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    Morning all. Word of advice, do not repair your phone and get a loan phone out. This thing looks and works like its from the early 2000s but just happens to have a touch screen.

    How's everyone? Hope you all had more sleep than me

    Things I did this weekend:

    - Had lunch in the city with pal, got sun burnt.

    That is all.


    Not so productive on the weekend front.

      I lost my wallet in Garden City. Need to replace bank cards, ID, Medicare, there was $200 cash and a note my wife wrote me 13 years ago when we first started dating that's now gone.

      Plus I really liked that wallet and they don't make it any more.

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        Aw man. That suuuucks. Really sorry to hear that, Freezey. :(

        Was hoping you guys all had a good night.

        Here's hoping the wallet turns up somewhere and you get it back.

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        That sucks, nothing worse than a lost wallet. Garden City as well, that is the haystack of shopping centres

        Man that's a real bummer. It sounds really silly, but i've decided to scan all those special notes that my wife has given me and save them to dropbox. Just in case i lose them etc. I lost my prescription sunnies in Garden City a few years back. No-one handed them in. It's like.. what are you gonna do with prescription sunglasses??

        I really feel for you.

        The note part would hurt a lot.

        I guess you could keep checking with Garden City lost and found and police... sometimes thieves leave wallets in places where they can be found by people with a conscience. :/

    Hey all!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend! Mine was pretty great. Went out to dinner Saturday night to celebrate my cousin finishing his TAFE course. I got to catch up with some of my cousins whom I haven't seen in a while and got to drink a cocktail out of a fancy glass. Also crashed at my brothers and we played Terraria until early Sunday morning.

    Sunday I didn't do to much, mostly just spent all day playing DA:I. I did The Iron Bull's story quest and then I got sad.

    Well, my weekend was half great, half shit. Saturday was the great part. My mate John and I went to the Farmers Market for breakfast. I had a lamb steak sandwich with onions and rhubarb relish. Also had a coffee and the girl who was taking names for orders recognised me. Picked up some ginger beer on the way out and headed to our next destination.

    MAICON (Mini Anime Island Convention) was our next destination. Unfortunately, it was a bit disappointing this year. I played Tekken Tag Tournament 2, walked around for a bit and bought some stuff. I was pretty happy with my purchases, which were a postcard of the Spirit of Tasmania being attacked by a giant blue ringed octopus ($1), a copy of Dr Strangelove on DVD ($5!) and some Fallout bottle caps (2 Nuka Cola, 1 Sunset Sarsparilla, $7). Also had a bottle of Ramune. John and I decided to head home, and we stopped off for lunch on the way. I had a sausage roll and coffee.

    Saturday night was great. Went to a Church dinner and the theme was Greek Feast. Souvlaki was the main course, and the lamb was cooked beautifully. Dessert was assorted Greek stuff, including baklava, galaktaboureko and loukoumades. Then they brought out a cheesecake as a farewell for one of the pastors, and an ice cream cake as a birthday cake for one of the other pastors. I didn't eat the cheesecake or ice cream cake as I'd had enough dessert.

    Sunday is a day I want removed from my memory banks permanently. Spoilered so you don't have to read it:

    On the way to church I got into a stupid argument with my mate John's dad who drives me to church. I completely lost it and triggered a meltdown. I haven't had a meltdown like that for years and it's scared me. Obviously, the rest of the day was a washout, as I was exhausted after the meltdown. Meltdowns suck.

    Overall the weekend gets 5/10. 5/5 for Saturday and 0/5 for Sunday.

      Whether in the brain or in northern Ukraine, meltdowns are a pain.

      Why the HELL did I make that rhyme??

        It may be my sometimes dark sense of humour, but I liked it.

          Many are the days when my dark sense of humour is the only thing keeping me alive... Hell, more than once I've used the fact that Chernobyl happened on my birthday as a weird joke

      I decided to upvote your post as i see the glass half full. One good day is far better than two terrible ones. :) Hope you're feeling better today, meltdowns suck, i haven't had one for a while now though.

