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  • PREVIOUSLY, ON FOR WHOM THE BELL TAYS (you thought we were dead but we aren’t edition)

    At Can’d Meat 5.0, everyone has gathered in the kitchen to toast the host who boasts the most roast, Baron Blaghman.

    Greenius: Are these events always this formal?

    Cakesmith: And so we toast you, Blaghs. Here’s to many more!

    Everyone drinks.

    Blaghman: Oh, I very much doubt that.

    People looked confused, then pained. The champagne was poisoned! One by one they fall to the floor.

    Suddenly, the front door bursts open. Enter Powalen, covered in dirt, scratches, and fashionable diamond accessories. He rushes to the kitchen, only to find his friends collapsed on the floor, with no Blaghman in sight.

    Powalen: Oh no. I was too late.

    Freeze is pacing back and forth, mumbling under his breath. Enter DC.

    DC: Freeze, what’s wrong?

    Freeze: It’s awful! My mother is coming to visit. And I told her I was married! What am I going to do?

    There is a moment of silence. Then Freeze has a EUREKA! moment. He looks at DC, who takes a cautious step backwards.

    At Tribal Council, Greenius, Powalen and Sughly sit around the fire as Pants stands before Jeff Probst, torch in hand.

    Jeff: I’m sorry, Pants. The tribe has spoken.

    He extinguishes the flame.

    Pants: Whatever. I didn’t want to be a part of your dumb cool club anyway.

    As he leaves the council, a lone tear rolls down his cheek.

    In the dark of night, Strange secrets her way into somebody’s home. She stands over a sleeping figure, and brandishes her signature quilting needles.

    Strange: I’m sorry, but you know too much.

    She stabs into the sheets, but something feels wrong. Lifting them, she discovers an arrangement of pillows. Too late she feels the pistol touch the back of her head.

    Mashaa: I’m sorry, but so do you.

    Red stands surrounded by some fifty skilled swordsmen. On the balcony above him is Blaghman, looking a little too pleased with himself.

    Blaghman: You didn’t think it was gonna be that easy, did you?

    Red: You know, for a second there…yeah, I kinda did.

    Cue fight scene.

    Mother Freeze eyes DC up and down.

    Mother Freeze: This is your wife?

    Freeze looks at DC with desperation. DC sighs.

    DC: Yes. It’s true. I’m Freeze’s wife.

    Mother Freeze: That’s delightful! When di – wait…where are your wedding rings?

    Oh no! Freeze begins to panic. DC looks incredibly bored. Suddenly –

    Nobs: Stop everything!

    Freeze: Nobs?! How did you get here?

    Nobs: With science. And I bring urgent news. DC is not Freeze’s wife. I am.

    Everyone gasps.

    Rize standing perfectly silent and still in the middle of a jazz ensemble.

    Beavwa is hanging from the edge of a tall cliff. Shane is holding on to him, but doesn’t appear to be trying to pull him to safety.

    Beavwa: Let me up! Please!

    Shane: Not until you tell me where you hid the diamonds!

    A group of TAYbies are enjoying a few drinks at the end of a long week.

    Cakesmith: You know, I’ve been thinking something. A lot of us sure tend to die horribly in this town, huh? Like, one person a week. Or someone goes missing or whatever. It’s really weird.

    Pixel gasps. Blaghman drops his champagne flute. Red facepalms.

    Rocketman: Oh no! He’s breaking the fourth wall! Everybody RUN!

    The TAYbies flee in all directions. The sky above Cakesmith begins to part.


  • I impulse-bought an Alfa gtv v6 on Saturday, and even though I know I will, I currently have no regrets.

    • Silver? my mates had 2 both I think he ended up selling because the first one the headlights ended up not working and the thing was an accident waiting to happen and his second one actually was in an accident

      • Blue, with a red interior and the teledial wheels. Ever since my 205 I’ve had a thing for red carpets in cars…

  • Good morning. I spent most of my weekend painting Elsa’s cape. I have a few images, but they’re on my phone and I’m lazy.

  • Playing max Payne 3 and the character hates himself and his life so much that it’s makes me hate him and is starting to make me hate the game. All he does is drink and take pills… and shoot like 150 bad guys, which for some reason they keep sending more and more. I mean clearly is 1 guy single handedly takes out 100 men with just a hand gun. Why would you send more men? Makes no sense.

    • There was a discount for 1800-HENCHMEN that the main bad guy couldn’t pass up so he accidentally went over budget, and he’s as hateful towards that character than you are, obviously 😛

      • Which makes even less sense considering he moved to a completely different country and still took the job of shooting people. Maybe that’s just an excuse for the mass murder and all of that is just a big delusion because clearly be enjoys killing so much. They really have to stop sending men after him. Should use drones or something. He’d find a way though. I don’t understand why the guy he worked for even sent the ransom money , why didn’t he just tell max to kill them all?

        • No video game sequel makes sense, like 90% of the time the protag of the first one would be somewhere in therapy for PTSD.

          Or in prison.

        • I actually like that the plot sort of revolves around him being hired as an ‘angry Gringo with a deathwish and a gun’ and being sauced out.
          He gets pissed off with his self-pity and stops the drinking, throwing a spanner in the works a little bit, but being clueless about the whole picture keeps him bumbling around murdering a limitless supply of mooks.

          And when he’s recruited, there’s a few nods around the game as to him being a mass-murdering cop. Not acknowledging the full extent of how ludicrous it was, but nodding to it.

          If anything, Max’s brand of mass murder makes more sense in the favelas of Sao Paulo than New York.

          I am a little biased. I love 3 most of all the Max Payne games. It took him exactly where I thought he should be, translated his angry-young-man angst into something appropriate for his age and this era.

  • So, I’ve been thinking of something to do for a meat while I’m in Melbourne in November, and I’ve realised that Spectre comes out on the Thursday that I’m there. I’m thinking we could do dinner on Friday/Saturday night and then go and watch Spectre. Does that work for people?

  • So tired.

    Want caffeine, don’t drink coffee, really don’t want to crack a Red Bull this early…

    Taking any and all suggestions.

  • Had a cracking weekend. Made a late decision at work to skip Saturday management meeting so I unexpectedly had a 2 day weekend. Tossed around some ideas but the Royal melbourne show is on so we decided to head out to that. Spent the morning at home, then went out to the show after lunch. Think Tiglet was a little bit small still, but she had fun. Started at the animal nursery and she was a bit glazy eyes and didn’t seem to enjoy it much. She liked the bigger goats but wasn’t too interested in the little goats and sheep that you could feed. But after we left there and went to the big farm area she was a bit more excited. She rather liked the fact the the big horse was eating, she though that was funny. She also played the cheeky monkey game and won a frog whiteboard thing which we used to wish her cousin a happy birthday. Spent some time sitting in the sun and having something to eat before we got her a showbag and headed home. Was getting late by the time we left so we decided to go out for dinner at the local chinese place. She was certainly a hit with the staff who thought she was adorable, they obviously have great taste. Even if they did segment us out into a separate section of the place.
    Sunday was baby and kids market so we went and bout a whole bunch of stuff we probably didn’t need but oh well. Mummy bought some clothes and some more clothes. Daddy bought a pull along xylophone and books. Then had some schnitz for lunch and later in the day went to the park.
    Gaming wise I bought splendor so Mrs Tigs and I played a bit of that. She was having trouble with the 2nd part of burial at sea so we started Ass Creed III.

  • Morning TAY.
    How do I stop the silly scrolling pages on Kotaku aus? And how come my bookmark to Kotaku US keeps redirecting me back to Kotaku Aus? I like visiting both but due to the scrolling pages I basically have to scroll to page 5 before I can click on Kotaku US >< Please help me stop it!

  • Morning TAY!

    My slow Tour De TAYbie is coming along nicely, I added @trikeabout to my list of TAYbies met on Friday night (Sorry I could only have one beer, next time it’ll be a couple more!) . I saw 1/3rd of the Axis of Awesome Lee Naimo live at a Melbourne Fringe Festival gig and laughed so much my temples hurt with @blackdahlianz, he even got to be involved in the show as well which was a bit of a laugh.

    Saturday and Sunday I sold my soul to Destiny, I played too much yesterday though so I didn’t sleep all that well last night. Today I’ll be paying my $35 for the Techknight and Scree sponsored Meat too!
    Edit: Just sent @techknight, Paypal reckons it’ll come through on Oct 2nd!

  • Hola Tay

    Had a busy weekend. Went up to the parents’ house on Saturday, played with the now-one-year-old Labrador who is still exceedingly boisterous. Got mum to help me with my Fallout Vault Suit: so now I just need to finish the pip boy, which is well achievable.

    Last night went to the magic prerelease, played 2 headed giant. Won the first round, but unfortunately the rest didn’t go as well. Played blue/red control while my mate was in black and green ramp. This set is weeeeeeeeeeeeeird. Friend of mine did really well, came second overall and won like 14 packs, so I was happy for them.

    A Monday morning Question: Dogs! Who is your Doggy and what does he do?

    • I’ve had two (dearly departed) dogs:

      1. black and white Border Collie named Bonnie. She was adept at chasing the water splash from a hose, rounding up kids, and generally just being lovably quiet and good-tempered.
      2. russet & white mini fox terrier named Molly. She was a guard dog (even though we constantly berated her for it) and cleaner-up of dropped food, vacuum-style. She had a stump for a tail that would wiggle gently when you patted her.

      • My dearly departed puppy was also a Border Collie
        She was named Maggie and liked running round and round a tree whenever cars drove past. So much so that she had about a half foot deep track that she had worn into the ground. Such a happy, lovely dog, I do miss her sometimes.

        • Everybody gives their Border Collies names ending with an -ie sound.

          My ol’ one was named Cassie. My friend’s one was named Sally 😛

    • My doggy is Dutch the staffy and he spends most of his time being a sook, being terrified at the barest hint of inclement weather and losing his mind with excitement when new people visit.

    • Sasha, my English springer spaniel, was put down a few years ago when he stopped being able to walk. He was slowing down a lot over the years but he was always so proud when he caught animals that got into the yard. He went absolutely berserk and barked for hours at a koala that had gotten into one of the trees one time. Fortunately neither of them came to harm but Sasha was full of energy before he started getting old.

    • My luck at the prerelease was odd.

      Opened some stone cold bombs: Ob Nixilis, 2x Smothering Abomination and a Conduit of Ruin. The rest of my black was meh. Originally planned to try a GB midrangey deck with some thoroughly mediocre green that filled out my curve. Changed my mind during deck building to a more UB control build without any decent control cards (in hindsight, red was probably the best colour in my pool overall but I’d have had to go super heavy red to make it work).

      Got stomped game 1 by the other guy to pull an Ob Nixilis. He had the UB control deck I wanted to make. Got stomped game 2 as well. Had a chat and he helped me put the GB midrangey deck back together because the gameplan for my UB deck was essentially “hope I don’t lose before I get something big out”.

      Match 2 I got paired against a soft spoken kid who only played some kitchen table commander before. Walked over him game 1 with Smothering Abomination while he didn’t draw a single mountain (I could’ve killed his mana dork early but didn’t want to take out his only red source and ruin any chances he had). Game 2 I went more aggressive until he pulled out the green enchantment that makes scions every turn. It stalemated until I went Conduit of Ruin to tutor out a Breaker of Armies. Let me tell you, Breaker of Armies + Hedron Blade is just silly. You’re going to wipe their board so hard. The store was giving 2 packs per win, so I gave him one of them.

      Match 3 was against a father who was trying to bring his kids into the game. I got heavily mana screwed and when I finally hit my fourth land (turn 8?), he pulled some land destruction on me. Cruel but I’m not going to begrudge a guy for trying to win. Second game was more of the same. I had answer to his threats but not enough mana to get my own online. He walked over me. We played a redemption game where I mulliganed four times (friendly mulligans so I only went to 6). Absolutely stomped him in an unforgivable fashion. The one time my deck really came online in all of my games. Gave my second prize pack to the guy’s son.

      I was rusty. Building a sealed deck is harder than I remember. Real men use pink sleeves.

      EDIT: Oh, right dogs. Alice is a muppet that likes to get under the house and steal PVC piping. There are multiple pieces scattered about the yard right now. Got to go find out if she’s done any real damage today.

      • Basically my job was to sandbag and bounce opposing stuff. Problem was I got kinda low on mana a couple times (should have played more card draw and possibly another land or two) and the counters in this set are not the strongest. Still, had fun, and I’m head brewing a Noyan Rar Roil Shaper CMDR deck now because I think it could be funky

        • There’s so much about that card that looks like wonderful jank.

          I can’t be the only one that wants to make some silly Jeskai Ascendancy deck with him as a two of.

          • I need a Jeskai Ascendancy for my Narset/Shu Yun deck, but it may wait until post-rotation.

            I’m going to go in to a card shop here and complete my set of Theros gods after next weekend

          • All I see is: play an instant or sorcery, loot, untap all your lands, put some +1/+1 counters on one of them and give everything +1/+1, repeat until opponent scoops.

          • Using an Ascendancy to untap all of your lands over and over again is bullshit of the highest order and I fully endorse it, you’d just never pull it off in EDH unless you had a Jeskai commander. In standard though…. *vomits*

    • My dog is Sid, he’s a border collie cross Labrador. He likes to bark at fireworks and thunderstorms. He will stare at you for food. He tried to eat a pavlova my brother threw into the backyard. I ended up having to clean it up.
      Oh, and he absolutely. fucking. loves. the. car.
      Yes, i know he’s fat. We’re working on it.

        • Fairly sure. He has the food drive of a Lab and the ear and snout shape of one. He’s also bigger then a border collie in height, much closer to the size of a Lab.

    • Dogs!
      My childhood dog was a German Shepherd X Blue heeler named Bear. Great dog, would splash water up with his paws and then try to bite it. Also destroy basketballs. Like full size, rip them in half.

      My current dog is a staffy X something named Boss. He’s a massive sook and likes to cuddle and lick faces. Also loves going for runs and perching on everything like a cat.
      Does not believe in.sleeping in and will drag the covers off and lick my face till I get up.

    • All my dogs are dead you insensitive clod. 😛

      We had a pair of Golden Retrievers when I was growing up. One was slightly older than the other and she was very much my parents’ dog. Apparently was an absolute terror when younger but by the time I was old enough to remember her she was about seven or eight years old and had decided that it was better to be quiet and dignified. Probably because the younger of the pair was an absolute nutcase. Extremely smart, but would act like a complete goof all the time because it made people laugh at him. He was more my dog as well, spent most of his time playing with me. Both of them were award-winning show dogs and also trained gun dogs – my Dad would take them shooting with him. The older one had to be put down when she was nine due to a tumor in her leg, and the younger lasted until he was about eleven before he suffered kidney failure.

      More recently, we had another Golden Retriever who was insanely smart, probably one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met. Understood a ton of speech, very attentive. A bit of a goof at times and often got into mischief. Also a complete wuss that was afraid of horribly scary things like water (especially waves) and passing traffic. He was supposed to be a show dog (he was really good) but my Mum decided against it as it’s a ton of work, plus as a puppy he got quite sick after picking up amoebic meningitis somehow. He aged super well. Started getting arthritis when he was about ten years old or so, but we put him onto a more restricted diet to lose some weight and take the strain off the joints plus some arthritis medication and that did the trick. Lasted to be fifteen before getting a mouth tumor that he had to be put down for, but by that point the writing was almost on the wall for him anyway since he struggled to hold onto his bladder overnight as well and was getting to the point he wasn’t interested in going for walks. Average lifespan of the breed is around 10-12 years so 15 was ancient. Mum reckoned it was at least partially because he was an intact dog until he was about 11 or so when he had to be desexed due to picking up a testicular tumor, but I disagree, I think he was lucky and well looked-after.

    • 2 Siberian Huskies; Rocko and Sasha.
      Rocko is really timid, but likes to try and steal various toys/food/things from Sasha all the time.
      Sasha is like the tom boy and wears the pants in the relationship.
      They’re both really good at digging holes, whether it be escape tunnels under the fence (1 foot deep cement has put a stop to this), or just random pot holes in the middle of the yard that they like to curl up in at night.

  • Morning, TAY!

    On the weekend I spent a too much money on a new phone. Then I got it home and realised it needed some microscopic SIM card so I can’t use it yet until my new one arrives 😛

    I also attempted to make profiteroles! They don’t taste as nice as bought ones though sadly. The custard kinda turned into jelly while it was cooling 😛 They still taste okay just not amazing. (But Pants had never tasted them before so he doesn’t know the difference! \o/)

  • Morning everyone.

    We went to Moore Park on Saturday to see the baby expo there, but we got there late and only stayed for about 20 minutes (yay!)

    Sunday I made a whole mess o’ pancakes for the family, and I’m proud to say I ate nothing else all day because my stomach was groaning from being overloaded so much.

    Gaming-wise, I finished getting all the trophies in Armello (actually the 9th person on PSN Profiles to get the plat, surprisingly) which was a fiendish experience. Awesome game though.

    Also started Sleeping Dogs definitive edition and amused my daughter no end by doing sequences of flying kicks to random pedestrians and jumping from vehicle to vehicle at high speed. At first she was saying “Daddy, you mustn’t steal any more cars!” but then that developed into “Go up and hit that [innocent bystander] over there, Daddy!”

    Got some more Project Mirai DX in as well as some Child of Light.

  • Good morning fronds!

    I have absolutely nothing of value to add so I’m just going to sit quietly over here in the corner… Staring! ಠ_ಠ

  • Hola folks.
    Finally beat the raid last night! Or this morning more precisely, so now I’m running on 3 hours sleep :/
    Great fun tho and got some nice loot.

    Do any other destiny players need those class quests at the get orbs in strikes part?
    Finding the voidwalker one a nightmare so if anyone wants to team up…

    • I’m a Level 40 250 Light Hunter if you would like a hand? I’ve only completed a handful; of the Story Missions and only the single new Cabal Strike so I might be able to help.

