The Worst Metal Gear Solid V Player Is Also The Best

This video. I am dying. I am already dead.


(Warning, there are some mild spoilers in this video, but you should probably watch it anyway.)

This confirms what I've always known about the Metal Gear Solid series: when you prod the game, it prods back. That's the very best part of the game. This is amazing. Hilarious and also kind of awe-inspiring. I need to be home right now playing this game.


    Dropping a box on quiet was genius, I totally shoulda done that. Maybe on one of my next 28979 play throughs...

      I tried this myself after seeing it on another story but she would run off before it hit her every time.
      Maybe the patched it?

        I gave it a go today and it worked. I just stood at the entrance to the ruins and got out the binoculars to spot her. Do it as soon as she's moved, then drop it. Not sure if it helps, but I kept jumping in and out of cover to get her to fire at me, maybe that stopped her from moving on.

    Dunkey should rename his channel to "Content for Kotaku"

    Freaking classic. My mate has been running around with his chopper playing Final Countdown.

    Im having the time of my life with this game. Somehow I still have friends trying to convince me to get TTK and stop playing this. I think I need better friends

      what's TTK

        The next Destiny expansion. Fuck that noise though. I gave that beta test months and about 700 hours of my time and no more. I may be slow but Im not a masochist

      Any friend who tries to convince you to play some other game over MgsV is definitely a friend you just need as a going out buddy. Definitely not one that you would choose to help make life choices for you. Especially if its TTK.

      I respect Destiny for what it is. But the guys who play it are a whole new breed of hardcore gamer, there is no convincing a Destiny player that any game is better than DESTERNEEEEEE~ Almost reminds me back to those days of when I only had eyes for World of Warcraft (P.S. yes i did not play MGS3 when it got released until years later because of WoW). :(

      Last edited 07/09/15 3:22 pm

    Man, this makes me feel like I'm playing the wrong way. My creativity at the moment amounts to the MGS equivalent of the Poison Rice Ball trick in Tenchu. (You throw out a Rice ball and stealth kill the person as they pick it up so it never gets consumed) Effective 99% of the time but boring as all get out.

    I did have a funny incident last night though. There were guards patrolling along a road and a delivery truck came towards them. One of the guards got hit by the truck and killed, causing the driver to get out and come over to the body saying "Who did this? What happened here?" Nice cover up guy, the other 5 or so guards around you who saw it will never suspect a thing.

    I mean. I don't think they've seen Darksyde Phil play, then.

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