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  • I want to remind everyone about Pax Meat. It’s happening on Saturday, the 31st at the Backlot Studio.
    It’s $35 Per person to pay for venue hire. Techie has already paid for this, so if you haven’t paid, please try to get on it.
    Also, please let me know if you’re coming. I want to double check with my list.

  • So I’ve played about 79 hours of MGSV and I’m still only 68% done. But I can see the finish line, I’ve got 2 main story missions remaining (with 3 more extreme versions to do, and maybe 20 more Side Ops). I’ve still gotta redo all mission challenges too. Man this game is big.

    Also still kinda half and half on joining Shadowrun. But I was told I need to come in during the week to write up my character because apparently it takes hours to do so. Which is a real turn off.

    • Holy smokes Batman that’s a lot of hours into a relatively new game. I played some on the weekend and realised how bad I am at the game – turns out patience is not my strong suit in games.

    • Yeah Shadowrun is pretty intensive to set up. I found I struggled the most with starting gear which gets kinda ridiculous at times. Still took me a few hours to create a character.

  • Morning TAY!
    This weekend was alright, but I’m pumped for next weekend!
    Got the house to myself from Friday until Sunday night! No commitments, no plans.
    Planning on just playing video games and catching up on my backlog of movies that I haven’t had a chance to watch. Monday to Friday is going to take forever, but it will be worth it!

    • Planning on playing anything in particular? Sounds like it will be totally worth it. I’ve got the complete opposite. Next weekend i fly down to the Central Coast for my wife’s sisters engagement party. No video games for 4 days. 🙁 I might try to get a decent RPG for iPad or iPhone.

          • Haha.
            I grew up with an N64 and PS1, but no money to buy new games. So i just played what i had and pirated some games for PC. Sometime later when i actually had money, i bought mostly modern games. E.g. Ratchet & Clank, Forza, Halo, Mass Effect, Crysis, COD, Mario etc.

          • yeah i got through the no money for games while at school face with a little thing called emulation!

            my trusty P1 – 133mhz with 1.2gb hdd, 16mb ram, and 2mb cirrus logic gpu fared extremely well with no$gmb for gameboy,, Zsnes for SNES, and KGEN for Sega Mega Drive!

      • Definitely keen to catch up on Destiny, MGSV and maybe Witcher 3 (does that game ever end?).
        Dunno about movies though, just gonna go through Netflix and my own collection and see what grabs me. Most of my weekends sounds like your upcoming one…everyone else has already allocated YOUR time. Sounds like FFVII might be a solid choice. Thoughts are with you next weekend mate.

        • All those sound like good choices. Although personally speaking, i got fatigued by Destiny pretty quick, traded it a few months ago. The graphics on the PS3 version were pretty bland too.
          I feel the same as you about the W3, i just keep discovering more great side-quests and getting distracted. I feel like i’m almost ready to get back on track with the story though. I’ve probably got at least another 20 hours to go. I have to confess that i haven’t really plated FFVII, so i probably need to give that a good go.

          • I actually bought the Destiny PS4 bundle when it came out (white console). When I started playing I thought it was awesome, but then I started to see through the glitz and hype, noticing a game without much depth (or a game that couldn’t explain it’s own depth). I left it for about 9 months and a couple of weeks ago I started again, knowing that the expansion was basically Bungie releasing Destiny 2.0. I’m gonna go out and buy the legendary edition from JB for $79 cause it’s cheaper to buy that than each expansion individually and give it a go. Worst part about Destiny though is how much emphasis they put on completing it with friends and a “fireteam”. Sometimes you don’t want to or can’t play with others, so it makes the game a bit annoying. But if you’re looking to get back into it one day mate, let me know and we can play through together.

          • Yeah i felt that there wasn’t much reason or motivation to keep playing, other than: “Look now my guns have bigger numbers, aren’t they great??” rinse and repeat. Alas, i don’t yet have a PS4, only XB1 at this point. Going to try and get a PS4 before Uncharted 4 comes out next March. By then there will be plenty to play catch up on. Haha
            Their pricing structure for DLC seems a bit crazy, i’ve heard many complaints about that.

      • Hahaha, I would love to but unfortunately, we’ve moved back into the parents house whilst we save up a deposit (Melbourne property prices…am i right???) so it would be unfair to take advantage of their hospitality. When we buy that house though…

        • Don’t I know it, granted depending on what your looking for theirs some lovely places over in the eastern suburbs, it all depends on where your looking, what is needed in your lifestyle and whats the range your looking for

          • Yeah, i grew up around Kew/Camberwell area and my fiance is from Wantirna, so we’re looking around Blackburn through to Mitcham (sort of in the middle). 2 bedroom, one bathroom type thing. Don’t want an apartment as we wanna get a dog when we move in, but happy with a unit or similar. $400k – $500k.

          • Lovely! Right near me, I live in donvale, used to be in dromana and the missus is from Upwey. Let me take a look around I know a few estate agents through work and trying to get a job as one. I would definitely go with a unit or house if possible, those apartments are built quick and cheap and end up with problems both structurally and cosmetically within the first 5 years.

          • Appreciate it mate! Don’t stress too much as we’re going to wait until around March next year to buy. We just dont want to buy during the Spring period when everyone and their dog is looking for something. But open to any help or advice that people can provide.
            Good to know about the apartments as well. You look online and everything is new apartments. They look great but when you see the some of the apartments that were built 5 years ago, you see how poorly they were built (some, not all).

          • Yeah spring is the prime selling time as its usually good weather and its before people go on holidays. I did a quick glance on real estate .com and as with most properties nowadays its all “contact agent for enquiries” however there were a few properties going in nearby suburbs around ringwood east and bayswater for around 350000 majority units with small/medium backyards.

  • Morning all! Hoping for some guidance from an audiophille if I may!

    Ive got about 4 microphones that require phantom power, and am looking at a 5-10 channel sound mixer with phantom power.

    do the mixers provide phantom power for all inputs, or just 1??? cant get a clear answer on this…

    also can you recommend a CHEAP mixer that will do the job? as in < $70 hopefully, dont care if its second hand!

  • Hope everyone had a great weekend! I ended up going to try out Zero Latency on saturday night with 3 mates. Phenomenal experience you guys really need to try it out!!! that feeling of walking across a meter wide bridge with a 500m drop whilst been chased by zombies is unbelievable….

  • I found out that I am terrible at rollerblading and that I am a hazard to everyone else around me. Thankfully I only completely stacked it once although there were a lot of near misses/near collisions. Still a bit sore today after I used muscles that I haven’t exercised in a very long time.

    Oz Comic-Con in Brisbane next weekend though so I’m pretty excited for that. I’m going to be volunteering both days at the board games/RPG area if anyone will be there.

    • I went past an ice rink recently and they had these big weighted penguins for the little kids to hold on to and push around so they could keep their balance. Maybe you can get an adult sized one for rollerblading.

  • Cleaning my hands of last week, brand new Monday time to be positive. And hey, it’s payday too 😀 stupid monthly pay. Also under 95kg for the first time in absolutely ages. Surprised at that as Dominos chucked 2 lots of chips at me for forgetting my donut bites so I have no idea how I lost any weight after eating crap. Not complaining though 😀

    Current activity: pulling errant hairs from my beard that’re causing itchiness. Am I the only one who gets satisfaction from that?

    • Congrats! I currently weigh 93 which is a drop from the 98 I weighed 3 weeks ago, now if only I could turn that into muscle id be set

      • I peaked at just over 100kg which mortified me when I saw triple digits on the scale. Since then I’ve been cutting right down on food (also been on an emotional rollercoaster leading to a loss of appetite at times), so I’ve lost roughly the same as you in the same timeframe. Feeling so much better for it too already 😀 now that my heel is slowly getting better (I need new trainers) I can get back into exercise and doing that ‘muscle’ thing you mentioned

        • High fives all around! I too need new trainers, preferably ones that don’t break the bank as my runners gonna say 8 years old and missing fabric, pretty much you can see my big toe through them.

          • Check out some of the Asics Gel trainers. I know they’re not particularly cheap, but much better than screwing your ankles and knees, especially if you’re heavy footed like me. You can ususally find them online for a reasonable price.

  • Hey all!

    Hope everyone’s weekend was great (except for those Canberra meat jerks, I’M NOT JEALOUS, YOU ARE!)

    Mine was … something. On Thursday night I found out my childhood dog was put down which made me pretty depressed. 14 years old is a good life for a dog but still feels like it was too soon.

    On brighter news I picked up Super Mario Maker, I honestly wasn’t that hyped for it but am really enjoying it. Made a nice little level where you’ve got to guide a turtle shell through a mini maze. Super basic but people seem to be staring it and leaving positive comments which is nice.

      • Yeah seems to be the overall sentiment amongst mobile TAYbies; going to be interesting for me in a few weeks as I’m pretty sure I’ll be browsing from my mobile as well once I start my new role D=

  • Morning everyone. My weekend consisted of doing a partial room clear-out on Saturday to make room for a new desk for my daughter, a school fete on Sunday morning followed by a trip to IKEA to buy said desk (also ended up buying a stand mirror) followed by Sunday afternoon almost ripping the skin off my palms screwing said desk together.

    I did get in some gaming though. Picked up Armello – only done the tutorial so far. It looks really nice but complex as hell. I’m settling down for a long wrestle with it while I learn how to play. Also the text in that game is ridiculously tiny on PS4.

    Finished Persona Q after 95 hours. My playthrough was P4-focused, so I’m going back through it as P3-focused just to see what differences there are.

    Started playing MGS4 again, and played some Tintin with my daughter.

      • Having to manually screw in 20 self-tapping screws into the underside of the desktop did for me. My palms are still smarting. Other than that, I quite like putting IKEA furniture together. It’s kind of like building a LEGO kit 😛

        • A really big lego kit that wont so much hurt your foot if stepped on as it would crush you if it fell. Underside screwing is shit I do it alot for work and it doesn’t get easier

        • I bought a tiny table for my little girl and was happily surprised at the lack of trouble during assemble. Came a 3 pieces of wood, with a total of 6 bots and corresponding washers. Actual nuts built into the bottom of the table so was just a matter of lining them up and tightening.
          Helps that it is small enough to flip upside down to assemble as well

          • I much prefer nuts and bolts to screws. Nasty things! Also hard to disassemble and re-assemble when needed.

          • Was impressed with this table. parenthood had them for $45 when they are normally in the $150 – $160 range

  • Hola Tay

    Had busy weekend, friends birthday Fri, Housewarming on Sat, and helping write quiz Q’s Sun. Slept like hell last night so zombie mode this morning. Weather here all weekend was lovely, nice to be able to throw open the doors of the house.

    Still working on my pip-boy, cognizant that it’s 6 weeks until PAX. Have to knuckle under on it a bit this week.

    Played a bunch of MGSV, up to mission 19. Man, that’s some goooooooood stuff.

    A Monday Morning Question: The Taken King comes out this week! If you could commission a major DLC piece for any game, what would it be?

    • Right now Hand of Fate
      Mrs Tigs and I have been playing that a hell of a lot recently so another full deck of cards, different mechanics, etc.. would be cool

        • I ran out of cotton and ribbon so I’ve got to go buy more. I’m hoping to finish Elsa this month so I can finish Ruby

    • Candidates:

      Persona 4 Golden = DLC where P4MC and Rise go on a romantic holiday to a tropical paridise (during the game’s winter lull), encountering new types of shadow and some new personae (which can be taken back into the main game). The steamy romantic subplot will see the DLC rated Cero D in Japan, and refused classification in Australia.

      Mirror’s Edge = Faith and Merc go on a mission to the offices of EA DICE in order to erase all traces of the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst story written by Christofer Emgård, which if released would have the effect of erasing Merc from existence as well as Killing Faith’s father and sister. Mirror’s Edge-ception!

      Mass Effect = Shepard and Liara refuse the choice presented at the end of ME3, and wage a protracted and dangerous shadow war against the Reapers, who have taken over the galaxy except for isolated pockets of guerilla fighters. Shepard and the Normandy crew ultimately discover a secret weakness in the Reapers’ AI which they can corrupt with the help of the Geth or the Quarian fleet. Trigger an epic showdown in the grand tradition of ME2’s suicide mission.

      • The Mirror’s Edge one culminates in Faith playing Johnny B Goode on stage ensuring that her parents get together

    • In the predictably possible vein:

      I’ve been playing a fair bit of GTAV again lately and I’d like to see some major DLC for that. Campaign DLC, that is. Far as I know, all the DLC’s been for the lost-cause online mode.

      I’d buy a major DLC expansion for GTAV in the same vein as Lost and the Damned or Ballad of Gay Tony.

      Off the wall, commissioning because it’ll never happen:

      All the games I’ve loved recently have had expansions or sequels coming.
      Let’s check my Steam played list…
      Warframe continually gets new content, Witcher 3 has two expansions coming, Plants vs Zombies got a sequel which completely lost its way, Europa Universalis 4 really needs another sequel rather than a DLC pack (with all the most common mods baked in as options), XCOM had a great expansion AND a sequel coming, FC4 has had DLC packs which are thoroughly disappointing, Skyrim has more DLC than I’ve even played, Deus Ex: HR’s getting a sequel, Sins of a Solar empire: already had expansions, Orcs Must Die 2 – same, Dawn of War really needs to move away from its MOBA-style tactics game back to base-building strategy, Saints Row has expansions out the wazoo, Defense Grid has expansions and sequel, Sleeping Dogs got a pretty great DLC pack, Fable 3 got more than I could play (unless there was a DLC pack to REMOVE someo of the bullshit frippery of shaking hands and farting with villagers), Dungeon Defenders had some great DLC and a woeful sequel, HoMM series is more DLC than main games, Fallout has 4 coming out, Shadowrun Returns got some excellent DLC and a ‘sequel'(?), SIMS is more DLC than base game (but prohibitively, exploitatively expensive), FTL got DLC but very lacklustre, not what I wanted…

      Oh. Here we go. Brink. That game promised in dev-diaries and trailers a pretty rich story experience, but all that it delivered for single-player was a series of bot-filled multiplayer maps and a denouement that wasn’t even a screen of text. I would commission the shit out of a DLC single-player campaign to finish the game that never really got made. Those combat mechanics were ace and I loved the aesthetic.

      • Brink was a great game to look at and it had that a nice sense of movement too it at a time when nobody else was doing that sort of stuff. It was a real shame that it didn’t go anywhere.

      • Some GTA V single player DLC would be amazing. I’m kind over online getting everything when I never really liked GTA Online and only intended to play SP GTA V.

  • Dammit, I’m going to end up buying Rocket League because of the Canned Meat. I blame everyone else but me.

  • Morning TAY!

    I had a cool weekend, I played a fair chunk of The Last of Us which I think is a damned good game. There are really nice little touches like when you’re walking near a wall and going down steps your character steadies themselves against it which I think is cool.

    I went to the Mexican Festival on Sunday which I feel wasn’t quite as good as advertised, but on the plus side I made $650 selling clothes at the Camberwell Sunday Market! \o/

    @blackdahlianz and I are many hype for PAX, it’s so soon 😀

    • The @highperformance clothes sales process.
      HP: Buy this and you could look as good as me *flex*
      *Customers throw money*

      Also Mrs Tigs was briefly at Camberwell market this weekend but didn’t actually shop like she normally does.

    • Clothes you made yourself or what? Thats awesome eitherway I haven’t been to the camberwell markets in ages

      • My partner has a very keen eye for fashion, she visits Op Shops and buys stuff on eBay regularly. Over time she acquires way too much clothing and eventually sells anything she’s collected over the year and books in a stall at the market.

        I’m only there for my car and moral support when people are a little rude, I don’t actually do that much (aside from selling clothes for $15 less than she would have charged lol).