        Yeah, I'm trying to look at it that way. I'm starting to feel better, but I will be obsessing over the meltdown for a while. Just hope it doesn't have any long term consequences.

    Ola amigos, como estas?

    I had game filled weekend, probably the most I've had for a long while. I binged on Batman Arkham night and played a little Rocket League too!

    I really, really, really liked Batman. I agree that it has to be one of the most polished games of all time. I loved all the little things; like for every part you are up to in the story all of the other characters, guards, etc. all had a little comment of their own around how the situation was playing out.

    I also realllllly liked (Spoilered for end game story content)
    Playing as Joker inside of Batman's mind was a cool touch, hearing him get more progressively scared gave a human side to him rather than just the unhinged lunatic he is for most of the game/movies.

    So I'm in that position where I actually received leftovers from Father's Day lunch. My parents need to stop giving me extra food otherwise I might not need to cook again for a long time.

    Played Until Dawn with my wife on Saturday night. Spent 4 hours arguing with her about every decision. Great game!

    I also got my Diploma in Laboratory Technologies on Friday too. Goodbye Year 12 certificate.
    I got an OP of 21 so I really didn't need it in the first place :)

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      I played through Catherine with my wife watching. She never argued or gave input to any decision, just stared at me each time one came up, her judgemental eyes making me uncomfortable.

        this sounds like the best way to play Catherine. I should try it with Anton some time

        That game just makes me feel uncomfortable in general, its even worse because every time I scroll past it on the ps3 Cathryn asks why don't I play her game and I dont have the heart to tell her what the games about

        God this is pretty much what I get in every single relationship based cutscene in any BioWare game ever. I swear to god my mrs times walking into the room just as some kind of relationship scene comes up and she'll be like "so who's that character meant to be"......

    Morning everyone.

    I had a Friday night that was both fun- and frustration-filled. Went to a mate's house with my PS4 and started playing through Until Dawn. We got about 6 hours into it before it suddenly borked and said the application data was corrupt. Spent about half an hour trying to fix it before calling it quits at 3am. I've since discovered that the problem may have been disc-related (I polished it up and seems to at least load up now, fingers crossed).

    Saturday I invited some mates over for pizza, movies and games while my wife was at work overnight, so we got started on Diablo III until tiredness made us switch to movies. Watched about 2/3 of Equilibrium (starring Batman!) before zonking out.

    Woke up on Sunday morning to find the house filled with cut-out paper hearts by my daughters and their friend who had slept over. Also found the fridge stuffed with stuffed toys and children's clothing (???). I cleaned up the house and when my wife got home from work we went for a drive over to Rushcutters Bay, didn't find a parking spot, drove back to Hunters Hill and had lunch at the Dachshund cafe, where I had a beef/bean burger (fantastic). Mucked around with the kids in the afternoon and slept, reading a heap more of The Fires Of Heaven (for about the 13th time).

    Oh, also played some Persona Q, Skylanders SWAP Force and made an alchohol-laden tiramisu.

    @dc you've been watching Fear The Walking Dead, yes?

    If so what you think of it so far?

      I like it. It's slower and more character based and I dig that. I like the lead Kim Dickens too and the different time and place is pretty great as well. I'm a fan! :) It's also cool knowing the rules and what to look out for, while the characters don't.

      Last edited 07/09/15 9:31 am

        I dunno, last weeks episode was pretty fast paced :P But it's interesting to see how it sort of just went from nothing to "oh shit this is an issue" pretty fast.

        Still want to know where it originated from though, damn it.

          LA is going to be way more dangerous than Atlanta too, just because of the population. D:

          But yeah, as you said the momentum is picking up already. :)

            Agreed. Can't wait for tonight's episode!

              Repeat today. Labour day holiday in America. Back next week.

                Bleh. American public holidays are stupid, they never air new episodes of shows on them for some stupid reason.

