There Is No Secret Room In Batman: Arkham Knight

It's something of a tradition for Rocksteady's Batman games: a secret room that reveals clues as to the next project for the team. Ever since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight fans have been searching, but apparently in vain.

The room does not exist.

Sefton Hill, Game Director on the Arkham series confirmed the news in a tweet.

It's a shame because, as we reported earlier, a small group of fans had been doing a crazy amount of work on this, trying to locate the room.

Could have told us earlier Seth! Bloody hell.


    Last Arkham game?!!!!!!!!!
    Whats next?!!!!!!Tell us now God....!!!! :)

    Was the secret room in Asylum in the original release or patched in? They might do the same here if so.

      It was in the original, it was just a little too secret if memory serves. I believe they eventually had to leak that it existed before anyone came close to finding it.

        Yeah, you had to blow up a wall with three lots of explosive gel and it didn't appear in detective mode from memory. Not something you'd just stumble across.

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