US Presidential Candidate Praises Minecraft

US Presidential Candidate Praises Minecraft

Briefly: Republican US presidential candidate Marco Rubio recently praised Minecraft. “If you play Minecraft, you’re basically writing code when you’re converting a hammer into a pickax,” said Rubio, according to the AP. “Kids might not realise they’re coding, but that’s going to be almost a basic proficiency just because of the way they grew up.”


    • It must be a trick.

      It’s always a trick.

      Unless he just likes the game because it was Mining in it.

      (not that I know the history of Republicans apart from what I hear in the news in Aus)

  • You can convert hammers into pickaxes now? I mean, I haven’t played for a while but that sounds a bit weird.

      • “You should try and appeal to the younger voters, Mr Rubio”

        “That’s easy. Um, I like Minecraft. My son plays it. I like how you can drive cars, collect coins, breed pokermans, and customize your guns”

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