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    PREVIOUSLY, ON FOR WHOM THE BELL TAYS (you thought we were dead but we aren’t edition)

    At Can’d Meat 5.0, everyone has gathered in the kitchen to toast the host who boasts the most roast, Baron Blaghman.

    Greenius: Are these events always this formal?

    Cakesmith: And so we toast you, Blaghs. Here’s to many more!

    Everyone drinks.

    Blaghman: Oh, I very much doubt that.

    People looked confused, then pained. The champagne was poisoned! One by one they fall to the floor.

    Suddenly, the front door bursts open. Enter Powalen, covered in dirt, scratches, and fashionable diamond accessories. He rushes to the kitchen, only to find his friends collapsed on the floor, with no Blaghman in sight.

    Powalen: Oh no. I was too late.

    Freeze is pacing back and forth, mumbling under his breath. Enter DC.

    DC: Freeze, what’s wrong?

    Freeze: It’s awful! My mother is coming to visit. And I told her I was married! What am I going to do?

    There is a moment of silence. Then Freeze has a EUREKA! moment. He looks at DC, who takes a cautious step backwards.

    At Tribal Council, Greenius, Powalen and Sughly sit around the fire as Pants stands before Jeff Probst, torch in hand.

    Jeff: I’m sorry, Pants. The tribe has spoken.

    He extinguishes the flame.

    Pants: Whatever. I didn’t want to be a part of your dumb cool club anyway.

    As he leaves the council, a lone tear rolls down his cheek.

    In the dark of night, Strange secrets her way into somebody’s home. She stands over a sleeping figure, and brandishes her signature quilting needles.

    Strange: I’m sorry, but you know too much.

    She stabs into the sheets, but something feels wrong. Lifting them, she discovers an arrangement of pillows. Too late she feels the pistol touch the back of her head.

    Mashaa: I’m sorry, but so do you.

    Red stands surrounded by some fifty skilled swordsmen. On the balcony above him is Blaghman, looking a little too pleased with himself.

    Blaghman: You didn’t think it was gonna be that easy, did you?

    Red: You know, for a second there…yeah, I kinda did.

    Cue fight scene.

    Mother Freeze eyes DC up and down.

    Mother Freeze: This is your wife?

    Freeze looks at DC with desperation. DC sighs.

    DC: Yes. It’s true. I’m Freeze’s wife.

    Mother Freeze: That’s delightful! When di – wait…where are your wedding rings?

    Oh no! Freeze begins to panic. DC looks incredibly bored. Suddenly –

    Nobs: Stop everything!

    Freeze: Nobs?! How did you get here?

    Nobs: With science. And I bring urgent news. DC is not Freeze’s wife. I am.

    Everyone gasps.

    Rize standing perfectly silent and still in the middle of a jazz ensemble.

    Beavwa is hanging from the edge of a tall cliff. Shane is holding on to him, but doesn’t appear to be trying to pull him to safety.

    Beavwa: Let me up! Please!

    Shane: Not until you tell me where you hid the diamonds!

    A group of TAYbies are enjoying a few drinks at the end of a long week.

    Cakesmith: You know, I’ve been thinking something. A lot of us sure tend to die horribly in this town, huh? Like, one person a week. Or someone goes missing or whatever. It’s really weird.

    Pixel gasps. Blaghman drops his champagne flute. Red facepalms.

    Rocketman: Oh no! He’s breaking the fourth wall! Everybody RUN!

    The TAYbies flee in all directions. The sky above Cakesmith begins to part.


      This is always the highlight of tay for me, you bring hope to my monday mornings :D

    Morning, TAY.
    Nose is running like a tap, and I'm all sniffly. :(

      I hope you are taking some well-earned rest at home, in bed with a handheld, drugged to the eyeballs.

        Right now I'm out of the house, and downed a Lemsip earlier.

    I impulse-bought an Alfa gtv v6 on Saturday, and even though I know I will, I currently have no regrets.

      Silver? my mates had 2 both I think he ended up selling because the first one the headlights ended up not working and the thing was an accident waiting to happen and his second one actually was in an accident

        Blue, with a red interior and the teledial wheels. Ever since my 205 I've had a thing for red carpets in cars...

    They never answered why they save the fleeb juice.

