Telltale’s Minecraft Series Launches Next Month

Telltale’s Minecraft Series Launches Next Month

Telltale’s episodic Minecraft series will kick off on October 13, the company announced today. Based on the company’s previous releases, new episodes should roll out out every few months or so.

Check out the trailer from Minecon earlier this year:


  • I’m kind of over Telltale games right now to be honest. They’re all starting to feel like the exact same game.

    • I was going to post exactly the same thing. I’ve played 2 seasons of The Walking Dead and the first season of Game of Thrones (still 1 episode to go there, I think?), and once GoT finishes then I think I’m done.

      I’m also pretty much done with episodic gaming in general – more often than not a new episode turns up when I’m busy playing something else. In future I’ll wait for any episodic games to be finished before I buy them so I can play them in one hit rather than dribs and drabs. Life Is Strange is one I’m interested in, but not until I can actually buy the whole thing.

      • I just think it needs to evolve into something else.

        I’m certain Until Dawn was an episodic game at one point that they just kinda put together and i thought that was great. More games like that please.

        • I don’t know if that was ever intended to be episodic. I mean the structure is obviously episodic, but I’m not aware of them ever having plans for it to be released that way. It was originally planned to be a PS Move game for PS3, though – thank god that never saw the light of day 😛

        • Episodic gaming use to work before we had things like Netflix. Now it feels like an arbitrary time resistant imposed for little to no reason

      • Thats what I do, I wait for them to finish before picking them up. Makes them much easier to follow as well, as your not getting distracted by other games in between episodes

        I’m a bit over them too though to be honest, it just doesn’t feel like I”m playing a game, but watching a movie or something. Good fun if you want to sit back and chill, but doesn’t scratch my gaming itch lol

        • There definitely needs to be more game in it. Sometimes it feels like the games just want to wrestle control away from you and show you how its suppose to be done.

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