Um, About This Ghost In The Shell Game


    Wow. Just wow. Such terrible voice acting. And what the heck does Imagine Dragons have to do with Ghost In The Shell?

      Isn't that the SAC Motoko?

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      Yeah... I was a bit taken aback by that music choice, seemed quite out of place. Game just seems really bland in general.

    Multiplayer-only shooter? Free-to-play? A Bland sci-fi aesthetic with a few Ghost in the Shell trademarks bolted on for brand recognition? Macklemore?
    Most of these would've been in my top ten worst things you could do to the game and/or the franchise, but Macklemore was a surprise I hadn't even considered.

    I assume they have access to the prior work if not future collaboration with the legendary Yoko Kanno, and they go with... Macklemore?

    So much for political intrigue, cooperation in a squad of diverse but unequal talents, deep reflections on the nature of identity and self...

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      So much for political intrigue, cooperation in a squad of diverse but unequal talents, deep reflections on the nature of identity and self...

      Why do that when they can use the CoD "standard" and generate millions in revenue?

        Because... because games are... art?

        I'll... I'll show myself out.

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        Rainbow 6 Siege styled mechanics (or older rainbow six games for that matter) would have gelled so much better with GitS for a MP shooter imo.

      On the plus side, the game squanders the potential of the subject matter, and that's Ghost in the Shell through and through.

      The music isn't Mackelmore, it's Imagine Dragons. The song is Radioactive, and it's actually decently suited to GitS.

        I think it's weird that anyone heavily invested in games reporting could mistake the two, especially since Radioactive got huge play as the AC3 trailer.

          It got decent radio play here in Aus too. At least it did in Melbourne.

        how the fuck is it suited to GITS?

    Not to quibble, but... Luke, 'Radioactive' is not Macklemore, it's by Imagine Dragons. (I appreciate that this is a semantic point, but accuracy is a virtue...)

    That's not what Ghost in the Shell is about.
    That's not the right music.
    That's not Ghost in the Shell at all.

    Did the creators actually watch the movies and series at all?

    Onthe plus side, it's made me want to go and play the PSX game on the weekend. I remember that being great.

    Giant spider tank strafing up walls, hanging from the ceiling... I really hope it's as fun as I remember.

      Oh man, I never played that but I remember it looping its idle/start-screen intro in a display cabinet in a shopping mall. I was enthralled.

    SIGH this feels strangely like the way Alien was handled for the past decade until Isolation came around. I'm not sure who looked at this source material and decided it should be a COD clone when it would have been just as lazy to rip off Deus Ex?

      ...I would play the shit out of a Ghost in the Shell themed Deus Ex ripoff.

        [Starts singing Yahtzee's wording of the theme song.]

        Put on a trench coat!
        And fight some conspiracies!


    just watched the clip. if macklemore is a reference to the music, its imagine dragons - radioactive

    Sounds like that FEAR online free-to-play game (that was not very good at all)

    If you can find a copy then this is the Ghost In The Shell game you want:

    And they just announced an american version of GITS. Staring Scarlet Johansen. And directed by...

    I can't bring myself to say it. I'm heart broken. Such a special IP. It's going to be awful. And people will probably love it because it will be almost exactly the same as the marvel films.

      She's at least a good choice for Mokoto's... erm... Frequent costume choice....

        Yeah she's got a good look but i find her really unbelievable in action films. And acting wise she's really flat. I'm pretty nonplussed about the whole thing.

    so they need to allow us to
    1. solve crimes
    2. fight corrupt government factions
    3. make out with togusa's mullet

    Beloved franchise turned into FPS and multiplayer only? That's bound to be awesome and successful!

    Shadowrun 360 says hi.

    This looks so like a CoD trailer it's not even funny. Just sad.

    Basically, they've abandoned the benefits of the franchise and used it just as a well-known game to recycle the same old gameplay.

    Using Radioactive -- or a remix of the song -- just makes me think of a Ghost In The Shell cross-over with Assassin's Creed.


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