    Good morning. I spent most of my weekend painting Elsa's cape. I have a few images, but they're on my phone and I'm lazy.

    Playing max Payne 3 and the character hates himself and his life so much that it's makes me hate him and is starting to make me hate the game. All he does is drink and take pills... and shoot like 150 bad guys, which for some reason they keep sending more and more. I mean clearly is 1 guy single handedly takes out 100 men with just a hand gun. Why would you send more men? Makes no sense.

      There was a discount for 1800-HENCHMEN that the main bad guy couldn't pass up so he accidentally went over budget, and he's as hateful towards that character than you are, obviously :P

      particularly after the events of 1 and 2 :D

        Which makes even less sense considering he moved to a completely different country and still took the job of shooting people. Maybe that's just an excuse for the mass murder and all of that is just a big delusion because clearly be enjoys killing so much. They really have to stop sending men after him. Should use drones or something. He'd find a way though. I don't understand why the guy he worked for even sent the ransom money , why didn't he just tell max to kill them all?

          No video game sequel makes sense, like 90% of the time the protag of the first one would be somewhere in therapy for PTSD.

          Or in prison.

          I actually like that the plot sort of revolves around him being hired as an 'angry Gringo with a deathwish and a gun' and being sauced out.
          He gets pissed off with his self-pity and stops the drinking, throwing a spanner in the works a little bit, but being clueless about the whole picture keeps him bumbling around murdering a limitless supply of mooks.

          And when he's recruited, there's a few nods around the game as to him being a mass-murdering cop. Not acknowledging the full extent of how ludicrous it was, but nodding to it.

          If anything, Max's brand of mass murder makes more sense in the favelas of Sao Paulo than New York.

          I am a little biased. I love 3 most of all the Max Payne games. It took him exactly where I thought he should be, translated his angry-young-man angst into something appropriate for his age and this era.

    So, I've been thinking of something to do for a meat while I'm in Melbourne in November, and I've realised that Spectre comes out on the Thursday that I'm there. I'm thinking we could do dinner on Friday/Saturday night and then go and watch Spectre. Does that work for people?

      If I'm not on recall for that week, I'd be up for this!

    So tired.

    Want caffeine, don't drink coffee, really don't want to crack a Red Bull this early...

    Taking any and all suggestions.

      Man up and drink a coffee
      Although if you are really that tired a glass of water and an apple with work far better than a red bull anyway

    Had a cracking weekend. Made a late decision at work to skip Saturday management meeting so I unexpectedly had a 2 day weekend. Tossed around some ideas but the Royal melbourne show is on so we decided to head out to that. Spent the morning at home, then went out to the show after lunch. Think Tiglet was a little bit small still, but she had fun. Started at the animal nursery and she was a bit glazy eyes and didn't seem to enjoy it much. She liked the bigger goats but wasn't too interested in the little goats and sheep that you could feed. But after we left there and went to the big farm area she was a bit more excited. She rather liked the fact the the big horse was eating, she though that was funny. She also played the cheeky monkey game and won a frog whiteboard thing which we used to wish her cousin a happy birthday. Spent some time sitting in the sun and having something to eat before we got her a showbag and headed home. Was getting late by the time we left so we decided to go out for dinner at the local chinese place. She was certainly a hit with the staff who thought she was adorable, they obviously have great taste. Even if they did segment us out into a separate section of the place.
    Sunday was baby and kids market so we went and bout a whole bunch of stuff we probably didn't need but oh well. Mummy bought some clothes and some more clothes. Daddy bought a pull along xylophone and books. Then had some schnitz for lunch and later in the day went to the park.
    Gaming wise I bought splendor so Mrs Tigs and I played a bit of that. She was having trouble with the 2nd part of burial at sea so we started Ass Creed III.

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    Morning TAY.
    How do I stop the silly scrolling pages on Kotaku aus? And how come my bookmark to Kotaku US keeps redirecting me back to Kotaku Aus? I like visiting both but due to the scrolling pages I basically have to scroll to page 5 before I can click on Kotaku US >< Please help me stop it!

      Bookmark ! (or... if that is what you've already bookmarked and it's still not working then I dunno :P)

      The infinite page thing you can't turn off though.

        Thanks Powalen. Actually had which was working for a few weeks and now it suddenly isn't..

    Morning TAY!