          • She sells things online regularly through eBay, she regularly tells me about diversifying my income streams (eg. Stocks, Extra wok, etc.) as a means of gettin’ more moneys.

            Is this what you are getting at?

          • I’m not too sure about the extra woks but more along the lines of; if she’s passionate about fashion and is able to resell clothes bought at a bargain for a tidy profit maybe should could look at a start up? Something she works on over the weekend?

            Personally I’ve found when people connect their passions with their work it usually makes for some pretty amazing outcomes =]

          • She works part time on the weekend for a high end fashion label so it’s tough to find spare time. Hopefully in the future she’ll be able too though.

          • Damn talk about commitment eh! I hate giving up my weekends for work xD but yeah just mentioned it as something for you guys to keep in mind =]

          • Shorten extra wok to Ewok, and you probably unlock the real secret to wealth: enslaving semi-intelligent living creatures.

    • I was talking PAX a bit with @pixel_the_ferret_viking while cruising the galaxy on Saturday afternoon. It’s my first, so quite hype! Although getting married one week earlier, so the hype is somewhat overshadowed…

      Talked about expanding the semi-regular friday gamer beers at the Mitre to include more people… would you and bdnz be interested in joining? Completely casual. Usually sit at a table in the back. Could bring card/board games as they have large tables…

      • I would be interested in dropping by if only for 1 or 2 occasional
        Haven’t been to the mitre in years

      • @blackdahlianz I’d be keen for more beers, last night he was lamenting that I don’t drink much so I think if more people drunk combined we could make him happy.

      • Hey man, sounds good. I need to get out and meet more people now that I have more time to myself, I’ve been here 9 months and only met @highperformance

        I don’t really play card/board games but keen for a semi-regular brewski.

        • Yeah, I did put the offer out there when you said you were moving over but I’ve had an Annus Horribilis which has only just started to come good so my bad.

          Always happy to talk videogames, rugby, cycling, bullshit, beer. 🙂 Nice central location…

  • Morning errbody hows every little thing? My weekend was serene

    Saturday woke up to a lovely day, took Moni for a walk to the dog park and let her make new friends, good thing the dog parks a 15 minute walk because parking there is atrocious. We went home I had a shower then went with Cathryn to go see one of her friends for lunch, we had Schnitz and I got a ceasar salad, how good are ceaser salads? So good! I also picked up Mad Max and we brought moni a new bowl to slow her eating down because she scoffs her food down. We came home watched NXT then had dinner which was crumbed chicken with home made chips and settled in to watch fury road for a 3rd time this time with my parents.

    Sunday Cathryn had a migraine so it was a day around the house, I made her brekkie in bed and did the washing. Then I got a couple of hours into Mad Max before doing some light exercising. That night we spent watching episodes of tv shows that looked interesting, then had an early night.

    A monday morning wake up question. If Mad Max was turned into a netflux original series who would you want to play Max and what part of the Mad Max universe would you want it to be about

    • Honestly, I wouldn’t even have Max in it. I’d have a series set in the wasteland following new, original characters. That, or Furiosa. I’d watch Furiosa all god damn day.

      • Max has never really been the main character though. More a device for the audience to watch the film through.

        • This. He’s a legend, a godlike hero, practically a myth, and essentially a narrative lens through which stories of other people’s post-apocalypse adventures are told (this is particularly evident in The Road Warrior).

    • Marty Mcfly. Cos flux capacitor

      I’m with BDKAIF on the fact it probably wouldn’t be Max, he is too much of a loner for it to make a great series. A band of people struggling to survive, something in the vein of falling skies could work.

    • An Aussie should play Max. Sam Worthington should play Max.
      …Or Hugh Jackman. Because he’s dreamy. So long as he could tone it down. I think he’s started putting too much ‘personality’ in his roles of late, stealing all the screen attention.

      Maybe Viggo Mortensen, playing an older Max.

      • The Road is Mad Max once all or the petrol is used up.

        Also I just clicked why there’s so many operating oil rigs in Mad Max- they’re based on what used to be the ocean floor.

      • Max doesn’t get older. He’s a whisper on the wind, a voice in the head, a ghostly gun forever riding the road, a tortured spectre bound to wander the dunes for eternity, seeking that which can never be found. He’s more phantom than man.

          • Could be!

            He may have just been a voice in Furiosa’s head, a figment cobbled together from the legends that have survived in the decades since the world dried up.

    • Yes. It is too warm.
      Today, I had to respond to a coworker about exactly that, in that GoT-style sombre, ominous chant:

      “Summer is coming.”

        • One day, I and my kind will have our victory over the hateful death-orb that our planet circles around. We shall cocoon ourselves in glorious, perpetual winter. No matter how many ecologies have to die to bring about the grey-skied future nirvana.

          • Perpetual late autumn would be my choice. That’s close enough for a solidarity high-five in my book o/

          • Perpetual winter you say? I am interested in your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsleter.



            Soon, our vital essence shall be wrung from us by the invisible hand of a malicious heat and pressure. A searing force of joyless maleficence seeks to spread this blight, this plague on the houses of all men – the horrors of Summer threaten all who leave their homes to brave the catastrophe of solar cruelty.


            Fuck Summer.

          • I would have agreed with you, but I was in the northern hemisphere from September to July, and it turns out you need some sun.
            That said, yesterday was a horrible day of pollen and heat rash.

    • It’s stunning. Lovely. The achy bones are receding, and my mood is approaching “happy”. 🙂

        • LIGHT prophets. We will use our long days and dry weather to… to… laze about in the shade and drink cold beer.

          • It’s so funny – when it’s cold I get “well you should be used to this, you’re from the UK”, when it’s hot it’s all “you should be used to this, you’ve been here long enough…”. Meanwhile I just put on a rain jacket, or take it off again. Apparently the only person actually acclimatised to Melbourne weather is me! 😀

            Shorts yesterday! Woo! 🙂

  • Hey people! anyone got any ideas for celebrity names in a cyberpunk future? any type of celebrity – News presenter, Musician, Author, E-sports star, political figures.

  • Wow, 1:30 and it’s still only page 1.

    Weekend was good. Grabbed Mario Maker and headed down to Canberra, this time *avoiding* driving through the city centre. Much better that way.

    Rocket League is pretty fun. I seemed to start getting kind of ok at it while playing with Freya, Rockets and Greenius. But then suddenly turned terrible, culminating in a horrible loss when Greenius and I took on CJ. What was it, something like a 6-1 loss? Also got destroyed playing against bots, too. No more Rocket League.

    Discovered I can still do alright at drums in Rock Band, despite not having touched them in… geez, a good couple of years at least, surely. Also, RB’s chart for TTFAF is weird. Holiday in Cambodia too. GH forever 😛

    Lotsa board games too. I seem to be alright at Splendor 😛 And [no-longer-actually-called]Rampage is cool. Also got to finally see what Ticket To Ride is about, when going to Trjn and Freya’s place afterwards. And I got to meet Shithead too 😛

    Fun weekend. Still tired.

  • On the weekend I was musing with my girlfriend about a movie/book idea I was thinking up on the fly.

    Now tell me if this has been done already, spoilered for length:
    It is the year 2117 where in this particular dystopian society the poverty line has risen exponentially, the price of living is so high that almost two subclasses survive exclusively: The Rich (ruling class) and the dregs of society, the poor. There is a very small and rapidly declining middle class, the launching point to join the privilegia or rot amongst the serfdom.

    Increasingly people turn to a life of crime, with prisons now overpopulated with overzealous politicking and policing mean people go to jail for (on the whole) insignificant crimes, unregistered vehicles, two successive unpaid bills… etc.

    It costs the government so much money, that if they were to continue paying to keep all the inmates fed, clothed and watered (even barely in the current Gulag style conditions) for one more year the country would be declared bankrupt. So our protagonist younger brother (whom is a high ranking politician) manages to pass a bill; a joint collaboration between the government, the police, reality television and cable networks: every inmate is promised a free pardon….

    If they are able to be the last man standing.

    And it just so happens, our protagonist is committed for a crime he didn’t commit… or die he?
    Kill or Be Killed (2016) a Highperformance production.

    • Rich people making poor people fight for their entertainment. Lots of real world historical precedent there, going back thousands of years. Also a relatively significant plot point in Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games (to name just two prominent fictions).

      Society being split into two castes is a well-established sci-fi trope going back decades (Orwell, Heinlein and many others have all put their own spin on this). It often equates economical supremacy with physical or mental superiority, but this isn’t always the case. The idea of downtrodden masses driven to crime by the uncaring domination of the upper class is also a well-established cyberpunk trope.

      None of these precedents represent a deal-breaker, of course. If your focus is on your innocent protagonist thrust into the situation against his will, then his story can be the hook. The world can be derivative (not that your idea is necessarily derivative; it might be a fresh take on these ideas), and it won’t matter if the characters and their arcs are strong.

      Question, though: how does your economy function? If poor people are all turning to crime, who’s doing the police work? The paperwork for the administration? Who’s driving the grocery trucks and cleaning the toilets? At the moment, the middle class is almost entirely gainfully employed. What happened to their jobs that caused the middle class to evaporate? In short, who created the wealth of the upper class? This stuff is necessary to think about for world-building.

          • Because it takes very, very little poking to pull apart.

            What do all the hogwarts graduates do for careers?
            How do HP characters learn HS level maths?
            If people can teleport everywhere, how do HP nations manage stuff like passports?
            Who funds the ministry of magic?

          • Oh look, I like Harry Potter, I’d just never point to it as an example of an author thinking through their worldbuilding all that much.

            Certainly not Ch*d the Machine God level thinking.

      • I was going to use the protagonist to explore the issues, rather than flesh him out. I originally thought of him as a vehicle to be open minded to see how potentially his worlds situation has unfolded but also strong enough to overcome the barriers to his personal success. Unless I decided for a sequel/trilogy which I’ll spoiler below lol.

        I actually envisaged that there’s a chosen caste, like a weird hark back to the old times when families were noted for stuff; like John Smith was called Smith because he is a blacksmith, so people and families are forced into lines of work… Like Amy Clark the law clerk, or David Truckington the truck driver. Also, robots were more sentient and a plot device for people losing their jobs particularly in the unskilled labour and administrative tasks. I didn’t necessarily think about how the rich got richer, that’s a pretty big plot hole I’d have to think through

        Sequel and Trilogy Spoilers!
        If I decided to focus more on the personal story of the protagonist, his second story would be about exacting revenge on those whom framed him and then in the final sequel he rallies the lower class to topple the ruling class. This is where my idea comes unstuck, the first movie is so obviously an action/sci fi trope that in the second sequel where he is tracking down those whom framed him it’d be a psychological thriller of sorts, with the third also an action movie/sci fi focus.

        As you can see I have a lot of plot holes for an untrained mind and for what I came up with in a 5 minute monologue with my half asleep girlfriend lol.

    • Totally and completely unrelated to your post I had to tell you about this Hearthstone match I had yday!

      So I’ve hit rank 18 and I’ve started going up against Patron warriors… As you can imagine they completely demolish the mech-mage deck I’ve been running. However yday RNGesus was strong in me. I dropped unstable portal which gave me a 5 mana Ragnaros; I then effigy’d the rag who obviously went down to an execute; and the effigy gave me tirion fordring! I then followed this up with a spellwalker (that minion that deals 2 damage to random enemies!) and cast a spell and out of the 2 patrons on the board he deals the 2 damage to face giving me lethal! I can only imagine how salty my enemy must’ve been xD

      • You have greatly pleased RNGesus, your reward shall be promotion to rank 17.

        I haven’t played Ranked in a while, I got as high as 16 once but I should try my hand at it again.

          • What does ‘Mid-Game’ mean?

            I have no idea what I’m doing, I imagine I’m running a zoo deck with only 1 mana minion with the rest being somewhere predominantly between 2-5 mana. I’m assuming that is a mid game deck?

          • mid-range like the name states is a deck that starts to runs a lot of mid-range cards (as I understand it anyways). For example a mid-range hunter deck will start to shine between turns 6-9 where they can start throwing down some moderate minions and spells that synergize well with each other.

            Zoo decks are built around a lot of cheap minions and getting early game board control and then turning those weak minions into some buffed juggernauts that your opponent can’t deal with (usually ending the game by turn 6-8) They usually fail against taunt and control based decks.

      • Spellwalker in a Mage Deck can be hella OP, you should add it to your deck if you have a bunch of low mana spells.

        • I’m actually running a weird echo mage/mech mage hybrid (so included spellwalker as a hybrid; bear in mind he actually buffs patron decks)? It truly starts to shine with echo of medivh combo-ing into unstable portal + effigy. The mechs are just there to apply pressure through synergy while I get that combo set up =]; the tempo generated through those 3 cards (echo; effigy; portal) is ridiculous!

          I’m trying to get to rank 15 this season but so far not liking my chances 🙁 (Rank 15 because that’s where the ranked chest rewards spike in value; almost an extra 100 dust?)

        • Pretty much =p They’re crazy op once they get that combo in their hand; 1 turn KO. That said there’s not even many cards in TGT that can turn around their tempo.

          On that note also fuck mysterious challenger pally decks.

    • There was a movie “The condemmed” perhaps it was called which was similar without the full dystopian portion. Was set on an island so closer to the reality TV show survivor but with more killing

  • Unpopular opinion time!
    I didn’t like Mad Max Fury Road.
    In fact, I got so bored with it, I fell asleep during it. Which very rarely happens.
    The visuals were incredible, and the action sequences reasonably well done, but overall it didn’t really have anything that made me interested in it.
    Perhaps not seeing any of the other Mad Max films played a part in that?


      You are hereby expelled from the nerdpartment. May god have mercy on your soul.

      • Quite possibly.
        Or perhaps I was just really tired without noticing? Could effect the enjoyment levels.
        Might have to rewatch at some point.

        • I was an exhausted teenager when I slept through my first watching of True Lies.

          It is, today, my favourite movie of all time.

    • I had never seen the Mad Max films before Fury Road (I’ve fixed that now) too but absolutely loved Fury Road.

    • I haven’t seen the other films. I loved Fury Road. The over the top imagery, the expert application of CGI, a goddamn proper female action hero. So much to love.

    • I didn’t see any Max Maxes before Fury Road either but I enjoyed it.

      I didn’t even know what to expect except that it was generally liked by all and was action-y, which was a nice change from the dramas I’d been watching lately.

      Only downside I can think of is that it made me feel like being a crazy vehicular speed demon on the drive home after watching it 😀 😛 🙁

  • Home sick after half a day of work, so I’ve been jumping into ranked Rocket League after the big update and losing about 70-80% of matches in 2v2, 3v3, and 3v3 solo. Couldn’t figure out why till I started talking to people.

    I’m Silver II in two modes and bronze III in one, and I’m being paired almost exclusively with Gold I and up players. Sooo…probably time to quit ranked mode for a few weeks/months.

      • The fact that they’ve not only put their hands up and said “this isn’t working, we know you’re not happy and we aren’t either” but actually put in the effort to go to “…and here’s why” makes me very forgiving.

        Hopefully they fix it soon, because I’m Silver I (400) going against Gold I (1000), and although it’s nice the game thinks I should be at gold already, I’m inclined to disagree 😛

        • Giving the audience credit for intelligence and providing reasonable, rational, sensible explanations make me forgive damn near anything.

  • I swear to god, if I have to go out in a fiery blaze of glory, my last words will be, “IMPORTANT DOES NOT EQUAL URGENT.”

    Besides the fact that I take serious issue with the very concept of people being more important than others in the first place. Specific people aren’t important… even roles aren’t inherently important. Duties are important.

    …Also, if you say important enough it loses all meaning. Important important important.

    • Something about dealing with ‘important people’ makes brains malfunction.
      “Oh my God, sky is falling! All of our account executives are on leave and their replacements are hopeless! What’s that look for, Transient?”
      “Did… anyone try calling at the ground level to get it done?”
      “The guys do it every day. I know a guy. Ten minutes. Tops.”