                Now I guess i'll start season 5 of Suits.

                What? No! Bollocks. =(

    Hola Tay

    Red's series of busyish weekends has begun! After this weekend I'm almost booked solid up until the weekend after PAX!

    Saturday, went and gave blood in the city. Finally picked up a 7 wonders expansion (Cities, cc @trjn) then hosted board games at mine for a couple people. Played Qwirkle, and Boss Monster, and Munchkin Apocalypse, and Rise to Power. Fun times!

    Sunday woke up annoyed because I'd realised I'd bought a wrong ingredient to make Dukkah, so traipsed to the supermarket to get the right one which pushed my schedule out of whack. Picked up my brother and drove to my aunt's at Greenock for Father's Day lunch, which was nice. Family show, Grandpa was there. Despite the shit that's going on with the other half of my family, it's nice to have a side of the family that's comparatively sane.

    Then I went home and played Metal Gear. I Electrically stunned and then Fultoned a bear. GOTY Forever.

    A Monday Morning Question
    : Following an Apocalypse, which species do you want to inherit the earth? I've always hoped bears would gain primacy post-humans.

      Hmmm, I want dogs to inherit the earth, but I feel like apes or bears have a better chance.

      I'd say wolves, at least they work together in groups for a common purpose, it's only a matter of time until they can create Wolven clan societies of their own.

      Eagles! Cos you know.... Eagles! I would also be willing to settle for Falcons taking over the world.

      Cities is my favourite expansion. Debts are such a dick move. Although I haven't been able to play enough Babel to find out just how rad that is.

        I have never actually played cities, should probably get it at some stage

      +1 for Greenock, that's where I live (never thought id hear it mentioned on here)

      +100 for MGS, unbelievably good !

      also sloths should inherit the earth ....... theyd be to lazy to evolve rapidly which would give the earth time to recover from whatever apocalypse occurred. Also they are rad.

    Hey, TAY.
    Spent Father's Day helping Dad in the garden, and waiting for Mad Max to finish downloading.

    So the fiber got connected on Friday. Turns out 1 of our neighbours had used our portal, but the NBN were happy enough to run another one for us, after 2 months of back and forth. It's glorious. We are on the 100/40 speed plan, which works out in the real world to just under 96Mbps down, just over 35Mbps up and fantastic ping. Xbox and Netflix quota free with 250gb on top of that, I reckon I downloaded at least 150gb on the x1s with prob another 35gb on the ps4 and about 30gb on the pc.

    Most of the weekend was spent on netflix and playing with amazing ping (Titanfall, GTA Online, Rocket League (unfortunatley it doesn't make me any better at RL)).

    So happy to be finally done with using my phone as a wifi hot spot for the last 6 months. Time to save and build another pc and/or buy a 4k tv.

      For my understanding (and don't reply if you don't feel comfortable answering), how much does getting NBN installed and signing up to a plan cost?

        That depends on if youre getting it installed to an existing property or if you built a home and laid the cabling yourself (or the builders did because you paid them to).

        If it's an existing home the details and cost should be on the nbnco website. We built a new home and paid for it to be nbn ready, so the cost varies from builder to builder and it was 2 years ago that we paid for the cabling to be there (yes the damn build took 2 years) and it was around the $2000 mark.

        Sorry I cant be more helpful, I didn't look into the pricing for existing homes. There is a "small developer claim" which may cover it and costs $1000, but Im not sure thats what you need. Sorry again!

        Last edited 07/09/15 10:00 am

      Oh god, that upstream.

      I get faster than you downstream off-peak on my Cable (maxes out at around 117mbit, but it's more like 40-50 during the evenings) but 2mbit up if I'm lucky.

    My wife went to a hen's night on Saturday and, wearing heels for the first time in years, promptly fell over as soon as she got to the city, injuring her knee. We had planned on my driving into the city to pick her up as a contingency plan, but expected she would be fine to get a train most of the way home.

    But of course with her injured and less capable of walking, she opted to get picked up. Which is fine.