    My slow Tour De TAYbie is coming along nicely, I added @trikeabout to my list of TAYbies met on Friday night (Sorry I could only have one beer, next time it'll be a couple more!) . I saw 1/3rd of the Axis of Awesome Lee Naimo live at a Melbourne Fringe Festival gig and laughed so much my temples hurt with @blackdahlianz, he even got to be involved in the show as well which was a bit of a laugh.

    Saturday and Sunday I sold my soul to Destiny, I played too much yesterday though so I didn't sleep all that well last night. Today I'll be paying my $35 for the Techknight and Scree sponsored Meat too!
    Edit: Just sent @techknight, Paypal reckons it'll come through on Oct 2nd!

    Last edited 28/09/15 9:50 am

      Was fun to catch up!

        were you up for Pax meat? I don't think I've asked you.

          I've paid! Might have got lost in the mayhem that was the last PAX meat thread. @tech_knight can confirm! :)

          My other half might want to come - if she does I'll confirm and pay for her too.

            Yup, there are two ticks next to your name. Don't mind me, I'm going mental. Sorry about that.

              No problem! I was really unsure originally if I could come at all. Suddenly, I could. \o/

            All my emails from Paypal I keep so if you paid, I'll see it.
            And you did, on the 14th!

    Hola Tay

    Had a busy weekend. Went up to the parents' house on Saturday, played with the now-one-year-old Labrador who is still exceedingly boisterous. Got mum to help me with my Fallout Vault Suit: so now I just need to finish the pip boy, which is well achievable.

    Last night went to the magic prerelease, played 2 headed giant. Won the first round, but unfortunately the rest didn't go as well. Played blue/red control while my mate was in black and green ramp. This set is weeeeeeeeeeeeeird. Friend of mine did really well, came second overall and won like 14 packs, so I was happy for them.

    A Monday morning Question: Dogs! Who is your Doggy and what does he do?

      I'm the only cat person in my family, but mum, dad, sister, and brother each have one dog.

      I've had two (dearly departed) dogs:

      1. black and white Border Collie named Bonnie. She was adept at chasing the water splash from a hose, rounding up kids, and generally just being lovably quiet and good-tempered.
      2. russet & white mini fox terrier named Molly. She was a guard dog (even though we constantly berated her for it) and cleaner-up of dropped food, vacuum-style. She had a stump for a tail that would wiggle gently when you patted her.

        My dearly departed puppy was also a Border Collie
        She was named Maggie and liked running round and round a tree whenever cars drove past. So much so that she had about a half foot deep track that she had worn into the ground. Such a happy, lovely dog, I do miss her sometimes.

          Everybody gives their Border Collies names ending with an -ie sound.

          My ol' one was named Cassie. My friend's one was named Sally :P

      My doggy is Dutch the staffy and he spends most of his time being a sook, being terrified at the barest hint of inclement weather and losing his mind with excitement when new people visit.

      Sasha, my English springer spaniel, was put down a few years ago when he stopped being able to walk. He was slowing down a lot over the years but he was always so proud when he caught animals that got into the yard. He went absolutely berserk and barked for hours at a koala that had gotten into one of the trees one time. Fortunately neither of them came to harm but Sasha was full of energy before he started getting old.

      My luck at the prerelease was odd.

      Opened some stone cold bombs: Ob Nixilis, 2x Smothering Abomination and a Conduit of Ruin. The rest of my black was meh. Originally planned to try a GB midrangey deck with some thoroughly mediocre green that filled out my curve. Changed my mind during deck building to a more UB control build without any decent control cards (in hindsight, red was probably the best colour in my pool overall but I'd have had to go super heavy red to make it work).

      Got stomped game 1 by the other guy to pull an Ob Nixilis. He had the UB control deck I wanted to make. Got stomped game 2 as well. Had a chat and he helped me put the GB midrangey deck back together because the gameplan for my UB deck was essentially "hope I don't lose before I get something big out".

      Match 2 I got paired against a soft spoken kid who only played some kitchen table commander before. Walked over him game 1 with Smothering Abomination while he didn't draw a single mountain (I could've killed his mana dork early but didn't want to take out his only red source and ruin any chances he had). Game 2 I went more aggressive until he pulled out the green enchantment that makes scions every turn. It stalemated until I went Conduit of Ruin to tutor out a Breaker of Armies. Let me tell you, Breaker of Armies + Hedron Blade is just silly. You're going to wipe their board so hard. The store was giving 2 packs per win, so I gave him one of them.

