests in groups so you can feed each other orbs).

    Overall, I feel like an hour of inventory management and an hour of running quests and bounties was too little time to form any other opinion than “New ghost voice is jarring as hell.” I’ll probably get used to it in a few months (hey, change is hard), but while Dinklage felt like a companion, I feel like I’m babysitting North.

    • My major gripe is that it looks like they got the intern colourist to grade the whole thing.

      Or was it always like looking through a glass of Fanta?

  • One of the most frustrating things about Kotaku (aside from the “Also on Kotaku” thing that I manage to click on nine times out of ten while trying to navigate TAY) is that Yannick Lejacq is “the MOBA guy”.

    Here’s the thing. He knows jack shit about Dota 2 and it’s pretty clear. Sure, he plays League and Heroes of the Storm but having him talk about anything Dota related is like asking Ricky Ponting to talk about baseball.

  • I’m feeling better and more confident today then I have in days.

    Something is gonna go wrong, I just know it.

  • Proooobably shouldn’t have called that customer an idiot and told him to leave. Urgh, so over today. Was before it started.

    • You need a taybie to hang around and call people out on their shit. When the person complains, they just go “can’t fire me, I don’t work here.”

        • And then when they seriously lose it, you point to someone with a camera and say it’s a joke.
          Only they’re not actually filming.

          • Or i just whack them over the head with a frying pan? They’re not going to mess with a crazy person holding a frying pan! Surely!

      • I sometimes do that.. I kinda wish I could hang out and harass Freeze more, he’s good company 😛 I dunno if I am however haha.

    • Meh. They’re rude to you, and anyone else who seems to work at your store. Don’t feel bad dude. Customers are jerks who think they’re entitled to everything in existence for either next to nothing or free with a refund on top of that.

        • Well in the case if work was done and they were not impressed with the quality or it broke within x time yeah. But i’m referring to customers who seem like the only way they will ‘buy’ your product/services is if you give it to them and then pay them the money you were charging for it to take it away. I’ve had it happen at the Salvo’s where I volunteer. Customers are morons..

      • He brought in a shoe that fell apart after we fixed it. I told him three times I was happy to fix it for free but he was more interested in winning some sort of moral victory over me and I just was not in the right mood at the time to deal with it.

        • Yeah screw that guy man. I popped over there yesterday to see you but you weren’t there turned out. I got chatting to the bloke who was running the store and he was telling me he had a similar run in with a customer, he offered to do something for this bloke for free and the bloke got all upset and irrational cause the bloke down at Tweed Mall said it would cost $10 to do or something. There’s no pleasing some customers.

    • That’s actually pretty amazing. I always wanted a video games kiosk – any really but the prices people selling them are asking for are insane.

      • Not much. It doesn’t have the top headboard or the shelves, though the guy’s gonna check around at his friend’s place since they very well could have been left there. Oh and no screen either, but otherwise it’s in pretty good shape.

        • I would imagine even if it had a screen you’d need to replace it by now. The shelves and headboards should be pretty easy to replicate (well, easy in the hobby restoration sense).

  • @jocon For shin splints it depends on the cause. At the very least you can rule out the following without going to a physio – hard surface, right shoes (i.e. are you flat footed, etc.).

    If it’s to do with your body mass to leg strength ratio you can attempt to rule this out by focusing on your leg muscles for a few weeks and see if running becomes any easier however without knowing for certain where the weakness stems from it might be ineffective. If you’re sure about the first two causes not being the reason then best bet is a physio to figure out what’s causing you the pain; especially if it ends up being poor running technique.

    • I’m a fairly lightweight dude so probably shoes with a side of running on pavement then.
      I’ll get new treads then, cheers man!

      • No probs; just a heads up, running on pavement does wear your shins down over time so try to keep it to grass; sand; softer surfaces.

        • @jocon I used to have some serious issues with ankle stability – any time I did any heavy leg weight it was my ankles that would give way first.

          Did a few months of running on sand, barefoot. Came back to the gym and the difference in stability was unbelievable. I highly recommend it for getting your running gait sorted out.

