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    So I've played about 79 hours of MGSV and I'm still only 68% done. But I can see the finish line, I've got 2 main story missions remaining (with 3 more extreme versions to do, and maybe 20 more Side Ops). I've still gotta redo all mission challenges too. Man this game is big.

    Also still kinda half and half on joining Shadowrun. But I was told I need to come in during the week to write up my character because apparently it takes hours to do so. Which is a real turn off.

      Holy smokes Batman that's a lot of hours into a relatively new game. I played some on the weekend and realised how bad I am at the game - turns out patience is not my strong suit in games.

      Yeah Shadowrun is pretty intensive to set up. I found I struggled the most with starting gear which gets kinda ridiculous at times. Still took me a few hours to create a character.

        Is this shadowrun the tabletop version or shadowrun the vid game because I was eyeing off installing it

          I believe Neo was looking to play the tabletop version. The video game is much, much simpler.

            Oh thank god I was gonna say I dont have a full day to chuck into character creation

    Morning TAY!
    This weekend was alright, but I'm pumped for next weekend!
    Got the house to myself from Friday until Sunday night! No commitments, no plans.
    Planning on just playing video games and catching up on my backlog of movies that I haven't had a chance to watch. Monday to Friday is going to take forever, but it will be worth it!

      Planning on playing anything in particular? Sounds like it will be totally worth it. I've got the complete opposite. Next weekend i fly down to the Central Coast for my wife's sisters engagement party. No video games for 4 days. :( I might try to get a decent RPG for iPad or iPhone.

        Final Fantasy VII is now on ipad!

          Chrono Trigger is too! :D

            WHAT????? HOW DID I MISS THAT?!?

              I grew up with an N64 and PS1, but no money to buy new games. So i just played what i had and pirated some games for PC. Sometime later when i actually had money, i bought mostly modern games. E.g. Ratchet & Clank, Forza, Halo, Mass Effect, Crysis, COD, Mario etc.

                yeah i got through the no money for games while at school face with a little thing called emulation!

                my trusty P1 - 133mhz with 1.2gb hdd, 16mb ram, and 2mb cirrus logic gpu fared extremely well with no$gmb for gameboy,, Zsnes for SNES, and KGEN for Sega Mega Drive!

                  YES!! I went through a big Gameboy & SNES emulation phase too! So many great old games.

        Definitely keen to catch up on Destiny, MGSV and maybe Witcher 3 (does that game ever end?).
        Dunno about movies though, just gonna go through Netflix and my own collection and see what grabs me. Most of my weekends sounds like your upcoming one...everyone else has already allocated YOUR time. Sounds like FFVII might be a solid choice. Thoughts are with you next weekend mate.

          All those sound like good choices. Although personally speaking, i got fatigued by Destiny pretty quick, traded it a few months ago. The graphics on the PS3 version were pretty bland too.
          I feel the same as you about the W3, i just keep discovering more great side-quests and getting distracted. I feel like i'm almost ready to get back on track with the story though. I've probably got at least another 20 hours to go. I have to confess that i haven't really plated FFVII, so i probably need to give that a good go.

            I actually bought the Destiny PS4 bundle when it came out (white console). When I started playing I thought it was awesome, but then I started to see through the glitz and hype, noticing a game without much depth (or a game that couldn't explain it's own depth). I left it for about 9 months and a couple of weeks ago I started again, knowing that the expansion was basically Bungie releasing Destiny 2.0. I'm gonna go out and buy the legendary edition from JB for $79 cause it's cheaper to buy that than each expansion individually and give it a go. Worst part about Destiny though is how much emphasis they put on completing it with friends and a "fireteam". Sometimes you don't want to or can't play with others, so it makes the game a bit annoying. But if you're looking to get back into it one day mate, let me know and we can play through together.

              Yeah i felt that there wasn't much reason or motivation to keep playing, other than: "Look now my guns have bigger numbers, aren't they great??" rinse and repeat. Alas, i don't yet have a PS4, only XB1 at this point. Going to try and get a PS4 before Uncharted 4 comes out next March. By then there will be plenty to play catch up on. Haha
              Their pricing structure for DLC seems a bit crazy, i've heard many complaints about that.

      Party at your place?

        Hahaha, I would love to but unfortunately, we've moved back into the parents house whilst we save up a deposit (Melbourne property i right???) so it would be unfair to take advantage of their hospitality. When we buy that house though...

