Tell Us Dammit: What Genres Are You Tired Of?

Tell Us Dammit: What Genres Are You Tired Of?

Sometimes it just happens. It’s a cycle. Something comes along it’s fresh. Perhaps more crucially, it’s successful. Next minute: every publisher is pushing out their own version of the same game. It can burn you out as a player. What genre are you currently a bit sick of?

I have a couple. Third-person RPGs with the fetch quests. I’m kinda over that. 2D puzzle-platformers with ‘retro’ aesthetics. I’m a bit over that as well. I’m close to being a bit done with same screen multiplayer experiences — but man, every time I play a good one I’m hooked all over again.


  • I’m a bit tired of third-person parkour-stealth-assassination games.

    Also a bit sick of Skylanders/Infinity. Not going to pick up the new Skylanders this time.

  • Walk ’em ups. I enjoy my Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture dynamic theme more than I did the game.

    • I found the most annoying bit of that game (and theme) to be the audio from the radios that you come across. “One…one…four…one…seven…two…one…three…” Grrrrrr!

      (Loved the game though, it was so tense. The absence of people and those freaky light guides just about did my head in.”

    • I disagree so much, I’m going to quote Dear Esther to you:

      Those islands in the distance, I am sure, are nothing more than relics of another time, sleeping giants, somnambulist gods laid down for a final dreaming. I wash the sand from my lips and grip my wrist ever more tightly, my shaking arms will not support my fading diaries.

      • Don’t get me wrong, there’s some good ones (I loved Gone Home a lot), and I know that they’re not a game, per se, but I feel like I need more. Like, the level of interaction needs to be slightly more stimulating for me, because although the story of Dear Esther is lovely, it could have been a short film and that probably would have meant more for me.

        EGTTR was supppper pretty, and the music was amazing, and there was one moment that took my breath away (an entirely ordinary thing done incredibly, beautifully well), but the speed and a few other mechanics took it away from me.

        • I’m just one of those pretentious people who loves walking around in games going; “Art. Art everywhere.”

          • Have you ever played Thirty Flights of Loving or any other Blendo Games by Brendon Chung? That’s frigging art, man. So good.

          • I wouldn’t call that art as much as I would call it a “visual representation of getting high.”

            Still good, though. And the other game, Gravity-bone, I think it was called?

          • The “Blah, Blah, Blah” way the characters speak remind me of the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons.

            Love it.

  • Action-adventure/RPGs that take 20-60+ hours to complete, but half of that time feels like filler content. That complaint speaks more of my age, however, where I’d prefer to spend money on shorter, better experiences, rather than get something that merely occupies my time in a cost effective way.

    • Funnily enough, certain hooks still get me. I’m going through another run of Fallout New Vegas now, and I’m still playing XCOM, months away from new installments in both franchises. Lots of love for those games.

      I went through the first of the two major areas in Shadow of Mordor and loved the game, but then it revealed the second major area with a big “you know all the stuff you’ve been doing for the last ten hours? Do it all again”. It’s not like a raged-quit at that point, but I haven’t felt the slightest urge to pick it up again.

  • Realistic driving sims.
    Granted, there hasn’t really been a “me too!” influx recently, but I’m still sick of them.

    • I think i feel the complete opposite. We have had a sim Forza game every two years for while now, Gran Turismo had a near 7 year gap between 4 and 5, then 3 years between 5 and 6. Project Cars is new on the scene this year, but how many other new driving sims are being released? We’ve had a few F1 games and touring car games etc. Not counting Real Racing for IOS at this point, as it is not a full-featured or priced game.

  • ‘Open World’ games where the world is overly large and populated with uninteresting repetitive stuff like collectables simply for the sake of padding the game out further. See: Assassin’s Creed. Also anything where you have to climb towers to reveal a flood of all the nearby boring crap on the map, like in every Ubisoft game.

    • I’ve been getting sick of those. Witcher 3 was such a refreshing surprise in that all its ‘filler’ was actually compelling or had obvious individual attention lavished on it, instead of just picking up bloody feathers.

