Watch Me Play Crazy Mario Levels From Australian Game Developers

I've been playing a fair bit of Super Mario Maker and it's great. One of the issues — obviously — is finding good levels to play. The code system is a bit silly, it's hard to search by keywords. You're at the mercy of Nintendo essentially, hoping they select good levels to highlight.

So I asked Australia's development community to send me some of their levels. And then I played them. Now you can watch me play them!

Some of them are pretty good. I've listed them below if you want to give any of them a bash.

In terms of pure giddy fun, I think I enjoyed precision jumping the most. It just has this glorious sensation of speed and OH MY GOD I HAVE TO KEEP RUNNING AT FULL SPEED. I liked the glorious weirdness of Matt Kelly's Inkopolis Docks. Rachel McQueenie's Kompanion Koop was another winner: really intelligent and well put together level. Loved it.

I'd like to apologise in advance for my irrational hatred of Ship levels from Super Mario Bros. 3. I don't know why I don't like them. I just don't.

Amanda Riviera

Ship Parkour D4DA OOOO OO5F EF42

Beck Carver

Precision Jumping B2AD-0000-0044-6E3A

Jon Hayward

Live And Let Squid 1C01-0000-0054-435C

Matt Kelly

Inkopolis Docks 517D-0000-0062-F312

Rachel McQueenie

Kompanion Koop 8EBD-0000-002E-5281

Mark Duval

Not Without My Yoshi 96D6-0000-0065-3774

If you have any suggestions, or levels of your own, drop them in the comments below!


    I'm talking quietly so I don't wake up my child.

    @markserrels, It's a Mario game. Your kid is most likely already behind you taking notes and grading you on your performance without you knowing, :-P

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    Have a few for you Mark, I've worked as a level designer for a few years
    Chomerus keep
    Lakitu Bombardment
    Bowser's Boneyard
    Need a new suit

    also check out this site

    has lots of great levels there

    Last edited 29/09/15 11:56 am

    I'm fairly new to the whole bit, but I've got some levels as well

    In order of creation

    'I hate Everybody' - John McClane
    C3A8 - 0000 - 006A - D6DC

    'Why So Serious' - Joker'
    540E - 0000 - 006B - 649F

    'Man The Fort - Dicky'
    0222 - 0000 - 0070 - B200

    Fanta's level looks awesome. Gonna need to give that one a try next time I fire the game up.

    Also SMB3 is best Mario, Mark :P


        Actually I'll concede SMW > SMB3.

        But as an e-reader fanatic, SMA4 > SMW.

    Gotta say, nothing brings a smile faster than hearing mark saying oh you bollocks face

    Played a Few this afternoon, good levels!
    Good too see there are some levels that are not just collecting stars and running!
    Have a look at mine, just building them as I unlock stuff

    Order of creation... Last few are little hard...

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