Upcoming Witcher 3 Patch Will Flesh Out The Game's Romances

Upcoming Witcher 3 Patch Will Flesh Out The Game's Romances

Not everyone was happy with the love triangle at the centre of 2015's hottest dating sim, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Fortunately, the game's developers have been listening.

Mild Spoilers For The Witcher 3 Follow.

If you spend a bit of time looking around The Witcher 3's online gathering places, you'll see more than a few players voicing unhappiness with how some of the romance options in the game play out. Specifically, people aren't thrilled with what happens if you have Geralt declare his love for Triss Merigold while breaking things off with Yennefer of Vengerberg.

The complaint, generally, is that if you go with Triss, things can feel a bit undercooked, particularly given how many more options Geralt and Yen have to talk about their relationship and reminisce on the good old days. While you're technically free to choose how you think Geralt should proceed, sometimes it feels like Yen is the "correct" choice, which has some members of #TeamMerigold bummed.

Back in July, CD Projekt Red's Marcin Momot said that they were were aware that people weren't happy with some of the romance options, and were making some dialogue tweaks to improve things. A few days ago, he indicated that the tweak would go into effect in the next patch, though he didn't say when that was coming.

I asked CDPR if they could clarify, and here's how they described it:

"We'll be adding some additional dialogue for Triss and Yennefer in the upcoming patch due to the fan feedback. We've read many opinions on our forums where gamers weren't satisfied with the way their romance choices were fleshed out, so we wanted to change that by adding some extra conversational options."

Still no specific date, but hey, sounds good to me! I don't know when (or if) I'll get around to finishing my NewGame+ playthrough, but it's nice to know that things with Geralt and Triss will be more well-defined... if I can actually bring myself to choose her over Yen.


    #TeamMerigold all the way.

      Yeah, Yen just doesn't endear herself very easily. I wanted to like her, but she is totally tsun-tsun towards Geralt. Seriously, if it were a Japanese anime, she'd be constantly stomping his head into the ground and shouting 'Baka!' at him.

    Yen is OTP anyway. None of this ultra-polite walking-on-eggshells swoony crap like with Triss. Yen and G are the real deal.

      Ok, we didn't fight in the last thread but we are now *takes off jacket*

      #teammerigold #trissdoesitbetter

        If I was the Witcher I would have chosen Triss, but Yen seemed more like the person Geralt would have gone with so I complied. :P

        Ohyeah? Let's do this! At least Yen's alternate outfit doesn't make her look like an 8yr old kid took her safety-scissors to the family's dodgy 70s rumpus-room curtains to make a bathrobe.

          OHyeah? Well at least Triss is nice and not a total asshat to Geralt when she's in a bad mood!

            To be fair, she's a total asshat to Geralt when she's in a good mood too. :P

            I'll take the girl who's sassy but honest over the girl who's all sweetness and light and oh that's right lied to an amnesiac about them having sexual history to trick him into bed with her! She might not have delivered the magical roofie, but she sure as hell took advantage of it!

            Besides, 'nice' is overrated in a relationship. Life with Triss would be a lifetime of holding in farts.

              I missed that plotline, but being with someone who is opportunistic like that who gets what they want? That's inspiring man. That's #relationshipgoals. Just because she has terrible moodswings it doesn't mean she's honest.

                Yen exercises... discretion with the truth, but doesn't outright lie to G!

                Triss is all, "Oh my gosh, the captain of the witching team likes little old plain jane me? Oh, it would never work out... unless you want a picket fence and puppies and I get to keep my career and you'll do a little work on the side so I can show off how impressiely manly you are and OH MY GOD I HAVE OUR ENTIRE LIVES PLANNED OUT."

                Yen is all, "Why did I do all that? Because dammit, I wanted to know if this was real."
                G: "You idiot. You could've just told me. Not that it mattered... because of course it's real."
                Yen: "Oh. Well good. Now we know."

                  @terrywrist It's all good, me and @highperformance are buds. With an understanding of mutual respect and all that, so long as that handsome fucker can admit that I'm right and he's wrong. Like... always. ;)

              Well, they kind of did have a sexual history, it just wasn't as extensive as Triss made out.

              Sure but life with Yen would be a lifetime of compulsive handwashing.

      I'm disappointed in both you and @dc. So very disappointed.

        You sound just like my parents! *runs off crying, slams door*

    Just started the Witcher 3 last week and just shagged Keira Metz. Had to watch the bath scene about five times due to a crash on PC when running in full screen mode. Gave Geralt blue balls and he had to tap that. I knew it was a one time thing but this article just proves there is no hope for anything more. :(

    Last edited 04/09/15 4:45 pm

      due to a crash on PC when running in full screen mode

      Weird, I had a constant crash in the exact same spot when running in Windowed Borderless mode, and full screen fixed it.

        That's what I saw when I Googled. They probably patched it and broke it the other way. Windowed Borderless mode kills my frame rate though so as soon as I got through that conversation I switched it back. Good game but has a lot of niggling problems. I ran circles around that stupid goat princess for about two minutes before the game realised and continued the quest.

    I'm yet to finish my first play through... My fault but, I procrastinated about completing one and two and finally got around to beating them all side quests (well all the ones I found) for one and then beat two, I loved two so much i beat it a few more times by then the game was out a month I believe, then i moved onto 3 was completing everything I came across got to Skellige and was burnt out.

    I want to go back, but with all the patches they were bringing out, I decided to wait for the first expansion. By then I be chopping at the bit to beat it...

    Could not believe anyone actually liked Yen. Seemed like the biggest batch of bitches in a woman. I hated Yen almost from the outset, could not wait to get rid of her.

    given the cannon Yen makes more sense snd she grew on me as the game went on. However i just prefer Triss. But looking back on personal life I may just have a thing for redheads.

    I chose Tris, and am keeping Yen at arms length throughout Skellige and beyond. I've read the books and understand Triss' faults... I just think it's more "true" love than "canonical" love.

    ... but I'm sure my opinion is just as flawed as anyone else's.

    For me it was more of a case of Yen being a more interesting story for me.

    The whole "is this love real or just the result of a djinn's wish" is such a great concept to explore in a relationship. And after you "break" the spell you can actually decide whether:
    a) the spell existed
    b) whether you care
    c) you love Yen despite the result of either decision.

    That was it for me; that quest made the Yen/Geralt bond so much deeper.

    I am super keen to see a similar depth added to the Triss side. Normally a vague line like "additional dialogue" would leave me doubting but I trust CDPR will deliver.

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