Weaknesses Of Superheroes And Villains, Illustrated

Weaknesses Of Superheroes and Villains, Illustrated

A new illustrated chart by MorphCostumes shows how complicated Marvel and DC universes are by showing the achilles heels of heroes and villains.

Lock them all up in a geological museum and you're almost done. But whether it's an organic material or simply just a form of speech, it's possibly a weakness for some hero or villain out there.

Here's the complete graph. Wolverine's still the best and being Namor must be really tough!

Weaknesses Of Superheroes and Villains, Illustrated


    i'm sad that DC doesn't have an official hub (that i know of) about deetz like this.

    A lot of the DC ones are plain out of date. Let me see:

    * Green lantern is not weak to yellow, nor is Allan Scott weak to wood.
    * I think the current Power Girl reacts differently to Kryptonite than normal.
    * Wildfire does not have any obvious weaknesses at the moment.
    * Aquaman does not get seriously weakened out of water, not like he use to. He does get dehydrated, but then most people do if they don't drink their daily hydration requirement. :-S
    * Red Hood (I'm guessing this is Jason Todd, the 2nd Robin and current leader of Red Hood and the Outlaws) does not have trouble with rage.

    Honestly, this feels like a chart generated from information 10+ years ago. From a DC universe point of view, the days of all crooks wearing Kryptonite rings to deal with Superman have long past. It's a much more subtle and interesting form of writing, where story beats stats almost all of the time.

    All of what I am talking about is from the New 52 era. I can't see it changing that radically with the Convergence story arcs though. As I said, the style is a whole lot more different to what it use to be. :-S

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    Apparently Iron Man does not depend on his suit. I couldn't seem him on there at all.

    Also, needs a Squirrel Girl entry; the chart is missing a section for "depends on presence of small rodents" so I suppose that's natural.

    Unless I'm missing something, I'm not seeing Batman on the list. Not that Batman has any weaknesses, so fair enough.

    And isnt Superman weak against magic?

      Superman is only weak against magic when considered in contrast to his ability to withstand physical assault. He has no particular resilience against magic in the way that he does against physical damage, however he is no more susceptible to magic than any other individual.

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