    Or would have been fine if:

    a) it hadn't been raining, which not only makes driving more difficult but turns everyone into lunatics; and,
    b) there was a police operation in the inner west which closed off a significant portion of the city-west link and slowed traffic to a walking pace.

    I left the house at 10pm to pick her up and, after getting lost because my phone's GPS suddenly stopped talking once I was 1km from home which meant I had to hope for red lights to check it periodically (the first and last time I will bitch about getting a constant string of greens) I arrived shortly after 11pm. Getting into the city was the easy part. We should have realised the delays early, turned down Victoria road and gone home via Silverwater. We ultimately got diverted through Abbotsford which actually is fine because her grandmother lives there and it was suddenly very familiar territory. I think we rolled into Villawood McDonald's (five minutes from home) for a late dinner at around 1:20am.

    And that's my first ever driving-into-the-city adventure.

      That sucks. Had a round about trip myself but was mostly my fault for missing a turnoff. Although I hear you on the rain, added a bit to the trip home but isn't worth the risk to do 110 though large puddles in the dark.

      Hope the wife's knee is ok

        It has been replaced by a substantial bruise, but it should return in time.

      Inner city driving is godawful, good of you to go help though. My nan lives in Abbotsford as well.. MAYBE WE HAVE THE SAME GRANDMA :O

      Did you have dinner in Abbotsford? There's lots of nice Vietnamese restaurants there, not sure if they are open that late though.

      Last edited 07/09/15 10:52 am

        Nah, we continued on through Abbotsford and through Five Dock to get to Parramatta road, cut through Burwood to the Hume Highway, then went to Villawood where there's a 24 hour Macca's.

    Big ups and a Community Kudos award to @sughly for being so damn patient with me and driving me around to find my wallet despite it meaning he missed the first part of the movie, not that we would have missed much even if we missed it all....

    Also he paid for my dinner after I had ordered it then realised my wallet was gone.

    Fun story: we were sitting at the lights when another car came screaming past us through the lights, locked up its brakes but too late, crunch, smacked into another car. Heart skipped a few beats just seeing it.

    Last edited 07/09/15 10:03 am

      That car crash was such a bizarre addition to the night! Was perfectly happy to though, as you say I doubt we missed much ^^ just felt so bad for you. Did it end up turning up anywhere though?? Also, @strange - are you alive still?

        Not yet. Garden City took my number and said they'd call if it turns up. Police couldn't have been less interested.

        I am alive. Kicking, even. :D

        I kind of lied to Rockets and said something I ate hadn't agreed with me because it was easier than explaining what was really going on.
        I haven't been well recently, my body just shuts down randomly and I have to go to bed or I kind of just pass out. I could feel the shutters coming down and I knew I had to get home. I felt really bad for leaving Rockets alone in the movie but I figured it would be better than freaking him out by passing out. :P

        Sounds like I dodged a bullet with the movie, though.

          Yeahhh it wasnt great. Hope you're okay :/

      It sucks about your wallet. Especially the note! That's what I said to my husband when I got home, that yeah it would suck cancelling and replacing cards, but the worst would be the irreplaceable memorabilia I keep in my wallet.

    Whee, early morning rise for funeral times. Fun.

    Dammit, was hoping to scab a lift so I could catch some more sleep. No such luck.

    Morning errbody hows every little thing? My weekend was full of bacon and eggs.

    Friday had an early night as I was exhausted from work, had kfc for dinner and began my no soft drink goal.

    Saturday woke up at 8am did a workout watched some youtube then had bacon and eggs for brunch. Parents got home from Uluru at around 2pm so spent a few hours talking, finished off the first half of season 3 of Total Divas and then watched Mad Max that night, I thought my copy was broken because the first action scene where max is trying to escape felt and looked comically sped up and weird to me but it might of just been a few scenes every now and then, I give mad max a 3/5 it was good and I watched it twice I just wish their was abit more backstory.