      “Oh god, the next step of the chain has failed because none of our contacts at the dispatch cenre are answering! We don’t even know if they’ve received it yet, everything’s either busy or disconnected!”
      “Did… anyone try the 1300 number?”
      “What? No! Where’d you find that?”
      “The first Google hit for the company name.”


      “Argh, no… more complications. Does anyone know if the old equipment is compatible with– STOP TYPING INTO GOOGLE!”
      “It has the answer. Look. Right here.”

    • NOOOOO. Disaster. 🙁 I wanted the Canning by-election done first!

      If Abbott is dumped, chances of him staying on for the next general election are tiny, and we’ll never find out if he’s still a dual citizen. Dammit.

  • Mad Max is weirdly relaxing. The environments are beautiful and it’s fun to drive around them while upgrading your car. It’s so repetitive and the story is paper thin, but I am definitely enjoying the game all the same. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Then again, post apocalyptic urban decay is my jam.

    And moseying.

    • It sounds like it scratches a very particular itch and if that works for you then you will enjoy it. If it doesn’t then it isn’t the game for you.

    • How did you find Red Faction: Guerrilla?

      Mad Max reminds me of it for some reason. Possibly all the red dirt.

      • Never played it, pal. Weirdly the game does a great job of making the desert look different depending on the region too. Has interesting colours and a nice sky box. 🙂

        • It’s actually pretty good. Takes the ubisoft tower/territory-claiming thing mixed in with minigames and reinforcing friendly troops and weapon upgrades and destructible buildings… I played the shit out of it on 360 and again on PC. 🙂

          Bit aged now, though.

        • I love how threatening your pals and friends always come across. Like Anton Chigurh’s “friendo”.

    • OMG! It’s the elusive @dc!

      I picked up a copy of Mad Max from a totally not dodgey cd-key website *cough*. I have yet to play it because of Dragon Age Inquisition. (I’m almost finished with this playthrough!). From what I’ve heard Mad Max is a pretty fun game. Not amazing just a fun game.

      • Hey pal! Remember that time we saw Fury Road and all was forgiven after the World War Z mishap? GOOD TIMES!

        But yeah, this game definitely isn’t going to be on my game of the year list and I can objectively see all the flaws, but somehow am enjoying it all the same. Also I find myself playing in short bursts of fun. 🙂

    • I don’t know what it is about the visuals, but it feels like it’s like, I dunno, 85% of the way to looking great. So even though it’s really quite accomplished from a technical standpoint, everything just looks slightly off to me.

      Maybe it’s the AA? I know they use a custom version, might have a temporal filter that gets ducked up at 60hz? Or maybe it’s just that I don’t like orange on brown. :/


      I am still enjoying the game (for what it is), but I’m glad I only paid $30 for it.

      • My sister bought the game after loving Fury Road, so I get to mooch off her copy. FREE GAME! The freeness probably goes a long way in explaining why I’m not judging it too harshly. 😛 Any game that lets me drive around the remnants of a dead ocean in a fluorescent pink car with spikes can’t be that bad! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • Yeah, I think I need another few hours in it for it to really click for me. I am just missing out on a few of the base upgrades which should make things easier, and I hate convoys so much because I always go up, use what little shotgun ammo I have, get spun out by a sideswipe, and find that by the time I catch back up the convoy’s reset. QQ

      • It doesn’t have anything even remotely approaching the stunning use of color in Fury Road. None of that vibrancy or pop. Lots of boring brown. That was my biggest disappointment looking at the visuals and is why I decided to ignore the game months ago.

    • I’ve only done the first outpost and I’m enjoying it, I just worry itll have the farcry effect on me and ill never finish it. Post apocalyptic is the shit, I love open world post apocalyptic when you see something in the middle of nowhere and your like “huh, neat”

    • Dream TAY cabinet? Whassat?
      Edit: Ohhhhhh. Political cabinet. I was thinking of dream furniture, with our favourite things to stock in it.

      And that’s the entirety of my application for Minister of Communications.

    • Track & Field, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, or Soul Calibur 2…
      That’s what we’re talking about, isn’t it?

    • I think it’s important that I be appointed to the position of Minister for Xbox. It sounds like a slush position, but I’ll actually be responsible for the areas of video game classification and fighting “Australia tax” price gouging.

  • Just added a bunch of taybies to my facebook. Why not. Didn’t go hunting, just selecting those who were recommended. If I didn’t add you I either didn’t recognize your name, didn’t see it or facebook doesn’t want us to be together.

    Also I can’t decide if shaved llamas look like bad photoshop or nightmare fuel.

    • Are we already friends on facebook? I dunno, if we are yay if we arent boo! why you hate us facebook

    • I’m currently slowly accumulating Tayfronds after adding someone a few weeks ago. Only when it’s like HEY DO YOU KNOW or if they add me first.

      • I added @chuloopa a while ago to see photos of his gorgeous little one. Got a bunch of do you know from that so figured I would add from there

  • Back in my day there was NO moderation, it was like the Wild West on TAY, but with less cowboys and more meats.

  • Anywho, i actually look at the twitter these days so hit me up on there. I might see some of you at Pax, i’m enforcing this year.

    • When you are done on Saturday there is the TAY post-mid-pax-meat. You should come to that
      Nice work on getting the enforcer gig, working all 3 days?

      • Splicer can’t make it. His Brother has a gig. That’s why I was chatting to him last night.
        And then we went onto the subject of dogs.

  • Considering getting another keyboard for my PC…
    Someone please make me reconsider… D:

    Also, on an unrelated note, holy shit! Wasn’t expecting it to actually happen. O_O

    On another unrelated note, I may have made Joust in Super Mario Maker…

  • Dear TAY folk,

    I’m currently uploading my latest game to Dropbox. Anyone willing to do a little QA for me, please?

    If you make it to the end, and email me the code the game spits out, I’ll shoot you a few bucks or a digital graphic novel to compensate you for your time. Should take about half an hour to play through… though if you could time yourself with a stopwatch from go to woah, that’d be appreciated too!

    Would like to nail this down in the next couple of days if possible (final deadline is Friday)

    Edit: link is now active.

    Thanks all!

  • According to Facebook, Tony Abbott was three days shy of his Prime Ministerial pension. Just FYI.

    I know it’s not a big boost to his existing parliamentary pension, but it’s a rather satisfying message regardless.

    • He was but from what I’ve read it’s not much more than the near $300k a year he’ll still get as a cabinet minister pension. He’s still far better off than almost anyone else in the country.

        • The fact the clown would earn a substantial pension for doing nothing after being one of the worst performing leaders in the country’s history was always a bitter, bitter pill for me to swallow. The fact it was taken away from him by a matter of days after a two year long political nightmare is a justice boner of the highest order.

    • It’s actually wrong – or if correct, only makes a difference of about $4k/year out of about $200k. It would have been correct in the 70s but apparently facebook hasn’t updated its knowledge since then. He gets a ridiculous pension regardless.

      • Yep, knew that (the $4k thing, I believe, is the correct figure).

        It won’t make a noticeable difference to TA’s financial situation. But it’s nonetheless an obviously deliberate symbolic move by Turnbull, and I for one appreciate the timing on a purely schadenfreudian level.

  • Hello all. I uh, I need some help with the Visual novel.
    I should be fine with syntax, I just need help with the logic.
    In the visual novel, if you choose two anger endings or more, you’re supposed to get the angry ending.
    If you choose two sad options or more, you get the sad ending.
    If you choose two forgive options or more, you get the forgive ending.
    If you chose one of each, you get the undecided ending.
    I know I end to use varibles, but I want to make sure that it works. I’m not the greatest at coding

    Actually, I’m seriously considering bowing out of the competition. My writing needs a lot more work before it’s good enough to submit.

    • If you want me to look over some logic send it through to me and I’ll be happy to sanity check it for you. Assume you have it but my username at gmail or send a DM or hassle me on steam.

      • I can send you a link to the word online document through your email. I think more opinions the better

        • Got it. I’ll have a look tonight after work.
          What specifically are you wanting. From the quick look I can’t see any reference to what is a sad/mad/glad option to be able to check that logic

  • Oh look we’re on our 4th Prime Minister in about 2 years now. The real question is, when we get to 10 do we get a free one time redemption of any policy we the people want passed through parliament without questions asked?

    At least if Abbott stayed in ‘power’ the LNP’s popularity would’ve kept plummeting. Now they have a chance to win over the majority voters again, oh well.

    • My prediction: Turnbull is smart enough and media savvy enough to run circles around Shorten. Although Labor has been very good at the “me too!” game, so they’ll probably change leaders in the next week or so… so there might be nothing to worry about 😛

  • Went to a buck’s night on Saturday, which included a pre-outing barbeque before heading into the city. Against the wishes of the groom a topless waitress was present. The majority of the groom’s friends (a fairly conservative crowd I don’t know very well apart from the groom and his brother) pointedly ignored her until the rest felt it was best that she just head home early, which she protested wasn’t fair to take the full fee when she only worked for about fifteen minutes of the hour for which she was scheduled. Most awkward experience of my life. I thought maybe the super conservative crowd just maybe had too much respect for women or something? A few of them had to run inside to call their wives and girlfriends to confess their debauchery, presumably before the private detectives and paparazzi following them at all times could report in.

    When we got to the karaoke place a few hours later, the girl explaining the control panel for the room had a lot of trouble getting everyone settled, especially after someone asked her what kind of tampons she uses, which for some reason created another burst of hooting and grunting.

    My wife wonders why I spend more time hanging around her and the other women at these social gatherings.

    • A few acquaintances got me roaring drunk at my buck’s party and shoved me into a car headed for a strip club. I spent about fifteen minutes in there staring at my shoes looking miserable and then asked someone to drive me home.

      For my part, it was partly respect for women, but mostly a general discomfort with communal ogling. I guess I’m pretty conservative when it comes to that sort of thing, too.

      Edit: after all that, I’m not sure what my point was.

      • The party planners (the brother and another groomsman) organised a topless waitress as a circumvention of the “no strippers” rule because she was literally just a waitress who happened to be topless – no dancing, performances, interaction with the groom, etc. Even in spite of this, I had an opportunity to make it clear to the planners that the topless waitress was a bad idea and the groom wouldn’t approve and, worst case scenario, would have a massive sulk and put a damper on the whole evening. Thankfully his massive sulk abated quickly once the waitress was gone and my prophecy only partially came to pass.

        But what surprised me was the fact that the majority of people there were so rude to her. Like they were so embarrassed that that couldn’t even look at her (which, pardon my maleness here, is the whole darn point) let alone hold a polite conversation. And you know, if 15 minutes of awkwardness was all there was all there was to it, this wouldn’t even be a story. It was the whole thing at the karaoke place that really brought my piss to a boil, because it made it clear to me that the issue at the bbq earlier wasn’t out of respect, but rather the opposite.

        • Oh, so that was your group making those comments too. Man. That’s… yeah: just stay home next time 😛

          • The groom and his brother are long time friends of my wife which means they’re my friends too – and they’re good blokes. But their extended network of friends contain some real… specimens. I don’t tend to get involved with them a lot.

          • It’s been my experience chatting to strippers through my work fixing their shoes and yes, there has been the occasional patronage at friends Bucks, they generally tend towards the more intelligent end of the spectrum and are usually incredibly warm people and very easy to talk to. Given the choice between hanging out with a stripper or the “respectable” people I get as customers it’s strippers 100%.

      • If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times.

        Getting a stiffy in a room full of blokes who also have stiffies is the last thing I wanna do.

    • someone asked her what kind of tampons she uses, which for some reason created another burst of hooting and grunting.

      And yet they all have a meltdown at the sight of a boob. A psychologist would have a field day with those guys.

      • Well clearly they’re capable of making a bystander uncomfortable with inappropriate personal interrogatories, but a woman who is in control of her sexuality and nudity and can unashamedly maintain presence and poise under the male gaze in spite of being outnumbered a dozen to one is a force with which they are incapable of reckoning. The herd circles the wagons around their budding erections, hiding their masculine shame behind their beards in the literal and figurative sense.

  • Not reported on Kotaku anywhere yet, but I found this to be some pretty interesting news:

    Short version: a US court ruled that copyright-holders have to ‘consider fair-use’ exemptions BEFORE they submit their DMCA take-downs, as opposed to the shoot-first, ask-questions-later approach going so far. Failure to do so leaves the rights-holder open to counter-suits for loss of income during the take-down.

    Not a silver bullet for the issue because platforms like YouTube can still implement their own, non-DMCA-invoking take-downs based on in-house rights-holder-friendly policy, and automated systems like ContentID (which include algorithms that evaluate the likelihood of infringement) are considered to have ‘considered fair-use’ by the fact that their algorithms allow for the possibility of it.

    But y’know… a little ray of hope for sanity and the little guy? Always a welcome sight.

  • Just discovered eBay’s mobile site is no longer a thing, about five minutes before an auction ended while I tried to jump on it from bed. Now it gives you a page that tells you to get an app for Android or iOS instead. So helpful. Especially when claiming it’s “available for any device”. Dicks.

      • I love that the internet version of ‘catfish’ is now the second definition on a google search for the word.

        • First result: Catfish: The TV Show – mtv
          Second: Images for catfish
          Third: Catfish (film) – wikipedia
          Fourth: Catfish: The TV Show – wikipedia
          Fifth: Catfish – wikipedia


          • Hm. Google search ‘catfishing’. Maybe that’s what it takes to get the definition up, before the actual results. Unless you’re on mobile or not-Chrome or something weird.

          • Ah yeah, the -ing seems to make it come up with Urban Dictionary first 😛

            Also I don’t understand why this word is a word that means this thing.

          • Because you’re fishing for cats (see common alternate vernacular for cats).

            Fishing is all about deception. Here’s some food, little fish. HAHA IT’S NOT FOOD IT’S A HOOK AND NOW YOU’RE DEAD.

            So catfishing is engaging in deceptive practices to get p***y. Makes perfect sense.
            *dragged away in big white van*

          • @shane That makes far more sense than I wanted it to.

            @transientmind Win7 + Firefox ain’t weird, you are!

          • @mrtaco That’s weird. I just made this up. It shouldn’t have made sense. I think I did it wrong. Let me try again.

      • I wish I could, I’m still waiting for my Nigerian Prince uncle to send me back the money he borrowed when he was deposed in 2012.

        I haven’t heard back from him, I imagine being exiled makes keeping in contact hard.

  • Maybe I shouldn’t have had yesterday off work after the Canberra Meat. So much to catch up on now.

    I had to return the rental car at 9am so I figured I may as well just take the whole day off 😛

  • It did give me a chance to play Super Mario Maker though. Fun!

    I like how easy it is to create levels. Never really thought I was all that creative but it’s fun to just mess around until you find something that works.

    I’ve uploaded a few courses if people want to check them out. You can follow me to get notifications of new courses once you put in a course code: 87F4-0000-0034-DC8C (the one major downside of Mario Maker is that there is no “Friend’s Levels” tab in the interface. Super dumb that you have to put in a code and follow just to see levels from your own friends – hopefully that gets patched)

    Really enjoying it! It’s a bit disappointing to see that most of the top-rated levels are all auto-playing, don’t-touch-the-controller courses though. Especially after putting in effort to make a “Mario” level with a gradual learning curve, challenging but fair, a clear theme, etc.

    But that’s just me sulking that the level I put hours into has only been played a handful of times 😛

    (ps. the level I gave the code for above has a completion rate of less than 5%. I didn’t think long run-jumps were that difficult :P)

    • They are when you have such tiny platforms to make them from 😛

      Also it bugs me that you can’t make warp pipes one-way. Well, I guess you could suspend them in the air so there’s no way to physically enter them.