      • I agree about the Witcher 3 to an extent. I think about 95%+ of main quests, side quests, contracts and points of interest were cool, but there were a hell of a lot of smuggler’s caches in Skellige (which were tedious filler), a few side quests that just made me scratch my head a bit (the soldier and nobleman statuette quests for example) and some of the witcher gear scavenger hunts that just felt like fetch quests. That being said, the 95%+ of the rest of the game is fantastic quality and surprisingly varied for the genre.

        • The thing is that they were unpredictable. Sure, sometimes the sidequests were straightforward. But other times they’d swing off into giant questlines unexpectedly. Even the Witcher gear stuff was interesting, since while most of it was boring fetch quests, sometimes it’d take you to places you wouldn’t have normally gone or require you to fight strong enemies that were placed there, not related to any quests but just in the world and made you wonder what was up.

          • The Kaer Morhen forge quest was one such interesting one. I rocked up and found myself in one of the toughest fights I’d had in the game. They also tricked me into thinking I’d beaten the ‘guardian’ when I’d done no such thing, the scamps.

        • There were DEFINITELY too many smugglers’ caches in Skellige. I think that was the only time I got bored in the entire game.

    • I finally got around to playing Assassin’s Creed Unity, and they no longer show you all the crap when you climb one of the view points.

      Instead it only shows me some of the collectables and missions. To find the rest I’ve either got to walk around everywhere or buy a map with Helix Credits (you get some free at the start of the game, or can purchase more with real money).

      So they’ve worked out how to make that formula even worse.

    • Came in to say pretty much this. I am feeling a bit worn out by all the open world games at the moment. Even Witcher 3, which was still great, felt exhausting to play after a while and I think that it negatively impacted my overall impression of the game by the time I finished it.

    • This. I like the idea of “Make your own fun” games like minecraft and GTA, but honestly… I think I enjoy well designed scripted games better. I think AC could benefit from a more linear experience, strangely.

    • That attitude, unfortunately, is no longer Ubisoft exclusive. Thank you kindly, Mad Max.

      In most cases I rely on Bethesda for open-world games, mainly because they put in actual side quests (not some collect-a-thon bullshit), they don’t force you to do everything explicitly in the order they intend without any sort of deviation (my main gripe with Zelda) and they don’t suffer from Bioware Face Syndrome.

      On that note however, the new Zelda games seem to be getting rid of the excessive linearity that plagued Skyward Sword and The Witcher 2 & 3 look damn good.

  • Might be getting sick of open world games. But I say that while wanting to play MGSV so I have no idea 😛

  • Hmm… I would have to say open world games that just seem like they’re full of filler 🙁 FC4 was still fun, but didn’t feel as good as FC3, just seemed like it was a reskinned FC3.

    Also BF4 and hardline feel like they let me down a bit. Dunno why. Never ended up buying BF Hardline, and uninstalled BF4 about 8 months ago. Maybe I’m just getting old 😛



    This explains why I haven’t touched DayZ in MONTHS and I’ve sunk over 500 hours into ARK in a disgustingly short amount of time…

    • Ohhhhh but they’re SO FUN TO KILL!

      Seriously, Zombies are the ultimate horrifying creatures. I can totally understand why they’re so common across all mediums.
      They’re relatable, terrifying and exciting. It’s like they fill that perfect void between the universal fear of death and our love of scary action.

      They’re also good for a whole bunch on genres and sub-genres these days:
      Horror: Resident Evil
      Action/Comedy: Dead Rising
      Drama: Walking Dead (Telltale series), The Last of Us
      Survival simulator: Dayz, State of Decay
      Action: Dying Light/ Dead Island, Left 4 Dead

      Haha, I understand where you’re coming from, I think I should be sick of them too…. I’m just not 🙂

      • I want to downvote you, but that would make me a jerk because you really don’t deserve it. Everything you say is perfectly fine. I’m just that sick of frigging zombies.

      • It’s not the zombies themselves, it’s just how they’re shoehorned into everything now. Is it a game? THROW ZOMBIES INTO IT! IT NEEDS ZOMBIES! Even in games that don’t need it. Zombies aren’t very scary any more at all. They’re overplayed, over done. Like the WW2 shooter, they need a long break and to come back later refreshed. The WW2 shooter has had a decade or so off and now, would seem fresh and revitalised, its time for it to come back. Zombies need this time off too.