          So, are you interested in Pax Tay meet up? (I can try =P) Same to you @bendaman

            @scree what are the details? this is the first time I'm hearing of it. cheers

              I posted about it up further. =P
              It's Saturday Oct 31st, 7pm at the backlot studio. It's $35pp for room hire.

                Ah yep, had a look. What sort of activities will be going on? or is it more of a meet and greet?

                  it's in a cinema, so there's karaoke in the cinema part and food, drink and chatting in the lobby.

            I hail from Brisbane. Sorry. :(

              All good. Someone (other than me) should update taytags.
              If you were coming to pax, it would be different =P

          Don't I know it, granted depending on what your looking for theirs some lovely places over in the eastern suburbs, it all depends on where your looking, what is needed in your lifestyle and whats the range your looking for

            Yeah, i grew up around Kew/Camberwell area and my fiance is from Wantirna, so we're looking around Blackburn through to Mitcham (sort of in the middle). 2 bedroom, one bathroom type thing. Don't want an apartment as we wanna get a dog when we move in, but happy with a unit or similar. $400k - $500k.

              Lovely! Right near me, I live in donvale, used to be in dromana and the missus is from Upwey. Let me take a look around I know a few estate agents through work and trying to get a job as one. I would definitely go with a unit or house if possible, those apartments are built quick and cheap and end up with problems both structurally and cosmetically within the first 5 years.

                Appreciate it mate! Don't stress too much as we're going to wait until around March next year to buy. We just dont want to buy during the Spring period when everyone and their dog is looking for something. But open to any help or advice that people can provide.
                Good to know about the apartments as well. You look online and everything is new apartments. They look great but when you see the some of the apartments that were built 5 years ago, you see how poorly they were built (some, not all).

                  Yeah spring is the prime selling time as its usually good weather and its before people go on holidays. I did a quick glance on real estate .com and as with most properties nowadays its all "contact agent for enquiries" however there were a few properties going in nearby suburbs around ringwood east and bayswater for around 350000 majority units with small/medium backyards.

    Morning all! Hoping for some guidance from an audiophille if I may!

    Ive got about 4 microphones that require phantom power, and am looking at a 5-10 channel sound mixer with phantom power.

    do the mixers provide phantom power for all inputs, or just 1??? cant get a clear answer on this...

    also can you recommend a CHEAP mixer that will do the job? as in < $70 hopefully, dont care if its second hand!

      I'm not an audiophile/expert, but I've seen mixers have switches for phantom power where the XLR inputs are for each input , OR there is just one that provides phantom power to all microphones.

      Numbers may be able to help
      Ugh, got it wrong. I'll link it to him when he's alive.

      Last edited 14/09/15 11:00 am

      From what I understand, each XLR supplies phantom power but going into a music shop & asking would be the best bet there.

      As for the mixer itself, the Behringher Xenyx 1002B might be a good option. I'm using the 502 and it's a great little mixer but I don't use the XLR so I can't speak to the quality of that.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend! I ended up going to try out Zero Latency on saturday night with 3 mates. Phenomenal experience you guys really need to try it out!!! that feeling of walking across a meter wide bridge with a 500m drop whilst been chased by zombies is unbelievable....

      Looks amazing. Would love to try that one day.

        the videos look really dated, and definitely dont do it justice...

      It was still very buggy though, but a fun experience


          ahaha, yeah. I only signed up today. Considering how often I'm on here thought it might be a good idea.

    I found out that I am terrible at rollerblading and that I am a hazard to everyone else around me. Thankfully I only completely stacked it once although there were a lot of near misses/near collisions. Still a bit sore today after I used muscles that I haven't exercised in a very long time.

    Oz Comic-Con in Brisbane next weekend though so I'm pretty excited for that. I'm going to be volunteering both days at the board games/RPG area if anyone will be there.

      I went past an ice rink recently and they had these big weighted penguins for the little kids to hold on to and push around so they could keep their balance. Maybe you can get an adult sized one for rollerblading.

        I'll think I'll pass with what little dignity I have remaining and just never rollerblade again. :P

    I'll just leave this here..

    Edit for @redartifice:

    Last edited 14/09/15 9:31 am

      Don't you leave your garbage here.

      You come back and pick it up right now young man

    Yesss, Iron Maidens 2016 Australian tour is official!

      Sabbath AND Maiden :D I have very little interest in the newer bands coming through anymore, they just don't compare to absolute legends

        For the most part yeah. That's pretty spot on.