      • Haha.

        I don’t think that level is unfair though, but that just might be me having played it over and over while building. It has a lot of safety nets for the harder jumps.

        (There’s also a secret route to beat that level :x)

        • Yeah, I liked the addition of those safety nets. Nice touch. And especially how you couldn’t carry the springboard over to the right pipe to advance, it only let you go backwards 😛

          That pipe jump gave me the most trouble though, either running straight off it or only hitting the side of the second pipe, then often wall-jumping off it without realising before I’d cancelled my leftward momentum by continuing to hold right, so then I’d plunge to my death 😛 That could be alleviated by using one of the earlier Mario sets instead of New, I guess.

          • Haha yeah the pipes are the worst bit because you have to jump upwards. I kept dying there so I added the safety platforms and the tunnel under the next platform in case people missed the jump.

            I’ll have to give some of your courses a go when I get home!

          • Can’t be any worse than some of the ones I’ve come across in 100 Mario mode. Some real stinkers in there 😛

  • Hi all! Moved offices on Friday, so spent a lot of yesterday setting up. Plus, the new open plan office isn’t as conducive to surreptitious TAY-ing as my old desk, where I had my back to an external wall. 🙁 But, hey, at least now I don’t get blinded at 4:30 every afternoon when the sun hits the building just right…

    Spent a lot of the weekend in Destiny, enjoying Mayhem (holy crap that’s fun*), started working on the rank 25 Dead Orbit quest for my warlock before he gets scrapped and recreated tonight-ish, cos I want that exotic DO bond. 😛 Already cleaned out his inventory (thankyou for the vault space, Bungie). Now to endure the slowest day ever. Six more hours…

    *Before about 7-7:30pm. From 7:30pm through til (at least) 2am, it’s a lag-filled rage-inducing torture device. Never before have I wanted to throw my controller at something, but getting shotgunned by someone before they round the corner, or sniped through walls, or spawn-camped with infinite golden guns, for about 3 hours straight, takes its toll on anyone’s sanity. One game was lost with a score disparity of around 80,000-18,000. The last victory I needed for my Dead Orbit quest took me 16 games over two nights (cos, I obviously can’t play during the day), after which I ran some vanguard bounties to blow off steam.

    • Ohhhh, experiencing things fresh I hadn’t even though about transferring all gear to the bank and then starting a new character.

      Not that I would. STATSSSSSSS.

      • See, I’m also doing this to obfuscate the fact that I’ve got around 1000 hours of active gametime across my three characters, but mostly it’s just to recreate my old alt-lock. 42 ranks of Dead Orbit rep, 51 with the Cryptarch, 21 VoG completions, 18 Crota kills and 4 (I think) Skolas kills… Such is the price to give my warlock a new face. :'(

        • O.O;


          I did the ‘a legend is you’ trailer thing out of curiosity to see what it would make of my badness. Apparently I’m in the top 3% of fallen K:D ratio and minotaur kills, earning the title ‘Vex Destroyer, The Unstoppable’. (Which makes sense when you remember that in all our VoG runs I always took minotaur duty on the steps.)

          …The trailer was keen to point out I’d only killed Atheon 7 times. Yes. I didn’t play much. Shut up, trailer, I know.

          Hey, look on the bright side. If you can max your level super-quick, just think of how quickly you’ll earn early Cryptarch levels and all the sweet, sweet loot packages that come with.

          • Oh, wow, I’d completely ignored that trailer thing. Hmm… 5 Skolas kills, 4450 kills with my most lethal exotic – the Mythoclast, 165 Ogre kills (top 1%), 10,132 Vex kills (top 1%), 176 Colossus (top 1%). “Noble Killer, the Vexbane.” Cool 😀

            *looks at other characters* My hunter, “Purified, the Unbound”… my Titan, “Surgeon, the Stalker”… My titan’s apparently known for killing… dregs? Dammit, my warlock’s the only cool one! Now I don’t want to delete him… D’:

          • *shrug* It was a moment of cuteness.
            Clearly they’ve taken on-board the fact that the game so far in no way whatsoever lives up to the ‘become legend’ tag-line, and they’re trying to retroactively make us feel like maybe we were, by pointing at what we spent the most time grinding on and hoping that makes us feel special.

            Yeah! Vex Destroyer, The Unstoppable! That sounds badass and kewl!
            It worked for a minute, for me. Back to resentful cynicism too quickly, unfortunately.

            You’ve got your Year One emblem, right? Better than I’ve got, thanks to not being teh hardcoerz. I just get the shader.

          • 7 Crota kills on my main (Titan), 2 on my Warlock, 1 on my Hunter. So depressing. My wife has actually done more VoG than CE so got noted for her 4 Atheon Kills, 3 of which were in the last month!

          • Some of the stats are a bit surprising. Somehow I’ve managed to get just shy of a 700:1 kill death ratio against the Vex without doing any strikes / raids against them. Also 48% of my kills are precision shots. Didn’t think I was that accurate but I guess I do prefer the Scout Rifle.

          • Actually, not having done the raid is a good thing for your vex k:d ratio because the first raid is primarily against vex and involves a LOT of dying, whereas the vex out in the world are very rarely challenging. Getting into the raid would probably have tanked your ratio. 🙂

            And yes. Scout rifle is love. All buffs to the scout rifle, all nerfs to the others.

  • Huh. Apparently you can’t comment on a course in Mario Maker without also starring it at the same time? That is kinda dumb.

    Oh, ok. That’s only if you comment at the completion of the course. You can go to View Comments on the course selection bit and then enter a rating-free comment from there. A little bit roundabout, but at least it’s doable.

    Now if I could only find out how you un-star a course…

    • Also it bugs me when things make you put in strings of hex numbers but only give you a regular keyboard to do so. Hex keypad pls.

        • I once started pondering the feasibility of a “programmer’s keyboard”, which had a hex-shift key on the numberpad. I figure the Enter key could be cut down to normal size, since judging by the dust/dirt on my keyboards I mostly use the bottom half of it. So the top half of that could be a shift key, and it would make the numbers 1-6 switch over to be the letters A-F instead. It’d be great. I’d buy one 😛
          (Similarly, the Plus key only gets used at the bottom. Though I’m not sure what could take the place of the top half, it’s a bit out of the way to reach for)

          Though the previous post was mainly in reference to on-screen keyboards, since they’re even more annoying to use 😛

  • Hi Guys, remember me? it’s the guy who only posts like maybe once every 3 months!

    So, i just got a PS4 for Destiny: The Taken King and was wondering if there were any other PS4-ites who’d wanna team up and junk. had it on PS3 but never got to do any of the raids due to not having friends.

    PSN is GrandmastaB-Funk if anyones interested.

  • I’ve ‘finished’ (as much as that word ever applies to anything) the first draft of my visual novel The Ties That Bind.

    It’s currently undergoing two days of QA before being submitted in the TyranoJam contest.

    If you’d like to fire it up and see how it plays, I’d appreciate any feedback you can offer! I’m particularly on the lookout for bugs at the moment (hanging screens, misattributed dialogue, choices not registering properly, etc).

    You can also send me an email afterwards to register your choices as part of a global statistics base (like a low-tech version of Telltale’s endgame summaries). Rewards on offer, too, for friends who give up their time in this way. A playthrough should take less than 30 minutes.


    • Okay, nearly every time I’ve tried to run it (reinstalled it twice, and downloaded it again to check) it’s seemingly crashed out like 1 minute in, after thingy is called to the bridge (I am not good at names). Just sits on a black screen (little gear is visible but doesn’t do anything) and has to be stopped via task manager.

      Running Windows 10, Intel CPU, NVIDIA GPU.

      • I should mention that the time that didn’t happen was when it crashed before then, so err, that doesn’t help at all.

      • Dang. I have no idea why that’s happening. Cannot replicate it here, either.

        Thanks for trying, though! I appreciate it

  • Grunt. Didn’t get the specific job I interviewed for. Got something, just not what I was after. Unfortunate. But better than nothing or a rejection, but still… management’s idea of what my career path will look like doesn’t quite match my own. They want me more in Systems. Gonna give it the benefit of the doubt for a while, have some faith in their judgement. Guess we’ll see how it shakes out in the next 6 months. …On the plus side, at least all the praise for the application helped stamp down on that Imposter Syndrome a bit.

    • Sorry to hear, man. Or congratulations. Congratumiserations, I suppose.

      Though just because your bosses like the work you’re doing in your current job or have an idea where they want to use your talents, that doesn’t mean you should trust them to pick your career path for you. In fact, I would have thought the opposite to be true 😛

  • Arse. Won a thing on eBay this morning, but the guy cancelled the order.

    Apparently someone on gumtree this morning offered a higher price. Dick.

  • Hypothetical question time!

    Had this “conversation” with a friend at work and we disagreed, so interested to see what other people think. The Internet seems to be evenly split on this:

    When a couple and a single person are splitting a 2 bedroom apartment, how do you split the rent and why?

    2 bedrooms are both approximately the same size. 1 shared bathroom.

    • Wouldn’t you split it three ways? Since it’s three people living in the one place.

      I mean if you were going to split it by room usage, then the single guy could move out of the bedroom and onto the lounge/floor somewhere to reduce his rent, right?

      This is speaking as someone who has never moved out of home, of course 😛

      • If I was subletting and someone insisted on sleeping in a common area like a lounge room, I’d charge them double rent, and then kick them out of the house 😛

    • Utilities definitely get split three ways. Gotta be said upfront.

      The matter of rent is a bit trickier. If the couple has spread out all their stuff into the common areas (we’re talking TV, couches, etc) and expect to retain a modicum of control over them, then it’s fair to expect them to be paying the lion’s share of the rent (and could therefore split three ways).

      If the shared areas are legitimately treated as equal areas, and the bedrooms really are equivalent in size and quality, though, a rent arrangement closer to 50/50 could probably be negotiated. Though as the single person will have less say in the runnings of the house (being outnumbered two to one in pretty much all matters), some allowance should be made for that…

      And to further complicate things, if all the whitegoods and appliances belong to one party, and the other is allowed open and free access to contribute to their wear-and-tear, some consideration should be made for that, too.

      I’ve only lived in one or two share houses in the past. As a member of a couple with one other guy, we just straight up offered to split the rent three ways because it was easier than having the above argument 😛

      WHEE. COMPLICATED. I’m so glad I own my own place now.

    • Are all three on the lease? Per person split.

      Being sublet by the leasee? Yeah, that’s for the room.

          • Yeah. For me anyway. It was asked by the friend who was apparently asked by one of their friend whose got asked if their partner could move in…or something.

          • Oh that is even more complex as the house is setup and everything is in place.
            You you are asking them to pay a much greater amount of rent for no increase in useable space.

    • When you sharehouse, you pay for the room. You pay more for bigger rooms.

      The facilities are shared, with equal access. If that’s not the case, then the room is worth less.

      I wouldn’t necessarily price a large bedroom with en suite the same as a smaller room without as double the price… so I don’t necessarily see it as being an even 3-way split. But I’d understand splitting it that way for simplicity’s sake.

      (Edit: Also, as a single, couples are terrible to live with, and there should probably be compensation for that.)

      • My rental advice from experience is if you’re a male and girlfriend won’t be living with you, don’t move in with three other single girls. That way lies tears.

    • I’ve had this situation and found the best way to do it was like a 60% of the rent + utilities goes to the couple and the single party gets the remainder. This way the couple accounts for increased utility costs while the single party obtains a rent discount. A 3 way split isn’t exactly fair (i.e. 33%) since both parties still have access to a room to themselves and you couldn’t reasonably argue that one extra person is going to add a 33% increase to the utility bills.

      Edit: Girls do use a lot more water and there has to be a nuisance discount for all the goddamned hair!!!

      • The hair… the hair.
        Now that’s a revelation. First time living with a woman was an eye-opener. Both what Jenna Marbles coined as ‘girl goo hoarding’ (INFINITE HALF-FULL BOTTLES OF GOO), and the hair. The hair.

        It got everywhere. At one point I was waking up in the morning and finding long strands of her hair wrapped around parts that we were not in the kind of relationship to justify her hair being wrapped around.

    • Even though you’re only sharing two bedrooms I’d be inclined to split it three ways since you’re still sharing bathroom, kitchen and living space. Maybe make it more towards 2/5 vs 3/5 as an allowance for the fact the couple is sharing a bedroom while single person gets a bedroom as a solo space, but I do not think 50/50 is appropriate.

    • I wouldn’t split the rent 3 ways but maybe something like 60/40? Bills definitely should be split 3 ways though.

    • I always lean towards the simple solution. They’re not renting rooms they’re renting a place together and splitting the costs, so it’s a three way split. Once you start complicating that with who uses what more, which room is slightly larger, who organised it, etc you’re just begging to get into petty arguments.
      Plus I think it’s only fair that the person who has no control over the deal being altered benefits from it too. If they had of known they were going to end up sharing with two other people instead of one they probably could have found a better deal. For the most part utilities balance themselves out with an extra person, so there isn’t really any benefit for the third person to live with the couple. They could find an equally crowded alternative that costs less elsewhere, or they could find an equally expensive alternative that’s less crowded.

      Although that’s with three people in two rooms. I’d stretch it to two couples in two rooms, but anymore and I think you have to start looking at it on a room per room basis. At that point everything should be formalised anyway.

    • When I did essentially that, 3 ways incl utilities. easiest, fairest, and given you split the common areas 3 ways it’s the best.

    • 30/30/40 rent split and equal 3 way bills.

      But seriously, that living arrangement will be messy and quickly suck for the single guy. He will have to deal with so much BS and will get vetoed on everything.

    • I am in this exact situation as the single. I pay 50% of rent, but they pay 50% + utilities.
      I have never considered renegotiating this deal until now.
      Rent is cheap though, so I guess that’s why I’ve never thought about it?


    So. The listing ended a little before 10 this morning. I send a message right away asking when I could come pick it up. It wasn’t til this afternoon that I got the notice that they’d cancelled it, but I sent a message through asking why. They told me they’d sold for a higher price to someone on gumtree this morning, and forgot to cancel the eBay listing. I’m thinking that’s pretty shit. But then I go on gumtree and find the listing. And it’s not marked as Sold. So I send a message through as a new person, asking if I could come and check it out.


    • Now you’re going to have to give him just an A++ feedback, leave the two extra pluses off to show him you’re serious.

      • I’m pondering whether I can go around and manage to get loaded into my car (“let’s see if it fits first”) before paying, then only give them the money I actually owe before speeding off.

        While flipping the bird, of course.

    • It’s not worth stressing over. eBay is full of idiots like this. If you actually want the item just wait him out. He’ll eventually realise he’s not getting his asking price, at which point you send him an offer from your sisters account that’s lower than what you were going to pay. If you don’t want the item or can’t bring yourself to hand money over to this tool then leave some negative feedback and forget about it.

    • You have to weigh up how much you want the item. Accept that you’re paying the higher price, or skip on the item altogether.

  • Trying to psych myself up to actually go through with this attempted surreptitious (aha, that’s the word I was trying to think of!) retrieval.

    Too scary.

  • Huh. Just had a customer come in, look at me a but funny then suddenly remembered me. I didn’t but turned our he was one of the paramedics that took me to hospital during my stroke. I refused to charge him for the work despite his protestations. I mean, dude saved my life. Feel like throwing a $20 job his way is the least I could do.

      • Once when I was still doing night shifts at Maccas, a guy walked through the drive through up to the speaker. I told him that we couldn’t serve pedestrians through drive through as it was a safety risk. He then explained that he was an ambulance driver and that the ambulance couldn’t fit into the drive thru. I told him to hang on a moment while I spoke to my manager.
        The manager invited them into the store, which you’re not supposed to do, and served them, giving them half priced food as well. It wasn’t much, but at least we were able to do something for them.