      I don’t think I’ve got that questline yet, how do you unlock that? :S

      • Cayde should give you a questline for your subclasses. Starts with stuff like kill x enemies with the melee ect then once you max the subclass you get a challenge to do in strikes.

        A hand would be wonderful. I need to generate 7 orbs with a single nova bomb, three times, then finish.the strike. Quite difficult with randoms.

        • Cool, I’ve completed the Nightstalker quests so I’m only left with the Gunslinger quest line at the moment (Max out all of your attributes… dayummm this will be a grind).

          Let me know when you want to do it and I’ll fix my mic up lol.

        • Oh, do those ones start in the crucible? Because I’ve intentionally left them un-done.

          I do remember having some quest to kill enemies while inside my ward, or with void grenades/punches as a defender, but that was pretty simple grinding stuff.

    • Sneaky trick – get a fireteam of three. Do the Devil’s Lair. When you land, wander together back through to the Steppes, and down into the basement where the 3 Hive majors appear regularly. Smash them, then run out of their room, left, past the stairs up and lurk in the far corner until you see them respawn on your radar. Whoever has a super, run in, shoot them a bit to soften them up and then use super when they’re close together. Should get your 7 orbs… run back and let the next person have a go. You should all get your 3 7-orb hits. Repeat for as many subclasses as you need the quest for…

      Then you just run through and finish the strike!

    • For the voidwalker, complete it in the Undying Mind strike against the boss. If you leave the boss mostly alive, he’ll spawn large groups of yellow-health adds at either side of the room, which will yield 7 orbs when nova bombed (without Light Beyond Nemesis). Rinse and repeat, then down the boss.

      • Also in that hallway at the top of the stairs, if you can get the vex variant. A tonne of yellow goblins and minotaurs.

    • Wait, you were at Oryx?! *cries* Now I really regret not answering your invite last night. Still haven’t beat the raid – need to get my team organised to have a proper crack.

      • Haha, oh no. Sorry man, should have clarified. It was pretty late tho.
        Pretty Damn happy with the team I ran with last night – four of then had not done it at all but picked it up so well we did the whole thing start to finish. Deathsingers on third attempt!
        Tho with an experienced leader and experienced fill in for Oryx.
        You will definitely be first on the list next time we need a 6th.
        And feel free to hit me up if you need a fill in.

        • What time did you finish? I was up until 2am anyway farming spinmetal nodes (or more specifically, the zeptocyte cores the nodes drop 5-10% of the time) for the exotic sword quest…

          Thanks, man – I think I’ve got a good handle on the mechanics and roles of all the raid encounters (though only know the first part of the Oryx fight). So, yea, if you ever need a sixth, I’m up for King’s Fall any time.

          • Finished up around 1:30 SA time. I was surprised how many people were still on.
            Tis interesting how all the fights in Kings Fall come down to co-coordinating the mechanics. The actual gunplay involved is pretty easy. I mean most of the time you’re in an invincible aura when actually shooting the boss so you don’t even have to worry about adds, just shoot the huge weak spot on a stationary target.
            Not like say the Templar fight where you had to deal with huge splash damage and Minotaurs up in your face the whole time.

            I should probably get a start on that sword thing, tho it would only be a novelty really. What type you go with?

          • I’ve got one of each legendary across three characters, but working on the arc sword for the exotic first.

  • I had an awesome weekend went to a friends bucks party and had way to much to drink. Then proceeded to pass out and then apologise to all my friends on Sunday for being sick and also feeling sorry for myself.

    In between playing destiny and also siege beta. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get th let oil stains out of my clothes barfing sausages is not recommended

  • Finally got to play some Mechwarrior Online, since it had been crashing every other time I’d try to play it.
    Also found that I’ll need a DisplayPort to DVI adapter for Eyefinity. :\

  • Morning everyone! On the weekend I went to Oz Comic-Con and had the pleasure of meeting Bajo from Good Game and taking a photo with him! He was dressed in a nightmarish Sonic outfit and purportedly rode in on his blue scooter named Sanic.

    • Did you hug MacGuyver?

      Also, what’s Glebe Island like as a venue? How does it compare to Supanova at Olympic Park? I imagine its much more painful to get to.

      • Unfortunately I have never been to Supanova so I can’t really compare the two. There is a shuttle bus that goes straight to the venue from Central station though, so it’s not too much of a hassle.

  • My eldest is making me take her out to see Pixels today. I tried to convince her to see Pan or Oddball instead but nope. Insistent on Pixels. Arrgh, I really don’t want to spend money on Pixels.

  • The irony of accidentally giving myself a black eye dancing to a album called “every open eye” is not lost on me. Still vacuum dancing to CHRVCHES is always fun.

  • Anyone here play Hearthstone on Android? I played through the tutorial missions fine, but once it asked me to sign in to my Battlenet account I can’t seem to get past the account screen. Is this just glitchy, or am I being incredibly dense and missing a button or something

    • Hmm that’s interesting, a few people on Android have had issues signing in about a month back. Are you in Wifi Coverage? Delete and Re-Download might help?
      Otherwise chuck them a ticket, do you have the right account info? I get that problem when I’m trying to log in with the incorrect details on my iDevices too.

      • I’ll try reinstalling.

        That said, my brain is screaming that I can’t do anything on my opponents turn what is this where are my counterspells

        • Haha yeah.

          Some decks (Like the Mage for example) have a ‘secret’ which is called ‘counterspell’ which you could add to your deck. It’s a tough secret to beat, especially if you are putting a lot of faith in the next spell card.

          • You gotta know the meta mang. You know certain decks are going to have certain cards, and you just have to play your cards in a way that can minimize or counter that card.

            An example of this would be ‘Muster for Battle’ which is an unbelievable 3 mana card for a Pally deck, you get 3 silver hand recruits and a 1/4 Sword of Justice. You know that these days Pally decks who run this card are going to use minions like Raid Leader, Quartermaster, Warhorse Trainer, Mukla’s Champion, etc. to give them extra value. So you would use a board wipe card of your own to f*** shit up then play some minions of your own to re-establish board control.

          • I am so sick of playing against Secret Pallys… they’re the new Patron Warrior.

            Although, I did make a guy rage quit yesterday. Ran a hunter deck with 2 flares in it, he played a mysterious challenger which dropped no less than 5 secrets, instant flare took them all out and he immediately ragequits. It was a good day.

    • Been playing for a while now… that game is f&$#ing infuriating if you don’t P2W. Nothing like outplaying them and getting ahead, and then they pop down 3-4 legendaries in a row and stomp your face.

      Let me know if you want any pointers, I’m not the best but I know a thing or two about a thing or two.

      • I dunno if I want to get into it yet, I want to play beyond the tutorial a bit and see if it’s for me

        • I would suggest doing all the ‘new player’ challenges – it’s the easiest way to get a stack of coins without paying, so you can get a few packs and start building a half decent deck.

          It’s the best game I’ve found for killing time during the morning commute, simple enough that I can play it before the morning coffee but complicated enough that there’s always new stuff to learn.

          If you do decide to keep up with it, I’d suggest watching Trump’s intro videos. Kripparian is also a good streamer, he talks through why he plays the way he does so it’s very informative.

          • To be honest counters are a tiny part of the game. There’s only really 2 (counterspell and Spellbender), both of which are mage cards. They can be tough to get since one is a rare and one is an epic – I’ve been playing maybe 6+ months and haven’t had either of them drop.

            The difference is instead of counters you get secrets (both of these cards are secrets). These are basically counters that the enemy triggers (some trigger if he attacks your minion, casts a spell, attacks your face, summons a minion, etc.).

  • @redartifice What are your thoughts on Into the Night for Numenera? I was kinda expecting some new character options or something like but the setting material is nice. They really overloaded on the weird and strange things with this book.

    • Saw it on my email, haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. I still have a whole bunch of material to digest from the Guidebook too

  • Weekend: Beer, @highperformance, @blackdahlianz, Scottish friend madness, dinner with friends on Saturday, Destiny levelled up 2nd to L40, Wales beat England \o/, Australia beat Uruguay, Lizzie Armistead is cycling World Champion \o/ and oh my god it’s Monday again…

  • Nothing like being kept on hold for 45 mins being constantly told you are number 2 in the queue then being hung up on.

    Why can’t you just send me an appointment time hospital? Instead you make me call then just tell me an appointment time regardless of what I need. What is the point of me having to call you?

  • Had an early morning Saturday, one of the guys from climbing had invited me along to this Raw Challenge – one of those mud run/obstacle course things. I tagged along to The Stampede a few years ago and aside from the ice bath had fun, so figured hey why not.

    This one was a bit further away though, up near Lake Macquarie. We were originally booked in for the 10:15 wave, but they decided to push it back to 11. Then we missed that too thanks to his car not starting. And then we were supposed to be in the 12:00 wave once we actually got there, but missed that while we were returning to the car to stash our stuff. 12:30 and finally we were on our way 😛

    We’d picked up a couple of bright green shirts from Kmart, as kind of a team uniform I guess. The others seemed to be getting annoyed at how clean mine was staying compared to theirs though, and were constantly running up to smear their hands all over the back of it. Or at one point, tried to tackle me down into the mud but I refused to go down 😛 About halfway through though, I started to get some crazy bad cramping in my right calf. As soon as I jumped up off the ground to lift myself over an obstacle, it just completely locked up and I couldn’t release it at all. And it lingered on for the rest of the course, only getting worse than eventually being joined by the other side, and I could kind of feel something similar going on in my thigh too though it never actually triggered a lock at all. There were only two obstacles that I skipped, a couple of low-ish walls that you had to lift yourself over which I just couldn’t get past without a lockup. Though then I managed to push through the higher ones afterwards that required teamwork to scale.

    It really started to suck towards the end, while there was sunlight earlier in the day it had by then mostly moved behind the clouds and all we had instead was a chilly wind buffeting our wet clothes. They had some icy water this time but it was nowhere as bad as the last run I did, though my friend did decided to smear a huge chunk of ice all over my head once I got to the other end. Still, the rest of the water was pretty cold and I was ready to skip anything that was deep enough to require actual swimming by then (honestly surprised how I managed to swim through any of the other parts like that already). Favourite part was probably the monkey bars, I just breezed through those while my friend slipped off partway through. Gave him a lot of shit for that. His friend (who was also on my “team” – orange headbands vs blue headbands for sub-team rivalry :P) made it through, albeit slower. While the girl with us just skipped it and walked around the side. Shameful, team blue 😛 Oh yeah at some point there was a guy in a Bane mask, so I had to run up to him and do the whole “will you die?” exchange. My baneposting friend has a lot to answer for.

    Right at the end was another large pool of water, followed by a quarterpipe maybe about one and a half times my height. I ran up and caught the edge with my hand, but then my right leg locked up and I just had to let go, it was probably the worst it had been yet. Took ages to try and straighten it out, I could barely even roll it enough to be able to force my foot flat with my weight. One of the first aid guys had run over to see if I was ok, and was asking me what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to end it there though, so I just stood around a while and tried to get it to relax more. Eventually the rest of my team had made it up, so I did another run. Again, a lockup. This time, the left side. But I had my whole right arm up on the platform, so I just hung there for a while trying to make my leg release. Only got it a tiny bit before I decided to just push on through and got my left hand on the ledge, and pulled myself up to the end. Well, not quite the end. After a group hug, I gingerly made my way down the ladder on the other side, and hobbled to the finish line 😛 Where we all started shivering and shaking like crazy.

    The drive home was slow. At one point we were passed by a fire truck with its siren on. Then another. Then an ambulance I think? And a couple of police cars. Eventually we got to the spot they were headed for – someone had managed to flip their car onto its roof in the middle lane of the F3 somewhere along the way. Ouch.

    So thanks to all that, I didn’t get to go amiibo hunting on Saturday 😛 And nearly missed out Sunday too with how late I slept in. Stopped by Big W first, and didn’t see any of the new ones which was weird. Then the same at JB. Thought I’d finally gone and missed out, so went around to check at Kmart. They usually don’t have them in on Saturday releases, so I figured I’d at least ask when they’d be getting them in. The girl ended up going out the back though and brought their whole shipment out for me to rummage through, fresh from the boxes. Awwrite 😛

    Then got home and spent the rest of the night practising accordion for this band tryout thingy that’s on tomorrow night. Which was surprisingly less painful than I was expecting, what with all the aches and pains of Saturday. Which are still lingering even now. Should raid my sister’s drug stash, see if she has anything for it.

    • If in the event you were wondering, cramping in your calves for that kind of event is pretty normal.

      If you’re cold, wet & it’s windy you’ll be more likely to cramp, especially if you have an electrolyte imbalance before you race (too much/not enough salt). Good warm up and a Gatorade will fix what ails ya mun.

        • Sea Salt is the best salt for that 😉

          My buddy who played in the VFL swears by adding sea salt to his drinking water to keep up his electrolye balance, I tried for a while and I think it helped but I also was drinking Magnesium powder before exercise which helped more 😛

          • I used to have mag-phos tablets a lot as a kid, I had crazy bad growing pains in my legs a lot of the time and kept getting given those. I liked how they tasted 😛

            Wonder if we’d still have any kicking around…

  • Oh and also I got sunburnt on my scalp. And have a nice band across my forehead from the headband. Yay.

    Most importantly though, I didn’t get any mud in my beard.

  • So I’ve complained about this before but now I’ve actually experienced it. I bought Shadow of Mordor for my PS4 and when I tried to install it (from disc baby!) I was told I need to delete games to make more room. This is especially annoying considering I just bought a PS4 and I don’t have many games, yet I now have to delete one to play something new. The hard drive is 500gb, I shouldn’t have hit that limit yet. Even my 360 hard drive is 120gb and that has like, 40 games installed.

    People talk about digital being the future but I don’t like having to download a 50gb sized game, with a 30gb patch on top of it (yeah I’m exaggerating, but only a little). What about games like Destiny or something that will constantly be updated? I have to download heaps of patches, which all add up easily.

    If digital is the future then why not take advantage of it? How about instead of patches you just remove your game from the market and then re-upload it with a version that contains all the changes? Or are publishers hesitant because that requires a fee and a 30 day waiting period?

    Surprisingly my recorded data also took up a lot of room.

    • I think I remember Fez’s (It was Fez or another indie, can’t remember) devs talking about this with Xbox live about removing a broken version and replace with a working version, it’s got to do with it having to be submitted to Microsoft/Sony again to be clarified and authorised to be sold again, which costs money.

      • Yeah, the certification process cost like $40000 a pop. Though from memory the old system was something like you get one free patch then the rest have to be re-certified, but they’ve changed that since then to some other system I’m unfamiliar with.

        • “Certified”, that was the word I was missing, I knew I was missing one! You failed me, coffee! *shakes fist at cloud*

      • I think that was just game updates in general. I know that it’s costly and time consuming to get a XBOX 360 Title Update from your studio to your players. Sony seem to be faster or less fussy about it, but I would imagine even if it’s free a pain going through the process.

        Actually, now I’m thinking about it I’m pretty sure XBOX Live does distribute pre-patched games under most circumstances. I thought PS4 did too after Sony’s moves to annihilate the installation/patching problems of the PS3.

      • That was an update. It costs about 40,000 bucks and a period of 30 days for all patches to be submitted to Microsoft. There was no reason for it and it halted many games from getting much needed patches. About last year they removed that limitation, so now nobody has any excuse, although they love to abuse it.

    • Can you hook an external hard drive up? It’s a crappy solution but it works for my XBOX One. The games I don’t really play that often are on the external, the current ones are on the main drive. Although with a PS4 I guess you’d just throw a larger hard drive in.
      It sounds dumb but you get used to it the same way we all got used to the downsides of using CDs instead of carts. Right now the big problem is that we’re still in that Dreamcast style pre-transition period where the discs technology wasn’t quite up to the storage requirements. Hopefully we’ll see some significant growth there and a drop in price. I feel like a 1TB SDD with cloud storage for save files will be enough to handle digital this generation.

    • They take up a lot of room… I did a cleanout of the PS4 recently. Then a couple of weeks ago when Destiny 2.0 was about to drop I decided to check again and there was only about 20gb free.

      So I put a 2TB drive in it. Problem delayed. 😀

  • Hi all! Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. Spent way too much of mine in Destiny… Started on the exotic sword quest, and helped/got help with the crucible kills portion by hiding in the corner of a rumble map and trading kills with friends. Went hunting calcified fragments, and am sitting on 43, with two I know about in the raid (but haven’t had a chance to obtain). Missed the first week’s tier 3 court, so will be waiting on that until Kagoor comes back into the rotation (I’m guessing next Tuesday). Otherwise, focused on gearing my titan, who’s now sitting at 293, with the new subclass nearly complete. Still trying to get people together to get through the raid…

      • If we can get a few people to about 270-ish, we can get in the door – the difficulty ramps up from 270 (I think… will do some investigating tonight) to 300 as it progresses. Besides, there’s two chests and a lot of awesome between the door and the first fight. 😛

        • Titan L40/265, Hunter L40/207, Warlock L40/243.

          Had a very productive evening with the Warlock! 😀

          A night of Vanguard strikes and juggling of weapons, and I’ll probably get Warlock or Titan to 280. Raid soon!

          • Checked last night – enemies involved in opening the door are 280 light, and I think everything inside is 290. Still, I reckon 2-3 270-280s, and the rest 280+ should be able to get in.

          • Warlock can hit 260 now… and I’ve got the 5 strikes quest now so tonight I’ll do 5 back-to-back…

  • Here’s something I learned over the weekend: Wee Waa is far away from everywhere. Buddy of mine had his reception about 50km outside of there, it was a 7+ hr drive from Sydney for just the one night. Great party, but 14-15 hours of driving isn’t very pleasant… especially when you are incredibly hung over on the way back.

    Also, I learned that roving around parties drinking jugs of rum and coke probably isn’t a good life decision. Seemed like a good idea at the time…

    • I hope you weren’t the one driving home? Gotta be careful with that if after a massive night (as it sounds like it was) that your not over the limit.
      I learned that roving around parties drinking jugs of rum and coke probably isn’t a good life decision Sounds like you were doing it wrong 😉

      • I’m an inner-city baby, so never learned to drive. My mate was driving (absolute champ) – even if I was able to, I wasn’t in any state to be behind the wheel.