          • Interestingly running on softer surfaces isn’t just good for your shins (i.e. they absorb the pressure from each step) but also have the side-effect of what you’ve stated! Because you’re running on softer surfaces your muscles are forced to work harder to obtain footing and use more energy gaining traction (e.g. easier to kick off from a hard surface than a soft one). Effectively making for a more efficient and intensive cardio/muscle building routine!

            tl;dr – If you’re running for cardio always better to run on sand =]

          • Yeah my exercise is taking the dog for a jog to the park so a change of surface is not really an option.
            But maybe I’ll take him down to the beach on weekends and see if it helps my gait. Might be able to rope a mate into that too.

  • Max has casually decided that a plastic bag full of towels is an acceptable bed.
    Cats are weird, man.

    • Maybe keep an eye on that. Know a couple folks who lost their cats to plastic bag suffocation. I know you mentioned yours was full, but the word association still makes me twitch.

  • I had to run to try to get to the bank on time. It always seems to leave me feeling like I have a hair caught in my throat, always on the right side near the back there. And it takes forever to go away again.

    This is why running is banned.

  • Castle Crashers Remastered on the XBOX One is apparently free if you own the original on the 360. Too bad the game is stuck awaiting classification…

  • @os42 is the THIRD worst person.

    Was all hype to get home and play Destiny last night and restart my warlock to experience the game from the start and get the full Northbot experience. Had called the missus during the day to check it was downloading, and it had done a bit over a gig. Got home at 7pm… and it had done 3gigs… 15 to go… boo. Gave it a kick along. Got into chat with a group of regulars. One was already playing. Then another mate joined and was playing. Then os42’s download finished and he started playing.

    So I played Grow Home and confused the Destiny gits with commentary about bulls in caves and hangliding with leaves.

    And this morning… STILL 6 gigs to go. Arrrrrgh.

    Maybe I get to play tonight.

    • ;_;

      Keep pausing for 5-10 seconds, then restarting until you find a fast server. Saved me at least 24 hours of snail-couriered data.

      • Was doing that last night but it was a bit harder when I was a) asleep and b) at work. I just phoned home *wiggles finger* and there’s only 150mb to go or so, so should be on tonight. 🙂

        Still, Grow Home is brilliant. 🙂

        Also I didn’t mean it. You’re the best. *destiny dance*

    • It’s not great. And it never gets any better either. I gave up about 3/4 of the way through.

      Shame. I really wanted to like it. Seemed so awesome in theory.

      • I some how managed to finish it. I then promptly returned it and felt okay with that decision. I didn’t even redeem the DLC.

    • Yeah it’s pretty meh. I wanted to like it. But yeah. As Freeze said, seemed so awesome in theory.

      • I don’t know what I’m going to do about Destiny, I haven’t touched my Xbox since getting the PS4 but I don’t have Destiny on it. I’ve bought way too many games this year so I think I might need to wait a while before I purchase a PS copy :'(

        I’ll add you though this evening!

          • Nothing. I can’t seem to get rid of it, and the trade in value at EB isn’t worth it.
            Just email me your mailing address and I’ll send it over 🙂
            I believe you have my email 😉

          • Nothing

            I fear for what nothing means 😛 I would be happy to tale it off your hands; I’ll swap a game if you like; I’ve got Batman Arkham Knight, GTA: IV & The Order?

          • Don’t stress about swapping games or anything 🙂
            I won a competition for it a whiles back, and was meaning to give it away anyway, but nobody seems to want it, so you taking it would actually be a favor for me.
            It’s just… sitting there on my shelf… gathering dust… :\

            Unopened, collectors edition (year one, so no TTK), all other DLC though (Crotas End, House of Wolves).

            Only condition is that I don’t want anything for it 😛

      • My version of Destiny finished updating last night, too.

        I hopped in for a little while. Nodded in approval at the new vault space and bounty slots, frowned with disappointment at the new ‘quests’, generally didn’t notice much else different.

        • Oh, I haven’t touched it at all, I’m just trying to offload that extra copy I won a whiles back on to someone… Still…

        • The current quests are really just a rehash of the story missions, I guess to give you a quick primer and a chance to get used to the Nolanbot. There’s also quests for each subclass which are a tad glitchy but will be sorted out when the Taken King drops on the 15th.

          Interestingly they’ve tweaked it do Eris is the questgiver for the moon/hive related missions, so you go straight from the Sword of Crota mission into the Wakening mission where you destroy Crota’s soul crystal thing. I guess this is sort of how they intended these “Stories” to be told originally. I think it’s useful to get a feel for it, anyway.