  • Man so I totally should have figured the Taken King would be a download code in the box and not actually anything more than the base game on the disk.
    Cause then I would have not started downloading a 17gb update an hour before it unlocks.


      • I should have seen it coming though. Destiny is not exactly a customer friendly franchise.
        But yeah, modern gaming huh? And just think, in 10 years the NBN might be finished and we will have fancy new still sub-par internet to spend days downloading all the things with.

    • I have the same problem 🙁
      it took me long enough on ps3, I got the physical one so I didn’t have to do it again

      • But that’s just it – I DID get the physical one.
        And I’m almost certain this update it is downloading is the 2.0 update I already did last week.
        For Fuck’s Sake.

        I have not even started the game yet and I’m already fed up with it. Good sign.

      • Hey, if your PS is trying to download the full 17gb too, try deleting the download from the queue and starting again. After doing that, it took about 20 mins to prepare the update again but then only had to download 100mb.

  • Fission mailed.

    Went around and checked out the thing (it was a piano), and it was way more broken than in the listing. Said three of the keys stuck, but there were at least seven and more still were broken. Came to the great reveal, but the guy still wouldn’t budge below 200. Totally isn’t worth that much though, in the state it’s in it’s only good for parts. Which is all I wanted it for in the first place, but yeah. Good luck to the guy if he can get rid of it for 250, supposedly that guy does actually exist but never showed up. Told him if he doesn’t, the offer’s still there.

    Not sure how long to wait til dumping negative feedback 😛

      • There aren’t really any other listings though 😛 This one was kind of an opportunistic get, since it’s a model that has the same type of keys as mine, and since they go for about ten bucks apiece and the spare keyboard I have has 9 broken keys, I figured it was more economical to just try and grab this thing at a hundred bucks and have the whole lot of everything there to scrap through. Also could have used the other internals to assist in the project or even take it in another direction.

        As it is, I have another potential fix lined up that I could go with instead, though it seems like it might be difficult to fit it in without disrupting the other mechanisms in the lower half of the board.

        • You can’t buy the whole thing at his high price, dismantle it and sell the individual components you don’t need as spares? I’m not sure what pianos are made out of, but if you can break it down into parts that fit inside Australia Post satchels, have somewhere to store them for a few months and list them on eBay properly you’ll probably make a few bucks from it.

    • Oooh… I might pick up the Thrustmaster T1600M from there on Friday.
      Been needing a replacement for my dead Logitech Attack 3, which means I can get back into Elite Dangerous. 😀

      • Good choice, thoroughly recommended stick 😛

        Although, actually. I’d recommend getting it out when you’re there to check on it. The buttons on the base can be a little sticky, particularly the two on the inner edge. The first one I got would get stuck quite badly, so I had to return it for another. This one can do it occasionally depending on the angle you press it at, but for the most part it’s fine.

        Just to save you the hassle of any extra back-and-forth.

      • The T.Flight Hotas is probably slightly better for Elite. Same price too. Know a few people with one, no real issues, and it’s a more comfy arrangement – can put keyboard between the throttle and stick.

        Did I friend you on Elite? I’m trikeabout on there. (WEIRD I KNOW).

        • I already have the T.Flight Hotas X.
          And you may have friended me, I’ll have to look when I get the chance.

    • Never understood the gaming peripheral fascination with coloured LEDs. Isn’t that just kinda distracting?

      • I don’t find them distracting but I think my light up mouse is super ugly. I guess with PCs there isn’t really much customisation or variation in the design, so people have to fill them with LEDs and windows just to make them look unique.

    • Freeze, remember our discussion about LED cases on PC’s on the way to Canberra and how much you regretted it?

    • A shame I think the razer hard surface mouse pads are utter garbage. Their cloth ones are amazeballs though.

      Which reminds me I need to go buy that massive 900mm wide one they sell..

        • Yeah bought the Goliathus control edition when they first came out, amazing quality and it’s still in great condition. Also they aren’t too badly priced these days, I hope they haven’t suffered a dip in quality.

    • I played some Destiny last night. Went through the vanilla ‘quests’ for the exp reward.

      They dramatically shortened the whole vanilla story arc by skipping several levels and chopping out bits of the ones they do send you on, which is an… interesting choice. I thought they were trying to improve the story. Finishing the whole thing in a few hours really served to highlight how poor an effort it was. Bit of a downer way to end the night, but at least from now on is all new content (to me) which should be interesting for a while, hopefully.

      Tonight I’ll take a look at what’s left of The Dark Below quest, which for some reason wasn’t allowing me to start its quest-line from scratch like the vanilla one did… because I already started it when TDB came out, and I guess quests existed then? Don’t know. I haven’t touched HoW at all, so that’ll be next and should be fresh, although I wonder if it got the same treatment as the vanilla story and has bits chopped out of it, too.

      The highlight was probably how the very first enemy I killed dropped a green item which was better than my hard-earned exotic in that slot. And the next enemy, another upgrade. Two for two. Within seconds I was replacing the efforts of hours of grinding, while crying, “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. Get. Out.”
      Amusing, and a little heart-breaking, really. Have to wonder if they programmed loot drops specifically to do that to set the tone. “Forget holding onto the past, kid.”

      Disappointment over my precious epix being junk turned to a kind of excitement as I re-experienced the joy of actually finding upgrades from loot drops, something I hadn’t experienced since… oh. I guess other games, like Diablo. Nice that they transplanted that joy into Destiny for a little while. (I say ‘a little while‘ because I’m sure by the weekend I’ll be at the point that the only upgrades are purchased with legendary tokens instead of random drops. Hoping to be proven wrong on that, but not expecting to be.)

      The black-and-white WoW’s-sha-inspired ‘taken’ have been invading the shared space areas while I was questing, so it was a little interesting to see that slight increase in enemy variety.
      I’ve only seen two new behaviours to watch for (taken cabal centurions seem to lob large, destructible, seeking projectiles, taken vex hobgoblins seem to drop an invincibility field like Ward of Dawn), but for the most part they pretty much all die the same – shoot the bright glowy spot and get a prize.

      • Same request to you transient as to jocon; let me know how TK is; lots of positive press (apparently according to the Kotaku article it has twice the content of the base game?) around it at the moment but I recall there was also a lot of positive press around the last DLC and it pissed me off in about 2 weeks. I have a feeling TK is going to end up being much the same experience for me.

      • Now that all sounds good to me, but whether I can justify $70 for the DLC sounds tough to me.

        I’m also in a jam as to whether I keep grinding with my three level 31-32 characters on Xbone or whether to start all over again for a Playstation server. These questions have pretty much stopped me from playing/purchasing Destiny & TTK respectively.

        • I don’t think grinding will be an issue.

          When I logged in, I got an item that apparently boosts a character to 25 straight off the bat. From there, you can probably BREEZE through all the quests, and get upgrades stupidly frequently.

          Do a few bounties and you’ll probably be 32 in one damn day. 😛

          As for whether TTK part is worth it… I don’t know. I have my doubts if you’re not planning on treating it as a primarily social activity. I don’t think there’s going to be much there for the casual solo player, from all the reviews I’ve read.

        • Given that that year one gear will only be of use for a few hours after starting new campaign, I say grab legendary edition on PS4. 🙂

          I wiped my warlock at the weekend, and New Warlock is already at L27 and much through the story. And as you know what you’re doing, I and some others will happily help you power through the early missions. We power-levelled a mate of mine’s alt the other night – I was simply smashing the stories as fast as I could unlock them for him (Zydron The Gate Lord was particularly amusing, I killed Zydron while friend was just entering the final area…).

      • Taken Psions split into 2 Psions if you don’t kill them quickly. I’m tempted to hide and see how many times this will happen…

    • @pupp3tmast3r

      It’s pretty good, had much fun.
      They have not really reinvented the game as much as done everything they were trying to do, better.
      Missions have more story, personality and make more sense. Levels/light is the same concept but done clearer.
      Loot drops and is rewarded more consistently. Items seem to have more interesting perks and weapons feel more balanced so far.
      The new Taken are pretty much re-skins but add enough difference to combat to make it interesting.
      The new Warlock subclass is a blast and all the perks seem to be well though out – no useless stuff like in voidwalker.

      Happy with my purchase so far, keen to see how endgame content pans out.
      Tho after 5 hours of smashing it, I still have more campaign stuff to do. Which is a good sign.

      • I second your points (apart from Voidwalker. :-p )

        Played about 5 hours last night.

        The one thing that does still get me is the level progression feels just too quick sometimes. Not MUCH too quick, but too quick. Maybe bounties pay out a bit too much XP. XP for kills and story mission completion feels about right, but handed in 14 bounties last night and got straight to 38… Yes I know the light level is much more balanced progression, but even so.

        • Mostly I just think the energy drain thing does basically nothing.

          Yeah, you smash.through those levels real quick. :/

          • It decreases cooldown of super and grenade… and Embrace the Void means supers, grenade and melee all trigger it. In conjunction with Bloom and the Obsidian Mind helmet and one of the other perks I can’t recall off the top of my head, it means everything you do under energy drain charges your super and recharges melee and grenades, turning you into a spambeast of purple!

            …then go into Mayhem Clash and turn that whole madness to 11.

        • I handed in a set of 3 bounties, a public event package, and started the story missions from 34. Was nearly 40 by the end of the first quest, and a couple of bounties put me to 40 and well on the way to my first mote. From a pacing standpoint, that seems just about right – only gripe is some of the patrol missions will still kick your arse until you hit 40 and get some level-appropriate gear.

          We went on patrol last night, about two missions into the first TTK quest – I was 36, the others were around 39. Took a VIP bounty, which turned out to be level 40, 220 light – we were all sitting around 180-200 light, with me at around 183. I couldn’t even scratch the enemies in the VIP area, even with a 195 machine gun, and got one-shot by a stray bullet. The others were doing damage, and surviving longer, but we still all died a lot before we completed it.

          Contrast to this morning’s brief excursion to Old Russia as a 40 with 227 light – found a Taken bounty with level 40/220 light enemies, and tore them apart with little trouble.

    • I’m savouring it. It’s good. Fillion is just being Fillion, which is fine. The Kayde’s Quest mission was jaw-dropping. 😀

      IS GOOD!!!

      Dropping in and out of chat with regular partner-in-shootyface @os42 last night, and with another IRL mate who’s playing. Judging by the cackling, panic and “Wow! Um… Wow!” I think everyone was having fun…

      …and the Sunbreaker hammer… HAHAHAH I AM THOR!!!

      • The new subclasses… XD I gotta admit, I wasn’t sold on the Stormcaller from the promotional footage… but then I played it. Holy crap. The super is essentially “hold R2 to vaporise anything in immediate vicinity” XD Can’t decide if I want to keep ploughing through content on my warlock to get some legendary marks and some decent legendary gear, or get my other characters up to speed first.

        Gonna do hunter next… the nightstalker apparently has some cool exploration-oriented perks I want to try out.

        • And a few missions give you a few massive groups of mobs at just the right time to palatine through them like a badass.
          So great.

        • I did enjoy dropping back in to party, listening to a couple of minutes of… “Um, this is bad. Bad. Run. Ghost said run, so run. Bad bad bad!” and quietly slipping out again to leave you all to it. 😀

          • Oh, that mission was amazing. After a year of missions you were expected to kill anything and everything in your way, it was refreshing to have different objectives. Not sure how far you got – don’t read this if you’ve not been sent to the moon.

            Also, a year of Destiny has taught me that a mission likely should end at a certain point. this one tho, just when you expect the mission to complete and head back to orbit, everything goes to hell and you’re fleeing for your life, running headlong through the hellmouth in a mad dash to the surface.

          • Oh yeah, that was great.
            I like how it even came up with the mission end stuff on your screen at first so you relax. Then shit hits the fan.

          • Tonight. I have just received word that She Who Controls The TV is going for drinks with her bestie. So I shall be on before reset. 😀

        • Oh oh oh – I did Kayde’s Quest with Tel, after we came to agreement about shhhhhhh during cutscenes. We spent a good 5 or more minutes on the first balcony after the lift up, just looking down and sightseeing the locations on the ground. Magical.


          He’d gone over to trigger the bridge, I jumped over and stood at the far end of the bridge before it started moving and rode it round. Turned round as it connected at the other end, saw Tel jump down, yelled “No don’t run across it’ll probably…” GUARDIAN DOWN “…fall. Hmm.” Him: “Typical. Bastards.” Me: “Bridges ALWAYS fall. ALWAYS.”


          • I did the same thing with the bridge. Saw it start to swing across, jumped down and started running across. It thunked into place… then lurched and collapsed under me. Ooops. 😛 Did either of you get knocked by the taken phalanx in the doorway? I nearly got flung off the tower – only just managed to save myself thanks to my floaty warlock jump.

          • Yeah, I did. I now know precisely how Wile E Coyote felt.

            I hopped on with Josh later as he was doing that mission. Hung back covering him and let him discover where to go (Journey style… 🙂 ). He hopped over to that doorway. Saw him fly backwards and off the edge. Cackle. 😀

            SO MUCH FUNS

  • RockeTAY League

    Round 5 yeah!

    This week’s matches are:


    As always, if you’re yet to complete previous rounds just get to them when you can.

    The full fixture is available in this comment.

    @redartifice @tigerion @benny @fatshadylive @zetrox2k @shane @phoenix @cakesmith
    @coldcamv @markserrels @freezespreston @jacksonwryan @rize @finishedlast @blaghman @cookingmama @gingerchris86 @batguy @alexwalker

  • I’ve never been so happy to be jobless*. Video games, catching up with friends, motherfucking sea salt face masks, and I finally have time to grace TAY with my presence once again. Fuck, I might even go on vacation somewhere. I’m half-tempted to buy a random ticket to Australia and sate the ol’ wanderlust.

    .. But no the sea salt face masks are the best part.

    *well I’ve actually some job security in the future so really I’m just on vacation

  • @jocon let me know how your foray into Destiny goes; once you eventually get the game downloaded =P

  • So I’m planning to go to Japan in November.
    Going to visit the usual places like Akihabara and Nintendo HQ.
    Any other places people recommend going for a game geek?

    • Capcom Bar.
      You have to book on their website beforehand, but it’s so worth it, so much themed food and drinks.

      • Ooh never heard of this place.
        However since it’s a bar I don’t think they’ll let my 3.5 year old son in 🙁

        • it’s more like a restaurant than a bar honestly, maybe stop by and ask them earlier if its okay, i couldn’t see why not.

      • LOL. Well I’ll just tell the Mrs “Oops sorry dear, I didn’t know but since we’re in here…”

    • Dunno about anywhere else for gaming than what you listed.

      I was surprised to find that even relatively ‘rural’ cities had electronics stores whose gaming range dwarfed anything we have in any specialty gaming stores in Brisbane. All in Japanese though, so unless you speak and read the language, of limited value other than novelty.

      I recommend just seeing all the cities and riding the shinkansen. If you’re a bit of an anime geek you’ll be pretty surprised at just how recognizable all that iconic scenery and architecture is, from anime. Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto… Get into the cities and get some cul’cha inna’ya!

      There’s a tonne of tiny bars and pubs in hole-in-the-wall spaces pretty much everywhere, making the place IDEAL for a pub-crawl.

      Everywhere I went was incredibly friendly toward English-speakers, willing to at least gesticulate and play international charades, if they don’t straight-up have english menus.

      You can get by pretty much anywhere with just knowing hello/goodbye (konichiwa and sayonara, or ja’ne which is ‘seeya’), yes (hai), no (iie), thank-you (casual: arigatou, formal: arigatou gozaimasu, very grateful: doumo arigatou, very formally grateful: doumo arigatou gozaimasu), sorry (casual: gomen / formal: gomenasai), excuse me/pardon me (sumimasen).
      Maybe, ‘I don’t understand’ ( casual: wakaranai / formal: wakarimasen).

