Twitch Plays Fallout 3 Is Off To A Terrible Start

Twitch Plays Fallout 3 Is Off to a Terrible Start

They haven't even made it out of the Vault yet.

Twitch Plays Fallout 3 Is Off to a Terrible Start

Fallout 3 is a complex and challenging game when you play it the "normal" way. But, apparently when you have a bunch of people trying to feed Bethesda's open-world action-RPG hybrid commands through chat, it's enough to break the game. The live, bot-controlled playthrough of Fallout 3 has been stuck at a wall for hours now, only a little ways into the opening moments of the game.

This is an inauspicious start , to be sure. But the Twitch Plays phenomenon has seen a hivemind of gamers stumble and ultimately succeed at game series like Pokemon. Heck, the collective attempt at Dark Souls was also a mess at first but eventually won out over that game's hardest bosses. Keep your head up, Twitch Plays Fallout, you'll get to Megaton... eventually.


    Had twitch feed in other window.. put headphones on to listen to a youtube video.. strange alarm sounding.. is the building on fire?.. no, it's the twitch feed with people still stuck inside the vault :)

    They made it further than I did. I didn't even make it all the way through character creation before the game crashed.

    10/10 would purchase again.

      Were you playing on a potato?

        LOL actually quite the opposite. There's no official patch to get it running on newer systems (apparently it crashes on multi-core processors or anything later than WinXP).

        I've been told there are unofficial patches to get it running though, still intending to play through FO3 and NV before picking up FO4.

        Last edited 06/10/15 8:41 am

          Actually Windows Vista. I didn't have to much of a problem until I upgraded to Windows 10, now the game crashes after an hour's sitting. Restart the game and BOOM, it works. An hour later and it crashes again.

          It's disappointing that one of the last decent Triple-A developers couldn't be arsed updating their game, especially when Morrowind and Oblivion can both run on Win 10, but at least we still have New Vegas and FO4.

        The PC version of FO3 is broken. It requires you to start the game in compatibility mode for Vista, otherwise it won't work.

          Someone pointed me to a patch that gets it running in Win7 with minimal issues, so I'm assuming there are other workarounds as well.

            For me, it's easier just to find the .exe file and set it to run in Compatibility Mode for Vista. Although the DLC can screw you over.

              There's a thread on steam about getting FO3 to work, it is pretty easy to make it happen.

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