Welcome To Year Two Of Destiny...

Welcome To Year Two Of Destiny...

...where a random shitty green gun has a higher attack value than a maxed-out Red Death from year one. We knew this was coming, but still... it stings a bit.


    You have much to learn console MMO-ers, much to learn.

      I still remember the Hagun-days of FFXI...

      I thought Bungie spent some time before the game came out telling us how it wasn't an MMO it was something completely new.

    Having a Fatebringer and Visions of Confluence in that picture just makes the idea sting even more.

    Also is that a newer version of Helm of Saint as it was always silver on the player model before??

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      Year two models are slightly different but it may also be the shader as exotics are affected by them now.

    Are you still able to upgrade the max damage on these earlier ones with the Etheric Light (?) that they introduced with HoW?

      From a quick glance without having the DLC the answer is no, even at max most exptics are weaker than common stuff dropped in the new update

        That's unfortunate. RIP Gear.

          I scrapped all mine except the exotics I still use the last word in pvp because its still good but fucj the new level 40 warlocks and their 3rd subclass that makes them just burst lightning or some shit, its op to the shit in pvp

            ! Are Stormcallers the new Bladedancers currently? Or on par with them? (Haven't played since 1st week of HoW, hearing nothing but praise for the game now.)

              Stormcallers are like if you had golden gun which lasted the length of arc blade

      Etheric light takes old legendaries to the year 1 cap of 170, no further.

      In order to get old exotics at the new max damage/armour levels, you need to repurchase them from the exotic kiosks in the Vanguard hall using legendary marks, from the looks of it. Or have them drop from high end activities.

    Is that an adequate comparison a hand cannon and a pulse rifle?

      I think it's more the Exotic vs Uncommon that is being highlighted here, type of gun doesn't really matter.

        Not to mention I'd wager Pulse rifles are better now.

      cap is 170 for a fully maxed year 1 weapon regardless of type.

    Sounds to me like someone has no idea how mmo's work and should stop complaining. If you think this is bad wow was worse

    Embrace the freedom. I've pushed all my armour and legendaries into the vault and enjoying the freshness of it all. Taking my sweet time with the missions. Loving it so far.

    As someone who didn't have that great gear to begin with before the expansion I'm loving it ;)

    I have to admit - I'm enjoying the new content a whole lot more than the old stuff and am looking forward to grinding out an exotic or 2.

    Unsure if I'll continue to play once I've seen everything though. It's why I stepped away in year one - and likely while I step away in year 2.

      I only just finished the main story on my main character last night and the number of quest paths for post-story content is kind of daunting. I think I'll take it very slow my on character until I understand the mechanics and then bring my other characters up to speed once I've figured out the path of least resistance, so to speak. I was hoping I'd be raid-ready by the weekend but that seems unlikely at this point. I mean I'll give it a go, but I'm currently only 211 light (after hitting 40 and being able to equip the few new legendaries that dropped for me) while the recommended light for weekly heroic vanguard playlist is 240 and the nightfall is 280!

        That will b the grinding bit - getting a character or 2 up to the point where you can run the final strikes/raids will take some time.

    Looking forward to finding a new weapon set I'm happy with. Somewhat refreshing trying out all new weapons and having green and blue all over the character screen. Can't wait for my first 280.

    I'm thinking I'm not alone when I just threw 60 weapons into the vault and cannot bring myself to trash any of them yet.

    And...... *waves hands excitedly* SHOPPING! with Xur tomorrow.

      I sharded a bunch of my old legendaries last night. I was under the impression I'd be able to sacrifice them to infuse new weapons but Y1 weapons just drop motes/parts like always. Since I had a vault full of items I only vaguely thought I might one day use again, I'm sure as heck not going to use them now. Holding onto a few special favourites just in case, and I'm not going to break down my exotics just yet (even though I can generate new ones from the kiosk) but there's certainly a bit of room in my vault now.

        Yeah I know I will have to dismantle legendaries (purely to make room) but with Bungie who knows, something will change down the track and my Word of Crota will suddenly become the most awesome-est weapon ever with a Year Two Mantle of Light! (or some shit).
        I too, thought dismantling would provide better rewards or use them towards improving other weapons but not Year One gear it seems. Oh well, still a bit of positive anticipation and excitement for the future.

          Oh I'm never dismantling my elemental primaries. Those will sit in my vault forever. For one, there's nothing stopping me using them in old year 1 raids. But secondly, I want SOME hedge against the possibility Bungie will reverse their decision not to allow us to ascend raid weapons to year 2.

          I assume once Destiny 2 comes out and we're playing a whole new game our items won't transfer across, but until that day, there are some things I have no intention of letting go of.

    Any exotic you have unlocked is able to be purchased again in the vanguard hall with glimmer (i think) But the attack is maxed at 170

    Any exotic you have unlocked and is included as a year 2 weapon (bad juju, last word, etc) you can purchase from the vanguard hall for 150 legendary marks and starts at 270 damage.

    Same goes for exotic armor

      Also costs 1 exotic shard but that's not a big deal - you can just break down your year 1 version for 1 or 2 shards before you buy a replacement (assuming you don't already have a big stockpile from Xur or getting rid of duplicates).

    Gear with higher level requirements is better than gear with lower level requirements, stop the presses. It's not even an MMO thing, this kind of progression is in tons of video games.

    Its a load of shit in my books. People have spent thousands of hours getting some of these weapons, and now they are completely obsolete. I understand the legendaries, but the exotics should have gone through to year 2, especially as this game only has a 2 year lifetime

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