This Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Is Ugly As Sin

The Only 1TB PlayStation 4 Is Ugly As Sin

If you get it, just put this mega-capacity PS4 one behind something else, m'kay?

Sony just unveiled a Call of Duty-themed PS4 that boasts 1 TB of internal storage. It is also damn difficult to look at.

The orange piping and highlights are already questionable choices. But the Call of Duty: Black Ops III symbols and branding are what really makes this PS4 so garish.

As for the retail details, the Black Ops III PS4 bundle will cost $US449.99 and will come with the game and its updated version of the Nuketown map. It's out on November 6. No word yet on if it's coming to Australia.


    Already on EB site for $579AU

      And also showing as available 6 November.

    the console itself looks 'Okay'... but the controller just ugh...

    Let's be honest. The star wars battlefront ps4 was a giant let-down too. Whoever they have designing these limited edition consoles needs a swift kick in the ass. The only decent limited edition console I've seen so far was the mgs5 one and even that had a typo on it.

      I liked the way the Destiny TTK one looked.

        ahh yes I forgot about that one. Yeah that was a great design. one of the best of the lot.

      Wait it had a typo? I didn't hear about that one, that's hilarious.

      Did look pretty good though.

        Yeah there is a typo on it, only noticeable if you're really anal about spelling (which most of us aren't, because it looks gorgeous, especially the controller) you can read about it here.

    I wish Sony would just stop with themed PS4s. Seems every big game coming out warrants Sony to make a themed PS4. I know MS do it as well, but seems Sony just over do it of late.

      Why? People must be buying them so obviously they are popular, and they haven't stopped producing the standard ones. If you don't like them easy enough to buy.

    So a 'themed' PS4 is just a normal console with a few transfers stuck on them and a different controller colour put over a standard controller? The only one I was vaguely interested in has been the PSOne themed one

      To be fair, they're actually moulded/coloured at the factory, rather than decals/transfers.... but in this case, I'd want decals & transfers to cover up that awful palette. Slate + International Orange just isn't my cup of tea.

    Yikes, that's an orange and black oops!

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      *shots fired*

    I think the controller looks rad, the console ... not so much.

      I agree, console is rank but id have 1 of those controllers :)

    Hideous, save your pennies for the inevitable Final Fantasy themed console...

      I want a Hatsune Miku-themed console! Now that there are two Miku games coming to PS4 my chances are looking better!

    I feel like a COD themed console should be designed by the folks at Tapout or Affliction or one of those other ugly-as-fuck MMA shirt brands.

    It needs some skulls and some flames, maybe some bro-tastic blood splashes. They could even scrawl some homophobic slurs on the controller for ease of reference.


      Stunningly fkn awful, you mean. I'll stick with my classic black with a radiation hazzard sticker and a 2tb hdd jammed into it thanks. If i wanted it to look this garish ill just vomit on it.

        Sorry... *insert sarcasm to above comment*

    The Advanced War Fighter Xbox 1 and Star Wars R2D2 Xbox 360 are Bar and no one has raised it since.

    i love orange highlighted against darker tones. i think it looks pretty cool. i agree on the symbols being garish though.

      I normally agree. I'm a big fan of KTM's orange and black motorcycle designs but something about this... Maybe it's the specific shades of orange and black they used but the photos make it look awful to me.

    I like it. Looks more like a Tron themed machine than anything. Though I'd probably rather the control sticks there just have the orange as the outer ring, rather than being solid like that.

    Xbox 360 (or was it classic Xbox?) had the best idea with faceplates. Works that happy medium for existing console owners wanting a slice of the 'collectable' pie (and leaves us plain Janes alone).

    I'm not sure what the stats are re: sales, but I doubt people are rushing out to grab a new console each time they punch out a CE.

      Thing is the PS4 has swappable plates but no one does anything with them. Bloodborne had a real nice one for a while.

      It was the Original 360, the later smaller model did away with it, because as far as I can tell next to nobody purchased them.

      I like mine black, it blends in with all the other stero equipment I have which is also Black. The only problem I have with my console (XB1) is I feel 500mb is too small a HDD and unlike Sony, MS don't trust we can put a HDD into a console.

        You can plug in an external USB hdd though. I have a portable 2TB Seagate USB 3.0 hdd attached to my X1, works great and just plugs straight into a spare USB port.

    Apart from the decals below the usb slots I think it looks okay. Control is pretty cool aswell.

    This is what I see.

      Some people might like their outfits and their consoles coordinated. Not me, but someone somewhere perhaps.

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    つ◕_◕༽つ give translucent grape ps4

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