    Cleaning my hands of last week, brand new Monday time to be positive. And hey, it's payday too :D stupid monthly pay. Also under 95kg for the first time in absolutely ages. Surprised at that as Dominos chucked 2 lots of chips at me for forgetting my donut bites so I have no idea how I lost any weight after eating crap. Not complaining though :D

    Current activity: pulling errant hairs from my beard that're causing itchiness. Am I the only one who gets satisfaction from that?

      Congrats! I currently weigh 93 which is a drop from the 98 I weighed 3 weeks ago, now if only I could turn that into muscle id be set

        I peaked at just over 100kg which mortified me when I saw triple digits on the scale. Since then I've been cutting right down on food (also been on an emotional rollercoaster leading to a loss of appetite at times), so I've lost roughly the same as you in the same timeframe. Feeling so much better for it too already :D now that my heel is slowly getting better (I need new trainers) I can get back into exercise and doing that 'muscle' thing you mentioned

          High fives all around! I too need new trainers, preferably ones that don't break the bank as my runners gonna say 8 years old and missing fabric, pretty much you can see my big toe through them.

            Check out some of the Asics Gel trainers. I know they're not particularly cheap, but much better than screwing your ankles and knees, especially if you're heavy footed like me. You can ususally find them online for a reasonable price.

    Hey all!

    Hope everyone's weekend was great (except for those Canberra meat jerks, I'M NOT JEALOUS, YOU ARE!)

    Mine was ... something. On Thursday night I found out my childhood dog was put down which made me pretty depressed. 14 years old is a good life for a dog but still feels like it was too soon.

    On brighter news I picked up Super Mario Maker, I honestly wasn't that hyped for it but am really enjoying it. Made a nice little level where you've got to guide a turtle shell through a mini maze. Super basic but people seem to be staring it and leaving positive comments which is nice.

      Also one of the first user made levels I played was just Mario running along a giant penis.

      Last edited 14/09/15 10:00 am

        Sounds about right

        10/10 shafting mario on a shaft

    HI TAY! Gosh you're pretty much dead today aren't you =O

      Its hard to use this site on mobile because it literally destroys your data now with the updated site

        Yeah seems to be the overall sentiment amongst mobile TAYbies; going to be interesting for me in a few weeks as I'm pretty sure I'll be browsing from my mobile as well once I start my new role D=

          I would check TAY then turn mydata off and did that for maybe a week and I had used over 1.5gb

    Morning everyone. My weekend consisted of doing a partial room clear-out on Saturday to make room for a new desk for my daughter, a school fete on Sunday morning followed by a trip to IKEA to buy said desk (also ended up buying a stand mirror) followed by Sunday afternoon almost ripping the skin off my palms screwing said desk together.

    I did get in some gaming though. Picked up Armello - only done the tutorial so far. It looks really nice but complex as hell. I'm settling down for a long wrestle with it while I learn how to play. Also the text in that game is ridiculously tiny on PS4.

    Finished Persona Q after 95 hours. My playthrough was P4-focused, so I'm going back through it as P3-focused just to see what differences there are.

    Started playing MGS4 again, and played some Tintin with my daughter.

      Ikea desks are the worst! But still not as bad as othwr flat pack furniture I've built

        Having to manually screw in 20 self-tapping screws into the underside of the desktop did for me. My palms are still smarting. Other than that, I quite like putting IKEA furniture together. It's kind of like building a LEGO kit :-P

          A really big lego kit that wont so much hurt your foot if stepped on as it would crush you if it fell. Underside screwing is shit I do it alot for work and it doesn't get easier

            Yeah, I can see the attraction of a power screwdriver now!

          I bought a tiny table for my little girl and was happily surprised at the lack of trouble during assemble. Came a 3 pieces of wood, with a total of 6 bots and corresponding washers. Actual nuts built into the bottom of the table so was just a matter of lining them up and tightening.
          Helps that it is small enough to flip upside down to assemble as well

            I much prefer nuts and bolts to screws. Nasty things! Also hard to disassemble and re-assemble when needed.

              Was impressed with this table. parenthood had them for $45 when they are normally in the $150 - $160 range

    Hola Tay

    Had busy weekend, friends birthday Fri, Housewarming on Sat, and helping write quiz Q's Sun. Slept like hell last night so zombie mode this morning. Weather here all weekend was lovely, nice to be able to throw open the doors of the house.

    Still working on my pip-boy, cognizant that it's 6 weeks until PAX. Have to knuckle under on it a bit this week.