          • I’m a little curious about how tightly that’s integrated… what do people who just have the base game get on the moon in 2.0? Would kinda suck if they lost access to Sword of Crota because it’s an Eris quest now, but likewise it’d suck to get halfway through the moon quest chain only to get stopped by a paywall…

          • Yeah, it’s an interesting question, I guess they assume anyone who hasn’t upgraded from Vanilla Destiny isn’t playing, or maybe the new quest system isn’t available unless you’ve got the DLC already. Presumably if you’re genuinely playing it for the first time you can just go through the story as normal – the quest system seems to just be a way to give you certain old class items, the starter ship, Stranger’s Rifle, etc. which might become important later (or just for collectors who missed out).

            But what they didn’t do is let you redo the actual original mission from the very start, to get the actual original class items and Khvostov rifle.

          • Yeah. Hopefully with TTK we’ll see the results of feedback being some improved character interactions, character growth, raised stakes, risk of loss/actual loss, conflicts, y’know… storytelling. Right now with the Year One quests, it’s as if I complained about my steak being more like a medallion, and their response was to stick a sign on my plate, pointing at the tiny bit of meat saying, “THE STEAK IS HERE.”

            But as you said, expansion of the existing story is probably not exactly what they were trying to do, I suspect. (It’s a shame that they didn’t do it while they were re-recording Nolanbot over everything, but they’ve got a lot on their plate.)

            If you wanted to stretch the analogy you could say that the ghost-quotes in the quest flavour text and the text-only parts of the quest (such as Zavala congratulating you on killing an Archon) possibly count as them adding a little salt or other seasoning to what’s there…

            (Minor negativity, probably baseless fears.)
            My main concern is if they think that light smattering of seasoning does actually count as expanding the storytelling, that they can put some text fields in the quest boxes of the vendors/questgivers saying a little more to you, and counting that as more in-depth interaction, instead of getting to the real meat of it that was absent in year one. I’m hoping that’s not the case, because it should seem obvious, right?

            However, they are getting some baffling praise out of the change to light levels. I mean, changing 20 to 40 for the level cap, and having light-levels be replaced by light-score but still determining your end-game power and still relying on end-game RNG/mat-grind to improve it? It’s not a change in anything but appearance, but it’s getting praise as a functional change for some weird reason. Even though it’s entirely cosmetic.

            My nagging concern is that the ‘quests’ approach to storytelling will be handled the same way. Cosmetic change (eg: quest signposts), not substantial (eg: characters interacting with each other). And again, it’s a cynical and probably unfounded fear, but they haven’t done much in the last couple expansions to reassure me that they understand exactly what was wrong with their storytelling, because as far as I’m aware they’ve never acknowledged there was anything wrong with it.

          • I have the same concerns but I’m still going to jump into TTK feet-first and see how it goes, preferring what I see as a smaller risk of being disappointed over the guarantee of being spoiled. If TTK doesn’t satisfy me that Destiny will develop meaningfully from here on, it will probably be my final investment in the game/franchise.

  • So over the Soundwave line up guessing games that the Australian music sites are playing at the moment, almost as annoying as the drip feed of artists Soundwave is releasing. Last year they said “here’s a bunch of artists playing, pre-sale tickets are available in a few days” this year it was “Lol here have pre-sale tickets but we aren’t going to even tell you the headline act yet or really any band”

    Now everyone is getting all excited that the headliner is a band that has never played Soundwave before. For all we know that that could be Nickelback, and not TOOL like a lot want to think it is.

    I was kind of excited that Soundwave falls on my birthday next year, now i’m not so sure 🙁

    Either way i’m seeing Iron Maiden next year and maybe Black Sabbath. I’m undecided even though it’s their “final” tour.

  • A woman was in bed with her lover when she heard her husband opening the front door.
    “Hurry!” she said. “Stand in the corner.” She quickly rubbed baby oil all over him and then she dusted him with talcum powder. “Don’t move until I tell you to,” she whispered. “Just pretend you’re a statue.”
    “What’s this, honey?” the husband inquired as he entered the room.
    “Oh, it’s just a statue,” she replied nonchalantly. “The Smiths bought one for their bedroom. I liked it so much, I got one for us, too.”
    No more was said about the statue, not even later that night when they went to sleep.
    Around two in the morning the husband got out of bed, went to the kitchen and returned a while later with a sandwich and a glass of milk.
    “Here,” he said to the ‘statue’. “Eat something. I stood like an idiot at the Smiths’ for three days and nobody offered me as much as a glass of water.”