    Sunday we had fathers day breakfast which was bacon, eggs and pancakes then Cathryn and I went to her dads for fathers day where we had Chicken rolls for lunch. We did this whole thing with and I played some blood bowl which is a fun but stupidely annoying game that I just cant understand or be good at.

    A monday morning question, what game do you play heaps of but no matter how much time and effort you put in your still not good at it

      Rocket League. Most of the time I feel good about myself, until I get absolutely stomped and remember that I'm complete trash.

        Thats how it gets you hooked! It makes you think your good when your not

      Mobas. I like to think I'm okay but then I have a chain of terrible, terrible matches.

      RTS, I absolutely love playing these kinds of games, build an army, crush your enemies with said army, but I always get crushed so easily

        This is me especially in campaign, im like im doing so awesome they'll never beat me "hold X until reinforcements arrive in 5 minutes" NOPE get fucked im out

      I saw it for the first time yesterday. The pacing was really weird overall.

      Felt like one 45 minute car chase, followed by a brief breather, then resumed the same car chase for another 20 minutes, another breather where we get some quick introductions and the stale air of a half-breath of plot, followed by the previous car chase in the other direction.

    Further reviews of MGS V: Kaz continues to throw shade every time a soldier is Fultoned. "You're going to extract him?"

      Kaz is kinda a dick. I'm wondering if Snake's gonna pull him into line properly at some point.

      Kaz needs to calm the hell down.

      "You destroyed their anti-air radar!? It wasn't one of the targets Boss! But that means the helicopter can land close to the target."

      Dude is hella bi-polar.

        Well he needs to carry both sides of the conversation since it seems like Keifer demanded a hefty sum per word for his dialogue.

          Dude is way too quiet.

          And Quiet is way too... not chatty. Hummy?

          That fucking humming.

          After playing MGS:GZ on the weekend, I'm REALLY not convinced that Keifer was worth whatever they spent.

            Nah, he's great.

            It's just that he's surrounded by the original MGS voice cast and they're all still as hammy as ever.

            Makes it really jarring.

              Miller was certainly jarring as hell.

              Possibly that, and the only thing I really got to hear him say for the entire game(let) was, "Get down," and "Speak," or, "Spit it out."

              I'm sure it gets a bit more verbose in the full game, but even I could've done the dialogue for Snake in MGS:GZ and been worth the money.

                There's very little Snake dialogue in TPP too.

                But what is there is pretty good. He definitely knows how to deliver lines.

                And he doesn't do that anime actor inflection on the end of lines.

                I've played about 4 hours of TPP so far and he's said about 10 words total. He's really lost all the personality he had in Snake Eater. Very much feels like a blank slate character.

                  I think that might be on purpose as my theory is

                  You're not Boss but a brain washed Grey Fox.


    I'm going to be bringing board games. Many of them. Many lots of them.

    If there are any in this list that you want to check out, let me know. Then I can bring them along with the many lots that I already have planned to take.

      What's this one called "Chess" about?

        It's an abstract game about two armies. Stupidly steep learning curve and queens are imba.

      Based on that list I'll bring (much to your disdain) Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, Spyfall and maybe Sentinels of the Multiverse if I can feel like lugging all those cards.

      I think Resistance has to happen at some point.

        Have you got the Exploding Kittens NSFW deck?

          Yes, yes I do.

          I haven't actually had a chance to play the game yet so keen to see if it's actually any good.

            It gets old quickly. I'd say 70% of the enjoyment is reading through the cards and looking at Matt Inman's illustrations. I don't regret backing it, but it could easily have been a much better game with some more planning rather than a weird hybrid of go fish and old maid.

        I'll bring Resistance and 2 Rooms and a Boom. Spyfall is a funnier Resistance though. Once that comes out, I'm not sure Resistance will get a run.

    Weekend was mostly uneventful.