        • Glad to hear that. I was raised a country boy and the number of people who would think it’s ok to drive the next morning is scary. Not as scary as the number who think they are right to drive home that night though

    • What the hell is it with people having their weddings in the middle of god damn nowhere? Every single wedding I have ever been to has been ultra inconvenient to get to. 😛

      • I’m planning mine to be held on the Moon, should be convenient to get to, I mean seriously you literally can see it from your home almost every night!

      • Well its more picturesque if you have never been there before and will not again.
        But also the further away, only the most dedicated people that actually care will rock up so less people to pay to cater for.

        I know of people who got married overseas so they did to have to deal with all the family and guests.

  • Weekend report. Friday night I spent a fair amount of time fiddling around in Kantai Collection again. Had cleared out 1-5 and 2-5 just in time for the update that rolled through on Friday, so I had a blueprint available and it turns out that was a good move, because Shoukaku got her Kai-2 remodel and it’s made her into probably the best carrier in the game. Glad I cleared that event map on Medium and got that catapult, since it was also required to update her. Sadly I haven’t gotten her to level 88 yet so I can’t get her other upgrade – at 88, Shoukaku Kai-2 can be changed into a Armored Carrier, which reduces her plane capacity but gives her one bigger slot and apparently in the future will allow her to launch jets. Which sounds awesome. I had actually hoped to give that blueprint to Unryuu who is getting perilously close to her Level 50 remodel, but I guess she’ll get next month’s. Also close to getting Junyou and Ayanami to Kai-2 which will open up some more options, and I started grinding Ashigara and Abukuma. Abukuma seemed to be super useful for the last event, but I’m not sure if I can stand having her around all the way to level 75 as her voice is very grating. Anyway, cleared out 3-5 with some effort and might have a crack at 4-5 over the next few days before the monthly reset. I also spent a ton of resources unsuccessfully trying to build Nagara, who somehow I’ve scrapped (because she’s shit) and now I can’t get another and need for some quests. I guess she’ll turn up eventually.

    The rest of my gaming time was sucked up by World of Warships. Still enjoying the game quite a bit. On Saturday I played my last game with the fucking atrocious tier III battleship Kawachi, actually had a particularly good game in which I ended up in a tier-iII match and sank several enemy cruisers. Unlocked the Myogi finally, and that thing is also a piece of shit, but it’s shit in a different way to Kawachi. The guns have crazy long range but are really inaccurate and there’s not nearly enough of them to spray and pray. Still, very first outing in it was amazing. Managed to kill a cruiser at long range, then I realized I was way out of position and had been flanked by a Kongou. I saw it happening so I immediately turned 180 degrees and ran for it, angling away to protect citadel hits and so that I could bring my rear two turrets into bear while the Kongou had to make do with just her forward turrets. Ran across the back of the map, firing away. I assume that the Kongo knew that I was a crappy Tier IV battleship and he’s a really good Tier V so should have the advantage. Except kept on exposing broadside and letting me take citadel shots, not that any really landed. Sank him though. By that point all my team was wiped out but so was theirs, leaving just a carrier up which was a fight I’d never win as Myogi has zero AA capability until you get to the final hull. Anyway, that game got me to the B hull at least which means can use a scout plane periodically, so that’s nice. A long grind to get to Kongou though.

    Also spent some time on Sunday with my Tenryuu. Fucking love that ship. It’s basically a big destroyer. Sneaking around like a DD, dropping spreads of torps at unsuspecting cruisers and battleships all over the place. Had a few games where I was massively out-tiered and died quickly (you do not want to be in a tier-V match in Tenryuu on the open ocean map, let me tell you now – you have to play her like a Cruiser and she’s weak at that) but had some amazing games that made up for it. Got the XP I needed to research the Kuma, and played a few matches with that. Not sold on it compared to Tenryuu. It’s very much a cruiser, so the guns on it are really nice though low caliber. Wrecked quite a few ships with good gun shots though I’m still struggling with accuracy at longer ranges or against squirmy destroyers. The biggest downer is that she carries the same torpedoes as Tenryuu, but where Tenryuu has a pair of 3-tube launchers, Kuma has 4 twin launchers, 2 per side. Theoretically this is more torps, but it’s less torps per side and less lethality as a result. Despite that, I’m quite enjoying her. She’s fast and has solid guns that fire crazily fast (you can ripple-fire a broadside and by the time the 6th gun fires the 1st is almost reloaded so it’s basically a stream of shells). Not looking forward to leveling past her, actually. The Tier V Furutaka is supposedly a bit shit.

    Plan tonight is to spend some time in my Umikaze and hopefully unlock the Tier III Destroyer, Wakatake.

    Longer-term though, not sure if I’ll stick with the game. Current developments worry me quite a bit. It’s really fun right now because the ships are fairly balanced. However it being Wargaming, they’re adding a full tech tree for the Russians (despite the Russian navy in WW2 being a fucking joke and half the designs they have not having ever been laid down, let alone launched) and the way they’re pitching them is that they’re bigger, faster, have better guns and longer ranges than everything else. Which sounds unrealistic and OP as hell. I know it’s basically par for the course in Tanks and Aircraft (though at least they have some justification there, as the Soviet tanks and some late-model Soviet aircraft like the Yak-9 and La-7 were quite good) but I’d hoped they’d keep that bullshit out of Warships, or that it would be limited to premium ships, or that any Soviet tier would roll in after the real actual navies that were actually good had been added (i.e. after the Kriegsmarine, Royal Navy and Regia Marina). At least it looks like a full German tech tree is being added at the same time later in October.

    • The World of War games are really big in eastern Europe so they have to cater to their market. That said, the fact that the Russians get in before the Royal Navy is absurd, especially considering the sheer number of ships the Brits could bring into the game. The lack of actual existing ships is not much of a concern considering the Kriegsmarine would barely exist in the game and a lot World of Tanks and Warplanes stuff wouldn’t exist either. Take the good with the bad I guess.

      • See that’s the interesting thing. If you look on the Russian sites, they don’t care about Russian ships. They’re not really interesting. Unlike the other Navies, the Soviet Navy just basically sat on their hands the whole war because they were hopelessly outclassed. There’s really nothing high-profile there that people actually want to play with. It’s not like the situation with tanks (the Soviet T-34 is easily as iconic as the Panzer III/IV) and planes (they’re overrated a bit, but the Soviets had some very good aircraft that were quite iconic in Eastern Europe). If you look at what the Russians are asking for, it’s actually the Kreigsmarine. They want to take the wheel of the Prinz Eugen and the Bismarck and the Scharnhorst and so on.

        The rest of the world meanwhile… well, the Americans obviously want to play with American ships, and the Anime Nerds want their iconic KanColle ships, plus the IJN warships are quite good and driving the Yamato is probably going to be the biggest draw for most people regardless of where they’re from since it’s got fucking massive guns and is a beautiful looking ship.

        There’s a rumor that the delays with the Royal Navy ships are actually because underlying the game they’ve got a lot of really well-modeled mechanics and they’ve been having trouble getting detailed schematics out of Britain for some of the ships that were only in the design phase, given that they’re a Russian company. Though I’d have thought there wouldn’t be much relevant technology in the schematics of Battleships designed in the 1930s and surely that sort of stuff is unclassified and in history books by now. Also they didn’t seem to have any problems getting Warspite into the game, though she’s a premium ship.

        They’re actually adding Kreigsmarine ships in the update with the Russian stuff as well. Not sure yet if we’re talking a complete tech tree or not though. They’ve only talked about Russian destroyers and hinted at German cruisers.

  • Just ticked over to three days Chocolate Sober.

    I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up for.

  • Hello TAY

    It’s monday and I’m at home with a cold. And have a cranky 4 year old who has a tantrum if I keep him away from his games for too long (he’s had a crappy couple of weeks too, can’t blame him). And no @batguy because he’s in Arizona.

    And I went to my sister’s funeral on Friday. It was sad, but fitting. She had a pink casket with lots of blingy flowers. My brother did an amazing job organising all the little details. I wore a floral dress and pink shoes, I just couldn’t bear to wear black. It’s going to be a sad couple of months with her birthday and Christmas still ahead.

    If I’m still awake at 8pm I could be persuaded to play Rocket League. Pretty sure we’re only about 3 rounds behind at this point…

      • Thank you – I haven’t spoken about it much, it’s been an overwhelming couple of weeks. It was my youngest sister, and she was only 27. She was in hospital in Darwin, and we flew up there before she passed away, and then we had her funeral in Sydney. I’ve been up and down the highway to visit my parents and my mother in law. Hence the cranky 4 year old. He just wants to be at home.

  • I finished two anime seasons on the weekend for the first time in forever. Finally got to the end of Shokugeki no Souma and Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers. I saw @strange was quite happy with Food Wars on Twitter and I have to admit the final episode was pretty much perfect. Rokka was good but dang the ending of the final episode was a bit of a joke.

    The next season should be starting up either next week or the week after so it’ll be interesting to see what gets released. Should be pretty good.

    • Oh man, Food Wars. So good!
      (Final ep spoilers…)
      Two moments really stood out: when they realised if it had been a shokugeki Soma would have won, and most especially when the original opening song kicked in near the end. Perfection.
      I loved it so much!

      • Those were both badass moments.

        I didn’t realize it was the same song, thought it was the same singer, though… that voice is unmistakable.

        I miss the first intro. It was pretty great. All that great-looking food and ingredients… It seemed a lot more jubilant, too.

        • Jubilant is the perfect word. I wake up lots of mornings with that first intro stuck in my head. Those are good days. 😀

    • I accidentally spoiled Rokka by looking at Wikipedia to try and find out something unrelated. They have the identity of the real seventh in unmarked spoilers 🙁

      • Yikes, that’s not cool!
        Does knowing the identity make you more or less likely to want to watch it when it comes back? I feel like knowing about the first one might have made it more enjoyable to watch the episodes so far in that instead of being frustrated at them drawing it out I could look out for the clues.

        • They wasted so much time on that whole subplot, it was quite frustrating. I’d maybe watch another season but it’d depend on what else was running.

  • Sydney and Canberra TAYBIES

    @35 @alexpants @anonymous_pessimist @batgirl @batguy @cakesmith @cj @cookingmama @dkzeitgeist @doc_what @effluvium-boy @fatshadylive @gingerchris86 @gorzilla @harli @hugo_the_hungarian_barbarian @mawt @morkai @markserrels @mrtaco @novacascade @powalen @pupp3tmast3r @ruffleberg @shiggyninty @bdkiaf @blaghman @rize @shane @freya @trjn

    Update on the plan for Oktoberfest. I’ve contacted the Concordia club ( and we’re in luck! Their Oktoberfest runs through until the 11th, so we get the full experience with drinks, food, music and dancing. Lederhosen and dirndls are encouraged. Bring an appetite, they serve pork knuckle!

    Date is still Sunday 11th Oct if that suits most people, but we can also do the 10th.

    It’s $15 entry ($10 for members) Kids get in cheap or free (you still need to purchase food and drinks). Opens at 11am. Let me know by this Friday 2nd Oct if you’re keen (I have a few takers already, just want to confirm with the new details) and I can book us a table.

  • Following up my bullshit above that no one cares about, I also watched a ton of anime over the weekend. Final episodes for a bunch of stuff.

    And that means that we’re about to hit the start of a new season! \o/

    But first, some thoughts on the season that was. I’ve spoilered these but they should be pretty spoiler-free beyond a ‘did this end okay or not’?

    Stuff what was good:
    – Working S3: Going into the season I expected this to be one of the better shows but it quickly started to lose my interest. I’m basically done with it. There’s an upcoming TV special and I hope they don’t animate any more beyond that, it’s overstayed its welcome.

    – Non Non Biyori Repeat: Another one I was excited for, and with good reason. It was basically more of the same, and that’s fine, because it was great. The final episode turned the scenery porn dial even higher than usual with some absolutely beautiful backgrounds, and I think the show overall conveys that mono no aware feeling better than anything since Aria. Also some amazingly funny moments. Probably best show of the season for me.

    – Shokugeki no Soma: It kind of stopped rather than actually finishing (not that I was surprised by this). I’m assuming it’ll get a continuation as there’s more than enough manga to adapt. Great, consistent viewing all the way through and I think I’ll miss it.

    – Charlotte: Ended kind of abruptly with a fairly disappointing final episode IMO, though one that was fairly consistent with Jun Maeda’s other writing. I described it elsewhere as a long, loud wet fart. It felt really good all the way through and then suddenly toward the end it changed quite rapidly, got really unpleasant and was all “OH NO SUDDENLY IT’S GOTTEN A BIT SHIT”. Still would recommend it though.

    – Gate: Also basically just stopped, and it had started to lose my interest toward the end as well. The arc they spent ages on prior to the final bit killed the show’s momentum IMO. Still, turns out this is a split-cour show with the second half to air early 2016, so that’s okay. I would caution anyone interested in it to wait until the second half is at least airing before jumping in too.

    – Durarara x2: Same as Gate, this is the second half of a three-cour show that’s got breaks in between. Durarara is excellent, but wait until it’s all done. It works far better when you can watch it in bursts or in a marathon, because the cast is extremely large and keeps expanding, and it has this interesting writing style where the characters’ various plotlines overlap and it’s far easier to keep everything in your head if you’re not watching with a gap each week.

    – Classroom Crisis: Ended up being a quiet, unassuming show that executed very well. Just solid, unremarkable anime stuff. Kind of felt almost like a throwback to the late 90s / early 00s in a lot of ways. The core concept had some flaws (the idea that the main cast were supposed to be a class in a school was nonsense) but it’s pretty good. Will be forgotten by next week though.

    – Gakkou Gurashi: Aka School Live worked really well for what it was: the happy daily lives of four high school girls trapped in a school building during a zombie apocalypse. I think the big draw for it was the unreliable perspective you got from the protagonist, which was quite cleverly done for a while. I liked the way this ended and I hope they don’t try and capitalize on it by making more, it’s good like it is.

    Stuff that was also watchable:
    – Umaru-chan: Enjoyable comedy that actually lasted the distance, I expected to drop it 2-3 eps in
    – Joukamachi no Dandelion: Unremarkable but well-crafted show with a bullshit ending
    – Akagami no Shirayukihime: Enjoyable shoujo fantasy stuff, but there are better examples of the same thing (recent examples: Akatsuki no Yona, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii)
    – Gangsta: I got bored with it. Better off watching Black Lagoon again. But it’s okay. Aimed squarely at a western audience I think.
    – Rokka no Yuusha: Fucked around for ages on a plotline I didn’t care for. Getting a second season at some point, better to wait for that to happen before bothering.
    – Overlord: Final episode hasn’t aired yet. It’s solid, bordering on very good, but it needs to be longer to be recommendable.
    – Symphogear GX: If you liked the previous seasons, it’s basically more of that.

    Shit you should probably avoid:
    – Sky Wizards Academy: I have no idea why I watched it all, it’s fucking awful
    – Monster Musume: Unless you have a thing for Quelaag’s Sister.
    – Chaos Dragon: Fucking awful and massively disappointing. Ugly art, bad plot, poor writing.
    – Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya: Fairly sure this is actually an FBI honeypot. It’s actually pretty enjoyable at times but fucking hell does it make you feel like a disgusting perv the rest of it. I probably shouldn’t even admit to watching it.
    – God Eater: it’s actually not bad, but it was plagued with unspecified production issues and sort of petered out. I don’t know what was going on at ufotable but I suspect that they may have simply bitten off more than they can chew, animating several game openings and cutscenes while also doing this and coming off Unlimited Blade Works with Fate/Heaven’s Feel in production as well. Anyway, don’t bother until at least the last 3 episodes are aired toward the end of the year.

    • I replied to this and my net died, so let’s try again.
      Have you seen Hyouka? It has the weirdest ending I’ve seen in that it just kind of ends. Without an ending. At episode 22.

      • Yeah, I’ve seen it. It’s a really good show IMO. And I thought the ending was really nice, in that it’s left open but it concludes with the pair of them basically hooking up like you’d hoped they would for most of the show. It’s one of Kyoto Animation’s most under-appreciated productions.

        It only ran 22 episodes (23 if you count the OVA) because that’s all the material they had. It adapted a single full-size novel (not a light novel), the first in a series of five. That’s why it feels like it ends but doesn’t conclude – it’s left open because the author left it open to continue it in a subsequent novel.

        I’d love to see them go back to it but I don’t think it’ll happen. The only things they’ve currently got announced are the Free movie and an upcoming adaption of a fantasy novel (Myriad Colors Phantom World which is starting at the end of December). It’s been three years. 🙁

          • Your only hope at this point is to learn Japanese and read the novels I think 🙁 I think there’s a manga adaption of the novels too, but I don’t know if it’s gone past where the first novel ended or not.

          • Tell me about it. 🙁 I can read some simple text but my biggest issue is vocab, plus I think while I can read a sentence I have NFI how to construct one myself.

            Planning on looking for lessons once I get to Seattle. Could actually be easier than Melbourne, given that the city has historically had a big Japanese-American population (though most of them never went back after they were put in detention camps during WW2 – Americans can be assholes sometimes) and also because there’s some pretty large businesses that have dealings with Japan in the area too.

          • I use memrise, as I said, but you need to find a good online course. I have a vague understanding of how it works, but I did one year of Japanese at RMIT

          • @scree: I did a year and a half of it in high school but didn’t keep it up. That was enough to learn Hiragana, most of the Katakana (some of them trip me up still though, like tsu vs shi) and the Kanji numbers and day/month/year. I dropped the class when I left New Zealand and my new school didn’t offer the language. Had I continued I’d probably be pretty fluent by now as I was pretty good at it. Everything I’ve learned since has been via osmosis or by using spaced repetition (I use Anki rather than Memrise) but I’ve gotten behind in flashcards.

