What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Bad news (for me). I’m going to IKEA on Sunday.

I’m going to have to make up for this torturous event by playing Metal Gear Solid V on Saturday. Like, for the whole day.

What are you guys and girls planning to play this weekend?


  • I love IKEA! Sunday’s the day to go (at least in Sydney). Around lunchtime the crowds are quite bearable.

    Armello… soooooo addictive. I’ve had many a late night recently because I just had to have one more round. It’s a game where you can be denied victory at the last minute due to bad luck or another player stabbing you in the back, but equally you can have really awesome comebacks if you’re lucky.

    Also got Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX for my 3DS, which I’m starting to get into. I changed all the button prompts to match the colours of the Playstation symbols so that my brain didn’t explode after the hundreds of hours of Project Diva f/F 2nd that I’ve pumped into it on PS Vita.

    La Mulana EX… seems pretty cool but boy is it frustrating to die 10 minutes into the game and have to restart. It’s like a hardcore (and more considered) version of Spelunky. I’m really in two minds about it.

    Also bought echocrome ii for PS3 today on the PS Store (AU$2.73!) so I’ll check that out. Any game where I can use PS Move deserves a try-out 🙂

    • I tried the Project Mirai demo and found it to be unplayable for the same reason – the button prompts on Nintendo stuff bake my brain, since the bulk of my gaming time has been on Sega/Microsoft controllers where the A/B and X/Y button pairs are flipped from the way Nintendo lays them out. Setting to Playstation colors would be a good compromise, might see if the demo can do that and whether that fixes it for me. I really wanted to like Project Mirai too, since I’m a Nendoroid collector.

      • In addition to changing the colours to Green, Red, Blue, Pink I also changed the A, B, X, Y into their corresponding arrows. It still shows the letters on the lower screen, but for button presses it is doing the trick. You change the button stuff by hitting left shoulder button on song select. Now, getting to grips with the new systems like dual holds, simultaneous presses of different directions, the highway system (which can slow down/speed up like a bugger). All good fun!

    • I didn’t realise there was an echocrome 2, I might look into that. I quite enjoyed the first one on PSP.

  • I start 2 weeks of holidays.

    I finished MGSV. After 97 hours I completed all main missions and all side ops. I haven’t found all animals or completed all mission challenges, but I can save them for other times.

    I have a Warmachine tournament to attend. But I think it’s mostly a charity thing.

    I bought Shadowfall real cheap and might give the campaign a run through. So far it’s not terrible. The art style is pretty amazing and the weapons have a nice punch to them.

    Might start working on my Iron Kingdoms campaign. Also might get back into my Halo 3 review.

    Other than that, just looking into my backlog.

  • MGSV and Diablo III mostly. There’ll be some Disgaea and Etrian Odyssey Mystery Dungeon as well as some Curses’n’Chaos thrown in the mix too.

  • DIABLO 3!

    Gawd I can’t stop , I know its not everyone’s game but it exactly what I want in a game.

    • i LOVE diablo 3. The only game i platinumed. I’d like to play it but Destiny and MGS V are sucking up all my time TM.

  • Thinking about finally finishing the Metro Redux collection that I’ve been putting off till a rainy day.

    • I love those game, they are so good.
      The Redux collection has some great Acheivements if your into that (I am)

  • Am actually going to an epic LAN to play a range of games (Chivalry, HL2DM and Starcraft II will be my favorites though!) So for once I’ll be gaming for the most of the weekend!!

    *Edit* Lol, it looks like MGSV will have to wait until next week haha

  • As much as I looooooove MGSV I’ll be playing Destiny to try and get what I want done. I can’t be too far away from being sick of it again 😉

  • Playing more Destiny: The Taken King tonight since I’m still not done with the new quests that have opened up despite finishing the main story two nights ago. Have a friend’s wedding tomorrow that will probably result in a hungover sleep in that lasts well into Sunday so I don’t imagine I’ll get a lot of gaming done. Thankfully I have Monday off and will catch up then.

  • Playing Destiny TKK; only just got into it recently so I’m loving it; apparently I’ve started at the perfect time and missed that year one ‘beta’ phase 🙂
    Apart from that, pretty hooked on TearAway on my Vita.
    Also will probably play a few matches of Rocket League and maybe some Lara Croft.

