Giant Bomb’s Absurd Mario Maker Stage Is Absurd

Giant Bomb’s Absurd Mario Maker Stage Is Absurd
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A bridge of p switches, followed by a pipe to nowhere? Mario Maker is for jerks.

The level in question, F829-0000-0066-E98B, was a collaboration between the editors of Giant Bomb, my home away from home, and its community. From what I can tell, there is no rhyme or reason — it’s madness, pure and simple.

You know, just the way I like it!

Watch Me Try To Beat Giant Bomb's Absurd Mario Maker Stage


  • The best thing about mario maker is that it allows everyone to design their own 2D mario levels, which also happens to be the worst thing about it. The levels range from stupid easy (don’t push any buttons!) to impossibly difficult – unfortunately those two extremes are where most of the levels are at.

    • This is what I’ve found as well.

      There aren’t enough genuinely challenging but fair levels out there.

        • True. But most feel like they don’t even try, they just put u in a situation that is near impossible to pass without blind luck.

          Other levels i have played are brilliantly designed and although difficult they made me keep trying over and over again to defeat it. Just seems these ones are very few and far between.

      • The worst part is there’s no way to tell the difference until you’ve beaten the level. When you’re stuck on an official level you can have a certain amount of faith in the designer, so it’s way easier to tell when you’re doing it wrong and when you’re doing the wrong thing. With this there’s no telling if you’re meant to get the power up and lose it to what appears to be a forced hit, or if there’s some other way of doing it. You pass a section, make it to the next and have no idea if the way you passed the previous section has made it impossible to beat the next.
        Must make it really tough for the people who buy the game because they see all these tough, creative but ultimately fair levels being posted everywhere.

        • Precisely.

          I’ve played some levels where you are forced to lose a life MULTIPLE times just to find a way through. Its just not fun – it makes you want to rage quit.

          I’m certainly no expert at level design but i make sure mine are beatable, provide hints on how to get through, show obvious signs something may be amiss, etc. but make it challenging by making you think ahead a little.

          Anyway, I still love the game 🙂

  • I heard Patrick spent a lot of time trying to beat this and then challenged Dan (who made it) to beat it without using a particular hidden power up and he did… pretty easily…

    suck it Klepek!

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