            Have gotten through Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji once and then changed jobs and stopped re-doing my cards so I lost memory of a lot of them. Re-did it several times but always lose steam halfway in. About 800-900 of the first 1200-1300 are stuck fast in my mind. But Heisig groups them up sort of by radical rather than by commonality or anything. I can probably read roughly as well as a seven-year-old but then know a bunch of more advanced vocab as well.

            My biggest issue is having learned things really unevenly and I think the only way to fix that is lessons.

      • Mad props on the Hyouka plug. I really, really enjoyed that one and think there should be more shows like it.

    • I’ve heard that the stuff ups regarding God Eater might cause heads to roll due to some form of promotional agreement they had with Namco Bandai for the upcoming God Eater game. The anime itself was average bordering on good but any hopes of following it were wrecked with multiple delays. The last 3 episodes are going forward with a straight to online release rather than having an actual TV slot in Japan due to the season ending so it’s been a calamity all around.

      Any high hopes for season 4 or still to decide what you might watch?

    • Working: I think there’s only so much you can keep characters the same and not let things grow, develop, evolve… I was really disappointed in I think either the first or second episode when the strange wandering wife was finally found… and disappeared. Again. That’s when I knew nothing was ever going to change. I don’t think I watched anything after that. Really disappointing. I loved the last season.

      Shokugeki no Soma: Felt like there was a slight lull there for a minute, but this one’s been deeply satisfying throughout. Hoping and expecting that it’ll continue on. Remember when we stood in that electronics store in Japan that had manga and I pointed at the cooking ones and said, “I wanna see that!” I’m so glad I wasn’t disappointed.

      Gate: I liked the Earth-detour arc. There were some good revelations on interpersonal relationships, it set knowledge and awareness for the characters very well, and it’s nice knowing that the Earth politics aren’t being ignored when there is absolutely no doubt that they would be as vicious and frenzied as fuck in reality, on discovery of a ‘new world’. If anything, they’ve been dramatically underplayed so we enjoy the power fantasy of modern tech in a medieval society some more (which I’m OK with, that’s what I came for). Personally, I’d expect Japan to have massive fucking armies on its doorstep if it hadn’t thrown open the doors to international interest in the existence of a new world – existing treaties be damned. (A new world which would absolutely already be getting carved up by the Powers That Be.)

      Durarara: I started watching the first series on Crunchyroll before the… eccentricities of that medium shitted me off enough to give up. It’s one I’ve been continually meaning to go back to, along with Baccano.


      Shirayukihime: I swear I’ve heard of Akatsuki no Yona but can’t remember. World is Still Beautiful though was much more compelling to me than this, if only because Nike was such a badass.

      Gangsta: I’m getting more into this. It seemed like all style and no substance initially, but it looks like it’s headed for a pretty tragic trainwreck soon… I guess we’ll see if it has the chops to pull the trigger. It’s no Black Lagoon, that’s for sure, but it’s better than I was expecting from the first ep. Gives moments of Gungrave memories.

      Overlord: Thanks for the recommendation of this. I’ve been watching it on every episode drop.

      God Eater: I’ve just started on watching this given that it looks like it might actually finish inside the next two months. It’s… I dunno. People have raved about the art, but I’m not a huge fan. It feels to me like there’s all this artifact crap around the lines, like it’s been upscaled/downscaled or something else that’s probably intentional but looks like someone didn’t know what they were doing. Probably personal taste.

      • Strongly recommend Yona. It was about a year ago I think? Has a sort of Fantasy Korea setting though it’s a Japanese production. Main character is a pampered princess until the guy she’s had a huge crush on since she was a little girl murders her father and takes the throne for himself. It’s very good.

        Another older one that’s even better was Saiunkoku Monogatari.

        • Oh! I did get started on that one. It did seem pretty decent. Like a shoujo version of Arslan Senki. (Even though it came first.)

          • Technically it didn’t. Arslan’s original novel series dates back to 1986. The recent anime is an adaption of a manga by the Fullmetal Alchemist guy that remakes the original novels.

  • Most overused and (and also has little explanatory value) term in games writing today: “roguelike”

    • It explains a lot to me… mostly that you should expect the difficulty to be artificially high and the game’s intended length padded through the resultant repetition.

  • I should probably have another go at selling all my shit before I leave Australia.

    Anyone interested in:
    – Anime DVDs (Early-00s to Early-2010s vintage, mix of AU and US)
    – Games (mainly PS2, PS3, X360)
    – Shittons of scale anime figures (most loose, some with boxes, some unopened in box)
    – A handful of Nendoroid, Nendoroid Petit & Figmas (If I can’t ditch the figmas I may unbox them since they take less space that way)

    Also I think I sort of agreed to sell a few things to people and then never followed up. If you’re still interested let me know what it was and give me some contact details and we can arrange things.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I have some 360s and some Rock Band 3 instruments I need to ditch too.

      • I think that can be arranged. I’m honestly not super big into the AA games. Do you need any of the others? IIRC I have all of them that were released in English on DS including Edgeworth Investigates.

        • All but Justice for all. There was a few others I may have been interested in, including a boy and his blob.

        • I was interested in Trials & Tribulations, pretty sure it’s the only one I was missing. Well, other than Edgeworth 2 but y’know.

    • You had a box set of Fate/ figures – 12 I think? Vaguely remember it being a set? Post was ages ago and can’t remember details… Also can’t remember if you had a price?

      Is that enough of a reminder?

      • I have an unopened box of Nendoroid Petits, a Type-Moon set and a Fate/Hollow Ataraxia set.
        Fate/Hollow Ataraxia:

        Type-Moon Collection:

        Which of them are you interested in?

        Fate/Hollow Ataraxia’s big draws are probably black Saber and the maid costume characters, where the Type-Moon set is basically a nendoroidisation of a rad set of trading figures by Alter from ages ago (I have this set as well by the way) with the addition of a bunch of Type-Moon stuff that’s released since then (Fate/Zero Saber on the bike, Saber Lily, the Mahou Tsukai no Yoru leads…) Also probably the only time you’ll ever get a Arcade Bumstead Nendoroid unless T-M pull their finger out and release the Tsukihime remake they’ve been talking about for decades.

        The one thing I can’t guarantee though is that all the figures in the set are in the box. They should be, it’s how GSC always packaged them. The idea is that a full box set has every figure but any figure box taken from inside is random because it’s a blind box so the best way to guarantee a set is just to buy a box.

        • Bah – sorry for tardy reply.

          Type-Moon set would interest me the most mainly because I’m kinda familiar with the characters. Although I do like some of the Fate/Hollow figs. Choices choices!

          How much did you want for a set?

          • I was thinking $50 for each box of 12. Plus postage of course, which I would expect would be about $15-20 since AusPost charge a ton for package shipment now 🙁

  • @highperformance @cffndncr Reinstalled it, started working after that. Will play around a bit, but how much do I need to grind for packs? def not gonna pay real money at this stage.

    • Start here:

      Like I said, at the start there’s a bunch of beginner challenges that will get you a heap of coins to spend on packs or arena runs. At this stage I would suggest avoiding Arena – on the one hand it’s more even, since every player has the same chance of picking any card, but on the other it’s much more difficult because you need a good grasp of the game to do remotely well.

      Unfortunately, there is an intense amount of grinding required. You get 10 gold for every 3 wins, and a pack of cards is 100 gold. You do get daily challenges that net you some more gold, and I can’t stress enough that you want to knock over the challenges at least every 3 days so they keep coming (you can have 3 active challenges at a time, after that you are losing efficiency).

      Trump’s one of the best streamers for new players, his beginner guides are almost mandatory viewing if you intend to take the game at all seriously. I’ve gotten by so far without spending any money on the game – I have a few legendaries and some pretty decent decks. To start with, I would probably say mech mage is the easiest deck to start on – mech cards have the best synergy so far, and alot of the cards are basics so you can pretty quickly start building a mech deck without buying packs.

      Other advice – avoid ranked play until you know what you’re doing. I find when you start, if you’re in an obviously losing game it’s much less demoralizing to forfeit (which you can without penalty in unranked) than sit through being crushed in a ranked game.

      But yeah tl;dr – it’s going to be a hell of a grind to get great decks, but just keep playing until you find a style you like. Read some lit, watch some intro videos, but most of all – have fun!

    • I second all that is above. Don’t worry about people having Expansion cards, etc. There are perfectly good decks running around if played effectively can beat Inspire/Mech decks which are rigeur de jeur currently. If you decide you want to buy some expansion cards, then great! But otherwise just enjoy the meta.

      @pupp3tmast3r might have some insights to share on this also 😀

    • You’ve come to the right place/person!

      Firstly to get you started –

      That link will show you all the new account quests you can undertake to get gold/basic packs. I highly recommend engaging in practice mode first to unlock your classes and get a general feel for how they all play. Once done pick a deck you enjoyed and jump into play mode to unlock your class cards. Now as I understand Hearthstone’s matchmaking in Play Mode until you play (approximately) enough games to get half the classes to level 10 you should be going up against other free to play decks. After this point with enough wins your MMR should go up enough to start going up against pay2win decks. Hearthstone is a slow burn kind of game; you can’t grind away at it a few hours a day and catch up to someone who’s been playing 30min every day for the past month. This is primarily because of the daily quests which are your next best source of gold once you finish off the starting quests from the link.

      I’ll leave it to you to figure out which class best suits your play style; from recollection with only basic decks mages/hunters have the best starting off synergy (i.e. easy to play and win). Once you get some gold and new cards I recommend purchasing basic decks and goblins and gnomes decks both of which cover about 20-30% of the current meta game’s cards. TGT imo is the weakest pack out of the lot; a lot of the new cards take too long to get going and have really only buffed pally and priest decks.

      Once you decide to start spending money the first thing you should buy is the Naxxaramas expansion for $32; this expansion has some of the most quintessential cards imo and provide much better value for your money than blowing 30 bucks on new packs or buying the other expansion Blackrock Foundry.

      Don’t worry too much about legendaries at this stage; most decks have ways of dealing with them with Mage being the most effective with Polymorph. Once you get a feel for the game you can probably get to rank 15 just being F2P.

      • I don’t want to spend any money, if I’m going to spend money on cards I’d buy magic stuff. I’l just dabble

        • Yep I only mentioned Naxx as a reference point should you change your mind in the future as the best way to get the most value for your money. Blizz’s F2P games grossly overcharge in my opinion so knowing what to buy with them is worthwhile =]

          Good luck with hearthstone red =P Let us know how you go!

  • I’m not sure if I should find this as hilarious as I actually do.

    So i’m printing out some labels from PhotoShop and the printer is all “Yo dude, i’m runnin’ low on black ink here” and i’m all “good thing I bought some more a few weeks ago” so I pull out the new cartridge from the drawer from under where my printer resides and pop in the new ink. Press print, printer prints, but nothing happens. I think to myself “Oh the heads probably need cleaning” repeat process about 15 times, no success whatsoever. So I think so myself, may as well pop in the other colour cartridges just to make everything fresh since the others were practically empty too, so I unwrap them etc.. Then I realise on these there’s this little plastic tab on the very top that says “pull” then it dawns on me, I forgot to take this little bit of plastic cellophane off the black ink.

    and to think I have a degree in IT, fuck sake I thought my printer was actually fucking up. Just the user, who should know better.

  • Anyone know how to make sweet potato chips in the oven so they are crispy/crunchy on the outside?

    Can nail it with normal potatoes but a good homemade sweet potato chip continues to elude me…

    • So from my experience you have to start with a thinnish sliced potatooes (say half centimetre thick rounds are good), fry it then have it rest in the over on about 150 centigrade for 5-10 minutes on some paper towel.

      Alternatively you could cut them into like wedges, steam/boil them until they’re soft, then rough them up a bit so they get a bit fluffy and bake then them in the oven with a slight drizzle of olive oil over them. Should in theory yield a good result.

      • I’ve been trying variations of this the last 5 or 6 times. Tonight was the closest I got.

        Chunks about 1cm thick, par-boiled till just soft on the edges. Let them sit in colander till they’re a bit dryer. Good cover of olive oil and into oven. Slightly crunchy on the edges but you can’t pick them up without them falling apart.

        All previous attempts resulted in basically mash.

        Not tried frying them first as I generally try to make my chips at least reasonably healthy… Might give it a shot on a weekend some time.

        • If you get the oil really hot you’ll get a good result and they will not take much of it up, especially if you let them drain in the oven on paper towel. But saying that we’ve found that the Hawaiian sweet potato make excellent chips, and come out more like what you expect rather than a soggy mess like the orange ones do. But also Hawaiian sweet potato is like $8/kg so yeah.. We ended up growing our own heh.

        • Deep frying is often healthier than the oven, especially if you put oil on them. The oil really soaks into them into the oven as it doesn’t get hot enough if you just put it on before putting them in the oven, whereas with deep frying, the oil is heated before adding the chips so it cooks them instead of just soaking into them. I’ve used the deep fryer for a bunch of batches of chips without the level of oil left in it really changing.

    • I found that cutting them more like “crisps” as opposed to “fries” worked pretty well (you want them to only be a coupla mm thick), problem is that it’s not space efficient, and if they’re that thin it can be hard to get the balance right and you just end up with a crunchy chip thing that lacks the hard edge and soft inside (last I did this (220 Fan Forced) it was a toss up on what sort of state they’d be in).

      Otherwise, you’ve got to really space them, because they tend to just sort of sit in their water and caramelise at the edges, rather than crisping up, and it’s a nuisance and I feel your pain so very much.

    • Are you talking thin-sliced?
      I’d grill them instead of using the oven.
      Or brush them with a thin coat of oil.

  • Aw shit. My mate is opening a rocker bar in town. Totes wanna see if he will put me on as a barman or something. Also I hope that means his bands get more gigs, cause I miss the chance of being able to see one of his bands every weekend at one of the local pubs.

  • I’m looking at building a new computer but I’m struggling with making actual choices as to parts.

    Anyone have any recommendations as to cases?

    At the moment I’m thinking of building a dedicated gaming rig and converting my old one to a file server. One of my friends has a Corsair Graphite 380T Mini ITX which I’m kind of keen on but I’m finding it hard to tear myself away from full towers that I’m used to. Especially since that one would only support 1 GPU and I might want to try SLI at some stage.

    • I… err… accidentally brought a Fractal Design R4 thinking it would be reasonably compact as a mid-tower. Failed to actually read the dimensions though… it’s massive.

      All that aside, it’s a slick case and pretty good value based on the research I did. Good cable management, tonnes of disk spaces, 2 SSD mounting positions on back of motherboard plate.

    • When (if ever) I end up building a new PC, ill almost certainly be grabbing the Corsair Air 240, just for something different. It’s basically a cube, split into two chambers, so your PSU, hard drives, SSDs and most of the cabling goes in one chamber, and the motherboard and GPU (plus radiators/fans if you’re doing liquid cooling) go in the other chamber.

      Looks pretty shmick to me, and due to the design has space for SLI.

    • I got a CoolerMaster N400 mid case – it’s pretty nice, but the cable management is garbage. Other than that it’s great (lots of cooling options in particular), so if you don’t mind the cable clutter I’d recommend it.

  • Muv-Luv visual novel kickstarter

    Muv-Luv is one of the highest-regarded visual novels out there. The original game (Extra) is a generally bog-standard school setting galge, but then there’s a second scenario, Muv-Luv Unlimited, which changes everything. The main character wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world where an extraterrestrial species has basically wiped out most of humanity. The characters from the original game are recast as members of the remaining resistance forces. There are giant robots. Then Muv-Luv Alternative is a sort of sequel sort of remake of Unlimited which goes far more in-depth. Blood and violence and lots of mech action. It’s generally excellent.

    And they’ve blown past their initial goal already as well as the first stretch goal (which is a graphical overhaul for parts of the game) and are only 70k away from hitting the second goal, which will fund a Vita port of the games. I’m really hoping they make it all the way to the top goal, which will involve PC ports of the Alternative side stories which were only ever collected on PS3 and so are very unlikely to ever get fan translations or anything.

  • Might go to Officeworks tomorrow and look for a Displayport adapter… looking on the website, though… they aren’t exactly cheap… :\

  • Goodmorning errbody hows every little thing?
    No weekend recap this week because frankly I cant remember what happened on the weekend outside of going out for dinner alot and going to see The Visit which isn’t a bad movie but its definitely not a rewatch movie.

    I’ve been smashing through Destiny but I’ve hit a wall now where I just cant get my light above 293 because the gear that drops is always lower tiered. Have to find time to run the raid so will hopefully try that some time this week.

    A tuesday morning question, what current Movie/TV/book do you think would make a great video game

    • On a scale of 0 – 10, with 0 being The Last Airbender and 10 being The 6th Sense, how does The Visit rate on the Shyamalan scale?

      Might check it out if it’s decent, but I’m pretty sure I’ll just wait to watch Crimson Peak

    • I’d love to see another Wheel of Time game. Robert Jordan did such a good job world-building that it seems a waste to not use it.

      I mean, it’s been done… but that was 16 years ago. Definitely time for a reboot.

      • I’d love to see a proper Wheel of Time game. Doesn’t have to be contemporary with the books either, there’s big historical events in the setting that would make great games.

        Hope if it happens it’s an RPG though. The old WoT game felt like the setting was just a skin stretched over the frame of a completely different thing and it had a lot of stuff that simply felt like nonsense.

        Unfortunately some shitty holding company bought the video game and TV rights for a song years ago and have proceeded to sit on their hands over it. At one point Obsidian were going to be doing a full RPG in the setting but it’s never eventuated, which sucks since I think if there’s any teams out there that could pull off a high-end Wheel of Time RPG, it would have been Obsidian.

        • That would be amazing. You’re right that the original was basically just Unreal loosely based in the WoT universe, and there’s so much more that can be done with it.

          I won’t hold my breath… but we did have to wait around 14 years for an X-Com follow up (pretending First Invasion and Enforcer didn’t happen!) and that was fantastic, so here’s hoping.

    • Both Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn and Stormlight Archive books would make for amazing games IMO.

      EDIT: Oh actually it looks like there’s a Mistborn game in the works due next year.

