The New Might & Magic Heroes Game Is Getting Hammered On Steam

I’d wager that it’s been pretty awful ever since Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (HoMM), and being saddled with Uplay certainly doesn’t make things any better. But Might & Magic: Heroes 7, which launched today, is getting panned from pillar to post.

The initial reports from the beta were mixed. Heroes 7 — as a die hard, I’m refusing to refer to it as Might and Magic tagline because that just reminds me of the long-running RPG series — reintroduced seven resources, improved the unit tiering and towns.

But during the beta, players complained about the performance. AI turns were becoming Civilization-esque in their length as the game dragged on. Hero customisation was threadbare. Animations were janky. And there’s bugs. Lots of bugs.

Users on Steam aren’t impressed. They weren’t impressed with the HD re-release of HoMM 3;that only got a 57% rating from over 1,900 reviews. But the initial response to Heroes 7 has been noticeably worse.

Riptor90, like many, was enthralled at the prospect of a new Heroes — particularly one that might be able to improve upon the previous release. But they were sorely disappointed.

Snippedy S. Nap, author of one of the most helpful reviews so far, was much more brief in his criticism, remarking that the developers needed more time.

Not everyone is scathing: SirDeLis posted a positive review in two languages, although I’m not sure some of his points are entirely relevant. And is new always better?

Hood of Might and Magic went one further, describing the singleplayer as “11/10” and flawless unless you cared about multiplayer — because you needed to port forward before it worked correctly.

But more than half of Heroes 7’s reviews are far less conciliatory. Rungoe’s summation, rated as the funniest, puts it best:

And Chester is almost seething in conclusion, although the hate for the 1990’s is perhaps a bit extreme given the IP in question.

If you haven’t been dissuaded from picking up the latest in the turn-based fantasy franchise, it’s available for the princely sum of US$53.45, or $76.28 in our fair currency. Which is a bit of a hard sell, if you ask me.

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