This Halo 5 Cinematic Features A Stoic Looking Master Chief

I guess that almost goes without saying: is Master Chief ever anything but stoic? That's sort of his thing.

It also does that thing that happens in every Halo game where Master Chief just sort of space jumps from one ship to another like it ain't no thang.

So in that case this is probably the most Halo-esque cinematic ever.

— Stoic? Check.

— Space jump to another space ship? Check.

— Casual banter between soldiers before leaping into battle? Check.

— Incomprehensible sci-fi babble couple with soaring orchestral soundtrack? Check.

Bugger it. I'm so ready to do this all over again.


    Ok I'm not a big Halo fan but that was pretty cool

      I know right!!!

      Serells what are you on about?

    Holy sheeeeeeet........gotta love Spartan 117.

    Such a contrast between Blue Team and Osiris Team.

      Yeah, makes Osiris look a little try-hard, or maybe it's a case of enthusiasm vs experience

      Last edited 24/09/15 6:22 pm

    Dat soundtrack. Definitely made the right choice going with Kazuma Jinnouchi over Davidge.

    Very nice, might give this one a shot

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