The Best Of Fork Parker's Publisher Satire

Fork Parker is here to take your money, in exchange for cheaply made games. He's Devolver Digital's chief financial officer, and we're mostly probably kinda maybe sure he's joking.

Know what's a great way to make someone actually pay attention to your press release out of the mountains of press releases they receive? Make it funny. More and more developers have been doing it, and when you see that email pop up in your inbox, you know it's good for a chuckle.

But somewhere along the line, Devolver Digital figured out that they could skip the media side of things and bring that humour right to the public. Fork Parker was born — a fat cat triple-A publisher who wants to take your money and shove DLC, microtransactions and game-breaking day zero bugs down your throat.

At times, Parker is brutally honest. Rarely, he's serious. Mostly, he pokes fun at industry trends. Take this little piece of a press release, when Parker is commenting on the new expansion for the Talos Principle:

“The original plan was to divide The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna into over 100 different $US5 DLCs but the Devolver Digital DLC Ethics Department advised against it,” noted Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “That particular department has subsequently been disbanded.”

Happily, Fork Parker has a Twitter account, and currently 10,000 people can hear his rants about how publishers should be charging more for games and customers should chill out about silly things like DRM.

All the while, referring to his customers as nerds and bragging about fat stacks of cash. Some of it could be more subtle... But I had a good chuckle.

We thought it'd be funny to collect the best tweets of this year, and pop them below. Enjoy!


    Not bad, not bad at all.

    I also liked Sony's ad pitbull, whatever his name was. He was a great pisstake, the Fox news pundit of gaming.

    God, I love Fork. So much! <3

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