The Trailer For The New X-Files Mini-Series Is Here

I just watched this brand new X-Files trailer and I am giddy with excitement.

I didn't realise how much I missed the X-Files until I watched this trailer. Now January 2016 can't come soon enough.

Everyone has aged, which is cool in its own way. They've also made a big deal of the how the US has changed, with the surveillance and whatnot. Seriously, I am super hyped for this. I loved the X-Files back in the day, and now — with TV in a mini golden-age — this is the perfect time to bring it back.

I need this in my life.

The mini-series makes its debut with a two-night event on Sunday January 24 and will be six episodes of X-Files stuff. It's looking great so far. Before I was like, naaaaah. Now I'm like, 'freeze me in carbonite until January'.


    Ahh excellent.

    Hmmm might have to rewatch my fave ep from the orig series tonight, Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man :P

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      Interestingly, the trailer indicates the "Cigarette Smoking Man" is back, however he is seen to die in the series finale, as do the Lone Gunmen actually (it happened about 15 years ago, I don't think that's a spoiler at this point). I wonder how that works out.

        CONSPIRACY!!! A COVER UP!!! Who would have thought the X-Files could pull that off.

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          Well he was blown up by missiles. Pretty black and white case :P

          Unless of course that turns out to be some kind of flash forward into the future.


      shit yes.... i was really iffy when they introduced Doggett into the show, but 3 episodes in and i was hooked!

    I hope it takes after the first 05 (specially the first four) seasons of X Files.

    Leave the UFO's at the door, I want a different freak in every episode.

      Totally. It's what made it great.

      Then the ufo's came... reminds me of what the ufo's did to Indiana Jones. :( Not as bad though.

      yeah that Humbug episode with the freak-show was always one of the top few eps, it's a classic :P

    How is this being distributed in Australia?

      It will be on Foxtel for sure. Not sure on which channel though (Fox8/FX)

        Thanks. I'm sure wherever it is it'll be behind a $80 paywall.

        Everything about this trailer was awesome except for that whole 'Fox' nonsense. Rupert ruins everything.

    So despite reading X-Files 5 times in the article, I was still expecting to see X-Men. Oops.

    I look forward to seeing what they've retconned

      Apparently the Doggett seasons at this point. Lone Gunmen are coming back too, that's confirmed :)

        Cigarette Smoking Man too, who if you'll recall looked quite worse for wear the last time we saw him, which was with long hair, a tracheoesophageal puncture and also exploded via missile.
        If I remember my readings, the Lone Gunmen were faking their deaths (at least, as far as the comic spinoff goes).

        Whatever they end up going with, whether or not some seasons simply didn't exist or if just some events were changed, they got a lot of 'splainin' to do!

    I hope it is on Netflix or some non Foxtel piece of shit.

      Given that Fox is producing it, it's overwhelmingly likely to be a Foxtel exclusive.

      If we're lucky it will get a DVD/Blu-Ray release. Or they may choose not to do so, in the forlorn hope that they will convince more people to pay for a subscription.

      As for me... I just bought the X-files box set last week, so I have a lot of watching to do...

    X-Files was amazing. The movies, however, stunk. I really want them to finally wrap it up and get some answers!

      If you watched the last episode of the Xfiles series they gave you all the answers. And cigarette man was blown up from missiles shot from a helicopter. Has to be a flashback. He was in wheelchair and half the mountain was destroyed.

    I am so on board for this! The movies were ok but I am looking forward to another series, short as it may be :)

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