        • They need a holiday. Give them some lovely brain cocktails on a lounge-chair in the tropics. Really let them relax. #zombiesneedholidaystoo

    • Bugger zombies.
      Though how has no one made a game with Werewolf-Smurfs? That I would pay attention too in a heartbeat.

  • Definitely the slew of “retro” styled platformers. Sorry, budding devs, but at this point if all you’re bringing to the table is chiptunes and pixel art you’re emptying your creative bucket into a very full pool.

    Side note: I love the genre and may well never get enough of it, but I feel like the recent reinvigoration of the point and click adventure genre is also nearing its peak. Now is a good time to be developing such a game, but I predict you’ll want to get it out in the next year.

    • Yeah, I am instantly skipping over them these days. Appears to be very little differentiation between them as well.

    • Yeah I haven’t exactly over stuffed myself with modern point and clicks but I decided recently that I don’t find the gameplay compelling enough (for me) to justify playing it. I’d rather watch @Figaro play it on the Tubes of You.

    • I love me a good adventure game, they’re just few and far between. I don’t have the time or money to throw after yet another badly written (or at least badly translated) and boring adventure game with either annoyingly easy or unnecessarily obtuse puzzles.

      I’m kind of bitter about Deponia. The Adventure Game sweet spot is hard to hit.

      • I recently picked up the Deponia trilogy but haven’t gotten to it yet. I keep telling myself it’s on my list when I finish Blackwell and Broken Sword, but I’m still yet to finish the Blackwell Deception and I haven’t even started Broken Sword 2, so…

    • I complained about Pixelart games and this exact issue two years ago on Kotaku and got downvoted to oblivion. Nice to see people are starting to come around lol.

      • I’m pretty sure I would have agreed with you back then, but there was still room to explore the genre. Now I feel like every aspect of it’s been played out. When I see something original I’ll happily eat my words.

      • I definitely would have agreed with you back then. Although I think it’s gotten worse now the genre is tired so we probably weren’t ahead of the crowd as much as things happened and the crowd just happened to move in our direction.
        It seems like back then people looking to do creative things with games were flocking to it, where now those sorts of people are chasing different genres and stylised graphics. The ones remaining tend to be the ones that either really like old games and cater to nostalgia and the ones that aren’t particularly inspired to do anything and default to that art style because it seems like the easiest option for someone who isn’t good at doing their own artwork.

    • This. PIXELS! HIPSTER RETRO CRED! ROGUELIKE! It’s like the defining mark of an indie title these days. If I want pixels, I’ll fire up my emulators, thanks. Your game doesn’t deserve some special attention because you manufactured something with retro graphics. Half of them are defined by just being annoyingly difficult and looking like shit.

  • Mobile games filled with micro transactions, grinding, time based pay walls, that sort of stuff.

    You know like Rovio, where the games used to start out great, then slowly they have released updates that break the UI that try and dig into your wallet via sneaky ‘upgrades’

    In short, in game real money currency.

    I just want to pay once and play.

  • Indie puzzle games – I get really excited when I see new releases for my Vita only to be disappointed when the description reads “this is a (insert adjective) puzzle game” – boring

    Where did beat em ups go? And shoot em ups (platform style – ones without the retro puzzle aesthetic)?

    • I decent beat’em up on Vita would be great. Best I can think of is Final Fight in the PSP Capcom collection

          • Its great on the vita, except some slowdown. Muramasa Blade is also pretty damn good – as is Phantom Breaker.. other than these 3 I cant think of much else… except Mother Russia Bleeds!

    • Yeah, I’m waiting for a great beat-em-up. I’m really excited for “River City Ransom Underground” and “Aztez”.

        • Hadn’t heard of that one before, but it doesn’t really look like my kind of game. I’m not really a fan of any media that describes itself as ‘ultra violent’ and puts huge effort and emphasis on gore.

  • 2D platforming, in all its various offenses. (Be it with cheap silhouette aesthetic that means the developer didn’t have to actually do REAL art, ‘novel’ physics/time mechanics, love-letters to old NES games, whatever.)

    Neon bullet-hell shmups.

    Artsy walking simulators.

    Minecraft-with-guns wannabes, or any other blocky crafting/exploration.

