This Is Halo 5's Intro.

This is Halo 5's intro. It's...expensive. And Fillion-y.


    that gif is creepy.

      Awful camera angle.

      Coupled with the fact that in most shots you can't see Nathan Fillion's teeth, when he has his mouth open. I can't be the only one (not) seeing this.

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        I'm going to watch this more in-depth when I get home and NOT THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST SAID because then I'll probably never un-see it.

        Mentally erase, metnally erase, murtlay ersae...

          It's not just this cutscene either :(
          E3 footage is even worse.

    It is like they took Nathan Fillion and changed him just enough to avoid copyright.
    I don't like the way the Spartans appear to weigh about 15kg.

      Probably caricatured him enough so he doesn't look like a creepy plastic doll

        But he does look like a creepy plastic doll. He looks like a Hot Toys action figure, except his head is slightly too big for his body.

      I doubt they'd need to get around copyright, they've got his voice and he must know they've taken his likeness. He's done a voice cameo in nearly every Halo and was a lead in ODST.

        I didn't know he was involved!

          Yup! He voices one (or some) of the UNSC troops in the originals, has a major part in ODST, and it looks like that plucky Hell-jumper got himself a promotion. I hear he's a huge fanboy.

          Amusingly, Wash and Jayne from Firefly played alongside Cap'n Mal in Halo... 3, I think? And definitely in ODST. They made Firefly references. It was awesome.

            Makes me almost want to play Halo...
            I miss Sci-Fi Fillion.

              I miss Sci-Fi Fillion.

              So does he. :c


        Copyright? He would have done more than voice work. He would have had to do motion capture and 3D face scanning for the animation. He signed away any likeness issues as soon as he signed the contract.

      Why would they need a copy right? He was the one who gave them his voice and let them use his likeness lol you do know he was paid for all of this right? Not sure where the copy right thing came up seeing as he's been working on halo 5 for awhile now lol how do you think they got his charecter to look that close lol

    Time to be all sexist and shit - I recognise the two guys, but who are the girl actors? and why are the guys in usual camouflage paint but the chick is in red? So the enemy can't see her bleed? I'm touching myself tonight.

    .. and going straight to hell.

      I think they were both in the last series of comics.

        Tanaka (white armor) was introduced in Halo escalation (graphic novel / comic series)

        Vale (red armor) is from the Novels

        Loving the "copyright" issue, so confused why someone would comment about halo stuff not knowing Fillion has been involved in 4 games now, in 5 he has provided full motion capture recordings in the cutscenes and game ;)

        Also in Halo Reach he had full firefly and castle quotes for Firefight Voice. It was amazing

          Can you even copyright your face? I guess his parent's would own the copyright since they made him???

      I picked up a Metroid vibe because of the Helmet visor shape.

      The woman on the comm unit during the briefing is Commander Shepard. I got fuzzy on the details after that.

    I have no idea what the heck I just watched but needs more chief and cortana

    With the little amount of bullets fired at each enemy, no way any of them were killed.

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    ... when did Buck become a spartan?

      After Halo 3 during the Spartan IV program. Is approached by Jun (Reach) and turns him down initially. Decides to enrol after another off section of his on-again-off-again relationship with Dare. Book is called First Blood.

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        huh, thanks for the info Chivo. Much appreciated.

          Gotta put it to some use! Got dangerous amounts of Halo in my Audible library :P

    Wow, Nathan Fillion hasn't looked this thin in the face since S1 of Castle.

    Is it me or was that just way too over the top. Constantly running down a mountain at insane speeds killing everything in sight and not even get shot at once. The chief was never that crazy and awesome in his skills

      There's always been a bit of a gap between what Spartans are described as being able to do and then what they can actually do in gameplay. The first book had the Chief running at 100km/h, but in the first few games the best he can do is a light jog.

        40kph and I beleive that was only Kelly that can run that fast, it's always been a case of what they are limited to in a FPS engine... see halo wars cutscenes for a better look at what Spartan 2s were capable of haha nothing like what they do in the other halo games but still great.

          They can run faster but injure themselves if they do. There was a time John tore his achillies heel when he ran 100km/h. (Actually 105km/h but who's keeping track...)

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    This is going to look very silly next to gameplay footage unless there's been an astronomical shift in the mechanics.

    If there's one thing I cannot abide in video games, it's unrepresentative cinematics. The way the female Spartan was using walls and hand to hand techniques to quickly despatch two elites seems extremely unlikey.