      Get yourself a translator app and focus on single words so you can convey, ‘tasty’ (oishii!) and stuff so you can engage with the locals, many of whom will know a limited bit of English (which they apparently teach in high schools) and be keen to communicate.

      Japanese drinkers are, in my experience, very friendly and curious and respond well to praise for their city or country. When you’re in a city try to consciously think about the things that really impress you so you can bring it up when asked.

      • Thanks for the tips.
        Do you recommend any good Translator Apps for Android?
        I installed Google’s Translator App but it doesn’t translate Japanese->English in real time via the camera. 🙁

        • Sorry, part of the Cult of Apple here. IPHONE FOREVA!
          Still, the google translate app I installed was pretty shitty for anything other than basic words and even then it’s kind of hit or miss.

          Think of the word sweet. Used colloquially it can mean ‘good’ just as much as sweet-tasting.

        • If you want to learn basic phrases, maybe use ? Also I suggest using formal speech everywhere as you do not know if someone is a higher social standing to you and you may offend them with casual speech

    • Also, you’ll be wandering through Akihabara looking at the stores and all their rad figures and gaming stuff and suddenly without any warning you’ll be surrounded by porn.

    • Where are you going, exactly? If you’re heading to Osaka, Denden-town is good as well. It’s a less overtly geeky Akihabara, with more games & hobby stores and less maid cafes and whatnot.

      • Nothing set in stone but Tokyo and Kyoto are definite so we’ll probably go to other places in between.
        I might have to read up on Denden Town. Thanks.

    • Depending on what you’re looking for, you can spend tonnes of time just wandering around Akihabara finding all sorts of stores with all kinds of games and figurines and stuff (arcades too, of course). Also, Book-Off. They’re a chain of second-hand stores, a great place to find all sorts of obscure Japanese games and game soundtracks. But very “varies by location” in what they might or might not have, on one of our free days I just spent ages running around to as many as I could.

      • If the prices are right, I might buy a Vita and Virtual Boy and other old retro consoles I could find.
        I read about Book-Off and will definitely check their stores out and see what I can find.

  • US Streetpass Adventures: The Restreetpassening: This Time I Definitely (Probably) Won’t Lose It

    A couple of years ago I took my 3DS to the US, with the intention of chronicling my streetpass interactions around San Francisco and New York. It failed spectacularly, including losing it on the plane, having to order a new one from the UK due to region locking, visiting IGN’s offices 3 times for only 1 hit then finding out on the way to the airport that they had a streetpass “creche” in the back corner, and having my trip to NY cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy.

    Tomorrow I head off for a 3 week trip to NY, Chicago, then driving across the US to LA. I’m a less prolific poster nowadays, but I’m still going to try to post regular updates here on how many streetpass hits I get along the way – if only for my own enjoyment.

    Fingers crossed that the trip is full of Miis and devoid of failures!

  • So I picked up a Gameboy Colour Pokemon Edition yesterday for a whole $2 because they thought it didn’t work. Turns out the battery terminals had crap on them from a battery that leaked, but I cleaned it up and all is well, it also came with Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade game heh.

    • That is way better than the opposite – buying a thing then opening it up to find it won’t work at all because the batteries leaked so hard that the terminals had crumbled and fallen off. Then messaging back to say that batteries had leaked in there, only to be responded to with “is that a bad thing?”

      • Oh wow.. Uh, that seller is a douchebag. Even more so because they didn’t check before hand and yeah, what a jerk!

  • Open up work emails and sitting up the top is “100 days until Christmas! Make sure to get your Christmas decorations up ASAP.”



    • It’s almost the Hajj. Make sure to walk round your desk many times then throw pebbles at your manager.

      Xmas decorations go up on the first of December, and down no later than 6 January. It’s bad enough that it’s a de facto cultural thing that’s assumed to be followed by everyone, but when it takes over a third of a year it sucks any vestige of meaning from what little it ever had.

  • Sooo PC peoples, has anyone here bought from before, If so are they reputable & trust worthy?

    • All the parts for my current PC I’ve gotten from CPL at a branch, haven’t had any issues with them at all, I trust them.

      • Oh sweet, cheers Techy! Turns out they’re about the only store in the country which have a decent Intel 1155 socket motherboard for an okay price lol.

        • CPL I’ve known to be having a good balance between good pricing and quite adequate knowledge on the things they’re selling. Each time I’ve asked questions regarding comparisons between A and B, the salesguy does give some practical answers to help you decide if you’re unsure. Not sure if that level of service is still there at CPL, haven’t bought from them in about a year but I’ve never left disappointed in the past several years.

          • Sounds pretty good to me. Much better than Umart where they don’t really want to talk to you from my experiences heh.

    • CPL are really good, have bought multiple systems from them
      Again that is all in-store, but assume the online would be exactly the same.

    • CPL local Melbourne branch has been great for a lot of what we buy down here.
      I can’t vouch for the online side though.

    • Thanks for the feedback @beavwa @tigerion & @tech_knight I think i’ll buy what I want from them then!

    • Echoing the others. CPL used to be my go-to and I’ve bought multiple entire systems worth of parts from them. However for me, PCCG started to have better prices and the convenience of shipping so I swapped, and then PCCG moved their warehouse to very close to my usual CPL branch so now I tend to just go and pick up directly.

  • Sorry to start a new thread but…
    DesTAYnie players, as this is a social game, what’s the score on current fire/raid teams?
    Is anyone looking for peeps to play regular with or does everyone have a full crew?

        • Ennnhhhh…. whenever I can snatch some time. HUGELY unreliable, which is a downside.

          Edit: Weird. It normally doesn’t allow duplicate posts.

        • turns out you sent me a friend request 2 years ago that i never accepted hahaha.

          Yeah i’m on PS4, generally free around 7 or 8 for you eastern state-rs, someitmes available in the day, feel free to just send me a party invite whenever i’m online, i’ll most likely be able to join you.

      • Add meeeeee…
        I don’t play often these days, but will probably get back in to it later down the line after uni eases up and stuff.
        Not to toot my own horn, but I was pretty good back in my hay days.
        PSN: liondrive

        When I do come back to Destiny, I plan on only ever using No Land Beyond.

      • god fucking damnit if we set up raiding parties I’ll actually have the time to go through raids. Never bothered with Crota’s End so I’ll have to get around to that as well.

        • Yeah I never did Crota either. Be good to play with you again man.
          @GrandmasterB-Funk you up for raids?

          I have a few randoms down for a sat run on (destiny group site) we might be able to make up numbers with.

          I think other taybies like os42 and tigs already have teams.

          • hell yeah i wanna do raids, i’ve wanted to do crota soooo bad.

            Although i’m working saturday night, so that may be a problem if you were planning on doing it in the night.

          • Yea, sorry, I’m… taken.

            😛 If you need a sixth and I’m just noodling about solo, I’d be happy to help. But I feel it’d be better for your team if you can get a dedicated group.

    • I’m on Xbone, always keen to find others to play with though my playing pattern is somewhat erratic.

    • I’ve never managed to play a lot with TAY people since they’re all busy playing regularly and my play time tends to be sporadic.

    • I have a regular fireteam who’s expanded close to 3 fireteams worth but I think atm we’ve got a few people sitting out the first weekend of raiding so if anyone wants to join up CUFCfan616 on PS4 and probably an idea to hit me up on Facebook as well and I can add anyone to our group. my facebook url is also cufcfan616 😛

      On that note, is there a TAY facebook group out of interest?

  • hey @aliasalpha thanks for the assistance the other day, managed to score a Behringer Xenyx 1204USB for a very sweet price. expecting it to arrive in an hour or so!

  • The limited edition twisted faves strawberry cream things taste almost exactly like strawberry quik.
    I am ok with this

    • I knew a guy who made an alcoholic cocktail that tasted exactly like Strawberry Breaka. Not OAK, not Big M, but Breaka.

      I have no idea how he did it and I really, really wish he’d written it down somewhere that I could’ve CARVED IT IN STONE.

  • @transientmind meant to reply to your post (was it yesterday?) congrats on the semi-new role dude! I normally don’t advocate settling for anything less than you were aiming for but if you reckon you’ll be happy in this other role go for it! =]

  • Has anyone else got stuck “trending Stories Right now”? Mine has been about the beauty of god eater in Animated gifs for multiple days

  • Started playing Destiny again with the expansion out. Feels good to be leveling up again rather than hoping for lucky gear drops. Started at 24, ran through the questy stuff to get some free gear. Got the first exotic ever for me from the Cryptarch. Naturally it was a very average gun (Hard Light) of a type I dislike (Auto Rifle) but I tried it out since it was a massive upgrade from the Stranger’s Rifle that I had previously and it was a big step up despite everything. Fairly good range on it too, and stable enough to be able to squeeze off bursts at longer range and still get headshot kills etc.

    I love the fact that shit actually drops from enemies. It feels like you’re getting new gear at a fairly good clip now.

    I have NFI how I unlock the quests (if there are any) for the new content so I basically patrolled until I hit 28, then had another crack at the Dark Below stuff. Finally beat Sardon. That guy’s a tremendous asshole but the extra levels and better guns made it actually possible to beat him though it was touch and go.

    Feels like you can spend time with the game and actually make progress again, and also feels like there might actually be a bit more to do once you’re at level cap.

    • Do you need both the expansions to play? I wouldn’t mind giving it another go but not willing to fork over $70 + “whatever the other expansion costs” to fix the game

      • The Legendary edition thing comes with the other 2 DLC.
        I went to EB, price matched Jb at $79 and traded in my original Destiny disk for $20 credit.
        $59 is still expensive but slightly better.

        • It would be nice if they offered a “retry” period which allowed people to try the new stuff for a week for people that stopped playing during the vanilla game.

    • The TTK stuff starts as a level 25 mission on Phobos (see the Mars map), which starts the quest chain. Not sure when it appears storywise, tho. Chronologically, it follows from the Dark Below stuff, so maybe you need to finish/get to a certain point in that questline for it to unlock.

      • @transientmind: the story mission on Phobos was there, but I expected a questy thing to go with it and don’t have one. Do I maybe need to clear all the main story questline? Would suck if that was the case, I don’t want to replay all of the game.

        • I have no idea as I don’t have a quest for it either. I don’t THINK you have to replay the entire game, I think it might be level-based. Either that or you just straight-up GO THERE and it automatically picks the quest up for you.

          • Actually meant to tag @sernobulus.

            In my defense, your avatars are both yellow and I just had eye surgery.

          • My eyesight is all kinds of fucking weird right now. I can’t wear my glasses any more – I see marginally better without them – but my vision’s nowhere near good enough to be able to see well. Have had to increase text sizes and stuff. Lots of issues with light bleeding into dark areas and stuff. It’ll improve over time.

            Apparently I heal really fast. Like, stupidly so. The protective surface of the eye gets stripped off for the procedure and it grows back in ~3-4 days, but starts from the outside and grows in to the center. They put a contact lens in to protect it which gets taken out after a few days. Well, by the time Friday rolled around and I hit 3 days, the cells in my eye had over-healed, regenerated all the way then gone nuts and met in the middle like two colliding tectonic plates, raising a massive ridge where they met which is being slowly smoothed out with the medications I’m taking.

            I have periods where my eyesight is in pretty good nick, then suddenly it’ll just swim and go back out again. It’s like the auto-focus on a camera when it can’t figure out what to focus on. Changing focal distance quickly tires me out so driving to work this morning was a fair bit of work.

            But yeah, seems to have gone okay. Eyesight feels like it’s ‘better’. Definitely had started to get progression in my good eye so the world had been a bit fuzzy recently even with glasses, and it seems like if I could just dial the focus in, it’d be a lot sharper than I’ve had in several years. I think exacerbating the issue is the fact my right eye sees like shit still (better than it was, but shit). I’m hoping I can get some new glasses made up that will improve things a bit, but they’ve told me I need to wait at least 6 weeks, ideally 3 months for everything to be stable enough.

            That said, I’ve got the spare cash resources right now that I can just get a pair done in 5 weeks, then replace them next year. So just got to wait it out a bit.

        • You should have picked it up as soon as you start playing… Does Zavala have anything for you? Or maybe try going into the mission and seeing if you get it there… I don’t think it has a prereq, but if it did, it’d be Eris’ “The Dark Below” questline… maybe continue with that and see if it unlocks anything? It’s only four steps or so, but I’ll admit I’m clutching at straws.

          • I didn’t get it when I started and he didn’t have anything except some bullshit titan thing to go punch motherfuckers in the crucible which I noped right out of because fuck pvp.

          • I think you do the Phobos mission first which is when everyone then goes “Oh shit, Oryx.” and you get a questline after.

          • Yea, perusing the help forum, there are people who didn’t get the quest immediately are reporting receiving it in that mission on Phobos. Worth a shot.

    • There’s an abandoned quests kiosk near the vanguards that will run you through the story again but you might not feel it necessary since you haven’t finished it to begin with. The new quests will get given to you once you start the TTK content, which you trigger by visiting the red mission marker on Phobos.

      You’ll also get given a quest from your class vanguard to level up and perform special feats which will get you a class item you can wear at level 40. After you do that you’ll also get given a mission to go to level 40 which will earn you a unique shader.

      Once you finish the Phobos mission you’ll also get given a quest to unlock your third subclass which I would suggest doing sooner rather than later so you have more opportunity to level it up, but I played most of the story as a Striker Titan so it’s not essential.

      Another thing to do after Phobos would be to visit the Reef and pick up a quest from Petra – you can do it whenever but the first steps are something you can do semi-passively to avoid grind. Another optional consideration.

  • I don’t know if I’m even going to dress up at PAX this year. Dunno if there’s enough time to start something new, not that I have any ideas. Feel too preoccupied with other things. Even though I’m probably wasting most of my time not doing anything, somehow.

  • If you were wondering just how out of touch Abbott was, he sent his resignation to the GG by fax.

    • I work at auspost and they still ask customers to fax things over to them. Like, legitimately asks them to fax them paperwork and then says “I guess if you can’t fax it over you can email it over to us”.

    • We’ve had 3 prime ministers yet to complete a full political term…. wonder how many more it’ll take for the parties to realize people are completely disillusioned with government as it stands.

      Here’s hoping Turnbull starts turning that train wreck of a party around.

    • In my mind the Governor General is sitting in his office, generally governing his heart out, then proceeds to poo himself as the forgotten dust covered machine in the corner suddenly starts making fax noises and spitting out paper.

    • Don’t worry apparently immigration minister Peter Dutton sent his resignation in via text message ha.

    • I send and receive faxes all the time. It’s actually quite a good system, for several reasons. It leaves a paper trail, is relatively secure and virtually instantaneous. Plus you know your millennial staff member can’t prank you by “resigning” for you. 😉

  • I came up with a cool idea for a Mario Maker level while walking to the toilet. Hurry up, clock, I need to get home to try it out. Just… four and a half hours to go…

    Though just having an idea has never guaranteed me a decent course in the past. I made a quick level called “Wii Fit Triathlon” last night which uses the Wii Fit Trainer skin and has swimming, “cycling” and running sections. But it didn’t turn out that well 😛

    • I’ve ordered Mario Maker and should expect to receive it later this week. Watching all the videos on the Net makes me feel like making a lot of levels myself.
      What’s sad is I don’t even have a Wii U yet! :’-(

  • “Hm? How do you add tick-boxes? Sure, I can help with that. Making a form, huh? OK, cool, cool… alright, well for these fields let’s just lay out the text first, then put the boxes in front like so. There we go, nice and neat!”

    “Hm? You… don’t want that in multiple columns, but a list that stretches over multiple pages? Oh. Well, I guess you could do that, I’ll just, uh… *twitch-twitch* merge these cells in table. That’s… well. It’s what you want, right? So just go and populate the text for the rest of these fields.”

