The Beauty Of God Eater In Animated Gifs

The Beauty Of God Eater In Animated Gifs
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While video game-based anime God Eater didn’t make our list for the five must-watch anime this season, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that it is one beautiful-looking anime. I mean, just check out these gifs.

God Eater, based on the Bandai Namco video game of the same name, is being made by Ufotable, the studio behind the equally visually stunningFate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. Living up to a show known by fans as “Unlimited Budget Works” due to its quality can’t be easy, which is the reason why this anime has been plagued by delays — missing even its own premier date. That said, the final result speaks for itself.

God Eater is currently airing on Tokyo MX in Japan. It can be viewed for free and with English subtitles on Daisuki.


  • I’ve never played God Eater because it just looks like Monster Hunter for weaboos.
    Is there any better parts gameplay wise? Because I’m not that interested in highschool kids in tarton uniforms and “cool coats” with ties, battling it out while permanately wearing headphones or something equally as bad.

    • God Eater Burst was actually pretty goddamned awesome. I liked it more than Monster Hunter, tbh. I recommend it, but it’s getting a little old. Waiting for GE2 localisation still. *crickets* ‘Monster Hunter for weaboos’ sounds like you’ve already made your mind up, though.

      • Enh. I figure the label’s about as intentionally offensive as ‘bogan’, to my mind (although I think more people will cheerfully own bogan as a self-descriptor), but it does very well at capturing the impression of certain… immature or overplayed tropes that some anime relies on.

        When I think of the stereotypical weaboo’s favourite tropes (moe, fan-service, harems, super-powered misunderstood inexplicable high-school teens saving the world), and if those do actually apply to a game that would otherwise be like Monster Hunter, it seems like it might be a fair assessment.

        Whether you’re in the mood for that, however, or whether the game/story can elevate itself above the cheapness of simply tossing the tropes together and seeing what sticks (which FAR too many anime series do) is a different matter.

        • Yeah, to be clear, not hating on all anime, just this seems like its filled to the brim with persona style cliche looking characters.

  • Story IS a bit cliche trope filled. However if you can get past that, the gameplay is very good and fulfilling. Bullet Customization alone probably took 30% of my gametime. The boss monster hunting feel solid and AI of the monsters is also pretty much spot on. AI team mates is also pretty good, using items appropriately, giving you support fire etc. The ramp up of difficulty is however needed more balance. The first 10 levels of missions are roughly easy to higher than average in difficulty, however the last 2 levels of missions are BRUTAL. Pretty much your team fighting several high level boss monsters at once, but then I suspect those are supposedly end game missions.

    The version I’ve played was an imported GE2 on the PSV several months ago, havent touched it ever since. Again I assumed the dev have some sort of ongoing support for the game. I wouldnt be suprised if I fired it up tonight and there was a massive patch or extra missions. waiting for me.

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