  • Decided to bite the bullet and sell my motorbike on account of not riding it.

    So, Friday morning question time: you find yourself with $5k to spend only on something fun – what do you buy?

    • If you’re into driving games, buy a chair/wheel setup. I’m sure for $5k you could get the chair, a good wheel, pedal and shifter combo, plus a decent sized telly/monitor to hook up to it…and a table for the food and alcohol that @Crazyguy1990 provides.

      • Hmm. That’s an interesting suggestion.
        Driving sims are not my go-to but I like the angle. Maybe go all in on a VR setup next year.

    • I’d pay bills. I’m fun.

      But honestly i’d spend about 1,500-2,000 on a new PC. Then spend about 1k on a new TV. Rest i’d probably buy an Xbone with some games & some PS4 games as well.

    • I would probably do a holiday
      Not sure where as $5k won’t go far with 3 people. But maybe a QLD beach holiday or some sort of wildlife safari dealio. I’ve been so focused recently on getting stuff out of my house I don’t even have a list of things I want to bring in.
      Although my PC could do with an upgrade.

    • A holiday. Most of our month-to-month entertainment needs are met by gaming, and my wife dabbles in her make up and whatnot on top of that (which she obviously only does as a hobby because I don’t understand how she could be any more beautiful?) but because we’re frivolous with our disposable income we never set aside money for a trip. So, that’s two return flights to New Zealand to visit some friends and a week or two of accommodation/spending money.

  • Yep, I’m getting old. Had it all planned out last night, wife was away on business so I was going to have a MGSV and Rocket League all-nighter. I lasted until 2:30am.

    To make matters worse, I spent from 1:30-2:30 playing rocket league with someone ranked as ‘Master’ FFS he was flying all over the place scoring goals from the wall, mid air and dribbling like a friggin world class soccer player. We got hammered, but what a learning experience. Got some good tips watching him play. So much for RL’s matching, I’m a level 26 Pro and they put me and the other two up against a Master haha

  • So I tried those new Smiths Zinger chips last night, fucking awful. They do not remind me of KFC Zinger stuff at all. In fact they were quite nasty, still making me feel pretty sick in the stomach as of this morning.

    • I find that a heck of a lot of the novelty varieties of chips end up tasting like peanut-paste if you chew them for a reasonable length of time before swallowing.

  • @zetrox2k @shane Guys what should I do if repeated requests for confirmation of annual leave and the confirmation of the final pay date are being evaded/ignored? My first request was on Tuesday and I’ve sent another one today (with my personal e-mail cc’d) and the first few replies were evasive and my last email was just ignored.

      • Approximately a week from now; but I know an ex employee who had a hard time getting this information out of them after he left (they just ignored his emails and phone calls and dragged it out until they were ready). Hence me wanting to get something in writing before I leave; also they haven’t properly documented some of my days or half days that I took where I made up the hours by doing 12 hour days and I’m worried they’ll look to minimize my annual leave as much as they can and would like to find out and have this discussion before I’m out of here because I’m 100% certain they’ll just block/evade my calls after I’ve left (they’ve done this to clients of ours that they don’t want to deal with).

        • I would start talking to either a union if you are a member or fair work australia. they can probably advise and possibly help

        • On a related note, double check that your super contributions have actually gone into your super fund. If your company doesn’t like paying entitlements, then this is another area where they might “forget” to pay you.

          • Already confirmed that in writing; they’ll pay the next super instalment on the 28th of September =] (I manage my own super portfolio so I actually checked up on this before annual leave!)

    • Sometimes HR here needs a rocket put under ’em. Ideally you would go to your supervisor and they would hurry things up for you. Someone needs to have explained to them that the urgency is due to the fact that you won’t be here in the system for much longer and need an answer before you’re gone. Way too many folks here blithely trundle along at their regular pace, always assuming that everything is business as usual for everybody.

