There's A Game Breaking Bug In Metal Gear Solid V

Konami has put out a public service announcement of sorts: there is a game-breaking bug in Metal Gear Solid V. It's completely avoidable, but it exists.

Konami is currently working on a fix, but until then there is a surefire way to avoid it.

Simply put: if you use Quiet as your 'buddy' in missions 29 or 42, there's a chance that your save file will be corrupted. That is bad news, particularly that far into the game. My advice: even if Konami does find a way to fix this bug, I'm playing it safe. Forever. No way I'm using Quiet on that mission whether there's a patch or not.

But there will be a patch — that is currently being worked on — but better safe than sorry for now.

Via Game Informer


    Is there a skimpy bikini skin for Dogbro?

      Why would you need that? He's naked when you find him and he runs around the base nude too.

      Last edited 09/09/15 9:21 am

    Still a while off for me. Up to mission 17 atm but keep getting distracted by all the free world stuff to do!

      If I could not stealth like a dork I'd be getting through it a bit quicker. My latest side mission, I managed to alert every soldier when my silencer busted and a loud bang reverberated around the camp which I had at that point managed to get to the centre of.

        It's at that point where you should sprint around superman punching everyone with the bionic arm for the greatest non-lethal outpost takeover ever.

    Meh the only reason I'll be using quiet is for the achievement. D-Dog is way more useful. Plus when I tell her to shoot she just seems to randomly pick targets as well as miss them sometimes

      I think she gets better as your bond increases. I'm hoping once I've unlocked all her commands and her silenced tranq rifle she'll be better. DD is an awesome radar so he's hard to beat, but ideally full bond Quiet will be a decent radar that can knock out targets for me and let me clear bases faster with less ammo. If I could assign her three or four targets then have her wait for my order to start shooting so we could sync up that'd really help.

        Yeah I think Quiet needs to have you working a lot more in sync with her. Like you order her to shoot as you take someone else out etc. At bond level 1, I've found her to be quite average. Like the D-Walker. Gimme D-Dog and D-Horse anyway. If only you could have them both on the same mission I'd be set.

          D-Walker has some sweet upgrade options though. If the scouting head is half as good as D-Dog and the speed matches the horse it should be great. It depends on how stealthy it is but H-Discharger sounds like cheating. Even if it limits the rank to an A or lower that F-Ballista will be awesome for extracting tanks.

      if you have quiet on a mission with you, then you should see her green laser pointer.
      Look at a target you want shot, then wait for her Laser to be pointing at that target and order her to fire.

      Atm, you kinda need to hold her hand, but D-Dog is better.

        D-Dog is just better all round. Has more personality. And a cool sneaking suit :D

        if memory serves me right mission 29 is a 100% in- combat mission, so most people will either use quiet or d-walker, so chances are a lot of people will use her for that mission.

    Noted, actually come to prefer the little robot walker as my bud of choice.

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