  • @tech_knight apologies for the peer pressure, but welcome to galactic civilisation 3
    One of us one of us one of us!

    • It’s not downloaded fully yet but it’s about 20% done after last night.
      Also, it’s my fault, I checked to see if there was a machine race I could use to make my own Mecha Empire… there is :P.

      Also there’s multiplayer on this isn’t there?

      • Oh yeah. absoloutely, I haven’t even played the single player, been playing with some other friends

        • Yeah I’d love to jump in on these, you’ll have the issue of a robotic armada on your hands one day 😀

  • You are
    my fiiiiiire
    The oneeeee
    dee siiiiiiirrrre
    When I sayyyy
    I waaaaaaant it that wayyyyy

    • I got around to getting a car that drives on the wrong side of the road!
      Hit me up with your excellent 80s and 90s mixtapes or mix CDs, fronds!

        • Especially that period in the 90s where certain songs were the ‘official’ songs of various movies and had video-clips laden with shots from those same movies.

          Good times. I need a youtube channel that’s JUST official movie clip-filled soundtrack themes.

  • Morning Taybies.

    Quick heads up to anyone that lives in Sydney and appreciates Whisky – get yourself onto the Wild Rover mailing list. Monthly free whisky tastings (last night was Irish – it was great).

  • Tried out Rainbow 6: Siege last night with @cakesmith. Hard to describe my feelings on it. Trying to be nice considering it’s a beta. Spoilered for length:

    – Weapons feel fantastic. The M870 is amazing.
    – Some interesting game concepts in playing cat and mouse with defensive equipment against attacking gear
    – Generally solid shooter. Some lag issues, but appeared to be tied to matchmaking crapping out, which I’m willing to chalk up to being a beta.
    – Breaching walls with a sledgehammer
    – Breaching floors with a sledgehammer
    – Breaching people with a sledgehammer

    – Lack of information. Some basic game concepts (excluding gear that breaches or blocks breaching) were not covered by the tutorial videos. Example: game has razorwire, so we avoided it until it was impossible. Turns out all it does is drop your speed like 50% while traversing it.
    – Only one of each character can be in a given match. This would be fine, but I only had one character unlocked which means if someone chose him I had to play as “Recruit” who does not have a special ability.
    – I got instantly killed by a breach charge on a wall roughly 5 metres away from me, while I was prone behind a desk.
    – Similar to Evolve, it feels like it’s designed for a group of friends to jump in as a team to get the most out of it. This could change
    – Personal gripe: Too much downtime. Matches follow the old Counter-Strike “you died, wait for the end of the round” schtick, which means if you screw up early you have to sit there and do nothing for 30 seconds – 3 minutes.

    Beta is acting like a beta and it’s hard to pull apart what is and isn’t indicative of the final product, but overall it looks good. Not sure I’ll get it on release because so many other things coming out, but depending on its reception on release I may jump in.

    • The more I hear about it the more im on the fence about the whole thing. I like the look and I like the feel but if they don’t fix matchmaking and the hipfire accuracy of pistols behind shields the game might go the way of evolve

      • Matchmaking will probably right itself on release, because the player base will expand massively and way more Oceanic players will be available. Should make it faster and much more accurate.

        I haven’t used a shield yet, but I’ve had some issues getting hits counted on people with them. They’ll be facing a team mate and I’ll shotgun the side of their head/torso from 5-10 metres away twice and they don’t die.

        • Yeah server lag was killing it for oceanic players, shields are OP currently so hopefully it will be nerfed on release

    • Have you met suicide bombers yet?
      Flat 120 damage within a certain radius.
      Instant death even if you’re behind a wall, as a guy with the heaviest armour and with the biggest shield in the game.
      Good times.

      There’s definitely fun in there to be found, but yeah, I agree that you need friends to play with you. That’s how you’d get the most out of it.

      • Also!
        “Hey Shield (me), can you not walk in front of me?”
        Okay buddy, I just protected you from 4 dudes firing their assault rifles, but I guess you’re not a fan of not being shot?

        • Also also!
          Teammate places their class special exothermic charge on a reinforced wall to breach it.
          Literally door right next to it. Door to an empty room.

        • Exactly why I haven’t grabbed a shield yet, despite loving the idea of being walking cover.

          Come to think of it, despite being a really good team player for doing it, what’s the chances you get no points out of it?

          • It’s not so bad. Close quarters you’re nearly as good as the riflemen, if you improve your pistol’s hip aim. You have the time to aim for a headshot. Plus, +15 for an assist.
            It’s a thankless job for the most part, but it is a team game, afterall.

      • In Terrorist Hunt? Yeah, I’ve met those guys. Well, more specifically, Cake met them first and was promptly blown up. I was far more prepared and shot one four times with a shotgun…before being blown up. Turns out they have a lot of armour…

        • Man, the downtime in terrorist hunt is just the worst.

          The AI needs some kind of adaptive difficulty, based on your skill (did the old Vegas games have this?) because getting blown up from an explosive that had glitched through the wall texture and then having to wait up to 5 minutes for the round to complete is not fun. Because it’s not difficult to kill them, it just takes time.

          Or fuck it, if I die, let me take control of one of the terrorists or something.

          • I still think you should go back to controlling your drone when you die in a multi match. You could be useful by spotting terrorists, or just use the time to learn more about the map.

  • Saw Pixels yesterday.

    *long drawn out sigh*


    *long drawn out sigh*

    I don’t…..

    *long drawn out sigh*

    *long drawn out sigh*

      • There was a good movie somewhere there underneath all the Happy Madison mad lib script writing.

        If it was made by someone else it could have been decent. I mean, if you’re building up for 10 mins to the first joke and it’s his grandma calling out “yoohoo” to him while holding a box of YooHoos you have utterly failed comedy itself.

        • I saw a review somewhere that indicates it would have been ok if maybe Adam Sandler wasn’t in it, playing the same feckless douche that he’s played in more or less every movie since Water Boy, which is when he decided to stop stretching himself in his roles and settled for playing a retard.

          Like maybe if his character exhibited some passion, or Adam put some interest into his project, he might have had an interesting story to tell, but my understanding is he’s a loser who doesn’t even have a redemptive arc. His loserishly plods his way from scene to scene more or less saying “I guess this is a thing that’s happening now” and at the end when the world is saved, nothing is different.

          I mean, was Dinklage really not available to run more Destiny lines because he was getting tied to projects like Pixels? Because despite the fact he scored a top role in Game of Thrones and the show has evolved to make him a fan favourite instead of kind of a rapey asshole, he should probably give his agent a stern talking-to.

          • I watched a ‘making of’ documentary on Pixels while I was visiting my Dad.
            (He had it on. He was interested in this. I couldn’t persuade him otherwise but also didn’t really think I should because, hey… at least it’s sort of an interest in video games?)

            Everyone involved sure seemed like they were having a lot of fun, the whole time. Laughter, always laughter, so much laughter. It probably didn’t occur to anyone at any stage that they were making crap.

  • I’m impressed by all of your restraint by not making Shakespearean Tragedy comments on that Vita article

      • Persona 4 golden Machines are pretty okay. To be fair i think ive gotten value from mine but only because i but alot of time into persona 4 and Sword art online hollow fragment. Not as much time that i have used playing pokemon and zelda on the 3ds but still a fair amount of time.

      • It’s funny that with the PS2 considered one of the greatest machines of all time and the biggest selling Sony seem so keen on pretending it never existed. If they started flooding out re-releases of all the PS2 games onto the Vita I’d be much much poorer.

        Same with Nintendo and the N64 and Virtual Console.

        • This was exactly what I was waiting on and why I bought the Vita in the first place, but it never happened!
          Edit: I wanted to do the following:
          – Catch up on all the Crash Bandicoot games I missed as Crash Bandicoot was one of my childhood characters.
          – Re-play all the Crash Team Racing games on my handheld as the Vita Controls would’ve been perfect for it.
          – All the great PS1/2 Ace Combats, I’d play the shit out of that on handheld!

          • IMO: Ace Combat 6 was the pinnacle of the series and one of the best purchases I made for the 360.

          • I’m still sad that I say this but I hated 6. The pinnacle for me was Zero: the Belkan War.
            Why I hated 6:
            – Xbox 360 only which only my brother owned.
            – Random but often FPS tanking where I fly an F-16 and felt like I was flying a jumbo jet with how sluggish it felt, even with that “G-turning” mechanic.
            – No characters stood out for me, and I half wanted that kid to die due to how annoying she was “Go dance with the angels!”, again… and again… and again… -_-”. I remember Pixy (Wingman from Zero) a LOT more.

            But it had it’s good stuff:
            – Gigantic maps making it really feel like you’re fighting in a giant war
            – Allied firepower based on how well you’re doing in those extended missions so they’re more than just blue squares on the ground that you’re helping.
            – Soundtrack as always was godlike

        • Ha, so true. I would pick up a Vita if they did this. The PS2 titles on the PS3 make my eyes bleed so much Q_Q

      • No, that’s Viva, the paper towel. Vita is the price of all Saiyans, determined to surpass and destroy that pesky Kakkarot.

          • No, that’s Pisa, and I’m pretty sure the animal welfare organization is PETA and Pita is a type of bread used in Mediterranean dishes.

            Vita is an international football organization currently under investigation for years of corruption.

          • No, that’s FIFA.
            Vita is that delicious food that’s large, round and usually covered in sauce, cheese, ham and other ingredients, making flavours like Meatlovers or Supreme.

          • @redartifice No, that’s a litre.

            Vita is a type of residence whose name has foundations in upper-class Roman country-homes but today it is a label which has broadened into meaninglessness.

          • @transientmind that’s a… villa?

            A Vita is device used to measure the allocation of something to ensure that the value can be properly quantified, such as water usage or parking time limits.

          • @kermitron No, that’s a quota.

            A vita is something all the cool kids in the 90’s/00’s called themselves when they could drop in on the half pipe!

    • I read this just as I was about to misappropriate a Hamlet monologue and dump it in that article…

      EDIT: Screw it.

    • Dramatic or not, I agreed with most points the author made.
      It’s a total cop-out for Sony to blame the marketplace ‘climate’ for the results of unquestionably bad decision-making.

    • I can only assume this means you’re offering to buy me one.

      Cheers buddy!

      EDIT: Ultimately would still be a $500+ commitment for me if you include Destiny+Plus

  • Oh my god they confirmed a third season of Sailor Moon Crystal that’s redoing the best story arc from the old anime.

      • I guess if you prefer it that way, but I can’t think of any worse way to experience that show than with the typical American dub.

        EDIT: Also I’d be worried they’d also re-localize it to match up with the original old TV series dub and change everyone’s names and stuff.

        • I don’t speak Japanese and reading the dialogue is no way to experience something as visually interesting as anime, so to me the subbed experience is further from what the original author intended than any minor changes to the script. The downsides are that it’s so painful being this far behind everything and it’s super annoying trying to find info on dub release dates. I’d love to just learn Japanese but I suck at learning spoken languages.

    • I always panic and think I’ve done something wrong or they didn’t process it correctly until it arrives. Doesn’t help they’re constantly sending me emails telling me to hurry up and buy my ticket.

    • I have to pick mine up when I get there. Kinda good, means there’s no way I can leave them behind.

    • Oh, what? They didn’t send out a “hey, is this still the right address?” email this year?

      …I really hope my mail redirection is working right about now.

          • Yeah, I didn’t get one either.

            Just double checked and thankfully I got mine delivered to work.

          • Ah! I could kiss past-me on the mouth.

            I had it sent to my Mum’s address instead of my old flat.

            Now to find time to make the two-hour trip down to get it. …and visit Mum too I guess.

          • Where is your mum? I she’s anywhere near the Southern Highlands I could probably pick it up between now and PAX (I’m sure you want to visit your mum, but I will definitely be visiting mine)

          • Not far from there! Half hour south of Wollongong.

            But yeah, I need to visit the family anyway so I’ll go grab it. Thanks for the offer though!

      • I manually updated the day they were closing mail outs. Maybe I’m getting it posted. Maybe I’m queueing for several hours on Friday morning.

  • :S There’s this guy in my neighbourhood who goes around collecting cans from people’s recycling bins. He’s mostly harmless and has been doing this for years, but sometimes… he’s no quite as harmless. Holy crap, man. He’s been pounding on my door, screaming in Chinese for literally half an hour. Then he started banging my garage door and windows. Screaming. It’s aggressive and scary. I have social anxieties and am not equipped to deal with this, so might have been huddled on my kitchen floor. :S Neighbour confronted him about ten minutes ago and he seems to have left, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shaking. Geeeeeeeez.

  • So this is a dangerous and leading question…

    What’s the average size of PS Plus game installs? Is 1TB necessary for all games over a 12/24 month period?

    • Depends on the game. Usually they’re smaller indie games around a few gigs, but from time to time you get stuff like Injustice which is 30 gb I think? Install size for PS4 games are huge, though. I got a 500gb HD and constantly have to delete games.

      • Yeah, but as of right now if I had a PS4 I’d have Destiny on it, and as a result take advantage of Playstation Plus games, and that’d be it. The only other things that would end up on it would be stuff my wife wants to play, and she’s not big on AAA games which generally means lower install sizes.

        • Yeah, 500GB will last. I’m only just running out of space now (admittedly don’t have every PS+ game installed) but have a few big AAA games (Destiny, Diablo 3, Until Dawn) which are all 30GB+ which takes up a majority of the space.

          And as @dogman said, you can claim them and just not download them. As long as you have an active PS+ subscription, you can download them at any time. Even if your subscription expires, the moment you subscribe again, you can download and play them again.

          EDIT: Also keep in mind, Sony just use 2.5″ drives, so if you do run out of space you can just pick up a bigger drive down the track and swap it out. It’s what I’ll be doing in the coming months.

    • 1TB will do you fine. There’s no need to actually install PS+ games. I claim everything every month, so I’ve got a huge list of PS Vita and PS3 games that are awaiting download.

      • Yeah, vaguely knew you don’t *have* to download them, but I’m running numbers to figure out if I really need the 1TB compared to 500GB. Currently, the answer is a pretty strong “no” because I’m still primarily a PC gamer and would really not buy much on it.

        Cheers for the info!

        • 500GB is probably the way to go if you’re not super into console gaming. Even if you’re playing a lot of games on it 500GB is enough to keep what you’re currently playing, a few games you like to keep coming back to and whatever floats in with PS+. It’s a bit of an adjustment if you’re used to playing off the disc but there are definitely benefits. Being able to keep Destiny installed and ready to play disc free like a Steam game is pretty great. Plus you can always upgrade the hard drive if you feel you’re getting enough use out of it.

    • From about December 2014 to today I’ve got:
      Xeodrifter 53.4MB
      Teslagrad 805MB
      Super Time Force Ultra 611MB
      Grow Home 825MB
      Sound Shapes 1.2GB (I don’t even remember what this is, not sure if it’s PS+)
      Stealth Inc 2 361MB
      Limbo 161MB
      Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris 2.7GB
      Entwined 1.8GB
      Driveclub 14.7GB
      MouseCraft 288MB
      Styx: Master of Shadows 5.1GB
      Rocket League 1.4GB
      Futuridium EP Deluxe 203MB
      Super Exploding Zoo 666MB
      Skulls of the Shogun 499MB
      MGSV: Ground Zeroes 3.6GB
      Unfinished Swan 1.3GB
      Hodokum 2.7GB
      Guacamelee 755MB
      Race the Sun 132MB
      Ether One 3.3GB
      Never Alone 2.6GB
      Tower of Guns 2.3GB
      Aaru’s Awakening 1.6GB

      That said both Sony and Microsoft are upping their ‘free’ games. I would expect to see more retail release PS4 games on the 2016 list.

      [Edit: Doh, I missed a few pages. I was wondering why Injustice wasn’t on the list…]

      • Plus:
        Hotline Miami 790MB
        CounterSpy 1.4GB
        OlliOlli2 133MB
        Oddworld: N&T 4.5GB
        Valiant Hearst 1.2GB
        Apotheon 544MB
        Transistor 2.4GB
        Rogue Legacy 740MB
        Infamous First Light 9.3GB
        The Swapper 392MB
        Secret Ponchos 1.1GB
        Titan Attacks! 135MB
        Injustice 20.2GB
        Plans vs Zombies GW 13GB

        I think those were all PS+ games.

        • I find it interesting the overheads PS4 versions seem to add compared to their PC versions… I’m no programmer but thought they’d be a similar size given all the assets packaged up should be pretty much the same?

          Examples that I can be bothered looking up;
          Hotline Miami – on PC: 250MB (store page) and triple that on PS4 at 790MB
          Rogue Legacy – on PC: 400MB (a href=””store page) and nearly twice that on PS4 at 740MB

          • Seems high, but some of that may be related to cross-play capabilities to the Vita. Not hundreds of meg worth, but some.

  • SMS to me: “Check the BoM site.”
    Me, back: “It’s =already here=.”

    Yup. The skies are as dark and foul as the devil’s butt-hole.

    Makin’ me wonder if the coworker’s radio playing Toto’s Africa is some DJ’s idea of a joke about the weather.

    • We never get the storms. Just the leavings from your ones. It’s raining pretty heavily now with some thunder but hail here is an extremely rare event.

      • Heh. All sound and fury here anyway. We got hail, but it was really just ice-shavings. I was out there when it seemed to start and when it seemed to end. Although apparently round 2 is on the way.

        One of the coworkers was freaking out about her car parked down the road without any hail insurance because she bought it with hail damage (they won’t insure against hail damage when it already has it because there’s no way of knowing what’s new.)

        She didn’t want to go out in the rain (I don’t blame her, she’s in late stages of pregnancy), I offered to move the car under-cover for her but she didn’t think I could drive it without voiding the insurance, so we ended up compromising with me running out there to pull blankets out of her boot and tossing them over the windshield.

        Side-note: Grateful I had the presence of mind to stand WELL away from the road as cars drove down it while I waited for the lights. I swear people actually derive some kind of enjoyment from pretending that their cars are actually speed-boats, generating 3m-high waves of spray and wash.