    Terraria clones.

    Open-world crafting/’survival’ games with PVP focus. (THE REAL MONSTER IS MAN. AREN’T WE INSIGHTFUL.) Bonus points if they’re in perpetual Early Access.

    Dark, first-person exploration of a spooky place horror games. (“Explore this cursed place and discover what tragedy unfolded here/who you are… but are you alone? Oooo-oooo-ooo”)

    Anything that claims to be ‘rogue-like with permadeth’ as an excuse to explain why their shitty RPG doesn’t have any kind of balance or progression or narrative in place, or couldn’t stand on its own as a a game if people were able to complete its content without repeating it endlessly.

    • Minecraft-with-guns wannabes, or any other blocky crafting/exploration.
      All great but god this one

    • Dark, first-person exploration of a spooky place horror games. (“Explore this cursed place and discover what tragedy unfolded here/who you are… but are you alone? Oooo-oooo-ooo”)

      AKA games that were built for Let’s Players to wander around in unchallenged while saying ‘oh my gosh, this is so scary, I’m so scared, a dark shack? So scary. OH NO JUMP SCARE! This is the most scariest thing ever and I am so genuinely scared of how scary this is, just look at how scared I am’. The entire genre could be replaced with a moth and a note that says ‘people will believe you if you act like you’re terrified of this’.

  • First Person Shooters in general. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an FPS since Half Life 2 when I was 20. I think I just don’t like shooting people with guns anymore, no matter how good it looks. The new Wolfenstein looked mildly appealing, but only for nostalgia purposes. Don’t like COD or Battlefield, but then I don’t like competitive multiplayer games either, so they never really did it for me anyway. Sigh.

    I’ll probably never get over 2D platformers, Shovel Knight being my favourite game last year, and then Rayman Legends/Origins before that. I’m stuck in the late 80’s through to mid 90’s mascot game era…

      • Yep as soon as I posted mine I saw yours and thought yikes haha. The whole 2D platformer thing is probably pure nostalgia, I loved the Ducktales remake, and the Mickey Castle of Illusion remake before that etc, I enjoy those style of games much more than say Halo, which I haven’t played since the first one because in my mind it was only playable because it had co-op.

        Thinking more on it I did like FC2, because at least the setting was different, i.e. not some sort of military or industrial complex grr

  • Medieval Fantasy themed RPGs. There, I said it. I’ve seen so many orcs, dwarves, elves and dragons now, that any chance of a game having Tolkien-style tropes in it pretty much puts it on my No-buy list. You could attach a decent RPG system to any setting; Wild West, Feudal Japan, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Future Fantasy, Present Day alternate universe, Prohibition era mobsters, Space Western, Post Apocolyptic, Cavemen (seriously, just replace dragons with dinosaurs, mad profit!) or even just go crazy and make something like Dino Riders into an RPG. Why ride a horse when we can ride a T-Rex that shoots lazers?

    • I would sell my first born for a Dino Riders game.

      Actually, he’s not sleeping much at the moment. I’d probably sell him for an ice cream.

    • Although I love my medieval fantasy (I don’t think I will ever get tired of reading medieval style fantasy literature) I can’t disagree that some new RPG settings would be awesome. A good steampunk one would be great. Or something similar to Brian McClellan’s ‘Powder Mage’ series. As for post-apocalyptic, caveman, and dinosaurs there is Horizon: Zero Dawn coming out. 🙂

    • I’ve seen so many orcs, dwarves, elves and dragons now

      I haven’t. I’ve seen one type of dragon, one type of elf, one type of drawf and one type of orc. Repeated over and over again. Oh, wait, no, this elf has purple skin. Revolutionary. =P
      I’ll admit that’s purely a personal taste thing. I love sci-fi and it’s all just space ships, reactors and different coloured people. Although I do think sci-fi is more willing to mix it up and inject new stuff. Fantasy seems to be treated more like an actual historical era. Like Tolkien’s Middle Earth was an actual time period.

  • First person horror games based aroudn jump scares
    Schmups but was never a big fan anyway
    Minimalistic puzzle games taking the cube asthetic or similar
    Tower defense games that take an enemy idea and just reskin a generic TD format

    EDIT: And simulators, I am so sick of these. Either the weird do this job ones or the we want to rip off surgeon simulator control type ones

  • Can I say Call of Duty as a stand alone genre. I love FPS shooters, but call of duty is just overdoing it with their franchise

    • You may.

