That Awesome Doctor Who Mod For Fallout: New Vegas? It's Ready For You

I had pretty much the same reaction as Luke when I heard there was a Doctor Who mod for Fallout: New Vegas: of course there's one. After a few years of tinkering away, a team of modders called "The Foundry" has complete its time-travelling, open-world opus, appropriately named Fallout: Who Vegas.

You can pick up the 448MB download over on Nexus Mods. It's marked as version "2.4 Final (Unstable)", though it does mention "minor patchfixes" are incoming in the next two weeks, so make of that what you will.

If you're willing to endure (Unstable), the mod offers a lot of content for its comparatively small size:

Maintain and upgrade the TARDIS as you see fit, monitoring power, fuel, shield and hull levels as you travel. Interact with Daleks, Cybermen, Autons, Time raiders, as you traverse from location to location, fending off attacking vessels or outrunning other-worldly anomalies. ... Not only do you now have to contend with Dalek Attacks, but they're here; monsters from every avenue - Weeping Angels, Auton Duplicates, Silurian Warriors and Cybermen now inhabit the Mojave Wasteland, so tread carefully!

There's also an "Advanced Mode", which provides the following benefits:

Configure multiple subsystems, some required to allow primary functions to operate, some to optimise power management across the ship! Collect and activate up to 15 protocols, from placing attacking alien vessels into Time Loops, to surrounding the TARDIS with a time limited Extrapolated Forcefield, and much more! Maintain the TARDIS in greater deal, with a range of components to repair and craft, or fail the consequences and suffer Dimensional Collapses, Space Loops or the dreaded Core Overload!

The description mentions the addition of 80 new locations, three new skills — Piloting, Temporal Engineering and Biochemistry — and various weapons and equipment, with the sonic screwdriver being the most notable (and one would say mandatory) inclusion.

Just when you think you're done with New Vegas, stuff like this just sucks you straight back in. One can only wonder how many days we'll lose to Fallout 4 and its yet to be made mods.

Fallout Who Vegas — Complete [Nexus Mods, via RPS]


    Damn it. I have this on console. I've been ignoring New Vegas on sales even with some of the attractive mods out there.
    Admittedly, the textures in this mod are.....make up your own mind. The content intrigues me despite it.

    Would love to see how the weeping angels and silurians play out. They have obvious tactics that need to be exploited, is that how the mod plays?

    2.4 Final (Unstable)

    Sounds like they are functionally complete but having some trouble getting the quality ironed out. This is the time to keep the developer supplied with caffeine and pizza.

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