  • I don’t even have enough time t continue on Elsa yet I wanna do an inkling cosplay. I’m even looking at patterns D=
    I need help

    • Oh man, that just made me think of doing Yarny from Unravel. Red lycra jumpsuit with some red wool around, plus a cardboard head-piece, also covered in wool? Simple and effective!

        • Nowhere to go! I’m not doing PAX. Still. I’m curious.

          That would be a HELL of a lot of red wool to knit. And uh… knitting to learn. Hell… would probably just have to wrap it into twisted bundles for one long ‘strand’ and glue them together to make up Yarny’s coils… I’m not sure most stores would stock enough.

          • Well, you’d use a synthetic. More important than the wool is the shape on a figure like that- I’d actually use a wider cord than a wool thread as you want that wound look

          • There is the Big wool. It’s thick, but the main problem is overheating and wool going fuzzy. That’s what happened to Nob’s chainmail. I would suggest using cord that is used for sewing, but find the thick stuff

    • Also, a friend of mine decided about two weeks ago to do Eris Morn, she is very, very fast on these things but I have to help her with LEDs at some point

      • Man, from a purely technical view, I have no idea how you would do the constantly-flowing black tears.

        • I presume she’ll just do make-up. I’m helping her with the eyes.

          And I say “I’m,” I got @rocketman who is an awesome guy to help me with the circuit plan

  • Huh, neat. Had another eight Club Nintendo cards here, one’s still wrongly coming up as expired and another one had to go on my sister’s old account, but the rest gave me another 2400 points. Guess I’ll grab that Hana Samurai, seems to have been well-received.

    Then I’ll have enough left over for a ringtone or something 😛

  • So, new Animu season starts this weekend.

    Here’s an enormous chart to look at (on your PC because your phone will choke and die)

    Here’s some stuff in there that initially has piqued my interest. Spoiler tags for length.

    Not technically running on TV but will be the best thing this season:
    – Aria the Avvenrie: Oh my god new Aria! Even if it’s only a 3 episode OVA, it’s new Aria! This was one of my absolute favourite shows ever, one of the most beautiful, uplifting and relaxing things I’ve ever found, like a cool sea breeze on a lazy summer’s day. The new episodes are releasing one at a time as specials bundled with the upcoming Bluray box sets of the three TV seasons.

    New Seasons of existing shows or franchises:
    – Lupin III: This is a brand new Lupin TV series, and they’ve been describing it as being a sort of bridge between the earlier edgy Lupin and the more happy-go-lucky slapsticky style so famously depicted in The Castle of Cagliostro. It has a really oldschool look to it too.

    – Kindaichi Case Files Returns S2: Kindaichi is kind of a me-too with Detective Conan, but I personally find it more enjoyable. A genius boy detective gets involved in various murder mysteries which he has to solve. Previous season was a consistently enjoyable watch.

    – Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: It’s a new Gundam show so this is required viewing for me. The last really good TV Gundam was probably SEED, though 00 was okay for a while. This looks interesting enough. The director and writer previously collaborated on both Toradora and Anohana, which if that’s a trend suggest that The Feels may be present here.

    – Yuru Yuri San Hai!: Third season of this. Yuru yuri is a pretty awesome comedy series, very enjoyable. The cast is the same for this one, but the staff and director have changed, so it could go either way. I think the same team did the recent Natsuyachumi OVAs and those were fine, so should basically be more of the same.

    – Noragami Aragoto: Noragami came out of nowhere a year or two ago. Really enjoyable series, probably skewed a bit toward the shoujo demographic. This time I believe the plot to be centered around Bishamon, who was one of the quasi-antagonists of the first season. Looking forward to this one. Need to get around to the OVA series first though!

    – Owarimonogatari: Another TV series continuing and supposedly ‘ending’ the -monogatari series that started with Bakemonogatari way back. This should get them pretty close to the end of the novels, though there’s a post-Owarimonogatari bit they may do as an OVA. My interest in this series has waxed and waned over time. Bakemonogatari was amazing, but as it went on it lost focus a bit, probably because it simply didn’t have enough Senjogahara / Araragi banter which was probably the best element of the show. Still will be watching the crap out of this, if only because of Shinbo’s awesome artistic direction.

    – Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka??: Second season of what was a really enjoyable though not that special slice-of-life comedy about a bunch of girls that work in a coffee shop. Same staff, same cast. Expecting to just get exactly the same thing again. Hopefully it’ll still work.

    – Seraph of the End S2: Second cour of the show from earlier in the year. I quite like the manga but the anime was a bit disappointing for me. This season should get into some more interesting content but I hope they pick up the pacing.

    – Utawarerumono: False Mask: Those that have been watching anime for an extended period probably remember the original Underwater Ray Romano show. It was a really solid fantasy series adapted from a SRPG by Leaf. A sequel to that game come out recently and this is an adaption of that game. If it’s anywhere near the first one, it could be really good.

    New stuff that has my attention because it looks good:

    – Heavy Object: Science Fiction light novel adaption. There’s lots of light novel adaptions this season as usual. Heavy Object seems to be a fairly high profile one as it’s a popular Dengeki Bunko series. It’s being adapted from the manga which is buy the guy behind Railgun which I really like and the director’s a veteran that’s been around since Slayers, plus the writer’s got some good credits like Magi and Mai-HiME. Could be good.

    – Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry: On the surface this sounds about as trite as imaginable – the main character’s the worst student in some battle academy, pisses off the top student (a girl, naturally) and somehow beats her in a duel and then magically they’re roommates or something. But I’ve read that this is actually a lot better than it might sound. Director is Shin Oonuma, former protege of Akiyuki Shinbo. The only show he’s done I haven’t enjoyed a lot was ef, and that’s because of the original material being shit.

    – One-Punch Man: A lot of people seem to be quite excited for this. It’s essentially a deconstruction of Superman. One-Punch Man is a superhero that trained so hard he can beat any enemy in a single punch, but as a result he’s never challenged by anything and is constantly bored. I’m going to give this a go but I expect it to be utter madness (Space Dandy director, couldn’t stand that show) and probably not something I’ll stick with.

    – Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets-sareta Ken: Yes, that’s a stupidly long title. Must be a light novel! This actually sounds like it could be really entertaining. An average high school boy is kidnapped and sent to an incredibly prestigious school for high-class ladies to act as a sample of the ‘common man’. It’s not an original premise but if executed right it could be quite entertaining.

    – Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider: This is a noitamina show, and while of late that block has been a bit hit and miss, the stuff that turns out there is always interesting in some way, either artistically or otherwise. Interesting-sounding murder mystery. Definitely worth a look, but noitamina shows always are worth a look.

    – Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai: Again, it sounds pretty trite. School where they train to fight a nefarious threat (witches, in this case). Characters are part of a group of misfits. But every now and then one of these transcends the boring premise and turns out okay, so keeping an eye on it. Has a lot of up-and-coming seiyuu in it, and the writer was involved with Bleach so it could be okay.

    – Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan: It’s only a 5-minute episode show, sadly. Hakone-chan is a hot springs fairy (from the Hakone area, naturally) who needs help regaining her powers. Looks cute.

    – Comet Lucifer: I know next to nothing about what this is other than that it’s a science fiction show and it has nice artwork and a staff and cast that are relatively unknown (though the cast are all up-and-coming voices and the director did Macross Frontier). Definitely giving it a look.

    – Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou: Another one I don’t know much about, but this is a Studio Bones show, the director is solid (did eg Fullmetal Alchemist) and the writer wrote Nadescio. And also Urotsukidouji. 😛 Appears to have had multiple character designers involved, the most high-profile being Noizi Ito (Shana, Another, Haruhi Suzumiya). Has all the signs that this could be something special, but won’t know for sure until it’s out.

    Stuff that’s likely to be shit but I’ll watch because there’s something horribly wrong with me:

    – The Asterisk War: In all honesty I give this a high probability of being shit, only interested because it has a cast comprised of some of the most popular seiyuu right now.

    – Hidan no Aria AA: Second season of a really crappy by-the-numbers teen-oriented action anime in which Rie Kugimiya once again finds herself typecast into voicing an underdeveloped heroine who is constantly angry about everything and has a complex about her boob size. :\ That said, despite everything I liked the first season. Might not make the cut this time around though, since there’s a lot of stuff that looks better.

    – Valkyrie Drive: Sounds like a really dumb fanservice-oriented action show that will no doubt have a strong helping of lesbians as well (entirely female cast). Actually has a fairly strong staff and cast so maybe it’ll go places. Maybe. May not even be worth watching until the BD releases if you know what I mean.

    – Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst: Second season of this. It’s another dumb fanservice action show. The first season was censored heavily and really wasn’t worth watching uncensored since the boobs were about the only redeeming feature.

    There’s a bunch of other stuff there but it’s sequels to things I never watched or dropped, or stuff that doesn’t seem too interesting.

    • Noragami Aragoto and Owarimonogatari for me.
      These look like they’ll be good sequels.

      Oh, and the DxD Born OVA, too. 😀

    • Unrelated to anything you posted, but it inspired me to Google:

      Disappearance of Yuki Nagato got an English dub? Aw yiss. I liked that show.

      • I wouldn’t know, I don’t watch dubbed stuff if I can avoid it and I really didn’t like that show much. But I’m not surprised it did, since Haruhi was so popular back in the day.

  • Played more Warships last night. Addicted. Decided I’d start by taking my old Tier II destroyer out for a spin. Needed about 1800 XP to level past her into the Tier III one, Got into a Tier III match and decided to play aggressively. Umikaze’s 8km torpedo range is really nice and it was a good map. Basically raced into one of the capture points so I’d start capping and began a combination of blind-firing torpedoes around islands and aimed shots on stuff that popped out. Became a whirling ball of death, dodging shots, staying out of visual range and torpedoing motherfuckers. Ended the game with 4 kills, something ridiculous like 20 torpedo hits and the Confederate award for the first time (you get Confederate for damaging 6 of the enemy team for at least 20% of their health I think). Gained me enough XP in that one match to unlock the Wakatake, which I took out for a single game that was a complete shit-show. Zoomed into a cap, dropped torpedoes, turned to haul ass and some other dipshit on my own team had dropped torps right into my path. My torpedoes went on to get a kill but IMO while the Wakatake’s torpdoes are faster and do more damage, Umikaze is the better ship as she can launch more torps, launch them faster and they go further.

    Took my Myogi out for another game and I fucking hate this ship. I’m not great at aiming battleship guns (getting better) but Myogi’s guns are so inaccurate that I was getting perfectly aimed salvos that would splash all around the enemy and not on target. So frustrating. Probably another 10-15 games away from getting past her to Kongo too 🙁

    So then I had a game in my Kuma which was absolutely amazing. Started near one cap circle so I rushed and instead of taking it, I skirted the islands at the edge, thinking maybe an enemy would do the same. I was right. Fired torps early and around the island comes an enemy Kuma. Torpedoes go right infront of him harmlessly but I’d already wheeled around and fired another salvo, which he dodges dome but not all of. Then he shoots me and knocks out my steering gear, locking my rudder hard over and I run the ship aground. Reverse out and use my instant repair, and a second Kuma appears supporting the first one. Fuck. So I fire more torpedoes and keep lighting them up with AP rounds and then get hit and my steering’s knocked out again this time in a bigger bit of ocean but I’m unable to do anything but spin in a circle. Somehow while doing this I dodged all their torpedoes and got more of my own in play, sank one of them and had the other below 50%. Repair is back up, so I hit it to get my steering back and try and open some distance and avoid more torpedoes. Another salvo of my own off and then I’m hit and again my steering’s jammed and all I can do is drive in a circle, but as I’m doing so I manage to get a clean shot on the enemy and sink them. Two Kumas down in my own Kuma, I’m still at about 30% health and most of the engagement I was just doing big wide loops on the spot. Incredible. Our team then won. Kuma is rad. I’ve been warned that the next tier cruiser, Furutaka, is shit though 🙁

  • @mrtaco @cubits @shiggyninty @doc_what
    Numbers and I need to make a shirt each for our cosplay as splatoon amiibos. Anyway, t-shirt printing is cheaper if more people are doing it, so I wanted to ask, does anyone want one? I’ll post links of the designs below.
    The female one is double sided, but only if you choose it to be, really.

  • Woje up an hour ago just to make a Lemsip to try and get rid of this cold, so now I’m laying in bed with the sniffles, listening to my Royal Blood album via Bluetooth on my clock radio just so I can try to get back to sleep…
    Also, Little Monster is a fucking awesome song, can’t decide whether it or Ten Tonne Skeleton is the best track on the album.

  • So, the band thing went… sort of okish? I think? Maybe?

    The guys were really excited about the accordion, absolutely loved the sound and everything. And they seemed to like me too, thought I’d be a good fit with the group. But… they kinda heavily rely on improvisation. Which I don’t really know how to do. At all. So I dunno how this is gonna work, if at all.

    It’s annoying that anything I seem to be good at, I also seem to be shit at in such a way that renders it completely useless for anything worthwhile. Seems to just keep being a thing that happens in all sorts of places. Brb gon’ mope around the house now.

    • I understand how you feel. I couldn’t improvise for crap on the trumpet.
      You may not have been a perfect fit for these guys, but you’ll find somewhere to fit in =D

    • I suspect that musical improvisation is something that you just can’t do on your own, so take every opportunity to have a go in the moment and it will become easier. It’s like cooking without a recipe. If you’re already familiar with the techniques and components, the rest is just confidence and practice.

      • That’s a pretty perfect comparison. Considering that whenever I’m made to try and cook something, I’m constantly running back and forth trying to check up on the recipe to see where I was up to and what I have to do next, and generally creeping along at a dead snail’s pace making sure I do everything explicitly as instructed 😛

        • Yep, and one day you realise that you don’t need the book anymore and just start seeing common threads between recipes and ingredients.

    • Improvisation is a skill that can be learned with practice. Maybe start with something simple like a 12 bar blues and improvise over the top of that. Make it a part of your practice schedule if you can. It will take time to learn, but anything worth learning takes time. I played in jazz bands for years, although having a dad who was a music teacher helped. Always remember though: Practice might not make you perfect, but it does make you better. All the best, sincerely,
      a severely out of practice muso.

      • Heh, my old saying was “practise makes imperfect” – thanks to the number of songs that slowly deteriorated and got worse and worse the more I practised them, or others where I just kind of baked-in the mistakes.

        I’m just at a total loss of what to do with improvisation though. Like, this whole concept in general of just making something up out of nowhere has always been a problem for me since forever. Whenever talking creativity with friends, they might point to say my costume making or something as proof of my being creative, but I realised the other day that with that I basically approach it as problem solving. “What’s the theme? Ok, what’s a character that fits that? Ok, what items could be used to replicate that appearance?” etc. They’re a bunch of things that have solid answers. Whereas “draw something” or “make up a tune” or whatever feels like it’s made up of mostly arbitrary bits and pieces that you need to decide to use? Or something. I don’t know, it’s annoying.

    • The guys were really excited about the accordionOne of those sentences I never thought I’d read…

  • I think I came up with an idea for a board game.
    It’s a four-player turn based tactics game in the style of worms and XCOM, where each player has 6 units, and they have to eliminate all of the other players to win.
    It’s played on four chessboards, using three dice to set the total number of unit moves per turn.
    I’m still trying to figure out damage, hit percentages, and all of the other stuff, but I’d like to develop my idea further…

  • @negativezero Thanks for the animu stuff, ive been way behind with stuff i wanna watch and i always appreciate your lists.

  • RockeTAY League

    Round 7!

    This week’s matches are:


    As always, if you’re yet to complete previous rounds just get to them when you can.

    The full fixture is available in this comment.

    @redartifice @tigerion @benny @fatshadylive @zetrox2k @shane @phoenix @cakesmith
    @coldcamv @markserrels @freezespreston @jacksonwryan @rize @finishedlast @blaghman @cookingmama @gingerchris86 @batguy @alexwalker

    • @redartifice @tigerion
      Hoth Shots will be caught up with our matches after tonight, so hopefully we’ll be easy to schedule for this round.

      • We really need to get caught up, think we are behind on a game with the batdippas and maybe even the one before that. As far a scheduling goes I’m generally good anytime after 9 – 9:30
        Thursday this week is out and not sure what is happening Saturday, but think I’ll be home of an evening.

      • I have after work event tomorrow so probably out for that one. Sat is grand final so probably over at in-laws during the day but prob home that night. Monday I’ll probably be at trivia, otherwise I should be fairly free.

  • So far the first few hours of Destiny have been confusing and shitty. The story is non-existent at this point, the controls are annoyingly limited, and the graphics?

    They’re terrible.

    They’re just a blue screen with a download bar on it.


    • Get ready for the first… errr, ten hours to repeat that?

      But the graphics are pretty, and the controls are great, except for the auto-aim being a smidge too friendly.

      Like, you’re trying to shoot a dude, an enemy runs between you two, so your gun goes careening off to the side after this new threat.

      So then you try to adjust while firing and spray a fusion rifle blast into the wall/floor/ceiling/abyss/Pants.

      I’m making it sound way worse than it really is. Sort of.

      Fucking Thralls/Dregs/Goblins.

        • See, I hate Thralls in twos or threes, because I always go “yeah I can handle this” and just punch them until they die (or when I tried it in the Nightfall, I died horribly). I love the hordes though, because most of my time has been spent as a Flamey Warlock, and the AoE denial grenade completely wrecks them.

          The worst part of TTK is that I need to toss up between covering everything in flame, and covering everything in lightning.

    • add me too! (as per nick!) need another raid bro! You’d be fighting alongside my very loud, and verbally colourful Titanfall crew!

  • Poking around Fallout Shelter finally and find I’m struggling to find justification to actually play it. Is there anything beyond collecting stuff to buy stuff that lets you collect more stuff to buy stuff that lets you collect more stuff that etc etc? Or is it just a jazzed up clicker game?

    • Totally a jazzed up clicker game.

      But, but.