      I’m going to throw an extra heaping pile of sod-off-and-die on remakes or re-boots of classic games that mysteriously and unnecessarily turn them into an FPS.

    • Yeah spot on. If it’s a port to something (64 to 3DS) then go for it. But so many games get redone and it’s not even that great -_- All you realise is how nostalgic you were for a game but ignored the massive leaps we’ve had in gameplay since then.

  • I don’t know if it’s a genre, but whole open world thing is starting to wear a bit thin now that just about everyone is doing it. That’s why I can’t wait for Uncharted 4 – I just want to play something carefully, lovingly hand crafted that won’t take dozens / hundreds of hours of my life.

  • I don’t feel burned out by any genre. I guess because I don’t have that drive to play every game that comes out.

    I understand people getting tired of the AC franchise, but it’s still only once a year that I get to play a new story in a universe that I really enjoy.. but I yearn for the Ezio glory days.

  • Any definitive/ultimate edition re-release…..not a genre really I know, but they can still go away

  • A couple, actually. I’m kinda picky.

    The military FPS. I love the crap out of Borderlands and RAGE, but things like COD and Battlefield are so overdone at this point that everytime I see one announced I groan and look away.

    I’m not exactly sure what you’d call this genre, but games like Minecraft and Terraria that drop you in a randomly generated world and tell you to go nuts. These bore me to tears. I may be old fashioned, but I prefer solid, pre-made level design and a coherent goal.

    2D platformers. I still like them, but it sucks to see so many of them when my favourite genre, 3D platformers, has been left in the dust. The closest thing to a 3D platformer these days is Assassin’s Creed, and, ugh, no.

    To that extent, I don’t much care for action-adventure games these days – games like the aforementioned Assassin’s Creed, as well as Shadow of Mordor, Prince of Persia, and others with the whole “climb stuff, apply sword to enemy, repeat” mentality. Although I love Darksiders 2, ironically.

    And finally – whew, I’m almost done! – this isn’t a particular genre, but I despise having to craft items within a game. I can’t get into Minecraft, etc. for this sole reason; either I gotta remember what makes what, or I gotta pause the game and painstakingly wait for an item to be made, which really takes me out of the game. The only game that I don’t mind crafting in is The Last of Us, as crafting doesn’t pause the game and it sometimes becomes pretty tense.

    Damn, I’m picky.

  • FPS, “hardcore” platformers, and interestingly, JRPGs. I say “interestingly” because I am still very much a fanatical JRPG player but the genre really needs a shake up because the games are blurring and becoming a mass of moe blobs and fan service. That said, Disgaea 5 and Etrian Mystery Dungeon are riding my hype train.

  • * Anything with deliberately carved out content later served as DLC.
    * Games with pay to win transaction crap thrown in your face all the time (or becomes unbalanced because you need it to be competitive)
    * Stupid games with millions of obligatory collectable in game items which provide no benefit.

  • Survival Games. I’m tired of being a slave to an exaggerated food and thirst metre. Do something different

    • How about a survival game where it’s possible to comfortably live and explore rather than focusing on being brutal and unforgiving? I guess the hardcore crowd they cater to is firmly against the idea of anything being easy (where easy means not ball bustlingly inconvenient).

      • I would love that. The brutality of feeding stat bars has all but turned me off of those games. I get why they do it, but come on. Humans can go days without food or water, in games you simply die when you get to starving. It feels so artificial and takes you out of the world.

  • Totally with you on ‘retro’ graphics. If it looks like Shovel Knight that’s one thing, but it’s usually modern technical specs with low quality art. To me if you want to play the retro inspired card you have to have consistent rules or styling. You can’t just say ‘oh, the background looks like Donkey Kong Country, the effects are top notch modern engine features and the characters look like MS Paint art, that’s retro’.

    Even though I’m pretty vocal about criticising games I’m honestly not bothered by many genres or trends. I don’t care for indie games but I’m fine with them existing. I loath playing western fantasy games but I don’t want people to stop making them.

