The New Rugby League Live Game Hit PC Today

The New Rugby League Live Game Hit PC Today
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For those who prefer a version of a game that gets patched automatically, this will be welcome news.

There hasn’t been an official announcement, but Rugby League Live 3, which launched on consoles earlier this month, has popped up for sale on Steam.

It’s caught people by surprise — there are only 6 reviews on Steam so far. That probably won’t deter anyone who has been following developers Big Ant though, after the surprisingly capable release of Don Bradman Cricket 14.

A patch is being pushed out shortly to correct a frame rate issue when character details are set to very high, but otherwise the PC version should have all the bells and whistles of the console release — except for patches, which the PC will get first (because there’s no authentication process to get in the way).

Given that the Dally M’s were on the other day, the timing isn’t half bad. It’s available for US$50 but if you’re waiting for a discount, don’t bother: Big Ant haven’t been big fans of Steam sales.


  • I see they don’t have the licence for actual player likenesses then?

    Greg Inglis or caveman? We may never know…

    • It’s a fun game. Still has the flaws of RLL1/2 – players feel like they have no weight when accelerating and go from 0-100 at the drop of the hat.

      Heaps of improvements, though. The be a pro mode is pretty fun – tackling has been overhauled – you can initiate a two-man tackle holding the appropriate tackle button if a team-mate has already wrapped them up. Driving tackles are now in it too though I haven’t figured out if they can be triggered or if it’s RNGesus.

      Injuries actually happen this time around out side of simming games, penalties can get you put before the judiciary to plead though there’s no involvement – just choose to dispute, guilty, etc.

      I normally wait for price drops for RL games but this is one I picked up at full price and so far have no regrets. My only criticism is that there’s been a lot of additional content removed from commentary/jerserys/etc from historical teams which strikes me as bizarre since the majority of the commentary track is a copy/paste.

  • The “discount” will be if the Australian dollar recovers. Right now with conversion rate it’s over $70.

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