      Match 3 was against a father who was trying to bring his kids into the game. I got heavily mana screwed and when I finally hit my fourth land (turn 8?), he pulled some land destruction on me. Cruel but I'm not going to begrudge a guy for trying to win. Second game was more of the same. I had answer to his threats but not enough mana to get my own online. He walked over me. We played a redemption game where I mulliganed four times (friendly mulligans so I only went to 6). Absolutely stomped him in an unforgivable fashion. The one time my deck really came online in all of my games. Gave my second prize pack to the guy's son.

      I was rusty. Building a sealed deck is harder than I remember. Real men use pink sleeves.

      EDIT: Oh, right dogs. Alice is a muppet that likes to get under the house and steal PVC piping. There are multiple pieces scattered about the yard right now. Got to go find out if she's done any real damage today.

      Last edited 28/09/15 11:34 am

        Basically my job was to sandbag and bounce opposing stuff. Problem was I got kinda low on mana a couple times (should have played more card draw and possibly another land or two) and the counters in this set are not the strongest. Still, had fun, and I'm head brewing a Noyan Rar Roil Shaper CMDR deck now because I think it could be funky

          There's so much about that card that looks like wonderful jank.

          I can't be the only one that wants to make some silly Jeskai Ascendancy deck with him as a two of.

            I need a Jeskai Ascendancy for my Narset/Shu Yun deck, but it may wait until post-rotation.

            I'm going to go in to a card shop here and complete my set of Theros gods after next weekend

              All I see is: play an instant or sorcery, loot, untap all your lands, put some +1/+1 counters on one of them and give everything +1/+1, repeat until opponent scoops.

                Using an Ascendancy to untap all of your lands over and over again is bullshit of the highest order and I fully endorse it, you'd just never pull it off in EDH unless you had a Jeskai commander. In standard though.... *vomits*

      My doggy is an Old English Sheepdog called William, and he's just been shaved.

      My dog is Sid, he's a border collie cross Labrador. He likes to bark at fireworks and thunderstorms. He will stare at you for food. He tried to eat a pavlova my brother threw into the backyard. I ended up having to clean it up.
      Oh, and he absolutely. fucking. loves. the. car.
      Yes, i know he's fat. We're working on it.

        Are you sure he is a border collie cross Labrador. He looks a little Husky

          Fairly sure. He has the food drive of a Lab and the ear and snout shape of one. He's also bigger then a border collie in height, much closer to the size of a Lab.

      My childhood dog was a German Shepherd X Blue heeler named Bear. Great dog, would splash water up with his paws and then try to bite it. Also destroy basketballs. Like full size, rip them in half.

      My current dog is a staffy X something named Boss. He's a massive sook and likes to cuddle and lick faces. Also loves going for runs and perching on everything like a cat.
      Does not believe in.sleeping in and will drag the covers off and lick my face till I get up.

      All my dogs are dead you insensitive clod. :P

      We had a pair of Golden Retrievers when I was growing up. One was slightly older than the other and she was very much my parents' dog. Apparently was an absolute terror when younger but by the time I was old enough to remember her she was about seven or eight years old and had decided that it was better to be quiet and dignified. Probably because the younger of the pair was an absolute nutcase. Extremely smart, but would act like a complete goof all the time because it made people laugh at him. He was more my dog as well, spent most of his time playing with me. Both of them were award-winning show dogs and also trained gun dogs - my Dad would take them shooting with him. The older one had to be put down when she was nine due to a tumor in her leg, and the younger lasted until he was about eleven before he suffered kidney failure.

      More recently, we had another Golden Retriever who was insanely smart, probably one of the smartest dogs I've ever met. Understood a ton of speech, very attentive. A bit of a goof at times and often got into mischief. Also a complete wuss that was afraid of horribly scary things like water (especially waves) and passing traffic. He was supposed to be a show dog (he was really good) but my Mum decided against it as it's a ton of work, plus as a puppy he got quite sick after picking up amoebic meningitis somehow. He aged super well. Started getting arthritis when he was about ten years old or so, but we put him onto a more restricted diet to lose some weight and take the strain off the joints plus some arthritis medication and that did the trick. Lasted to be fifteen before getting a mouth tumor that he had to be put down for, but by that point the writing was almost on the wall for him anyway since he struggled to hold onto his bladder overnight as well and was getting to the point he wasn't interested in going for walks. Average lifespan of the breed is around 10-12 years so 15 was ancient. Mum reckoned it was at least partially because he was an intact dog until he was about 11 or so when he had to be desexed due to picking up a testicular tumor, but I disagree, I think he was lucky and well looked-after.