    • I’ve got the The Taken King too. At the moment I feel very good about it, certainly better than all of Vanilla Destiny. I’m upgrading from that to TKK so have all the expansions missions and strikes to do too. Haven’t ever attempted a raid either but won’t have time for that this weekend.

  • I’m roughly 60% through my (re)playthrough of Snake Eater. After that, MGS4. Then Peace Walker. (Edit: Then GZ.) Then I can finally unwrap my copy of MGSV and get into it! \o/

  • Will try and finish off Until Dawn.

    Also been getting back into Resogun in a big way lately, so will probably have another crack at that, too.

  • Lots of Destiny. Broke the 260 light barrier last night, so going to start spamming heroic strikes over the weekend to build up some marks to gear up my alts. Have a bunch of quests I need to do, too, but some are annoyingly tough, so taking a break from that to do something productive.

  • I’ll check out the CS:GO update then probably go back to Source, again. Serious Sam HD and/or GTA 5

  • asides from watching the mighty roos beat sydney on saturday, i will probably be playing some Mass Effect 1 – started a new playthrough because the series is just so damn good. maybe some ME3 multiplayer too because why not!

    • Am going back through 3 now in my series replay for what I assume has to be the third time. Can you find a multiplayer match without lag?

  • MGS5 and iRacing. Probably more iRacing, need to get my times up to snuff for the Indy Winter series and try out the new Corvette DP in a full race. New surface model should make those races interesting

  • I’ll be playing Kid’s Birthday Party on Sunday, after which we’ll probably play that copy of Lego Batman 3 I’ve been hiding on my Xbox Hard Drive waiting for the Occassion.

    Before that it’s MGSV and Dark Souls 2 – excitingly I got up to some place where the ground covered in poison mist. One of the more distinctive areas so far.

  • Rocket League, Witcher 3 and MGS V for me! Oh and I might hop on GTA Online and check out some of those new freemode events.

    Happy Weekend All!

    • I’ll be looking forward to checking that out on Youtube. Hopefully get some Yamato/Musashi or Bismarck action!

  • As per the Ghost in the Shell article elsewhere, I’m going to be diggin gout the old PSX GITS game, because wall-climbing tanks are awesome.

    I might just go full PSX retro this weekend. I’m about halfway through Tombi as well, so I’ll probably keep playing that as well.

  • Any chance I get will be MGSV5..

    So spoiled this year: Bloodborne—>Witcher 3—–>MGSV5… and along the way sprinkle in Helldivers and Rocket League….

    2015 what a year for gaming.

  • probably hit up more Destiny now that my brother has picked up the taken king.

    and uuuuh MGSV

    and mario maker

    I think that’s it…..

  • What I’d like to be playing: MGS-5.

    What I’ll actually be playing: A Tale In The Desert in short bursts.

    I really have no time for playing anything right now.. but I’ll have ATITD in the background on my desktop, so that I can collect more slate.. I need to collect another 600 or so slate before next week when I go on holidays overseas for a month. The reason? Once you’ve manually collected a certain amount of material, you can set it in “Offline Chore” mode and it collects offline when you’re not playing.

  • GF free weekend 🙂 i think ill dip into my steam library and try to finish something (anything please)

  • Well Sunday I have to go drop off my car and pick up a new people mover, so I am going to pretend I’m playing GTAV, on the way there….

  • I honestly don’t know…
    The journey to work is Danganronpa Ultimate Despair Girls…

    Gaming at home the last couple of weeks has been scarce, hopefully I can get some time to play something, likely Tearaway Unfolded for something cheerful!

  • Playing through Life is Strange, MGSV and Mad Max simultaneously but then I had a strange urge today to play Deadly Premonition again. I guess that’s what’s happening, now.

  • I think I’m going to try and make my way through The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and I’m also up to world 5 of Yoshi’s Wooly World. MGSV calls, but I might not have the concentration for that this weekend. I also want to finish Ep2 of Life is Strange – still not sure if I am enjoying it or not – every time I think it’s interesting an awful bit of dialogue or a dumb, illogical design choice spoils things.

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