    Played a bunch of MGSV, up to mission 19. Man, that's some goooooooood stuff.

    A Monday Morning Question: The Taken King comes out this week! If you could commission a major DLC piece for any game, what would it be?

      Right now Hand of Fate
      Mrs Tigs and I have been playing that a hell of a lot recently so another full deck of cards, different mechanics, etc.. would be cool

      6 weeks?
      Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck *sews rapidly*

        i no rite

        I need to work out the wrist cuff detailing, and where I'm gonna hide the LED battery.

          I ran out of cotton and ribbon so I've got to go buy more. I'm hoping to finish Elsa this month so I can finish Ruby

            I need to buy my fabric stuff for mine, last time I was in spotlight they didn't have what I was after, but once that's bought it should be only an hour or so on a sewing machine.

            For the pip boy, I have to

            - finish and glue wrist cuff (prob 20 minutes)
            - insert and solder LEDs, run wires (hour or two)
            - Cut and carve phone hole and riser (hour or two)
            - coat whole bloody thing in PVA (couple hours)
            - Paint
            - Detail

            So probably 15 hours of work left. Should be well doable.

              Water down the PVA. You're less likely to get lumps.
              For Elsa, I have to
              -Finish hemming the cape
              -Sew it together
              -paint the cape
              -Paint the sequins
              -Glue certain sequins
              -Rectangle rhinestones
              -Circular Rhinestones
              -Glitter on sleeves
              -assembling it all together

                Yeah, I haven't planned the PVA part yet but it's pretty straightforward, it's gluing the wrist cuff that has been my stumbling block.

                  Don't panic about that too much, as when you seal it, it should keep it in place. Perhaps post it on here? I may be able to help

                  @scree it'll be OK, I've got it worked pretty much out, just deciding exactly how I clamp it while it dries. I will hit you up if I get stuck though

                  Possibly pegs? Otherwise is you have a daiso, they sell little clamps. Otherwise, possibly sandwiched between heavy books.

                  @scree think I'll use bulldog clips and cut some strips of cardboard as a sandwich thing. Trick is just gluing it as a cuff requires the material to be secured inside and out.

                  Maybe I'll even tack it with hot glue then use the foam glue to make it stick proper

                  Both good options. Try one. If it doesn't work out, try another.

                @scree yeah, and I have excess foam just in case I fuck it up

                  Most important part. Trust me -_-

                  @scree as long as the fuck up comes now, not when I'm trying to paint the fucker.

                  The paint will help hold it in place, which helps a shit ton.

            I'm hoping to decide on a cosplay this month :P

              Incorporate babby

                I prefer this one


      Persona 4 Golden = DLC where P4MC and Rise go on a romantic holiday to a tropical paridise (during the game's winter lull), encountering new types of shadow and some new personae (which can be taken back into the main game). The steamy romantic subplot will see the DLC rated Cero D in Japan, and refused classification in Australia.

      Mirror's Edge = Faith and Merc go on a mission to the offices of EA DICE in order to erase all traces of the Mirror's Edge Catalyst story written by Christofer Emgård, which if released would have the effect of erasing Merc from existence as well as Killing Faith's father and sister. Mirror's Edge-ception!

      Mass Effect = Shepard and Liara refuse the choice presented at the end of ME3, and wage a protracted and dangerous shadow war against the Reapers, who have taken over the galaxy except for isolated pockets of guerilla fighters. Shepard and the Normandy crew ultimately discover a secret weakness in the Reapers' AI which they can corrupt with the help of the Geth or the Quarian fleet. Trigger an epic showdown in the grand tradition of ME2's suicide mission.

        The Mirror's Edge one culminates in Faith playing Johnny B Goode on stage ensuring that her parents get together

      In the predictably possible vein:

      I've been playing a fair bit of GTAV again lately and I'd like to see some major DLC for that. Campaign DLC, that is. Far as I know, all the DLC's been for the lost-cause online mode.

      I'd buy a major DLC expansion for GTAV in the same vein as Lost and the Damned or Ballad of Gay Tony.