      2 Siberian Huskies; Rocko and Sasha.
      Rocko is really timid, but likes to try and steal various toys/food/things from Sasha all the time.
      Sasha is like the tom boy and wears the pants in the relationship.
      They're both really good at digging holes, whether it be escape tunnels under the fence (1 foot deep cement has put a stop to this), or just random pot holes in the middle of the yard that they like to curl up in at night.

      Siegmeyer the staffy. Almost 6 months old now, he's currently losing the last of his puppy teeth.
      Favourite occupations include biting, farting and snoring.

    Morning, TAY!

    On the weekend I spent a too much money on a new phone. Then I got it home and realised it needed some microscopic SIM card so I can't use it yet until my new one arrives :P

    I also attempted to make profiteroles! They don't taste as nice as bought ones though sadly. The custard kinda turned into jelly while it was cooling :P They still taste okay just not amazing. (But Pants had never tasted them before so he doesn't know the difference! \o/)

      If you can make profiteroles you should try

      I may be wrong, but I'm pretty certain you can take any SIM and cut it down, from a full size old school SIM and cut down to nano size. The trick is cutting in the right places, you should be bale to get printable templates for it.
      I've personally done it a couple of times from full size to micro SIM, but not sure if things are different with nano SIMs?

        It's definitely possible, I cut down an old deactivated SIM just to get past the "You need a SIM to activate this phone!" message and start playing around with it.

        I was just too much of a chicken to try this with my working SIM :P Would rather just keep using my old phone for an extra few days until I can get a proper one.

    Morning everyone.

    We went to Moore Park on Saturday to see the baby expo there, but we got there late and only stayed for about 20 minutes (yay!)

    Sunday I made a whole mess o' pancakes for the family, and I'm proud to say I ate nothing else all day because my stomach was groaning from being overloaded so much.

    Gaming-wise, I finished getting all the trophies in Armello (actually the 9th person on PSN Profiles to get the plat, surprisingly) which was a fiendish experience. Awesome game though.

    Also started Sleeping Dogs definitive edition and amused my daughter no end by doing sequences of flying kicks to random pedestrians and jumping from vehicle to vehicle at high speed. At first she was saying "Daddy, you mustn't steal any more cars!" but then that developed into "Go up and hit that [innocent bystander] over there, Daddy!"

    Got some more Project Mirai DX in as well as some Child of Light.

      Definitive proof that video games cause violence. Nothing to do with parenting at all.

    Good morning fronds!
    I have absolutely nothing of value to add so I'm just going to sit quietly over here in the corner... Staring! ಠ_ಠ

      That's the corner I always sit in. As my current items of value are... do you mind if I join you in that corner? Maybe we can start some sort of a business corner to add value to it or something. Slogen can be: the corner of value, we do business.

        Just tell people that they can't come to your corner... that'll drive up demand.

    Hola folks.
    Finally beat the raid last night! Or this morning more precisely, so now I'm running on 3 hours sleep :/
    Great fun tho and got some nice loot.

    Do any other destiny players need those class quests at the get orbs in strikes part?
    Finding the voidwalker one a nightmare so if anyone wants to team up...

      I'm a Level 40 250 Light Hunter if you would like a hand? I've only completed a handful; of the Story Missions and only the single new Cabal Strike so I might be able to help.

      I don't think I've got that questline yet, how do you unlock that? :S

        Cayde should give you a questline for your subclasses. Starts with stuff like kill x enemies with the melee ect then once you max the subclass you get a challenge to do in strikes.

        A hand would be wonderful. I need to generate 7 orbs with a single nova bomb, three times, then finish.the strike. Quite difficult with randoms.

          Cool, I've completed the Nightstalker quests so I'm only left with the Gunslinger quest line at the moment (Max out all of your attributes... dayummm this will be a grind).