    Friday night I saw Imagine Dragons with @alexpants, and we realised how old we are, standing at the very edge of the "mosh pit" just enjoying the show by standing still and listening to the music...and then waking up being sore all over. Standing still man, it's hard work. Anyway, Imagine Dragons are great live and put on a great performance. We also had fancy McDonald's "create your taste" menu thing for dinner. It's also pretty good.

    I've been without Internet at home since Thursday (yay, go Internode!) so spent most of the weekend just lazing about the place. Watched Kick-Ass 2 for some reason on Saturday afternoon. I don't think I've watched it since seeing it at the cinema. It wasn't as good as I remember it being. Then I played some Infamous Second Son, seeing as it has been sitting there unplayed sinceI got my PS4. Got a delicious hamburger for dinner to spite @blaghman's healthy eating and then watched Scream 4, which was surprisingly better than I remembered it being.

    Sunday I played more Infamous, spent about an hour on the phone to Internode trying to convince them to send out a tech because I'd already done the 20 things they wanted me to do. Finally got them to book a tech in to check it out tomorrow. Rest of the day was spent continuing with Infamous. Somehow managed to get to something like 74% completion in the maybe 5 hours I've played it in total. Ended the weekend by watching Minority Report, which is still one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made.

      My healthy eating of a single carrot.

      Not to be confused with my healthy eating on Sunday, which was a salad with blue cheese in it. God I need to make that salad more often.

      Last edited 07/09/15 10:39 am

    I hope all the Dads of TAY had a nice fathers day

    I got cuddles in bed, a nice book and a colossus Pop vinyl figure. Then after breakfast bundled up the family and heading bush to see my Dad. Haven't seen him on fathers day for a number of years and his birhtday just before so figured it would be good. Missed a turn and then GPS died so took ages to work out were we were going (didn't know if we could take another turn or if he had to u bolt)
    So with the delay there and the late start we decided to skip go out for lunch and go to dinner instead. Which meant I got Mum's egg noodle for lunch which I haven't had in over 10 years. Tiglet liked it to so there is another quick and easy lunch on the menu.
    Dinner was nice, went to a chinese place and Mum and Dad were shocked at home much Tiglet ate, and what she ate. All in all Tiglet was almost perfectfor the day, even if she didn't say Daddy for me. Slept pretty much all the way up and back and was well behaved at dinner.

    Sorry to rockeTay folks, but in the end it was after 10 before I got home

    Those of you who help me deal with my anxious Friday arvo last week will be happy to know I got a call at 6pm to be told I got the job! Got an amazing pay offer and got told I was top candidate out of all the ones that interviewed for the role by far =D

    Now I get to organize my resignation in my current role today where this could inadvertently lead my boss into having a mental breakdown because that's how grossly understaffed we are and he refuses to hire more people [email protected]

    Side note: Thanks to the new job went out and celebrated with the mrs on friday evening and treated myself to buying MGS V on Saturday and picked up my pre-order copy of Mad Max! To think 3 weeks ago I had nothing to play and now I have Batman, Mad Max, Phantom Pain, Fire Emblem & Bloodborne =O

    Last edited 07/09/15 10:30 am

      If it is his choice not to hire then it is on him. If he isn't allowed to hire well you can feel sorry for him but you gotta do what is best for you. Also whoooo!!!

        Oh it's completely his choice; it's a small firm and he's the director. The last 6 months at this job have been hell; just been gritting my teeth building up my experience base so I could catapult myself into a better role! Which I might've overshot a little cos I've got a great entry level role into one of my favourite firms in Australia =D

        Jokes aside I really was nearing the end of my tether; almost walked out on the job last week but I'm glad I held in there till the very end =]

      Congrats mang!!

        Also I spent some money on Hearthstone as another treat =P Got Gahzrilla and Chillmaw; two legendaries that I don't want or need [email protected]

          What sort of job are you moving into? I've been running amok with my Eydis Darkbane (Everytime you target this minion with a spell, deal 3 damage to a random enemy) and Mukla's Champion (Bananas for all my minions :D:D:D)

            It's an investor services role; a step back in terms of responsibilities but a step up in terms of pay; also it frees up more of my time to complete my diploma which I need to move up in this career path.