      Off the wall, commissioning because it'll never happen:

      All the games I've loved recently have had expansions or sequels coming.
      Let's check my Steam played list...
      Warframe continually gets new content, Witcher 3 has two expansions coming, Plants vs Zombies got a sequel which completely lost its way, Europa Universalis 4 really needs another sequel rather than a DLC pack (with all the most common mods baked in as options), XCOM had a great expansion AND a sequel coming, FC4 has had DLC packs which are thoroughly disappointing, Skyrim has more DLC than I've even played, Deus Ex: HR's getting a sequel, Sins of a Solar empire: already had expansions, Orcs Must Die 2 - same, Dawn of War really needs to move away from its MOBA-style tactics game back to base-building strategy, Saints Row has expansions out the wazoo, Defense Grid has expansions and sequel, Sleeping Dogs got a pretty great DLC pack, Fable 3 got more than I could play (unless there was a DLC pack to REMOVE someo of the bullshit frippery of shaking hands and farting with villagers), Dungeon Defenders had some great DLC and a woeful sequel, HoMM series is more DLC than main games, Fallout has 4 coming out, Shadowrun Returns got some excellent DLC and a 'sequel'(?), SIMS is more DLC than base game (but prohibitively, exploitatively expensive), FTL got DLC but very lacklustre, not what I wanted...

      Oh. Here we go. Brink. That game promised in dev-diaries and trailers a pretty rich story experience, but all that it delivered for single-player was a series of bot-filled multiplayer maps and a denouement that wasn't even a screen of text. I would commission the shit out of a DLC single-player campaign to finish the game that never really got made. Those combat mechanics were ace and I loved the aesthetic.

        Brink was a great game to look at and it had that a nice sense of movement too it at a time when nobody else was doing that sort of stuff. It was a real shame that it didn't go anywhere.

        Some GTA V single player DLC would be amazing. I'm kind over online getting everything when I never really liked GTA Online and only intended to play SP GTA V.

      English translation DLC pack for The Great Ace Attorney.

    Morning TAY!

    I had a cool weekend, I played a fair chunk of The Last of Us which I think is a damned good game. There are really nice little touches like when you're walking near a wall and going down steps your character steadies themselves against it which I think is cool.

    I went to the Mexican Festival on Sunday which I feel wasn't quite as good as advertised, but on the plus side I made $650 selling clothes at the Camberwell Sunday Market! \o/

    @blackdahlianz and I are many hype for PAX, it's so soon :D

      The @highperformance clothes sales process.
      HP: Buy this and you could look as good as me *flex*
      *Customers throw money*

      Also Mrs Tigs was briefly at Camberwell market this weekend but didn't actually shop like she normally does.

        He also shows them how good he looks doing squats in those clothes! #workthoseglutes xD

      Clothes you made yourself or what? Thats awesome eitherway I haven't been to the camberwell markets in ages

        My partner has a very keen eye for fashion, she visits Op Shops and buys stuff on eBay regularly. Over time she acquires way too much clothing and eventually sells anything she's collected over the year and books in a stall at the market.

        I'm only there for my car and moral support when people are a little rude, I don't actually do that much (aside from selling clothes for $15 less than she would have charged lol).

          Has your partner ever thought about turning that skillset into an e-business?

            She sells things online regularly through eBay, she regularly tells me about diversifying my income streams (eg. Stocks, Extra wok, etc.) as a means of gettin' more moneys.

            Is this what you are getting at?

              I have 2 extra woks and let me tell you I am rolling in disposable cash right now.

                I just realised what I did. I'm going to leave it there for the shame.

              I'm not too sure about the extra woks but more along the lines of; if she's passionate about fashion and is able to resell clothes bought at a bargain for a tidy profit maybe should could look at a start up? Something she works on over the weekend?

              Personally I've found when people connect their passions with their work it usually makes for some pretty amazing outcomes =]

                She works part time on the weekend for a high end fashion label so it's tough to find spare time. Hopefully in the future she'll be able too though.

                  Damn talk about commitment eh! I hate giving up my weekends for work xD but yeah just mentioned it as something for you guys to keep in mind =]

              Shorten extra wok to Ewok, and you probably unlock the real secret to wealth: enslaving semi-intelligent living creatures.

      I was talking PAX a bit with @pixel_the_ferret_viking while cruising the galaxy on Saturday afternoon. It's my first, so quite hype! Although getting married one week earlier, so the hype is somewhat overshadowed...

      Talked about expanding the semi-regular friday gamer beers at the Mitre to include more people... would you and bdnz be interested in joining? Completely casual. Usually sit at a table in the back. Could bring card/board games as they have large tables...

        I would be interested in dropping by if only for 1 or 2 occasional
        Haven't been to the mitre in years

        Hey man, sounds good. I need to get out and meet more people now that I have more time to myself, I've been here 9 months and only met @highperformance

        I don't really play card/board games but keen for a semi-regular brewski.

