Tell Us Dammit: What Game Should You Play Again Now That You're Older?

For me, the easy answer would be Leisure Suit Larry. Oh boy, I remember having to explain to my dad why I'd written "prophylactic" on a piece of paper near our communal PC. The answer — I wanted to look it up in the dictionary (we didn't have the internet back then). Sufficed to say, it was an awkward childhood moment. The less easy answer? Neuromancer.

A point-and-click adventure game based on the William Gibson novel of the same name, it was my glorious introduction to cyberpunk. I can't remember exactly when I played it — definitely sometime in the early 90s — but I know as a younger soul, a lot of the flavour was lost on me.

As far as I was concerned, I just wanted to sell my organs as quickly as possible so I could buy a neat cyberdeck, only to realise the loss of constitution would transform virtual me into a total wimp. I know now that the world of Neuromancer was much more complex and rich than my mind could understand at the time and as a result, my memories of it are vivid, yet oddly superficial.

Still, I remember being entranced by the concepts of wetware, ICE and cyberspace, which would many years later have an influence on my own games — the visual design of the AI watchers from Deadnaut is a good example.

I also never completed the darn thing, so that's another reason to revisit it.

What game do you feel you should go back and tackle, now that you have more years under your belt?


    I was 9 when I got my grubby lil' mits on Baldur's Gate. I remember first trying it - and getting crushed just outside of Candlekeep. Years later I rediscovered the disc and gave it another go.

    Now equipped with the mind of an eager 14 year old I was able to decipher the previously impenetrable ruleset and make a character that could stand the rigours of the Sword Coast.

    I was able to devour the game and then move onto its sequel (and the expansions! What a Christmas!).

    But! if I had to revisit a game *now* - I would say the Myst/Riven games - never completed them in my youth but maybe now I have the stones for it!

    Privateer 2 (thanks GoG!)
    Betrayal at Krondor
    most of the CRPG's - thanks to the nostalgia revival of this genre, this is now happening
    Hammer of the Gods

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    Can't really think of any since most of them I've gone back and revisited already. Probably mostly just adventure games anyway, especially LucasArts ones.

    Man...Neuromancer...I always hocked my organs to buy sweet tech...lucky thats not a real world option yet...

    I have no mouth but I must scream, beneath a steel sky, condemned.

    There's no way I'd be able to play a game like neuromancer these days. That music jaaaah!

    Most of my classics I've revisited thanks to gog or never left. I still have my original half life disc and box as well as system shock 2, deus ex and homeworld amongst others. I miss the late 90s / early 2000s.

      That music blew my mind on c64. 'They're singing! That's impossible!'

        Haha. Yeah totally. I remember getting my first sound card. I couldn't believe my ears when i heard the sound effects in wolf3d afterwards. Much wow!

    The original system shock. I was a preteen (I think) and didn't understand it at all, but it left an impression on me all the way back then.

    Well, a good rule of thumb: if a game has/will have a remake/remaster, then it's worth playing again.

    I recently had the urge to play Majora's Mask again. Got out the old Nintendo 64, hooked it up to the TV. I was shocked how blurry it was! Damn, how did I play the game back then? Yeah, sure, it'd look smoother on a CRT, but still, it was crazy how anything not in the near vicinity was just a jumble of pixels. I couldn't play it. I am so spoilt now with modern graphics.

    Maybe I'll try it if they remaster it for Wii U. Maybe I'll have a Wii U then.

      Majoras Mask 3D?

        Alas, I don't have a 3DS, either.

    Constructor. I bought it back in the day because I thought it was like Sim City, then took it back and got a refund. Now I feel like it deserves another shot.

    I'm also slowly trying to work my way through Viewtiful Joe, because I never finished the final level.

    Knights and Merchants, It had a build system far more detailed than age of empires ever did and I find myself struggling to find another RTS that lives up to my memories of this game. The combat was ludicrous and there was a lot of waiting involved but I still fire it up ever few years.

    I went back and played it recently actually. It was Metroid II on the gameboy. I remember when I first tried to play it, I borrowed it from a friend. My young self at this time was unfamiliar with the concept of non linear platformers, I was just used to running right. So when I attempted Metroid II (which was actually my first experience with Metroid) I think I got as far as the first Metroid and then didn't know what to do from there. I never attempted it again until earlier this year, when I finally played it through to completion, being the only Metroid game I hadn't finished at that point. So I can cross that off my list now.

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