            What kind of deck are you presently running? I'm swapping between a Druid beast deck that Massan was running a few days back and a bit of a patch job priest deck that destroys pally's =D That said I've only played a few games this season and only rank 19. Gonna need more cards to effectively move up the ladder :@

              I thought it was an Aggro Deck, but I think it's actually closer to something resembling a Control Deck.

              Spoilered for length:
              Number of cards, Mana, name of card)
              1x0 Target Dummy<
              2x1 Blessing of Might
              1x1 Competitive Spirit
              2x1 Hand of Protection
              1x1 Elven Archer
              1x1 Young Priestess
              1x2 Equality
              1x2 Seal of Hope
              1x2 Master Swordsmith
              1x2 Nurbian Egg
              1x3 Coghammer
              1x3 Muster for Battle
              1x3 Seal of Champions
              1x3 Eydis Darkbane
              1x3 Flesheating
              1x3 Silent Knight
              1x3S Silver Hand Regent
              1x3 Warhorse Trainer
              1x4 Blessing of Light
              1x4 Consecration
              1x4 Hammer of Wrath
              1x4 Tournament Medic
              1x5 Mukla's Champion
              1x6 Avenging Wrath
              1x6 Sideshow Spelleater
              1x8 Chromaggus
              1x10 Sea Giant/s>

              My main plan is to get as many minions I can on the board then giving value to them by virtue of spells/inspiring the minions. My signature move is getting the Warhorse trainer on the board and then a muster for battle/Silver Hand Regent inspire spam going. If my opponent has let me get heaps of minions on the board I then try and summon the Sea Giant. I used to have the game plan of getting a Sea Giant to stay alive long enough to use the Paladin 'Blessed Champion' to double their attack :D

                Wow you run a really diverse deck; not many copies of cards in there huh? Surprised at the inclusion of Elven Archer/Young Priestess and even target dummy. Do you get much value for them in ranked? Same question for Tournament Medic/Silent Knight.

                I'm actually running a pally deck to meet yesterday's daily of 5 pally wins and I've somehow put together some crazy level of synergy by accident. Basically the deck revolves around getting these 3 cards on the board - Silver Hand Regent, Mukla's Champion & Murloc Knight making my hero power super OP. I use early game buff cards to keep some board presence and usually open with Emperor Thaurisaan + Divine Shield to make turn 6 & 7 cheaper for my combo =]

                  Damn I lost my reply to this lol.

                  I change the cards regularly so there are minions still hanging around in there from old decks.

                  I like the opening play of the Young Priestess/Master Swordsmith/Target Dummy so they are just hanging out buffing one another for a couple of turns. It's probably not the strongest opening but it catches folks off guard I think, it's also cool to play if you have a 'blessing of light' and turn your 0/2 Target Dummy into a 4/6 Target dummy as well lol.

                  The SIlent Knight was an experiment I was trying, the divine shield and continual buffing with blessing of might and blessing of light for a 10/10 divine shield protected/stealth minion I've not seen done all too often in Hearthstone. It's worked a couple of times in ranked, normally I have to expose him though with attacking a strong minion which ends up ruining my plans of super buffing it lol.

                  The Tournament medic plays into a strategy I was running in an earlier iteration of this deck, when I had 1xNerubian,1xDragon Egg, theTournament Medic and 1xAncient Watcher where I try and fake out my opponent by putting minions on the board that players don't necessarily want to attack, then buff them and punish the player for not taking them out :P

                  I really like that synergy in that deck you mentioned, I'm thinking about chucking a couple of Murlocs in my deck somewhere and then going cray with the SIlver Regent/Murloc Knight spam :D

    Today marks five years since my first post on TAY.

    What the hell have I been doing with my life?

      Yesterday marked 5 years of me being on Reddit. Make you feel a little better?

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