Watch Petraeus Represent ANZ At The Starcraft 2 World Championship Series

Watch Petraeus Represent ANZ At The Starcraft 2 World Championship Series

A few pivotal matches played out this morning at the Starcraft 2 WCS Season 3 in Poland, including performances from Australia’s iaguz and New Zealand’s Petraeus, the latter of which got the furthest our region has ever been in the competition.

We last talked about the competition when both of our lads had progressed beyond the round of 32. So how did they go in the round of 16?

iaguz didn’t have an easy time of it, and it looked like a tough group, including no other than Jaedong. But both iaguz and Jaedong would actually form the bottom two of their group, with Lilbow and ForGG taking the top spots and progressing. iaguz had to beat Jaedong to have a chance at progressing and unfortunately couldn’t, but you can witness his game against a legend here:

Petraeus had a bit more joy in his group, taking the top spot in his group, undefeated in the round of 16. You can see his matches against Snute and GunGFuBanDa below:

The teamless Petraeus was then matched up against Team Liquid’s MaNa in the round of 8, and things were looking good when Petraeus went up two games in the best of five. But then, keen to avenge his teammate Snute who was taken out by Petraeus in the last round, MaNa dug deep and pulled out an epic comeback to win the series 3-2. It looks like those videos aren’t available right now (we’ll update them if they’re put up), but you can catch the final moments below, in which Petraeus is already in a very snaky position:

Two expansions and some pylons in your base, that’s not looking too good. But well done to Petraeus for getting so far in the competition and throwing down with the world’s best. MaNa certainly didn’t have an easy time of that match.

See the full results here.


  • I’ve never watched a competitive starcraft game before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but wow! These guys are insane! I now see why so many people actually attend these events as spectators.

  • Great work to both players from this end of the world! I hadn’t watch any live eSports until this, and I was very impressed!

  • Awesome to see you guys enjoyed it watching for the first time 🙂

    Some moments in pro SC2 have been amazing. Watching MC beat JulyZerg in the GSL grand final is something I’ll never forget.

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