    “Yes, like that sort of… I mean, ok, nesting is fine, but you might just want to align all those different lines vertically so they’re just… ok, no it’s easy you can just use tab for each new line and it’ll automatically go to a fixed poin– right, fair enough, who would bother with that, huh? Yeah, I mean you can just put boxes wherever, all mis-aligned, I mean, that works too… I… I have to go now.” *twitch-twitch*

    I swear they’re fucking with me to get a reaction.

        • There can only one course of action; you stay back after work log on to your colleagues computer and fix all the forms everywhere.

          • …Yes.

            “What happened to my form? Did it do something weird when I saved it?”
            “Hm. The application must have some sort of algorithm which hates bad design and auto-corrects it to a layout that doesn’t sear eyeballs in an offense against decency.”

          • You know if you do they they are going to complain about how they now have to go back and “fix” it

          • “Oh awesome, now I don’t have to worry about doing it properly since the program will fix everything for me” 😛

          • I’ve made a huge mistake.

            NOWAIT. “I knew you didn’t like it, so I uninstalled that module. It might turn up again thanks to Microsoft automatic updates whenever you do something I can’t stand.”


    • My team put out a new report this week and someone asked who did x, y, Z and parts 1 through 6. I graciously gave credit where it was due… But didn’t tell them I spent 7 hours the day before final draft was due fixing all the formatting fuck ups… Despite giving them a fixed colour palette, preselected font and sizes for text, charts and tables.

      Looked like an 11 year old had their first go at bringing Excel, Word and PowerPoint together.

  • Best. Day. Ever. Finally passed the Traitors’ Caravan level on MGSV. Only took about 20 retries and 4+ hours.

    • Oh man, that mission.

      First time I tried it I got worried that the vehicles were already well on their way after getting info on where they were, so I drove to the final point on the route, and waited. And waited. And waited. Only to have them bypass the trap I set up, so I restarted everything. Fucked about a few times, closest I got was fultoning both tanks and then being wrecked by the Skulls just outside the air base. Finally gave in and restarted again. Started sprinting across the map, worked my way into the air field. Fultoned out both tanks before they did anything, and tranqed two dudes next to the truck, who were seen by one guy each, which led to a disaster of a system where I’d knock two out, only to have the other two wake them just in time to be knocked out again. Gave up on this and sprinted towards the truck, Skulls pop out and get confused, while I drive off the airbase unchased. S Rank, no kills, not spotted in the mission at all. Goddammit MGSV.

      • Sounds like my experience haha I ended up watching youtube to get an idea and even then I had to change things up a little.

  • So apparently Rekorderlig claim that 6.5% strength cider is ‘festival strength’ unless that’s a thing in Europe, here we’re not trust worthy enough to have full strength so we have to have 3.5% mid strength for the price of full strength lol.

    Saying that their 6.5% apple cider tastes pretty alright. $20 for 10 at Dan Murphy’s if you’re a member of their club thing heh.

  • I haven’t played Destiny since the update, but apparently there is now a super annoying voice over for the Crucible, according to some videos I have seen. Shaxx commentating will drive me crazy. Somebody please tell me that you can turn this feature off for when / if I do return 😮

    • Shaxx now calls out kill streaks like the Halo announcer used to, and for particularly good runs he apparently gets a bit excited. Most of the feedback I’ve seen has been pretty positive, people find it kind of endearing.

      I haven’t been back in the crucible since I did an Iron Banner like 3 months ago but there are some post TTK-story quest chains that require crucible participation so I’ll probably try and jump in this weekend.

  • @blaghman @popdart5 @tech_knight sorry gents, ive been home sick today, lost my voice, so cants Numenera. Will readjourn in a fortnight

  • Alright, finally got my first level done in Mario Maker. It’s probably a bit on the tough side, so apologies in advance 😛 Did try and be helpful with it though.


  • This is annoying. If I look at the list of people I’m following, there’s a refresh button on the side. But that only seems to refresh the list of friends themselves, the list of courses attached to each of them stays the same. And stays outdated. Can’t figure out how to force it to update the list, since I know one of them has added a new course. Even going back to the title screen and heading back in, it keeps the old info.

  • Oh so apparently I bought the Non-Dinkle bot collector’s edition of Destiny so I already have the two expansions. Makes things easy, except for the fact that now I’ve got to download every update ever made for Destiny.

  • There’s no discovery left in games is there? Every web site is tripping over themselves these days to reveal even the smallest details of games as soon as they possibly can. I wonder if that’s what leading people to feel burnt out on AAA gaming? You know every single detail about the game right down to menu fonts before it even comes out and there’s nothing left to discover by the time you start playing the game.

    • This is a very good point, I almost think the less you know about the game the better?

      Some of my best gaming experiences I’ve had recently are from Her Story, The Last of Us and EUIV because I got to playing them without knowing much about them. Even then playing the most recent Batman whilst I heard it was a great game and highly polished, I had no idea about the story arcs which made it very rewarding for me to play.

      • It’s not even just the story. Article on Kotaku front page showing off the little animations explaining the SPECIAL system in Fallout 4 so even something like that can’t be seen as a neat little thing when creating your character because you’ve already seen it 2 months before release.

    • I refused to watch anything to do with The Taken King and I’m refusing to look at anything to do with Fallout 4.

      I enjoyed the Taken King story so hard, so glad I didn’t have any of it even slightly spoiled for me.

      • At least with Fallout 4 what’s been announced is all that will be leaked (he says). They’ve said they’re not going to talk anymore about the story, just the SPECIAL videos now I think until release

    • Just saw that Fallout 4 thing and was all “Seriously?” at this point i’m gonna be over Fallout 4 and feel like i’ve played the shit out of it before it gets released and just eBay my Pipboy edition. Not that I would do that, but still.

    • This is why I want some kind of embargo system where publishers don’t reveal anything about their game until they announce it. None of this sizzle/tease/preview of the fucking preview bullshit.

      And when they announce it, they do so with a release date. A release date that’s like… three months after the announcement.

      Fuck the 12-18 month hype cycle.

    • No, what’s making people feel burned out on AAA gaming is these goddamn huge games with massive open worlds that are ultimately hollow because it’s just cut-and-pasted content made to a template and exists solely to pad out the game from being a 5-10 hour experience to a 20-40 hour one.

      • Collect all the audio-tapes/feathers/riddler trophies!

        It could’ve just been 20 in out of the way places, or 50 for flavour that might’ve been easily discovered if you poked around in corners while doing the main quest (thus breaking narrative pacing and flow), but instead we decided to make four hundred of the fuckers so you’ll NEVER LEAVE US PLEASE PLAY FOREVER

        • Oh wait, let me just update your map with all the random chests that we’ve scattered everywhere that you might want to open.

          Except the blue ones, you’ll need to pay us the low low fee of $0.99 to open those.

  • Coding Taybies, i still require your aid!
    I really need help with the coding as the game needs to be submitted tomorrow
    I am cutting it superfine.
    Anyway, here is my code logic without proper syntax
    There are 3 variables. Anger, Sad and Forgive.
    There are 4 endings.
    I was thinking of using If and Else nesting. It’s been ages since I’ve coded, so I need something simple.
    if (anger =<2){
    got to anger ending}
    else if (sad =<2){
    go to sad ending}
    else if (forgive =<3){
    go to forgive ending}
    Else go to undecided ending.

    Really? D= page get…

    • Hi Scree

      First look wouldn’t it be
      if (anger >=2)
      go to anger ending
      else if (sad>=2)
      go to sad ending
      else if (forgive >=3)
      go to forgive ending
      go to undecided ending

      If they select Anger twice they get the anger ending

    • Yeah, something like that will work, though your > symbol is around the wrong way.

      Recommend you follow this guide for using variables:

      If you add all this code into a TyranoScript box, you’ll be set.
      (Note: don’t use spaces in labels or scene names or the whole thing will fall apart)

      [if exp=”f.Anger >1″]
      [jump storage=SceneName.ks target=*AngerEnding]

      [if exp=”f.Sad >1″]
      [jump storage=SceneName.ks target=*SadEnding]

      [if exp=”f.Forgive >1″]
      [jump storage=SceneName.ks target=*ForgiveEnding]

      [jump storage=SceneName.ks target=*UndecidedEnding]

    • Just note: from what I can see, it’s going to be far more difficult for you to code the ability to ask questions in any order than it is to do the ending.

      This is mostly because if players ask the same question multiple times, they could end up with Anger, Forgiveness and Sad scores well in advance of what you’re hoping they get… so you need to figure out a way to engineer it so players can only ask a question once.

      I’m not sure of the best way to do this, though.

      Possibly add a bunch of new variables [Q1Asked, Q2Asked, Q3Asked] along with a label just before each choice, and run a check against each one when a player attempts to ask a question.

      [if exp=”f.Q1Asked =1″]
      (I’ve already asked that question! Maybe I should ask something else instead.)
      [jump storage=SceneName.ks target=*QuestionChoice]
      [eval exp=”f.Q1Asked=f.Q1Asked + 1″]
      [[[game continues]]]

    • Not having any idea how your game is set up… is there a possibility for people to have enough points to meet the requirements for more than one ending? eg. I finish the game with 2 Anger points and 2 Sad points? If that is not possible, then what you have is good!

      If it is possible, then you might need to rethink that IF statement, because if I ended the game with 2 Anger AND 2 Sad, I would get the Anger ending because that is the first IF that I pass.

      If you want someone who fulfils the requirements for more than one ending to get the “Undecided” ending, then to do that in an IF, you would have to check each of the other variables as well like this: (hit the “Paste” button below the code field to run the code. You can change around the values of the three variables to test it out. (this is in PHP, but it should be the same syntax in whatever language you’re using)

      • I’ve read the script. There are only three choices in the game, and each one bestows one Anger, or one Sad, or one Forgive point. So if you have 2 of one value, it’s impossible to have two of another.

        This is good general advice for clean logic, though!

      • I haven’t checked on how to upload it and stuff. Elsa is being put aside so I can focus on this.
        Two questions though, when characters enter scene, they always display anger, and there seems to be no option to choose.
        …i forgot the second question ^^;
        I remember it!
        Can you select and move multiple items?

  • Interesting that Kotaku has a stance of “Stop preordering stuff, guys, seriously” then you see Gizmodo full of “Here’s all the places to preorder your iPhone”.

    • Yeah but game retailers have shady arrangements in place to trap customers into their economy and overspend on products that should be more affordable with the allure of exclusivity whereas Apple… uh… hmm.

    • The difference is that with a phone you’re ordering a physical product a few weeks out in order to guarantee stock, where for a game you’re ordering a product months out in order to gain some kind of retailer incentives – you’re unlikely to miss out on the game otherwise.

      • If you can’t get an iPhone something has gone terribly wrong. Apple only ever do the stock scarcity thing for a few days to build hype then you can stroll in anywhere and buy one.

        • Yeah that’s true nowadays. Wasn’t always though. I remember it taking several weeks to get a 3GS at launch.

          Right now I just wish someone would pull their finger out and release the Xperia Z5 so I can fuck this goddamn Nokia right off.

      • Sure, buuuuuuuuuut there’s no real reason for stock levels to be so low at launch, other than as another artificial bullshit incentive for consumers to stop thinking and start paying.


      Question: do you know how much of the art is typically replaced in the process of localisation? Because the courtroom and judge don’t look like the AA staples that I’m most familiar with.

      My assumption here is that the art is basically unchanged, given the aesthetic of the Ace Attorney movie. So the art here signifies… what? A change in setting? At least one case set in Asia?

      If they’re actually changing the setting, maybe we’ll be getting some good news re: Great Ace Attorney as well at some point…?

      Edit: maybe I should wait for a translation before I start jumping to conclusions, though… 😛

      • I don’t think they typically change much of the art outside of fixing a few minor details to fit with some evidence descriptions or something.

        Possible spoilers about the background art in case you were avoiding everything:
        They said that in this game Phoenix travels to a faraway country where the regular-style courtroom doesn’t exist yet (they rely on supernatural stuff, apparently), so that’s why everything looks so different! The judge/Prosecutor Payne always looking the same are just in-jokes at this point I suppose 😛

        • Thanks for the details! I’m so keen for this game.

          Nah, I’m not on media blackout for this.

          I don’t want the minute details of the cases spoiled for me… but if there’s (to take a previous example) a case where I have to defend a killer whale against a murder charge, that’s the kind of thing I want to know ASAP because the hype for that is just so delicious 😀

        • Also, supernatural stuff? Magatamas in the game logo (and pretty prominently in the trailer)? I know Maya hasn’t been directly confirmed, but it looks very much like they’ve padded the landing for her triumphant return…!
          Now all we need is a Gumshoe confirmation, and I’ll be very happy.

      • “I saw on Facebook and Twitter that people were wondering about DGS, and to be honest, I am not privy to Producer level and above discussions, so I’m not entirely sure how the decision was made to localize AA6 over DGS. I personally think that part of the reason is because we can only handle one AA game at a time (there’s only one of me, after all ^^; ) so it’s still entirely possible that DGS may be localized in the future. That said, my team and I are working hard on the localization of AA6. I hope it’ll live up to your expectations.”

  • got to work this morning. fired up facebook and kotaku, cause my boss is awesome (so awesome we get beer and pizza on fridays as some sort of incentive to do well, even though the ladies of the company spend hours on end in the cafe downstairs almost daily, but im digressing here) and i see that Origin has Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s revenge on the house. pull out my laptop, go through the 30 mins of another update, get to the on the house thing and wouldnt you know….

    the god damn EA servers have pretty much crashed with everyone trying to get their hands on it. “thank you for waiting patiently” im gonna be waiting until mid next month, arent i?

  • Ok I need to vent/rant. All these “insert reason” Taken King is awesome articles are really starting to grate against me now. Can we remember that this is a company that released half a game at full price and have basically released the other half a year later as a second game? This practice is unacceptable.

    There were a lot of players who bought the year 1 content who felt burned out because of the limited content of the game. Bungie/Activisions way of making up for that is to say “pay us the full price for another and this time we won’t let you down”. That’s not bloody good enough; I’m no stranger to expansions coming to MMO’s; heck I’ve gotten used to that mentality after playing WoW for every single expansion since BC. What I am not used to is playing a mess of a game and then being told that the developers admit they made a mess but will make up for it in the next expansion at full price.

    While I’m happy that the players who were willing shell out a second time are enjoying TTK; it is still a horrid practice and throwing positive press and money behind it will only serve to show other developers that they should implement a similar schedule of release for future titles.

    • It’s because games journalists are too afraid of the backlash from multi-million dollar companies if they dare to print negativity for a much-hyped game, like what happened with Gamespot and the subsequent Kane & Lynch 2 review.

      • I don’t even think so much it’s the backlash from the companies, I think they are worried about their brand.

        We gamers are some of the most vilest, mean and aggressive sub cultural groups around. Why would I want to write an article that pisses off all of my readership? I remember reading the hate when some games journo’s decided that Destiny Vanilla didn’t have enough content to keep them satisfied,; Shoot, pop, relead, do it again. They saw into the future, and when they told us how they felt we shouted them down as non-believers and heretics.

    • I’m sort of on board with this, but I think the problem is expectations.

      It’s an MMO. This needs to stop being obfuscated or danced around. It doesn’t have a subscription, but it charges so much for its content packs (borderline mandatory content packs – unless you no longer want to be able to do any of the dailies or weeklies) that it might as well be a subscription MMO.

      Ignoring premium DLC cosmetics, we’re talking $90 for the base game at the time, plus $30 for each of the first couple expansions, then another $50 for the ‘major’ expansion.

      Over a year, that comes to about the same fifteen bucks a month that a WoW sub does. Cheaper if you had to buy a WoW expansion that year and had to buy the base game at full price because you missed one of the $5-for-the-entire-range pre-expansion sales.