    Alright this series is REALLY going down hill. uhh uhhh, GET A FAMOUS GUY! CoD did it so can we!

      Fillion has been doing bits and pieces for Halo games since Halo 3, where he voiced Gunnery Sergeant Reynolds. Following on from that, he provided the face and voice for Buck in Halo 3: ODST, a role which he is now returning to.

      So I guess Halo went downhill in... 2004, with Ron Perlman in Halo 2?

      Or is only Nathan Fillion returning to a role he took up 6 years ago (under Bungie) enough to count as "going downhill"?

      Get back under your bridge browny you troll or Gandalf shall turn you into stone.

    Screw the haters, this is some hot shit and I can't wait to play it

    Shared a room with this human.


    I'll never understand why they spend so much time on CG of famous actors, when it would look so much better just to shoot some footage of the actors and insert them into CG backgrounds. I can suspend disbelief a lot more in a green-screen scenario than weirdo, almost-but-not-quite versions of the actors. Unless actually filming them actually costs more. But you'd think that all that time making the CG is expensive as it is, it couldn't be that much more expensive to just film them, and end up with a better result.

    But what do I know, I could be wrong. Either way, it looks a little off - and nowhere near as convincing as Halo 4 for some reason.

      I'm so confused by your statement?

      This was all shot in MoCap with nathan fillion and Mike colter etc, the cg looks perfectly fine for a video game...

        Nah, I meant that rather than mo-cap, and then recreate the actors, why not just film them? I'm not saying it looks terrible, and it indeed does look nice for a game, I'm just saying why not just film them and have the actual stars in the games cutscenes?

    yeah. where's the brevity? I love big ass openings and trailers and I LOVE Halo. But this...this clip is like a bay or george Lucas film but with even more camera angle swaps. Just makes me feel...bit sick really. Maybe I'm getting old. But does everything need to be so OTT?. I want to at least sorta see what's goin on.

    @oh_gaz You could not be more correct, this cinematic is the absolute worst kind of Bayhem in action. An irrelevant boring mash of "cool stuff happening" with no sense of drama, timing, or cause and effect which makes action exciting to watch. What is particularly horrifying is the complete and utter lack of flow for a single take action shot.

    Allow me to elaborate.... (this could go on for a while)

    Around the 2:10 to 2:20 mark we see Spartan Colour 1 shooting at... somethings... . Not sure what, but it probably needs to be shot. Apparently. Should I care? Oh he's jumping and holding a fist up to punch... something... no idea what, I can't see it or where it is in relation to him. Oh right there you go there was a group of them apparently. Well at least he looked cool doing it.

    GROUND POUND. He's in the air and striking a cool pose for... some reason... oh right he's going to ground pound into... someone... oh right there's a group of... some kind of figures who I guess are bad guys and probably deserve to be shot. I don't know if they do or not I didn't even know they were there until ten frames before they were blown up. So ... yay I guess?

    OMG AWESOME FIGHT IN A SHIP WE JUMP THROUGH. Where it almost looks like we might get a fight scene we can follow before the camera zooms in so far I can't tell what's going on, more shooting at things off screen that probably deserve it, oh hey now i've kicked two guys out and

    OMG AWESOME NOW THERE ARE MOAR SPARTANS who... ground pound a group of probably bad guys that I didn't even know where there or a threat until ten frames before they exploded.

    Lot's more running and grabbing things that aren't threatening (therefore exciting to watch) because we don't even know they exist and I don't know what you're trying to do really but i'm sure there's a goal in mind and OMG AWESOME SHIPS ARE CRASHING KABLAMOSPLOSION!!!!


    Seriously at no point in this sequence is there any sense of threat or drama, there is no sense of excitement as the viewer isn't given time to register any motivations for doing cool crap. The ground pounds are the worst offenders, it shows you the spartan looking cool, but not WHY they should be looking cool, why are they doing that? OH there's a group of bad guys there to smash. But without the anticipation (knowledge) it's just an empty "cool shot", dramatically dull and utterly uninteresting.

    At any rate, I really hope this game rocks, I love Halo, but this cinematic annoyed the crap out of me (apparently...)

    P.S; I always like to see good in things, in this case the FX craft involved was really rather lovely, well done to all the artists.

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      Totally agree. Seemed to be a big waste of time to me. The intro is nice and futurey, but the running down the hill shooting random things was lame as. Much rather see in-game footage. But as someone up there said "still gonna get it"

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