Uncharted On PlayStation 4 Looks Better Than You Might Expect

Uncharted On PlayStation 4 Looks Better Than You Might Expect

Next-generation updates or ‘Definitive’ versions of last-gen video games usually look good, but the Uncharted collection might be raising the bar. Sony just released the first footage of the original Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on PS4 and it looks really, really good.

Maybe the original Uncharted has just aged well (possible) or maybe Naughty Dog and Sony have just done a great job up updated the visuals. Either way, this video has made me way more enthusiastic about playing through the first three Uncharted games again. The Uncharted games have always been benchmarks for high-end visuals and production values, so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised they’re doing the same for remastered versions.

Be sure to up the resolution and frame-rate of the YouTube video for maximum gawking.


  • I actually don’t think the original game aged all that well. It was amazing for its time, but it looked pretty average in comparison to Uncharted 2 & 3. It looks more like they’ve put some serious work into this PS4 version, because that looks very nice indeed.

    • I missed the uncharted games but played the last of us on ps3 I went back to play uncharted 1 and yeah it aged badly, looked alot worse than TLOU that’s for sure.

      • Probably because one was an early PS3 game and the other a very late release, years apart. Time will do wonders for console games.

  • Pity I played all these in the lead up to The Last Of Us when I first bought a PS4 (bit of a late adopter). They look great, but I still have Arkham Knight, Phantom Pain, etc.

  • I kept waiting for them to switch to the PS4 version to show how much better it looked… But it was all PS4… It looks ok, about what I expected, higher res textures, that’s about it. Will be buying, massive fan.

  • This pushed me to buying them. I was a little on the fence. But after watching that it made me miss them all over again.

  • Credit where credit is due – it isn’t Naughty Dog and Sony who are handling the update, it’s Bluepoint Games, the same company who did the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, the God of War Collection, and The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection.

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