      I have two Fat Mans in my vault, so it’s clearly far superior to yours.

      • Unless you also have two, in which case congratulations on being amazing.

        But if you have more than two I’m jealous of your power (which most likely came from evil sorcery) and you’ll have a negative debuff towards me in the diplomacy menu (unless you use threats).

        • I have 18 dwellers, one who is a Tunnel Snake and a woman who spent 22 days in the wasteland and now I have to wait 578 hours for her to return.

          • First thing she found was an enhanced heavy flamer and started one shotting everything since she was level 1. She’s got a whole heap more flamers, laser pistols/rifles and armour.

  • Wow. Okay. Doing some engraving for newborn twin brother and sister. The parents named them Lenny and Lenni.

    *long drawn out sigh*

    • I’ve been fearing this. Good thing i’ll just xfer whatever money I have on it, to some Fallout pre-order I have..

    • I’m trying to avoid going to Kickstarter right now. I’ve got four currently on the go and three are backed at fairly expensive tiers. 🙁

      • Yeah I’m trying to hold back on backing physical stuff too. It doesn’t help that the dollar is terrible at the moment and shipping from the US has also gotten more expensive. Digital products only for me but I want to hold off until some of my current ones actually deliver me the goods.

        Being financially responsible sucks. 🙁

        Edit: Battletech on Kotaku’s front page isn’t helping.

  • Speaking of RPGs, @blaghman @tech_knight @popdart5 really sorry guys but I’ve got a work thing on tonight, so I have to cancel again 🙁

    • That’s okay Red, I got work recall coming up for me this week anyway so one more night for games makes it a win for me either way. Hope you enjoy your work function 🙂

      Edit: I got some new game to try out that just finished downloading last night anyway… @gingerchris86

    • Geez, Numenera’s been as infrequent as my Shadowrun games lately. 😛

      Oh well, I guess I’ll have to find something to do tonight instead. *avoids looking at Steam Library*

  • Oh hey, Lucina finally made it here. Finally actually checked the time on one of these things, this one took four weeks. I knew it always felt like forever.

  • For anyone interested, the Battletech kickstarter has launched & has already reached its first goal

    They’re only adding a single player campaign if it hits 1 million but at the moment it’s at $686k so it’s probably a safe bet to back it if you’re only wanting the single player game, at least I hope so because it’s what I’m backing it for…

    • Hm. That’s a really good-looking kickstarter.

      I approve of their funding levels and stretch goals. $250k for the base game as a bare-bones skirmish title, $1M for a basic campaign, nearly $2M for an ideal campaign that does the Mercenaries concept justice… $2.5M for multiplayer PVP. Seems like priorities set right.

      • Personally I’m uninterested unless they make it to that $2M mark. And even then, I don’t think I’ll back it. Would be different if we were talking a new MechWarrior game, but it sounds like this is a Strategy RPG and I don’t think I’m that interested. Still haven’t touched Shadowrun despite backing it.

        • The Shadowrun games have been by far the best PC games I’ve played in a long while and well into the best games full stop. The fact they’re doing a Battletech game fills me with indescribable joy. Also $1M is less a basic campaign and more a full story, which knowing Harebrained’s previous efforts it will be fantastic. The $1.8M goal is to make it open ended with a bunch of additional side content.

          • Still going to adopt a wait and see approach. I think they’ll make it to that stretch goal no worries, at which point I’ll consider backing.

            My issue is really that I’ve got a few expensive kickstarters in flight – currently $300 down on El Alamein (getting a bunch of swag with it), $200 on Muv-Luv (may drop to $150 – not sure I really need that plushie) and $90 on Battle Chasers.

          • I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed with the Shadowrun returns games. Everything was very transparent – probably a result of being developed to run on tablets as well? But there just wasn’t the depth I was looking for. The only things you could interact with got the icon change over them, and the number of things you could interact with were very carefully and sparingly portioned out. It might as well have been a choose-your-own-adventure book to me, with the combat being a mere formality.

            I enjoyed what they did, for sure. I was just disappointed that it wasn’t more. Probably unreasonable. I can’t think what it would take to do the Shadowrun world justice. There’s so much depth in those systems and lore.

          • Have you played the later ones or just the first?
            From what I have heard the later ones flesh things out a lot more with a better and more in-depth story. I’m still working through the first game

          • Yeah, original campaign only so far. Later ones plural? I only recall seeing Dragonfall…

            I got up to a stage which was sort of screaming at me, “FINAL MISSION! THIS IS TEH FINAL MISSION!” when I lost my save and my crew.
            I’ll have to replay it from scratch. Not particularly onerous, really, but it’s not high on the list.

          • There is also Hong Kong which was released last month and is meant to be significantly better than Dragonfall. Which in turn was significantly better than the original. First game seemed to be the framework mostly. Since then they have been learning how to use it properly

          • Dragonfall expanded and improved upon Returns and Hong Kong expanded and improved upon Dragonfall.

            I’ve spent hours in Hong Kong having debates about transhumanism with one of my team between missions. Hours spent trawling through Shadowlands BBS boards and seeing side stories evolve through nothing but forum posts in the game. There’s an unimportant club bouncer that most people would never talk to who has an entire arc develop as the game goes on.

        • Right? If the money wasn’t due just after PAX I’d probably get it but I’ll probably be a little skint by then.

      • But…but… the Draconis Combine are the bad guys.
        Why does the bad guys’ gear always look the coolest?

        • I’m a little disappointed they’re only doing the Great Houses and I can’t get any Clan Ghost Bear gear.

          • The Clans were always way cooler than the Inner Sphere. I feel like the Clan mechs were more iconic as well, though it’s probably because MechWarrior II was my first exposure to it all.

          • That said, I loved the idea of stealing a Kodiak in Mech: Mercs, bringing it back to the IS and wrecking shop with the highest-tech version of what was already superior tech.

    • Well the whole game will be single player. Seems like it would be standard RTS kinda story fair, oh noes the baddies are here, go fight. Just gets much more in-depth with actual writing and proper storyline rather than just a loose plot to hold the missions together.

  • My PAX passes just arrived, now I just need to figure out a way to free up enough time to actually go. =P

  • Damn it PAX… just got this email from them which has inside:
    “Have you got your ticket yet?”
    Wait what? You mean you don’t KNOW?! *worried whimpers*
    Did my order go through or not? Stop making me worry and give me my 3-day pass already!

    • Yeah, a fucking confirmation email to let you know it’s been mailed would have been nice. Also what’s the point of registered post if they never give you the tracking number?

  • Just picked up my new car!! squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
    Brand new 2015.5 model Mitsubishi Lancer! Had 0.5km on the clock when I got in!

  • Can’t decide between Club Nintendo Hanafuda theme or Nintendo Consoles theme. Probably only 100 points short of getting both.

      • Picked it up, but haven’t installed yet – I heard it was still broken? Apparently the Titan addition fixed alot of the launch problems, but I don’t know if I have that or not :/

        Gonna work up the nerve to check it out eventually, Total Annihilation is one of my all-time favourites.

        • AI was buggy as hell and the campaign was a joke. Haven’t touched it in a year, maybe it’s better, but I think they’ve actually moved on now?

          Planetary Annihilation’s one of the big tickets on my mental list of ‘why you shouldn’t get involved in early access’. Super, super disappointed, given that I consider Total Annihilation/Supreme Commander 2 to be some of the best games of all time.

          • SC2 over SC1? I heard the sequel wasn’t as good, which is why I never gave it a go despite adoring SC1. Might have to pick it up if it’s actually better.

          • I prefer it because it streamlined a LOT of the busywork and improved research, and was a lot more turtle-friendly in its resource management. It also had what I considered to be UI and control improvements. I think it’s the better game.

  • Man, the CN stars catalogue is getting hammered. Can’t even get anything into my basket, the way the page works leaves it so you can reload the whole thing or the popup for the item. But then it seems like the Add To Basket thing only fires once, and if it misses the connection it won’t go again? Or something like that.

  • So I’ve got this neighbor just above my apartment that keeps making these thudding noises all through the evening and into the night that’ve been keeping me awake for the past couple of nights. tl;dr I’m completely on the edge due to sleep deprivation and am snapping at just about anything…. Anyone have any experience with noisy neighbors? I filed complaints with building management and the building concierge earlier today but if it doesn’t stop I’d like to have a follow through plan [email protected]

  • PAX accommodation finally booked!

    Sorta. Been trying to sort something out with a friend who is very hard to get a hold of. And didn’t want to wait around just to watch everything get booked out. So at the very least there is a foot in the door 😛

  • Given people are talking about it: Whereabouts are people staying for PAX (as in, rough area in the city)?

    • Last year we stayed at the Holiday Inn on Flinders, and this year we are at Apartments of Melbourne (slightly cheaper), also on Flinders. Both are at most a 10min walk to the Convention centre, and also only a 5-10 min walk from Southern Cross Station, so easy access to the Skybus for the airport.

      Edit: We have to get around with a small person though, so being close to stuff is a priority.

    • Glen Iris in a fully appointed unit, full kitchen facilities, supply of food and wine, wireless internet and multiple bedrooms

    • I think the spot is like halfway between Southern Cross Station and the Exhibition Centre? Looked near enough on the map to walk, which was mainly what I was looking for this time. Well, alongside cheapness.

    • Unless they decide to turf me out because my lease ends right beforehand, I’ll be staying in my apartment.

      • 9/10. Paint job is on point, the rusted through/worn off parts look like real metal. Also it’s one code for Steam which is nice, and there’s space for Fallout 4. But I wished it was metal and not plastic only down side imo. But still top quality, Bethesda out did themselves.

    • Awww yiiiiiissss.

      I want the Anthology just for the mini nuke but I can’t bring myself to spend $98 on something right now lol.

      • Sadly the Anthology Collection in the mini nuke was pre-order only. My mate at EB was annoyed he didn’t pre-order himself one since how amazing they do look.

  • I had a dream last night that the Wargaming reboot of Master of Orion turned out to be basically a F2P World of Spaceships. Actually, it was more of a nightmare. Also – dreams are weird.

    • I know you don’t want to hear it but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that is what the first game is.

    • Following on from the World of War- naming convention, we now have the World of Space- games.

      World of Spaceships
      World of Spacemarines
      World of Spacefighters

      Wargaming won’t stop until they have released trilogies for each letter of the alphabet. 😛

      • I would actually be ok with World of Spacestations if it was like an updated version of Netstorm

      • Just saying, I’d play the absolute shit out of a good Space Combat game if it was anywhere near as good as Warships is.

        • There was this game I was keeping an eye on for a while that has something like that: Dreadnought. Only issue is it seems much smaller scale compared to something like World of Tanks. How many naval ships fight in a game of World of Warships?

          • Generally it’s been 8v8, but I think there are bigger maps that allow more players.

  • @jacksonwryan and I played @cakesmith and @phoenix in Rocket League last night, after none of us had played the game for almost a week. There was so much rust in every direction I’m amazed we didn’t all come out with tetanus…

  • So there is what appears to be a mini Christmas pageant going on in Rundle mall at the moment, complete with a bunch of small floats.

    It’s the first of October, what the hell is wrong with you people?!

    • I swear most stores would set up their decorations in September if it weren’t for pushback from employees with a sense of decency.

  • The new girl at work went on an extended holiday a month or so ago. When she left, the boss sent out an event on the shared Calendar titled “[insert name here] returns to work”. Okay cool, good to know when she will be back.

    Yesterday that event got deleted.

    Uh oh 😛

  • Went after the Black Spindle again last night. Ugh.

    Started around 8:15, got a couple runs in but the got carried off to finish the quest for the Bolt Caster sword in the hope the extra damage would give me an edge in the Black Spindle search. Had to do a couple of runs as one of us was doing all three swords at once, so we were juggling the three knights and Alak-Hul, but one died a little too early. Still, the subsequent run was relatively easy, as we only needed to keep one knight alive until Alak-Hul died. Bolt Caster get! Armed thus, we had another crack at Black Spindle… and another… and another… six attempts over two hours. No dice. We rotated through a couple of team members as people needed sleep. 12:30, still nothing.

    So, I decided I’d go and try out my new sword and catch up on some year one quests. Chamber of night? 60 seconds in that last room – wizards disintegrated before my solar shotgun, knights and acolytes melted by my sword – Telthor died in three swings. Ruling House? charged the three barons in the final room, two swings each. Decided to see if I could find a populated court to get Malwur’s calcified fragment… no dice. But I did notice another friend going for Black Spindle… here we go again.

    It was now 1:30, and I was in a group of three warlocks going for this rifle. Three more runs, some strategising, and an hour later… 310 Spindle get! Basic strategy was staying in the entryway, and having two people with high-damage snipers and MGs focusing on the boss from the right, third alternates left and right taking out as many adds as possible. I think we had about a minute left to clear the adds, but I was a little distracted. And… I may have spent about half an hour, 50k glimmer, 60-something legendary marks, and 25-30 exotic shards infusing the 300 Spindle from the blueprints into my other special weapons.

    Tldr; 11 attempts over seven hours, 4-5 different team compositions, and three times we gave up for the night… and finally prevailed. Although I am now running on about 4 hours sleep… *facedesk*

      • /Fistbump

        I like that a lot of the new exotics have to be earned, but holy crap…

        After seeing a friend’s Spindle damage to Warpriest and Golgoroth this week (he was out-DPSing my 304 raid sniper by a good 20-30%), I just had to get one. Definitely looking forward to taking out Ir Anuk/Ir Halak with it when our group resumes King’s Fall tonight 😀

        • Oh yeah, it is amazeballs in the raid.
          And since I got it the first time round, it was so satisfying to roll around with it and have people be all “oh shit man, you got that uber hard to get gun!”
          So much better than just RNGsus.

    • Atleast you got it, we ran it about 15 times and couldn’t even get close to getting it, we’d get to the last boss and get shredded

  • Aw jeez. Friend came into work in pieces, shaking and in tears. Turns out her partner had been beating her to hell and back for a while now and she finally left. I had no idea, only engraved a bracelet for them a couple of days ago. Didn’t even know what to say to her, could only tell her I was here if she needed anything. It leaves you with a pit of horror in your stomach and a feeling of uselessness. Aargh, people are fucked.

    • Dude.

      Get her on the phone to women’s shelters/services if she hasn’t already. Hell, you ring them and ask them for advice. IDK what the QLD service is but it should be findable.

    • Also, there NEEDS to be a police report and documentation. I know it’s not a perfect system, and there’s many – too many- examples of people in DV situations slipping through the cracks, but there HAS to be a paper trail.

    • I think you’ve done all you’re legally allowed to.

      I have a very primal reaction to this sort of thing. I think I need to seek out some more official guidelines for where to channel the murderous rage it inspires.

      A couple weeks ago, I was getting off a bus outside of peak-hour, and turned to see – over my shoulder – a young woman in a hijab getting shoved by a young guy of similar ethnicity, followed by another guy. They were all three talking loudly in another language, and at first I assumed it was young student friends being playful, but I noticed the woman was annoyed and frustrated. They were seriously arguing.

      This was not good-natured, playful shoving. It had been a rebuke or punishment, designed to hurt or warn. The people involved were angry.

      On realizing this, I straightened up and paid significantly more attention, casually hanging back to watch and follow more closely to see if there would be further violence.

      My understanding of the law from security training is that under the criminal code, you can only intervene to perform a citizen’s arrest if you personally witness – in full – an indictable offense. You can only use violence to subdue an individual if you believe they post an immediate threat to the safety of yourself or someone else. Neither seemed true, here. It would be difficult to argue a shove as suitable evidence for an arrest without warrant and to justify the measures I might have to take to enact the arrest.

      So I observed, with a conscious and aggressive shift in body language.
      The young man who had done the shoving saw me watching him and his body language changed swiftly – he averted eyes, turned away, hunched shoulders and stole quick, furtive glances in my direction as I stalked after them with murderous alertness. His friend became aware after a moment as well and began to mimic the behaviour, but the woman seemed oblivious to my presence, her focus on yelling and complaining at the men in that other language. At one point she threw the bag she was carrying and one of the men picked it up, following after making their own more subdued complaints. They were still arguing back in annoyance, but guarded and careful, mindful of their audience.

      If a casual observer had started watching at that point, they’d have claimed the woman to be abusing the men, for their cowed appearance.

      But I SAW him shove her with aggression. The two men could obviously tell very clearly that if there was a repeat performance, the taller white guy following them and staring was just looking for an excuse.

      I continued to follow at their snail’s pace until everyone seemed to run out of steam and quieten down. They went in a different direction and I did not pursue.

      I watched a man shove a woman in anger.
      I’m still unsure what I should have done. If anything.

      The Witcher 3 was – IS – haunting me. There’s a moment where Geralt scares off a couple men who are threatening an elf woman. She rounds on her ‘rescuer’ to demand to know where Geralt will be tomorrow when they come again, pissed off and humiliated. I wonder. What happened when that woman I saw got home and those two cowards she was with took their tails back out from between their legs…

      • Ugh. That’s been on my mind for weeks, I really need to walk into a cop shop and get the official word.

        • And they’d most likely assume you’re some vigilante looking for an excuse to beat up a minority…

          • *facepalm*

            Oh god, I hadn’t even thought of that.

            Oh fuck what if that’s what THEY thought? I’m white as bleached chalk and have a beard and a buzz-cut and blue-as-all-get-out eyes. Aryan frickin’ poster-boy.
            “Don’t give the racist an excuse…”

            I can’t be allowed out of the house. I clearly have no idea what I’m doing.

      • Life is never black and white. Everything is always more complicated than it looks at first glance.
        Unless there is a real good and urgent reason not to, I’m of the live and let live persuasion. You rarely know enough about someones situation to get involved.

    • Low impact is my guess, granted alot of people have been absolutely killing it in the crucible with a pulse rifle

      • But if you put a burst on the head of an enemy, it seems perfectly comparable to other weapons?