          Yeah, I did put the offer out there when you said you were moving over but I've had an Annus Horribilis which has only just started to come good so my bad.

          Always happy to talk videogames, rugby, cycling, bullshit, beer. :) Nice central location...

            Yikes. You should see a doctor and get a cream for that

    Morning errbody hows every little thing? My weekend was serene

    Saturday woke up to a lovely day, took Moni for a walk to the dog park and let her make new friends, good thing the dog parks a 15 minute walk because parking there is atrocious. We went home I had a shower then went with Cathryn to go see one of her friends for lunch, we had Schnitz and I got a ceasar salad, how good are ceaser salads? So good! I also picked up Mad Max and we brought moni a new bowl to slow her eating down because she scoffs her food down. We came home watched NXT then had dinner which was crumbed chicken with home made chips and settled in to watch fury road for a 3rd time this time with my parents.

    Sunday Cathryn had a migraine so it was a day around the house, I made her brekkie in bed and did the washing. Then I got a couple of hours into Mad Max before doing some light exercising. That night we spent watching episodes of tv shows that looked interesting, then had an early night.

    A monday morning wake up question. If Mad Max was turned into a netflux original series who would you want to play Max and what part of the Mad Max universe would you want it to be about

      Honestly, I wouldn't even have Max in it. I'd have a series set in the wasteland following new, original characters. That, or Furiosa. I'd watch Furiosa all god damn day.

        Max has never really been the main character though. More a device for the audience to watch the film through.

          This. He's a legend, a godlike hero, practically a myth, and essentially a narrative lens through which stories of other people's post-apocalypse adventures are told (this is particularly evident in The Road Warrior).

      Marty Mcfly. Cos flux capacitor

      I'm with BDKAIF on the fact it probably wouldn't be Max, he is too much of a loner for it to make a great series. A band of people struggling to survive, something in the vein of falling skies could work.

      An Aussie should play Max. Sam Worthington should play Max.
      ...Or Hugh Jackman. Because he's dreamy. So long as he could tone it down. I think he's started putting too much 'personality' in his roles of late, stealing all the screen attention.

      Maybe Viggo Mortensen, playing an older Max.

        The Road is Mad Max once all or the petrol is used up.

        Also I just clicked why there's so many operating oil rigs in Mad Max- they're based on what used to be the ocean floor.

        Max doesn't get older. He's a whisper on the wind, a voice in the head, a ghostly gun forever riding the road, a tortured spectre bound to wander the dunes for eternity, seeking that which can never be found. He's more phantom than man.

          So what your saying is Max is the psychotic break someone has living in the wasteland?

            Could be!

            He may have just been a voice in Furiosa's head, a figment cobbled together from the legends that have survived in the decades since the world dried up.

            Last edited 14/09/15 2:45 pm

      If there were a Mad Max TV series, I'd want it to be in the setting but not feature Max.

    Max is meowing at the sparrows again...
    And it's too warm...

      Yes. It is too warm.
      Today, I had to respond to a coworker about exactly that, in that GoT-style sombre, ominous chant:

      "Summer is coming."

      Last edited 14/09/15 12:47 pm


          One day, I and my kind will have our victory over the hateful death-orb that our planet circles around. We shall cocoon ourselves in glorious, perpetual winter. No matter how many ecologies have to die to bring about the grey-skied future nirvana.

            Perpetual late autumn would be my choice. That's close enough for a solidarity high-five in my book o/

            Perpetual winter you say? I am interested in your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsleter.



            Soon, our vital essence shall be wrung from us by the invisible hand of a malicious heat and pressure. A searing force of joyless maleficence seeks to spread this blight, this plague on the houses of all men - the horrors of Summer threaten all who leave their homes to brave the catastrophe of solar cruelty.


            Fuck Summer.

            I would have agreed with you, but I was in the northern hemisphere from September to July, and it turns out you need some sun.
            That said, yesterday was a horrible day of pollen and heat rash.

        Its currently 28 degrees here..the fuck melbourne!?

          It's ok, the rain and cold are on there way back

      It's stunning. Lovely. The achy bones are receding, and my mood is approaching "happy". :)

        You... you dark prophets of the thermal apocalypse! The cult of Summer is an abomination!

          LIGHT prophets. We will use our long days and dry weather to... to... laze about in the shade and drink cold beer.