The Closest Thing To A New Star Trek Game

The Closest Thing To A New Star Trek Game

The days of unique Star Trek simulators, based on The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine or Voyager are long over, but a superb model of the USS Enterprise from TNG, made by Jason B in Unreal Engine 4, shows how a Star Trek game like that would look today.

Jason B remade not just the main bridge of the ship, but a couple more decks as well as the docking bay, which is actually pretty big, and made an Oculus Rift-ready virtual tour of the whole thing. No crew inside, but lets just pretend it's one of those episodes where the entire crew went missing.

It looks fantastic, even without an Oculus Rift, and would be a great setting for any kind of Star Trek: TNG game.


    So what you're saying is that I'm never going to get my Will Riker dating simulator?

    It's a shame we'll never get a proper ST:TNG game with all the right things...

    I hope you're familiar with using the Three Shells in The Head.

    The 3 Seashells got me haha, this is freaking amazing though.

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