        • Exactly, ive been one shot burst several times in the head in crucible games and if all 3 from the burst hit its a kill

          • Nah, I have Zhalo Supercell, an arc auto-rifle that can chain lightning, and its damage (plus the ability to just turn my brain off) is just too good to pass on (though I have to get close, and I much prefer mid-range skirmishing). I have an exotic scout rifle as well, and I think a 290ish damage legendary one, so I have a lot of options (I am really finnicky with what scout rifles I like, and I always seem to hate the default scope), but Zhalo is just fun.

      • I like the scout rifle, not so much the auto. I have nothing against it, I’ve just preferred the longer range, more controlled guns so far.

    • Counterpoint: I like pulse rifles. They are my go to gun now cannons have been nerfed.
      Autos don’t have enough punch, range or precision.
      Scouts are really good at long range, but suck at all other situations.
      Cannons are of course great, but the range nerf hit them hard imo.
      Pulses however are an excellent all rounder at the moment. You have the precision you need at range while still able to deal with dudes all up in your face. Also very solid in pvp, for basically the same reasons.

    • It’s not a scout rifle, it’s not an auto-rifle, it can’t really do the job of either. Maybe you’ll find one that has tight grouping in its burst so it can be a scout rifle equivalent instead of firing 3 shots of which only 1-2 will hit. Or maybe you’ll find one that fires fast enough to be almost as good at DPS as an auto-rifle in an up-close brawl… but I doubt it. And even if you did, I doubt it’d do the job as well as the scout or auto. Useless hybrid is useless.

      • Yeah, but then you get mid range and they have better grouping than an auto on burst and more mobility than a scout rifle. Also, being a hybrid weapon means it can stay relevant outside of your ideal range.

        Not saying you have to love them, but I’d previously seen a lot of people try to label them as completely useless and after a couple of hours of Destiny gameplay trying everything out I don’t see the problem.

    • Because the messenger kept two-shotting me in crucible from a mile off.

      😛 Generally, low-impact/high-rof pulse rifles did no damage and couldn’t stagger a yellow bar kitten, and the low-rof/high-impact ones were frustrating to land shots with – tracking targets that get into cover before you could fire a second burst sent me into a rage more times than I’d care to admit. I only started using PRs when I needed Red Death for Crota’s End, and even then, I only touched them when I absolutely had no other choice – hand cannons were pretty much superior in every way. But once I got a Juju, I decided to figure out the pacing, and had a blast with it. After the 2.0 patch, I still quite like my Juju and a couple of PRs I’ve found, but find that I’m drifting back to scout rifles and autos.

    • It’s a less accurate scout rifle, and the lower-tend guns tended to be really slow so you’d only get headshots with 1 bullet in 3.

      I used the Stranger’s Rifle for a fair bit in Vanilla, but I was really happy when I could go back to a Scout Rifle in TKK.

  • You know whats the worst about the crucible? Salvage. Fuck that hot mess of a game mode, if its not people leaving mid game or not defending/capturing the relic its them getting schooled in a 2v1 because they didnt stop to revive me before the 1 arrived to try and disable our probe! Gahhhhh

  • Another day in Tech Knight’s support work:
    Me: “Alright I’ve set your allocated IP address to be allowed to connect to the internet, you can go ahead and get started”
    Other guy: “Okay thanks Techie, I’ll get started”

    An hour and 15 minutes pass
    Other guy: “Techie the IP is not pinging”
    Me: “Huh really? I’m sure I set it right… ping might not be in the allowed list for defaults, have you tried web browsing to google?”

    All while I’m checking that my configurations are all correct, I decide to check the server they’re working on, the first thing I see is “IP address: 169….”
    Slams head on desk
    Me: “…You need to set the IP address on the server first…”
    Other guy: “Oh… ok I doing that”

    Please end soon, day, please…

  • I’ve been supersick for most of this year, and even more so over the past couple of months. It’s at the point where I’m only useful for half a day at a time, if I’m lucky. The rest of my time is spent practically passed out in bed. Been back and forth to the doctor and had tests and stuff, usually with a non-conclusive result and a “try this for a couple months and see” treatment. Nothing’s really been working, and I have way too many symptoms to fit into a pattern for any one disease which is making it harder to figure out what’s wrong with me.

    So yeah, this is why I’ve only been around TAY a little bit, and hardly ever been to Meats this year. I spend most of my free time self medicating with loud power metal and hand sewing which make me forget about all the pain and stuff for a while.

    Currently though, I’m also comfort gaming by playing Tales Of Xillia ,finally. I restarted using Milla as the main character and I’m really enjoying it. It’s the perfect kind of game for me right now.

    • I don’t want to alarm you, but I have watched many* episodes of House, so I think I know what’s wrong with you.

      It’s probably Lupus.

      *like twelve

      • When I was in hospital they did a test for lupus. I thought about saying “That’s okay, it’s never lupus” but decided against it since they’d probably sigh then punch me in the face.

        • I always enjoy responding to these things with “my dad has lupus” so…

          My dad has lupus.

      • I used to watch that with med students. They’d spend the first half of the episode diagnosing it and the second half guffawing at how wrong the rest was.

        • My Mum always loved it because some of their diseases were so bullshit left field (and while their medical practices were often terrible, they were generally really accurate in regards to the disease & symptoms & stuff).

          Like, one had four confirmed cases in the past fifty years or something.

          • From memory, they used to write the episode then farm the medical stuff out to a group of consultant doctors to make it fit.

            I know that TV show Numbers used to do that as well- they’d write a script and leave a space called “Mathematics gets us from this point to this point”

        • When Scrubs first came out, I used to watch that with med students. They’d spend half their time laughing at how true it was, and half their time realizing in depression that it was too real.

      • Haha, I almost made a reference to House when my Doc asked me if I had any ideas on what was that wrong with me that I wanted her to investigate. 😛

    • Sorry to hear, Strange. I had to go through years of that with my wife and the shittiest thing is that all you can really do is keep trying things until you can narrow down an accurate diagnosis.

      On the bright side, best excuse for kicking your feet up more often? 😀

      • Wait, you’re supposed to have an excuse for that?! Whoops! 😛

        Did your wife finally get a diagnosis? I think I don’t really care what’s wrong with me at this point, I just really badly need a name for it.

        • Yeah, she actually got several things diagnosed which wasn’t much of a surprise because she had a bunch of symptoms that didn’t add up to a single problem. It was a bit shit having to adjust to treat/manage everything, but life got a lot better for both of us just from knowing what the deal was. The drugs helped her a bit, too 😛

          Also, pregnancy removed almost all her symptoms for about 6 months. Just saying…

          • Oh I’m glad she got it figured out!

            About the pregnancy thing…while waiting for my latest test results, my worst fear was that I was pregnant. 😛

    • I have noticed the severe lack of hugasauruses around here lately, and you definitely deserve one at this moment Strange, we miss you.

        • Hmmm..
          Note to self: Design and install small airbags to work with the hugasaurus function to result in more comfortable hugs towards the hug-ee

    • Sorry to hear it. The frustration must be mounting up.

      If you want to toss out local/easy Meat ideas we should totally do something low-impact sometime.

      • Thanks for the thought! We actually had a meat at Garden City for dinner and a movie and I had to leave before the movie. 😛
        I think that’s also frustrating, never knowing how long I’ll be functional for.

  • Battletech broke the $1M for the full narrative campaigns, easily set to feature full VA and is well on its way to get an entire expanded side game.


  • A woman walked into a hospital with a disappeared posterior.
    She was medically diagnosed with gonhorrea.

  • So it looks like I’ve (hopefully temporarily) damaged my ulnar nerve in my left arm/hand, and I have no idea how. Having little sensation in half your hand is a really shitty and annoying experience.

    If this doesn’t go away soon I’m just going to cut the whole hand off and get one of those rad robot hands from Star Wars.

    • Oh man I did that a couple years ago. Not fun at all.
      Didn’t go away for months, but it did. Just had to be aware of where it was pinched (elbow) and avoid leaning it on anything to let it heal.

      • I don’t recall any single event that could have caused it and don’t have any specific pain, so for now I have no idea what I can do to make it better…or even what can make it worse.

        • I did it by leaning my elbow on my desk while playing games for too long at a time.
          If you look the nerve up you can see where it runs through your arm. If you can feel the sensation in your forearm at all then probably you pinched it at the elbow, if just in your hand then probably wrist. At those two points it run on the outside of joints and is susceptible to betting pinched. (I think <-notadoctor.)
          I just tried to keep my arm as straight at possible and not put any pressure on the elbow to let it recover.

    • I did this ages ago in the most dumb way imaginable. I was sitting at my desk for hours holding a games controller and resting my elbows on the edge of my table so that the sharp bit was digging in. Compressed the nerve and damaged it and for about three weeks I had tingling & numbness in the bottom half of my hand and my two bottom fingers in my right arm.

        • Every now and then I wake up with all sorts of bruises and sometimes even scrapes/cuts and no idea how I got them. I’m told that I’ve never been encountered sleep-walking, so I must really be thrashing around in bed.

          • I’d suggest that warrants further investigation. Find someone you like, then sleep with them.

            Tell them it’s to measure your behaviour in bed.

            For science.

          • I sleep-scratch myself on occasion. Some people mistake it for thinking I’ve been scratched by a cat.

        • Took me a while to figure out that’s how I’d done it.

          I’ve also got a loose tendon in that elbow as a result of getting tennis elbow by playing foosball way too seriously. Not even joking.

    • Having little sensation in half your hand is a really shitty and annoying experience.

      Or an easy way to experience “The stranger”.

    • But if your nerve is damaged, you might not be able to control a robot hand either…

  • Yes @jimu, I am playing P4G!

    Was it you who recommended it to me? Because if so, I think I need to kill you. This game gonna eat my whole life. Ridiculously addictive. And the music WON’T GET OUT OF MY HEAD

    Also, P3 was super cheap on PSN ($14.95 down from $45), so I bought that too. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

    Also also, P5 has a vague release window of 2016 as of today:

    • I wish I could get into P4. I think I always hold back on enjoying it because I know if I get invested I’ll lose half my life to it, but I find the whole time management bit of it to be extremely stressful.

      • It’s stressful until you realise you screwed everything up. Once that’s out of the way it’s easier to give up on perfection and just play.

        • People tell me that but it’s against my nature not to plan everything carefully. I can’t just YOLO it, which I think is basically the only way you can enjoy it. Every now and then I can get into the right mode to do that but it doesn’t last and I always run out of steam and start stressing.

          I struggle with the Atelier games for the same reason, even though I really like them.

    • I dunno if I recommended it, so much as I go on about it constantly.

      Which p3 did you grab? P3P or P3Fes?


      Fucking love P4. My (stalled) second playthrough was so much better than my first because I actually got the combat, and Persona switching and stuff, and it worked like a charm. Love that game so much. Some of the remixed songs from P4D are on my jogging playlist, and it’s soooo goood.

    • My prediction:


      Me: Huh? Did something happen on the weekend?
      Co-worker: Did you see that ludicrous display over the weekend?
      Co-worker 2: What was Wendell thinking, sending Walcott on that early?
      Me: IT CROWD!
      *we all clasp hands and dance together*

      This probably won’t happen. I don’t think anyone I know has watched that show.

    • AFL: I Don’t care, my team beat the rest of my families teams to get to the grand final, I’ve won already.*
      NRL: Meh

      * I should probably point out that I haven’t followed “my Team” all year until now, because sportsball…

      • Which is your team? Depending on your answer, we may or may not be friends anymore.

        Ha, not really. I’m past caring about who other people support, unless it’s Collingwood. Fuck Collingwood.

          • Figured. I’ve been a Hawks fan since I was 6 or 7. Not quite sure when I started. I’ve been lucky enough to get to all the Aurora Stadium games this year, thanks to my uncle.

    • AFL: Garbage sport for garbage people.
      NRL: Two of my most hated teams. All QLD final in NSW is pretty funny though.

      • I’d love to see AFL redesigned to be played exclusively by garbage people, and swap the ball out for a wheelie bin.

    • AFL: Who is even playing in the final this year?
      NRL: Who cares?

      Only thing I care about this weekend is whether Japan can beat Samoa and the result of the Australia v England clash. Springboks v Scotland could be interesting too.

    • The Cowboys had better @#$%ing win this time. Broncos need to experience a GF loss.

      Also, I have no idea where/if we’re watching the AFL. I think we’ll be at my sister’s place, and they’re rugby people.

    • AFL: Picking the winner out of this is a tough one. There are many factors to consider. West Coast’s comparative youth is a double-edged sword. On one hand, they aren’t as experienced. on the other hand, West Coast won’t be as old and slow as Hawthorn.

      Hawthorn have taken a risk by going with a really tall forward line. At any time Hawthorn’s forward 50 will contain Gunston, Shoenmakers, Roughead, and one of Hale or Big Boy Ben McEvoy. This will allow them to stretch West Coast’s short backline, but means they will get absolutely cut up on the rebound.

      It’s one of those matchups where you assume Hawthorn would have the edge at first, but after thinking about it, most of the chips are in West Coast’s pile.

      NRL: Not my thing, not going to make a comment on this matter.

      • Ha.

        Also every store manager will be there, so now is the perfect time to cause shit at your local EB I assume.

    • I wish, Instead I’m going to the dentist for the first time in 11 years and also getting an ultrasound.

      Scratch that, I thought today was friday. nope I’m working tomorrow 🙁

    • No 🙁

      I was at the Australian and Eastern Uni Games for work these past couple of years and always felt a pang of jealousy with people walking into the expo. I know it was on because of the 300+ EB employees buying food along Olympic Boulevard I figured there was an expo lol.

    • October is a great month to be an adventure game fan!

      Heh, not that long ago the idea of a great month for an adventure game fan was laughable. Things really turned around once the fallout from the great graphics arms race expired.

  • A friend of mine was looking to improve her income and thought she’d invest in a Venison company. I asked her why and she said

    she only had a couple of bucks and wanted to make a little doe. #dadjokepagesix #[email protected] #getwellsoon

  • Playing through the Skullgirls tutorials atm.

    Man I totally don’t get fighting games. Already completely lost despite all the explanations being given 😛

      • It’s not working. Got any better suggestions? 😛

        (These tutorials are tough. And don’t really feel like they’re actually teaching me anything)

  • Destiny TAYbies, what are your thoughts on infusing weapons?

    I’ve been trying to infuse a few weapons to upgrade my Heavy Weapon Sword, but I’ve only got about 80 Legendary Marks so I’m fearful of wasting them 🙁

    I’m actually not sure as to whether I should be purchasing weapons or gear with Legendary Marks for fear of finding better equipment making my purchase obsolete :S What are you spending your Deutsche Legendary Marks on?

    • Infusing weapons? Make sure you use a fine mesh infuser, and don’t boil the (filtered) water too hot. Around 80 degrees for a green tea infusion and around 90 for black tea. Vary steeping time to taste but always leave more than 3 minutes for a deeper extraction.

      Or just drink coffee.

      • This is good to know for when I upgrade my Green Tea Cannon or Black Tea Fusion Rifle 😛

    • I wouldn’t worry about spending marks unless there’s a Year 2 Exotic you want to grab from the blueprints.

      The legendaries I’ve bought have ended up being overtaken by drops with better perks anyway.

      Plus it’s only 3 marks per infusion. That’s nothing.

      Just remember, if there’s a large disparity between your legendary and the one your using to infuse, it will take an average of their attack/defense, not push it to the higher items stats.

      • Infusing generally takes it to around 80% of the difference, eg. infusing a 250 into a 150 will result in about 230. It gets a bit murkier when you have smaller differences – some round down and some round up – but 80% is usually the minimum.

    • Depends on what light level you are, but generally, if you like a gun or a gear roll, go ahead. Most of my legendary marks have gone towards infusion, as getting more is pretty simple… if you can do the daily heroic, that’s 15 per day; daily crucible (which you just have to participate in, no need to win) brings that to 30/day, ie. 210/week total. Beyond that, your first three heroic strikes will net you 10 each, so if you’re persistent you can get 240 a week, not counting any legendaries you dismantle (3 for unlevelled, 5 for over 80% levelled).

      Also, once you get a sword, infuse it – doing so unlocks new upgrade nodes until you hit 280.

      • I am super sad about the sword. I infused it to 275, and just assumed that that was it for it.

        Had no idea how to get the exotic quest until I looked it up today. *sigh*

    • If you do buy something from the vendors, I’d say go for the ghost shell first.
      It’s the least likely to be soon made redundant and you can give it to alts when it is.
      The raid primary guns are not Heaps awesome so I’d also say if you find a legendary primary you really love then feel free to infuse the heck out of it.

      • I wish I’d done this with my old Omulon scout. It was a real work-horse, really great. Fantastic perks. I didn’t have the hang of infusing though and hadn’t got any marks ever, so I inflated their value.

        I keep buying Omulons for Armsday, but I have yet to get something as good.

  • #pagesixinreallife

    Colleague at work exclaimed that she thought she was in love with pistachio’s.

    Me: So what you’re saying is that you’re… nuts about them?

  • HI BRISFRIENDS. So there’s a pretty rad wings/ribs/burgers place in Clayfield that my wife and I checked out last week. I know we’ve got a bunch of hot wing fiends here, and the consensus on Twitter was that we should all check it out sometime.

    Possibly post OkTAYberfest? (is there anything being organised for that btw?)

    WINGS. Does anyone have any preference to dates?

    • Only thing organized for Oktoberfest meat is that it’ll be on Saturday, 10th October. I’m thinking 6:30ish? Though there will probs be some TAYbies around both before and long after that time. 🙂 Thinking it’s best left not too structured. (Though if people want more details, that can be arranged.) Last year there were lots of people around who came and went throughout the night. Had a good energy to it. 🙂

      As for food place, heaps convenient being next to Eagle Junction station. 😀

    • Post Oktoberfest? Last year we were there until close and not in a great condition by then.

        • Oooohhhh… That makes much more sense. Was a little taken aback by how keen you guys were, I’m too old for that these days 😛

      • Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

        I better see some lederhosen draped thigh meat from you gents.

  • I’ve gotten Eyefinity partially working, all I need to do is wait on this other monitor…