This Week In Business: Hardcore PC Gamers Don't Care About Fashion

This Week in Business: Hardcore PC Gamers Don't Care About Fashion

"If you're a gamer and you have high end graphics cards — I don't want to stereotype — but you're probably not the kind of person who cares about fashion." — Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, talking about why VR is not a fad like 3D TV.

Elsewhere in the business of gaming this week...

QUOTE | "I honestly thought I was done. It was a combination of gamers feeling jaded, as well as working with some very talented people who were also very jaded." — Boss Key founder Cliff Bleszinski, talking about why he resigned as design director of Epic Games in 2012.

QUOTE | "I was thinking probably 300,000 copies by the end of the summer would be fantastic. But we sold that much in the first 24 hours... It was crazy." — Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen, talking about the overwhelming success of Cities: Skylines.

STAT | $US10 billion — Amount of revenue Apple's App Store took in during 2014, of which more than 80 per cent is from games; the all time revenue leader is Clash of Clans, followed by Candy Crush Saga, Puzzle & Dragons, Game of War: Fire Age and Monster Strike.

QUOTE | "Somebody is going to create the seminal company and the seminal game of that era. Somebody is going to be the Blizzard or Riot of that era." — Super Evil Megacorp COO Kristian Segerstrale, talking about eSports on touchscreens.

STAT | 66 per cent — Amount that Chinese mobile game revenues will increase this year, to $US5.5 billion, according to analyst firm Niko Partners; this will make China the biggest mobile game market in the world, ahead of the US's expected $US4.5 billion.

QUOTE | "The market is very free-to-play oriented on mobile, so us coming out and making a premium game is a strong statement." — Square Enix's Daniel Lutz, talking about the decision to launch Lara Croft Go as a premium mobile game.

QUOTE | "I can't think of many successful free-to-play games (other than Triple Town) that sell infinite energy — it makes the game dramatically harder to balance and tends to really cap your upside, revenue-wise." — Spry Fox CEO David Edery, talking about the unusual monetisation for their new mobile game Alphabear.

QUOTE | "Our goal is to become a top-rated publisher esteemed by game developers, distributors and players." — DotEmu founder Xavier Liard, talking about how they plan to make their new publishing company Playdigious a success.

STAT | 50 per cent — Percentage of Steam's million unit sellers in 2015 that are on the Steam Early Access program, according to Steam Spy data; the million-selling full releases are Grand Theft Auto V, Cities: Skylines and Rocket League and from Early Access it's H1Z1, Besiege and Ark: Survival Evolved.

STAT | $US30 million — Amount Chinese game publisher Shanda is investing in creating a new subsidiary, Eyedentity Mobile, based in Berlin; the company is putting that money into a portfolio of eight games, two of which are already released.

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    I care about fashion. The fashion of my high-end graphics card.

    Source article on that first quote. And it seemed like it was more in reference to people caring about their appearance while using a VR headset, than really to do with 3D TVs (although tangentially related).

    Underwear long as it's not too's still good to wear.

    I don't care about fashion, but I do care about aesthetics.

    Of course I care about fashion... why else would I spend so much time gathering materials and crafting armour? Sheesh!

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