There's A Free-To-Play Match-Three Game Out On Consoles Today

There's A Free-To-Play Match-Three Game Out On Consoles Today

From Facebook to mobile to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Disney's Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight is the first free-to-play match-three game on consoles. Will it be the last?

Despite being plagued by the genre on our social networks and phones for years, console gamers have largely dodged the colourful and likely delicious Candy Crush bullet. There are free-to-play console games, but they're generally larger scale affairs — multiplayer shooters like Planetside 2 or DUST514, fighting games trying out new pay models, that sort of thing.

But now Disney, harnessing the power of its most popular in-house animated film in decades, has erected an icy bridge between mobile, social and console with Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight.

As match-three games go it's not too shabby. While definitely formulaic, the inclusion of character specific spells and power-ups affecting the board is something Disney's been playing with across its mobile line for a while now.

There's A Free-To-Play Match-Three Game Out On Consoles Today

Along with the 195 free single-player levels, which should be familiar to anyone who has played the original on their phone, Frozen Free Fall for consoles (also Steam) adds a two player versus mode — that's the Snowball Fight part. It's a small addition that makes a big difference — it's actually quite nice to have a free game the whole family can play.

And really I see nothing wrong with free-to-play match-three titles hitting consoles, as long as its in moderation. They can be a fast and cheap way to get folks who wouldn't normally pick up a game controller sitting on the couch eating chips and hogging TV time.

Maybe that's bad.

Good or bad, the door has been opened. Depending on how well Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight's in-app purchases fare on consoles, it could be only a matter of time before the Candy Crush army starts to march console-ward.


    I will hide the existence of this game from my two daughters. And my wife.

      My first thoughts exactly. If I lose Fallout 4 time to this there will be divorce papers.

      Last edited 16/09/15 5:13 pm

        ♫Don't let them in,
        don't let them see
        Be the good husband you always have to be
        Conceal, don't feel,
        don't let them know...♫

        Last edited 17/09/15 8:58 am

    Free is free, so no complaints from me :)

      ♫No right, no wrong, no rules for me,
      I'm free!♫

      But wait, there's microtransactions.

        Yeah... but even paid games have microtransactions these days. As long as I can play the game without the need to buy anything, then I'm happy

    They seriously released a match 3 game on steam that doesn't have mouse control 0.O

    Last edited 16/09/15 5:41 pm

      Ah yes, but (conveniently) Steam will have a brand new controller for you to take advantage of this situation.

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