      The difference, however, is that with a WoW sub… you don’t have to stay subscribed ALL YEAR. The WoW box might’ve cost you five bucks, and if you only subbed for three months before you got bored by the content drought, you’ve only invested $50 for the year, compared to Destiny’s $170.

      And a big problem with that price comparison comes when you realize that any given WoW year produces around ten times more content than Destiny’s first year has (even including Taken King, which is essentially Year 2).

      If you play the shit out of Destiny with friends for months, you’re probably getting fantastic dollar-per-hour value. But when compared with other, better offerings, it’s a lower value than we know is possible. So it’s not surprising that this should cause some resentment.

      • Small point worth remembering; both consoles that Destiny can be played online on require a subscription in order for you to access the online content; a quasi-subscription is required in order to play Destiny effectively. Making their games more expensive than WoW and it’s xpacs.

        Edit: Also as I understand TTK Bungie has re-used a lot of existing assets in creating this year 2 game? Aren’t the Taken just reskins of existing enemies?

        • If we get into that thinking though we’re in trouble; we need to buy an internet connection to play the game, and then we need to buy a router, then we need a T.V to play on, then we need a wall stand/cabinet, then we need somewhere indoors….

          • I can do a lot of other things with all the items you’ve listed; while I can’t speak for others I got a psplus subscription on my PS4 ONLY for Destiny; in fact I let it lapse only resubbed when I picked up House of Wolves and have since let it lapse again.

            I don’t have to pay Bnet on my computer to use my existing internet connection to connect to their servers to play their online only games.

        • Oh… right. I forgot about the online subscription. Hah. That’s money Activision doesn’t get to see, so they might not consider it to be part of the cost… But you’re right, that’s a significant extra cost. Probably doesn’t truly count unless a person is ONLY paying for PS+ for Destiny, though. But for a lot of folks I think the free games and access to online for everything else as well sort of subsidizes or at least shares the cost of that.

          Enh, I’m prepared to give them the Taken. They’re not just re-skins even if they look it, there’s remodelling and their movement is different too, and the mechanics of how you interact with them and their events are pretty different. They do this sort of phase-shifty jumping and their hit/death animations are different. Their behaviours aren’t dramatically different apart from some signature moves, but there’s little enough recycled in animations that I honestly believe they probably would’ve taken just as much in time and resources to create anything new.

          I think it’s probably lazy creatives more than lazy artists on that front.

        • Activision isn’t getting that PS+ money though, Sony is. I consider it a utility.

          If you’re only on PS+ for Destiny then yeah, that’d be bad value. It enables a lot of other stuff though.

    • I’m with you man.

      Can I try and offer a riposte to your argument however? It will be unpopular but just my rudimentary thoughts at this time. I was sitting here writing, just about to throw shade at Destiny and Bungie. I very rarely ever feel the need to throw shade at a game, I reason that just because I like a game or don’t like a game it doesn’t make it a ‘good game or a bad game’. I was about to break my golden rule, however I thought about it a little more.

      I have very little idea of the costs of running a MMO game, but I’m imagining that maintaining a staff that allows you to create a MMO that is compatible for two major consoles, creating new DLC content, maintaining servers, repairing glitches and bugs, moderating community forums, etc. would take a LOT of money. These coders, developers, etc. are some of the best in their field and as such command wages that invariably drive up the cost of this game in addition to all the other things you need to be put into a video game. When you think of all of those factors, the price of content should pain a picture of a certain level of financial backing is needed to maintain these factors. Destiny is a promise, a promise that with each iteration things will get better and closer to the actualization of a dream that we have to play a fulfilling MMO with our friends that is genuinely rewarding with a world rich in lore, different from all that has come before.

      I can understand the resentment for Destiny, taking away content from people they had paid for previously and can now only get if they pay a fee for another full priced game. It’s a tough lesson for people who had no experience of MMO’s before who invariably add new content and close old content off, otherwise you’ll be playing a MMO with no people on your server in the area you are playing in. Imagine Bungie catering for people who have no DLC, some DLC or all of it together, logistically it would be a fuck cluster.

      • I have played a lot of MMO’s in my time; far more than I should have I think and all of them would have the same costs you list for Bungie’s development team. The closest comparison I can draw are the original GW games that used to release expansion packs every 3-6 months effectively translating into a subscription fee. HOWEVER; their content was not broken from launch, they would/could patch out glitches and wouldn’t wait to charge for expansions to bring across much needed UI changes or mechanic changes.

        Almost all of the things Bungie have fixed to make TTK a better game were mechanics/UI issues that were completely half assed for the first game. A game isn’t a promise; a kickstarter is a promise. I didn’t pay for a kick-starter I paid for a completed product with a modicum of expectation that their marketing team created. At least WB had the decency to stop selling Arkham Knight on pc for how broken it was; Bungie made promises to fix things in the future by charging players who bought the original flawed product a few more times.

        I should also point out I’m not a member of Bungie/Activision’s management team; they are a multi million dollar company and their management are probably getting paid sufficiently to come up with a proper costing plan to make sure they more than make their money back. My duty as a consumer however is in relation to the state of the product I’ve just purchased. When I get into an early access game I expect a mess, limited content, lots of glitches and the promise of more fixes as the game develops. When I buy into a AAA FPS from an established gaming company I do NOT expect the service and support I would receive from an early access game.

        Bungie have not provided sufficient rhyme or reason for why they screwed over consumers for their year 1 releases; rather they’ve said “hey look new shiny; throw money at the screen; nah nah don’t look back at the last product that doesn’t matter anymore”.

        • The most charitable explanation I can think of for Bungie’s very obvious (to an MMO veteran) mis-steps, is that they genuinely believed they were doing something new that’s never been done before, and consequently reinvented the wheel.

          Doing so wasted a lot of resources on discovery and invention of concepts that are already well-defined and already heavily iterated on in the MMO space, and led them to make a lot of mistakes that they could very easily have learned the lessons from when those mistakes were made ten years ago by major MMOs.

          They believed their own hype, that there is something quintessentially different about the MMO-style meta-game, based entirely on the person-perspective the game is played in. It’s naive at best, ubelievably arrogant or bone-headedly stupid at worst, but neither are what you excpect from supposedly genre-savvy industry experts who SHOULD have their fingers on the pulse.

          This probably came coupled with the perhaps unexpected pressures from Activision Marketing to massage the game into something they thought they could better sell than what Bungie’s original vision was. In the eyes of a publisher, Bungie is responsible for a seminal competitive multiplayer dudebro cultural phenomenon. THAT is what they probably thought they were buying when they put the money up for Bungie; not whatever sort of creative vision was held by the two founders who eventually quit/got (illegally) fired, and is likely responsible for the 11th hour complete overhaul of the plot into something that was critically panned, and I have absolutely no doubt influenced by what shape they wanted the DLC to take.

          • I can see this, you only have to listen to the voice over for the new Halo game’s multiplayer for the dudebro angle.

          • I’d be willing to accept this charitable explanation IF Bungie were remotely apologetic through their actions and not their words. They could’ve implemented a lot of these quality of life changes through previous year 1 DLC; however their release schedule to date echoes a sentiment along the lines of “ok so year 1 is fucked; lets just fix all the stuff people are complaining about in year 2 and use that to justify a fully priced game”.

            @highperformance VoG was pretty bloody broken at launch and after they patched it. If a launch raid in WoW was broken till the next raid was released the player base would be up in arms and be asking for refunds of their subscription time (given raids are linked to weekly lockouts).

            Unrelated thought/query; has the latency in PvP improved at all in TTK?

          • Couldn’t say, haven’t played it enough to tell. Have just done the vanilla quest, which took a few hours, and what was left of the strikes for TDB. Seemed fine for PVE strike.

        • Could you really say the content was broken at launch though? I was a Day One consumer and the only bug resembling a gamebreaker was the ‘Loot Cave’ in my memory, where else in the game was it broken? I could switch it on, progress the story, play multiplayer, talk to my friends? Maybe you could argue the boss fights could be glitched, but the problems with the story, RNGesus loot drop complaints, etc. are things people don’t like about the game rather then making them ‘game breaking’.

          Remember Bungie have never run a MMO before, you need to afford them some benefit of the doubt that any failings in the game they would ‘right’ which I feel over the course of the game they have done. They have some ideas about how their game will play that doesn’t necessarily suit some of us as customers, and it’s only through the feedback/backlash from customers that they can improve the game.

          Maybe they feel as if the game was fine, and therefore don’t need to proffer an apology?

        • Something to consider is that the game is console-only right now. Guild Wars was PC. There’s a lot more work involved in releasing a big patch for a console. Destiny also has a massive install base in comparison.

          Yes, many of the fixes are mechanical things. But they would have required a big back-end overhaul and a big patch to fix. The TKK update is 17gb and if you’re talking sending out 17gb of data to over 5 million people (it sold around 5 million at launch) then that’s actually quite expensive. I’m not sure they could have afforded to do it for free, it needed to be associated with an expansion to actually be profitable.

          I’d also argue that Arkham Knight isn’t a good comparison because it was broken as in unplayable. Destiny was broken in that it wasn’t as fun as it should have been – we call that ‘disappointing’. And despite that, they had millions of people playing daily. So why would they stop selling it?

          • If they had released any of the fixes included in TTK in previous DLC that they charged for I would be a lot more understanding. A lot of these changes alter the core experience of the game and could’ve easily been spread out across other cheaper paid DLC. I question the sincerity of these changes when they’re put behind a fully priced pay wall.

            Additionally my mention of Arkham Knight was a reference as opposed to a comparison; an example of a company reacting to a broken game to provide contrast to a company that didn’t react to broken mechanics.

          • I was partially understanding at launch; I was the exact opposite of understanding after House of Wolves =P

    • Yeees, but.
      Most are more of the tone: Destiny Vanilla was not up to Scratch, but TTK is!

      At the end of they day it comes down to this:
      Did I enjoy Destiny Vanilla, despite its issues?
      Is TTK better than Vanilla in pretty much every way, with probably more content?
      Have I spent similar money on less fun games?


      • Problem is having to pay twice (thrice if you paid for DLC individually) for the game I was promised the first time around! =P

  • Now THIS is interesting, even exciting news:

    Wurm Online is making a standalone offline version which can allow for minecraft-style dedicated/private servers and pristine worlds, unlike the forced, shared, crowded MMO version.

    Wurm is probably the prototypical survival/crafting game (which you can probably tell from the graphics), doing it LONG before it all blew up big on Steam. This is an excellent evolution and where it should be.

    The colonization/settling/crafting/gradual development in Wurm is one of the best I’ve played in any game, and the fact that they’re creating private or even offline world instances addresses one of the two major problems that Wurm had. That being: EVERYWHERE was settled. Everywhere. And if those lands weren’t populated, you had to wait forever for someone’s dream-plot to slowly rot away into availability.

    The other major problem was that thanks to the stat scaling and maintenance resource requirements (everything in the game decays – everything), once you had built enough structures and tools and roads, the time spent on maintaining them eventually overtook the amount of time that you could spend creating anything new, to the point that it became Chores Simulator 2007(tm). Hopefully the ability to use GM tools in-game on your private servers will allow players to skip tedious and draining maintenance and indulge more in creation and settlement.

    All in all this is such a damned sensible idea that I can’t believe it wasn’t done five years ago.

    • Wurm online was done by or worked on by Notch wasnt it?
      also, no price yet……
      ALSO, why doesnt kotaku do a new tab or window for clickable links?

      • Yeah, Notch was on the Wurm team (co-founder/creator) before he split off and did something simpler, faster, and more accessible which – perhaps unsurprisingly – exploded.

        Wurm’s vision was always grander, more complicated, harder to implement, more social and more unforgiving, and ultimately that led to the difference between them.

        I’ve heard there’s some resentment win the community surrounding that, but it’s difficult to give any weight to the idea of ‘stolen ideas’ or even ‘stolen code’ if you’ve ever played both games.

      • It’s old, it’s clunky, it’s ugly, it’s slow to make progress, it’s sometimes unintuitive, it’s suffered from competing with Minecraft in their primes, and the progression scaling of the MMO is so steep that the only way to make any progress inside a year is to pay for the subscription.

        It has some deeply satisfying core mechanics, but the pace that it’s dragged down to, and the fact of no premium real estate being available for newcomers makes it a far less appealing thing to get into than Minecraft. Not to mention the maintenance costs in time, effort and materials that turn it from discovery and creation into tedious chore.

        There hasn’t been so much to rave about in the game until the impending release which I believe might finally address its glaring issues.

  • Anyone playing Destiny on Xbone? I grabbed the TTK legendary edition, so I was on last night going through the Dark Below questline and started the HoW line, but I’ll be back on tomorrow night if anyone wants to do strikes etc.

    GT: Morkai AU

  • SIMPSONS TRIVIA \o/ Much like Simpsons Scene It, I am now undefeated at Simpsons trivia. A few questions on the newer seasons though threw a few people though. Will be keeping a close eye out for the next one. Interested int eh Friends trivia Man vs Bear are doing but have no one to go with 🙁

  • Last week (or was it the week before?) I got back into playing Bloodborne. I was planning on just rushing through to the end of the game to knock it off my pile of shame list, but then I realised I’d accidentally gotten Eileen the Crow killed, which meant I couldn’t get the Blade of Mercy. I really wanted to try that weapon out, so I decided to run chalice dungeons to try and get one. Now, finally, after a week of grinding through chalice dungeons I finally got one, and I’m not even sure if I’ll actually use it much. Also after all that grinding I think I’m overleveled for the main game. Still, I feel like I’ve accomplished something; a lot of the later chalice bosses were pretty difficult.

    • Have you done the ‘final’ Pthumerian Chalice Dungeons yet? The cursed one and the one after it? They’re pretty damn brutal.

    • I went way too far into the Chalice dungeons to the point that it was spoiling the main game for me. 😛

  • Last night I finally got around to playing one of the pile of visual novels I have in my stash. Read through the first four (of ten) chapters of Fault milestone one. Reasonably good so far. My only issues are that there’s been a few spots where it has auto-advancement on the text and it was a bit fast on some longer lines, and that there’s some odd stylistic choices on the text (lines of dialogue on separate lines from the connecting sentence for example). It’s also got some slight issues around having a ton of terminology for various stuff that it has to explain, but I expect that’ll die down as things progress further. Writing is pretty good and the current plot is intriguing though conventional. It’s not going to win any literary awards but it’s pretty solid and I’m looking forward to the rest of it.

  • There are too many games. 🙁

    – Have yet to start MGS5 (I want to give it a good go but it came out right before I had eye surgery)
    – Destiny is good again and I want to play more.
    – My Vita is full of good half-played or unplayed games.
    – World of Warships hits general release today and I want to finally get around to giving it a proper shot
    – I haven’t logged into Kantai Collection in like 2 weeks and need to get back to it
    – My Steam backlog is sadness.

      • I went looking through the front page and saw “Motorhead” a 1998 game released on PC and PSX.
        I thought immediately “Holy shit, they’ve brought over the 3DFX version?!”, but it wasn’t to be, as I noticed the tell-tale square, circle, triangle and X buttons on the screenshots.
        Clicking the publisher’s steam link provided a list of other games, and I looked at “Superstar Dance Club: #1 Hits” which also had screenshots containing PS1 controller buttons…
        Then I decided to Google the name of the publisher, “Console Classics”…
        All they’ve done is emulate the console versions and sold them on Steam.
        Now, if you’re old enough to remember “bleem!” which was a commercially sold emulator, Sony put a stop to them undercutting their console’s sales, and what Console Classics are doing is undercutting PS1 Classics sales in a not very concealed manner….

        And if you want to see for yourself:
        PSX button icons on screenshot
        More PSX button icons, taken from the company’s website, no less