The Big Question: Fallout 3 Or Skyrim?

In our office we have me: a person who loved Skyrim but struggled to get into Fallout 3 for some reason. We also have Luke Hopewell, Gizmodo Editor. He loved Fallout 3 more than any other game ever made, but couldn't get into Skyrim.

Now I'm not saying that you can't like one and not the other — both games are similar — but people tend to prefer one over the other. Which is your favourite?


    You're doing it wrong. Should be New Vegas, not Fallout 3. Then both of you in the office would like both games.

    My vote is for Fallout 3.
    For some reason I just couldn't quite get into Skyrim fully.
    Now if we were talking TES vs. Fallout, or Oblivion or Morrowind specifically, whole different story.

    I've never been a fan of snowy climates, so maybe that's why I just couldn't get into Skyrim.
    It is on the top of shame list, and I truly intend on actually going back and finishing it (just doesn't feel right when I've finished Morrowind and Oblivion a half dozen times each).

    Now ask me to compare either game with The Witcher 3.. and I'd be biting my nails over the decision to pick Witcher instead of Fallout 3.. Skyrim just felt so vanilla.. grand.. wonderful.. inspiring.. but vanilla.

    Skyrim! I think everyone loves both but Skyrim had a much deeper soundtrack which lent itself to better world building for me. I think fallout is amazing and I love the radio, but nothing beats hearing the Streets of Whiterun and walking around a familiar warm city environment. Fallout is a truly amazing game and I dont think 4 should change the feeling and atmosphere much, but due to its post apocalyptic setting I find it a bit harder to feel that warm magic feeling, I would rather live in Skyrim or Tamriel over some nasty post nuke world haha. I dont think they should be compared gameplay wise as they're pretty much twins, so I voted off the feel of the world itself.

    Skyrim for me, only slightly though. I just prefer the setting a bit more. It's kind of hard to compare the 2, they're similar but so different haha

    To me it's like being asked to choose between Pizza and Pizza. I love Pizza. I guess it's Skyrim Pizza, only because Fallout 3 Pizza was a little jankier in it's combat than Skyrim Pizza was.

    Im gonna get some pizza.

    I'm going to have the go with the most obvious choice...

    40 Hours into Fallout 3 yet it had a better story than Skyrim.

    I put in 120+ hours into Skyrim though. It sure was pretty at the time.

    Being honest here... Neither... I couldn't get into either, I just don't get the appeal...

    I went Skyrim, both were great games and Fallout would've won if it weren't for the enemies getting ridiculously overpowered in the endgame. But was a tough choice

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