          Let me know when you want to do it and I'll fix my mic up lol.

          Oh, do those ones start in the crucible? Because I've intentionally left them un-done.

          I do remember having some quest to kill enemies while inside my ward, or with void grenades/punches as a defender, but that was pretty simple grinding stuff.

      Sneaky trick - get a fireteam of three. Do the Devil's Lair. When you land, wander together back through to the Steppes, and down into the basement where the 3 Hive majors appear regularly. Smash them, then run out of their room, left, past the stairs up and lurk in the far corner until you see them respawn on your radar. Whoever has a super, run in, shoot them a bit to soften them up and then use super when they're close together. Should get your 7 orbs... run back and let the next person have a go. You should all get your 3 7-orb hits. Repeat for as many subclasses as you need the quest for...

      Then you just run through and finish the strike!

      For the voidwalker, complete it in the Undying Mind strike against the boss. If you leave the boss mostly alive, he'll spawn large groups of yellow-health adds at either side of the room, which will yield 7 orbs when nova bombed (without Light Beyond Nemesis). Rinse and repeat, then down the boss.

        Also in that hallway at the top of the stairs, if you can get the vex variant. A tonne of yellow goblins and minotaurs.

      Wait, you were at Oryx?! *cries* Now I really regret not answering your invite last night. Still haven't beat the raid - need to get my team organised to have a proper crack.

      Last edited 28/09/15 12:41 pm

        Haha, oh no. Sorry man, should have clarified. It was pretty late tho.
        Pretty Damn happy with the team I ran with last night - four of then had not done it at all but picked it up so well we did the whole thing start to finish. Deathsingers on third attempt!
        Tho with an experienced leader and experienced fill in for Oryx.
        You will definitely be first on the list next time we need a 6th.
        And feel free to hit me up if you need a fill in.

        Last edited 28/09/15 1:56 pm

          What time did you finish? I was up until 2am anyway farming spinmetal nodes (or more specifically, the zeptocyte cores the nodes drop 5-10% of the time) for the exotic sword quest...

          Thanks, man - I think I've got a good handle on the mechanics and roles of all the raid encounters (though only know the first part of the Oryx fight). So, yea, if you ever need a sixth, I'm up for King's Fall any time.

            Finished up around 1:30 SA time. I was surprised how many people were still on.
            Tis interesting how all the fights in Kings Fall come down to co-coordinating the mechanics. The actual gunplay involved is pretty easy. I mean most of the time you're in an invincible aura when actually shooting the boss so you don't even have to worry about adds, just shoot the huge weak spot on a stationary target.
            Not like say the Templar fight where you had to deal with huge splash damage and Minotaurs up in your face the whole time.

            I should probably get a start on that sword thing, tho it would only be a novelty really. What type you go with?

              I've got one of each legendary across three characters, but working on the arc sword for the exotic first.

        If you're still keen, I reckon we might be able to have a real crack this week.

          I'm always keen. :D

            Sweet. I'll get Lightspeed to try and get the band together and organise some times.

    I had an awesome weekend went to a friends bucks party and had way to much to drink. Then proceeded to pass out and then apologise to all my friends on Sunday for being sick and also feeling sorry for myself.

    In between playing destiny and also siege beta. I'm hoping I'll be able to get th let oil stains out of my clothes barfing sausages is not recommended

    Finally got to play some Mechwarrior Online, since it had been crashing every other time I'd try to play it.
    Also found that I'll need a DisplayPort to DVI adapter for Eyefinity. :\

    Morning everyone! On the weekend I went to Oz Comic-Con and had the pleasure of meeting Bajo from Good Game and taking a photo with him! He was dressed in a nightmarish Sonic outfit and purportedly rode in on his blue scooter named Sanic.

      Did you hug MacGuyver?

      Also, what's Glebe Island like as a venue? How does it compare to Supanova at Olympic Park? I imagine its much more painful to get to.

        Unfortunately I have never been to Supanova so I can't really compare the two. There is a shuttle bus that goes straight to the venue from Central station though, so it's not too much of a hassle.

    My eldest is making me take her out to see Pixels today. I tried to convince her to see Pan or Oddball instead but nope. Insistent on Pixels. Arrgh, I really don't want to spend money on Pixels.

