The Different Ways I Died In This Stupid Mario Maker Level

I'm not going to say it's the hardest Super Mario Maker level — that honour probably belongs to this level — but of the popular levels I've played so far, Super Meat Bros probably takes the cake. It's a level that borrows from some of the more extreme Super Meat Boy levels.

It is absolutely brutal.

When I first started playing I genuinely thought it was impossible. It took me about ten attempts to get past this first obstacle.

Brutal right? It requires these perfectly timed wall jumps. The precision required is pretty intense. Your first wall jump had to be at one specific spot or death. Endless death.

Even the second obstacle, which was far, far easier resulted in my dying over and over again.

The level was fiendishly designed. It reminded me a lot of a well-executed Trials track. Trial and error was absolutely required, but it was rewarding. Each obstacle was brutally tough but completely doable.

I died here many, many times.

Eventually I got really good at clearing this obstacle with well-timed wall jumps that required really deft slides down each wall.

That made it all the more frustrating when I realised you could easily clear this part of the level by doing spin jumps.

One player actually left a really useful message telling you that spin jumps work. But at the top of the obstacle, meaning players can only see it once they've done it the 'right' way. YOU HAVE TO EARN YOUR RIGHT TO CHEAT IN THIS LEVEL.

The difficult just never lets up. This obstacle is actually not too bad once you work out the timing, but it requires some fairly convoluted leaps back and forth and some good timing.

As for this part — I never really felt as though I could master it. I just made this jump when I made it. The other times I was left head-butting the screen like a disappointed child.

Funnily enough, after all the insane triumphs and tribulations that preceded it, the last few sections of the level I just sort of managed to do without too much trouble. All in all I reckon it took me about 45 minutes to finish this level, because I am complete scrub lacking in any sort of natural ability.

I completely empathise with Patrick Klepek, who claimed that finishing this level felt like beating a Dark Souls boss. I'm going to say it was far more like completing an 'extreme' track on Trials, or one of the difficult levels in — surprise — Super Meat Boy. Which makes sense. The level is supposed to feel mimic Super Meat Boy's style of design — which is trial and error. And error, and error.

And error.

In a sea of 'push right and run' levels or, the levels in which you just sort of stand still and watch stuff happen, the Super Meat Bros level has been one of my favourites so far.

What levels have you been playing? Anything good? Feel free to drop suggestions in the comments below!


    I loved that level. Though went through it faster and more stylish than that :P

    Best was when I somehow managed to land next to that final top spinning blade at the end there, yet not die. Wish I'd caught a screenie of it, but didn't think til I'd moved off it.


    Super Rush Shroom

    Still haven't got around to trying out this level yet. I shy away from playing obviously difficult levels because they remind me what a total scrub I am :P Ignorance is bliss.

    Having said that my first created level has a super low completion rate, even though I didn't think I was making a particularly hard level at the time. It's just a bunch of platforms with wide gaps so you have to keep running all the time: 87F4-0000-0034-DC8C

    (it's funny how - because you have to play it over and over while creating - it warps your view on how difficult a stage is. I've started getting my flatmate to beta test my levels before uploading them now just to double check)

      I often find that when I replay a level a few hours after uploading it, I notice all the things I would change but as you mentioned, it never bothers me during play testing of sections while creating. I rather liked your run and jump stage though if you miss the jump up to the top with the 1up shroom and land at the lower part, the pacing gets all screwed up.

    Some awesome stuff in mario maker truly, I just don't get the appeal though of playing ridiculously hard levels or the amount of random dumb content online

    Played some pokemon one the other day, was not impressed it was boring as hell,

    Would love a remake of super Mario world on the new 3D engine :) maybe it's possible in mario maker hahaha

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