      …Either that or they’re deliberately and maliciously delaying in the hope that it will be harder for you to pursue. But y’know. Never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence, right?

      • It’s a very small firm (4-5 people?) and the Payroll person is the director’s wife and he’s the one I work with and most impacted by my resignation. I’m getting anxious because of the lack of any notable engagement or communication from them.

        • Ooooh, family business. Not renowned for ‘best practice’ in HR. Could be worth a face-to-face or phone call to both convey the urgency and gauge the mood.

        • Right, small firms Unions probably aren’t in play. Tell them you want a full accounting ASAP- you’re not trying to screw them, but you want to walk out the door next week with everything wrapped up on good terms.

          Don’t accuse them of trying to obscure anything (yet)- in a small firm sometimes these things genuinely take time- but be firm that you want it all laid out ready to go.

          • @transientmind Yeah I’ve been pretty amicable and polite in all my communication so far stating large upcoming expenses as a need for clarification on my budget once I’ve left. Here’s hoping they’re just dragging their feet cos they’re busy.

          • Has all your communication so far been in writing?
            Sometime just asking point blank face to face can get you the result you need.
            I would go with the line that you are out next week and need to know what your final payout will be so you can budget accordingly.

          • Yeah tried calling her today and left a message and call not returned. She’ll be back in the office on Monday, going to speak to her then.

    • is hr department at your local office? or elsewhere? i would approach them personally if in same building.

  • So awhile back I posted here about some issues my wife’s aunt was having with her husband and his family back in India. A brief recap: the husband’s brother (“B”) (who was denied entry to Australia for various reasons) abused the husband (“H”) for being a loser or something (according to the guy who can’t get a long-term visa because of his suspicious vagabond character and unexplained large sums of money) and H planned to move back to India.

    He apparently changed his mind about this, and stuck around. That post was about 4 months ago and things seemed to be settled. Well, not really.

    In June, H’s mother broke her leg and he had to go back to India for six weeks to care for her. Apparently B couldn’t do it because it would compromise his current American visa or something. I don’t know. When he came back from India in early August, he was starting to talk about moving back there again, but it seemed to be a passing notion based on having just come back from overseas rather than a serious consideration.

    Then out of nowhere the mother apparently assaulted their housekeeper and went on the run from the police. I am not sure how she was communicating with H or maybe the news was via B, but the mother fled her home and started sending H messages about how this never would have happened if he was around, reinvigorating the debate in earnest.

    Several weeks later, she has now apparently attempted suicide because of the decaying situation, and H has decided once and for all he is returning to India, and my wife’s aunt is going to file for divorce.

    I may sound somewhat dismissive or cynical about the whole fugitive from the law/attempting suicide thing, and that’s because I am. Why? Because another detail that came out of this was that the mother never actually broke her leg. She had, at most, a sprained ankle. H stayed in India for 6 weeks because his mother sprained her ankle, reporting back to my wife’s aunt about how much he was needed there.

    At this point I don’t really hold H accountable for anything but his lack of honesty, but the whole situation has my wife’s aunt understandably furious. It seems H’s family have put him in an extremely difficult situation and in his place I can’t say for certain I’d respond differently. I mean, I think I’d be more likely to stand by my wife if my mother started manipulating me in a transparent bid to separate me from her, but the gulf of distance and the possibility that he’s just not happy in Australia anymore muddies the issue somewhat.

    All of this fugitive/suicide/divorce stuff has really blown up over the last couple of days and I guess it’s not really a TAY thing, but since it’s an update to a post I made a few months ago that lent me some really interesting insight, I kind of felt like it fit here.

    (CC @pupp3tmast3r @dogman)

    • Okay, so I read over this twice. H chooses his mother over his wife? Personally, not the decision I’d make, especially in light of the length of extremities she has gone to. It almost play outs like a day time soap opera in all its ridiculousness.

      • If I was watching a daytime soap opera with characters pulling this shit I would be facepalming and saying “god damn it no one acts like that”.

        But here we are.

        In fairness the marriage was probably a mistake in the first place. It wasn’t a greencard marriage but it had all the hallmarks of one. H was here on a student visa studying catering or something but it turned out his school wasn’t properly accredited so he wanted to stop paying the tuition – unfortunately that meant his visa would expire. H and the aunt had only been dating a few months but wanted to stay togethe