      It was worth the $8 i spent on my ticket. Some okay parts.

        Gold Coast cinemas are $20 a ticket.

          Which cinema chain is it? If it's Event it's pretty easy to get discounted tickets.

      Fun fact: Oddball is based on a thing that happened in my home town.

      That's all I've got. Godspeed Freeze. Try getting drunk beforehand? I'm sure she won't mind.

      This is one of them teachable moments for your eldest:

      "Honey, this is why we consider where we spend our movie dollars carefully"

        "There is only one thing you can see per month, and you chose that. Despite warnings."

    The irony of accidentally giving myself a black eye dancing to a album called "every open eye" is not lost on me. Still vacuum dancing to CHRVCHES is always fun.

    Anyone here play Hearthstone on Android? I played through the tutorial missions fine, but once it asked me to sign in to my Battlenet account I can't seem to get past the account screen. Is this just glitchy, or am I being incredibly dense and missing a button or something

      Hmm that's interesting, a few people on Android have had issues signing in about a month back. Are you in Wifi Coverage? Delete and Re-Download might help?
      Otherwise chuck them a ticket, do you have the right account info? I get that problem when I'm trying to log in with the incorrect details on my iDevices too.

        I'll try reinstalling.

        That said, my brain is screaming that I can't do anything on my opponents turn what is this where are my counterspells

          Haha yeah.

          Some decks (Like the Mage for example) have a 'secret' which is called 'counterspell' which you could add to your deck. It's a tough secret to beat, especially if you are putting a lot of faith in the next spell card.

            But... my counterspells! What if you're trying to play something I don't want you to play?

              You gotta know the meta mang. You know certain decks are going to have certain cards, and you just have to play your cards in a way that can minimize or counter that card.

              An example of this would be 'Muster for Battle' which is an unbelievable 3 mana card for a Pally deck, you get 3 silver hand recruits and a 1/4 Sword of Justice. You know that these days Pally decks who run this card are going to use minions like Raid Leader, Quartermaster, Warhorse Trainer, Mukla's Champion, etc. to give them extra value. So you would use a board wipe card of your own to f*** shit up then play some minions of your own to re-establish board control.

                I am so sick of playing against Secret Pallys... they're the new Patron Warrior.

                Although, I did make a guy rage quit yesterday. Ran a hunter deck with 2 flares in it, he played a mysterious challenger which dropped no less than 5 secrets, instant flare took them all out and he immediately ragequits. It was a good day.

      Been playing for a while now... that game is f&$#ing infuriating if you don't P2W. Nothing like outplaying them and getting ahead, and then they pop down 3-4 legendaries in a row and stomp your face.

      Let me know if you want any pointers, I'm not the best but I know a thing or two about a thing or two.

        I dunno if I want to get into it yet, I want to play beyond the tutorial a bit and see if it's for me

          I would suggest doing all the 'new player' challenges - it's the easiest way to get a stack of coins without paying, so you can get a few packs and start building a half decent deck.

          It's the best game I've found for killing time during the morning commute, simple enough that I can play it before the morning coffee but complicated enough that there's always new stuff to learn.

          If you do decide to keep up with it, I'd suggest watching Trump's intro videos. Kripparian is also a good streamer, he talks through why he plays the way he does so it's very informative.

            When do I unlock counterspells?

              To be honest counters are a tiny part of the game. There's only really 2 (counterspell and Spellbender), both of which are mage cards. They can be tough to get since one is a rare and one is an epic - I've been playing maybe 6+ months and haven't had either of them drop.

              The difference is instead of counters you get secrets (both of these cards are secrets). These are basically counters that the enemy triggers (some trigger if he attacks your minion, casts a spell, attacks your face, summons a minion, etc.).

    @redartifice What are your thoughts on Into the Night for Numenera? I was kinda expecting some new character options or something like but the setting material is nice. They really overloaded on the weird and strange things with this book.

      Saw it on my email, haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I still have a whole bunch of material to digest from the Guidebook too

    Weekend: Beer, @highperformance, @blackdahlianz, Scottish friend madness, dinner with friends on Saturday, Destiny levelled up 2nd to L40, Wales beat England \o/, Australia beat Uruguay, Lizzie Armistead is cycling World Champion \o/ and oh my god it's Monday again...

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