Vanillaware's New Game Sentinel Aegis Rim Is Beautiful

Here's the debut trailer for Vanillaware's new game 13 Sentinel Aegis Rim.

This time it's a bit different from their previous games. It's set in futuristic world with mechs.

No release date yet, but it's coming for PS4 and Vita.


    Watching trailer... Nice animations, very pretty... More animations... More animations... Giant mech --- SOLD!!!

    Nice artwork, looks very Tony Taka. Hope that actually was his drawings. Was it?

    Nope, this is George Kamitani, who does all the artwork for vanillaware games. Similar, sure, but different enough from Taka.

    Dang, looks pretty... but it should have some gameplay footage, even a few seconds would be nice =P

    Vanillaware come back to a Nintendo pls :(

    I hope there's a career simulator in the game. Because I'd really love to get a Sentinel Aegis Rim job! ... :)

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