  • Generic Sport games, Give me DeathRow, SpeedBowl, mutant league…also cant wait for BloodBowl2 which is out this month 🙂

  • I wish the whole action adventure rpg genre had dark souls esque combat, I think I would enjoy the witcher more if the combat had more weight behind it, although death march makes it feel more alive. I know there’s people sick of the souls genre though.

  • asking a question like this makes me feel like im gonna end up being a grumpy old fart watching ACA and ragging on everything. but ill rag on some things.

    anything. anything. ANYTHING. with micro transactions.
    like alot of people here, military shooters like COD or battlefield. simply glorified yearly Quake III but with military. yawn.
    match 3/candy crush games.
    the facebook like military kind of games. build a city. defeat other cities. here look, we got kate upton to get dressed on ours, play that!!!!

    i like pixel art and chiptunes alot. but i dont want to play what feels like the same thing over and over again. surely there can be some fresh ideas?
    im also iffy on long and extended franchises. i dont know why.

  • The seemingly ubiquitous genre “Unfinished game” that encompasses almost everything that’s been released for the last 5+ years. Take an extra fucking month to get it working damnit! Hell, LIE to developers and tell them that the release date is a month earlier than it really is if you need to, just give them time to finish

  • Not tired as such but due to work commitments and the desire to have a relatively normal social life…less open world games…..please! I want to play them, I just don’t have the time 🙂 A year or more between major releases would be great!

    *edit* Should have read the comments first…all I needed to do was agree with a lot of you 🙂

  • Those retro style ‘i’m so hard just to be cool’ games. Maybe it’s because I lived through the 80’s and 90’s so I’ve played them all before. I want games to make the most out of the hardware I have.

  • Not so much a genre thing, but I’m a bit tired of the endless sequals. Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls 6, Assassin’s Creed 798, Call of Duty 914667. It’s all starting to get a bit unoriginal. It’d be nice to see more new franchises.

  • While not really a genre as such, any “freemium”. This include energy meters, time gated content and of course …. Gems….

  • Annual iterative sequels

    I can’t understand how in 2015 with so many long awaited games on the way (MGS, Fallout, JC3, Hitman, Battlefront) that anyone is excited to get the next Assassins Creed or Forza or Halo or COD or Destiny.

    Mark my words one of those games will tank this year – I’m thinking either AC or Halo

    • Hmm outside of Forza which looks bloody gorgeous I agree with all that and AC stands to tank harder but dark horse tank is Rise of the Tomb Raider due to the closeness to Fallout, Battlefront etc. although the subsequent release on PS4 and PC could save it so yeah probably AC. I’d choose Star Wars, Lara Croft and Pipboys over a franchise I once had a big fondness for which is sad, why Ubi?

      • Yeah I probably shouldn’t have included Forza in that list because that game has its devotees and Destiny is probably too new to suffer from this (but still very bland and with overpriced DLC) but I feel like Halo has zero hype and AC is done. They need to rest it for three years and head back to the drawing board.

        Last year’s ridiculous scheme of two AC releases was over saturation. I can walk into a store about 3 months ago and have picked up either game for $29 less than 6 months from their release – speaks volumes as to where the AC franchise is at now

        COD also feels less popular than it used to be. Back inid 2010 I bought my first COD a copy of COD4 Modern Warfare – a 2.5 year old game that cost me $45 – the discounting on AW and Ghosts has been much deeper much earlier.

  • Racing sims, because they killed the Arcade Racer, but Arcade Racer’s are coming back, so I can’t be too salty about it.

    Physics-based platformers. As a general rule, I can’t stand puzzle/platformers – especially all the ones out now that use ‘real’ physics. If I play a platformer, I want a platformer dammit, not a puzzle game. Light puzzling aspects are fine, anything more drains the fun for me. I still can’t believe Freedom Planet didn’t take off the way I thought it might. It’s a SEGA/Treasure quality platform game that should have sparked a return to the platformers of old. Instead, we’ve got Gang Beasts… argh 😛

  • tbh there are lots of games out there to keep all of the above happy so im biased my views are try b4 you buy. if u can complain you know your game…ps not everyone was born playing pokemon ect..let the kids choose, never discriminate programmers have feelings too

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