The Most Powerful Hit In Smash Bros Requires Four People

The Most Powerful Hit In Smash Bros. Requires Four People

Have you ever wondered how hard you can hit a character in Smash Bros. in a single go, without actually using an item? Science can answer that question.

It's unlikely anyone would pull the ridiculous stunt shown off by Beefy Smash Doods off in a normal Smash Bros game, given how chaotic it is — but damn if it's not impressive anyway. As it turns out, you have to build something of a mini Rube Goldberg machine to get the most powerful hit in Smash Bros:

First, you get a villager with the third custom down B. Pull out a tree, and knock it down. Then reflect the falling log with Fox. Then hit the log with Ness's baseball bat. Then hit that with yet another Ness's bat. The result? A whopping 158 damage from a single hit from that log, enough to kill a character.

Other combinations of hits don't come close, even if you use counters, villager pockets, or more reflects. Beefy Smash Doods breaks down why in this really informative video — you'll probably learn a few neat things about how damage works in Smash Bros. because of this. I know I did.


    I'm disappointed that this isn't 4 Falcon Punches

      Can't you manage 8 players? So you could ramp that up a bit. Would be hard to time it right though.

    Nice of the video to actually get straight to the point, showing you the answer, then talking about the how. Very refreshing, very much appreciated. Wish more things did that instead of dragging it out as long as they can.

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