The Ten Most Popular Anime Theme Songs Of Summer 2015

The Ten Most Popular Anime Theme Songs of Summer 2015

Summer is coming in Australia but in Japan it's come and gone, leaving some awesome anime and theme songs in its wake.

Japanese website Akiba Souken received over 3,000 votes for the most popular opening theme songs for the summer 2015 anime season. Below are the top ten theme songs, along with the show's name and number of votes:

Makura no Danshi: 94 votes

Non Non Biyori: 97 votes

Overlord: 104 votes

Gate: 118 votes

School-Live: 120 votes

Show White with the Red Hair: 172 votes

The [email protected] Cinderella Girls 2nd Season: 192 votes

Prison School: 282 votes

Charlotte: 517 votes

Himouto! Umaru-chan: 536 votes


    Is Charlotte any good? Looks nice.

      I liked it up till ep 10... dunno how I'll feel about it as a whole till I watch the last ep tomorrow.


      Loved every step of the way all the way till the latest episode each episode gets better and better imo.

      Try it if you loved Angel beats for example!

        Angel beats was a nice watch. I'll check it out today, cheers guys!

    Damn do I love that overlord OP. such a great song for getting hyped.

      Ed theme is just as awesome in my books as well :D

    I still don't know how monster musume hasn't gotten onto any of these lists

    GOD EATER should be in that list.. my personal fav opening theme this season Symphogear GX OP?? It's an anime based on music of awesome~~

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