New Trailer for Square Enix's Project Setusa Gets Its Old-School JRPG On

Turns out Square Enix's Project Setsunaannounced at E3 this year — is an old-school JRPG. Looks great. Almost Chrono Trigger-ish? And that music! I'll take it.


    looks pretty good my only complaint is playstation only... must resist temptation to buy ps4...

    Dang, looks like PS4 is getting some sweet exclusives, looks good!

    That or i may consider buying a VITA =P

    That is.....more interesting than I thought it was going to be (after the commentary re. sequels). I wonder how they will price this and if it will involve any Suikoden recruitment/dark cloud city building. Very interesting though.
    I wonder how many others are looking for top down jrpg's though?

    so good. im loving these people bringing out old school rpg style games. they be my favourites.
    i recently jumped on this coz its a nice throwback.

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