What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Same games I play every weekend. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

And Mario Maker. Oh, and I'll probably get started on SOMA as well.

Last weekend was fun. On Sunday I went to IKEA all morning and spent the rest of the day building THREE IKEA BEDS. Where is my parade? Seriously.

But on the Saturday I played Metal Gear Solid V. A lot. This game is almost obnoxiously good, but it's also obnoxiously long. Like too long.

But so good.

But it's soooo long.

And so good.


What are you playing this weekend?


    AFL prelims and Destiny, with a splash of spring carnival thrown in.

    Oh, SOMA looks excellent. Can't wait to play it, but I think I'm on a gaming break until The Nathan Drake Collection next month. :)

    Playing FIFA 16. Will be playing it for ages, I think.

    Housework Simulator 2015. I've been neglecting my dailies and as a result I'm getting a reduced bonus from resting each evening, plus my co-op partner is becoming irritated at how far behind I am.

    After that, maybe some Destiny. I still have so much to do in The Taken King and I haven't even really made any progress on my alt characters yet.

    SOMA and Super Mario Maker. Hit me with your level codes guys! Unless they're roller coasters. I'm not interested in them.

    Might run a few rifts in Diablo 3 too.

    A lot of the Disgaea 5 demo and trying to Platinum Disgaea D2 before 5 is released. Outside of that will probably be small smackerels of Etrian Mystery Dungeon and Operation Abyss.

    The Taken King. I'm really enjoying it and I hope they keep going in this current direction for a while.

    Armello (PS4) (seriously, check it out, it's an awesome boardgame/card game/tactical RPG)
    Sleeping Dogs (PS4)
    Miku Project Mirai DX (3DS)
    Child of Light (Vita)
    MGS4 (PS3) - I'm probably kidding myself a bit here.

    I got my second copy of MGSV in the mail today (won it - not sure what I'll do with it yet)

    I put MGS aside and played Batman AK for a while - that was fun and now I'm back onto Dark Souls II having beaten Jabba the Hutt (he was easy) and now getting ganked by Manikins in Earthen Peak


    So... Dota 2 just got a balance patch. I guess I should check it out.

      RIP techies.

      Pretty glad ancients necro isnt a thing anymore, it was an awful strat

        Mines not going off when they're destroyed is huge. Mines giving a bounty as well? Man, supporting against Techies isn't going to be an hour of pulling teeth. Sure, he's going to suck to push against but at least I can play some Dota before we get to that point.

        And Lesh no longer gets to autopilot through the laning phase by spamming lightning.

        I like these changes. I like them a lot.

          I agree that something needed to be done about techies, but I think they went too far. The mines not going off is fine - the gold bounty is a bit much.

          What do you think about the Lifestealer change? Being able to mind control an ancient at level 6 is massive.

            10g per mine made sense with the old land mines. Don't forget that sentries cost 200g and have to be bought in pairs, unlike the 75g observer wards. 200g is a lot of gold to spend, especially when you can whiff. Now that mines can be placed twice as often (for half damage), 10g does seem like a lot.

            Not sure on a lot of the buffs. Lifestealer is interesting but unless that phase boot buff turns out to be bigger than it looks, I don't see him being more useful.

            Phantom Assassin's dagger changes could be nuts though. Cleave, mjolnir, bash all proccing off of a spammable nuke? Yeah, that's going to push them into the meta. Spectre got a lot out of the patch too.

    Well I bought Ark earlier in the week and then last night played it with my brother from 8pm till 1am. So I can see me playing this.
    And some Destiny, and some MGSV and Mario Maker.

    Might get the 5 yr old making mario levels.

    MGSV a bit... but to be honest I'm starting to get frustrated with it a little.

    Batman AK a lot. Enjoying this more than MGSV

    Mario Maker too. The kids are crazy in love with this.

    Year Walk on Wii U. Cause I never finished the iOS version.

    Wild Hunt! Slicing and dicing Bandits and Nekkers is just too much fun.

    I'm going to finish SC2VN, play some more One Piece Dynasty Warriors SORYAAAAAAAAAA Cross-up Tekken Air Juggle 3 and probably a chunk of CS:GO as well.

    I really want a steak for dinner tonight.

    I'll be playing "Keep my 23 month old son busy on the flight from Sydney to Beijing".

      Fun times! I wish you luck! :D

      Ooo, I remember that game. I played the 'daughter' version though. She wasn't too bad. They tend to sleep fairly well at that age. Now, keeping a 4-year old busy on a flight from Sydney to Beijing would not be a fun time!

      If you can avoid installing the turbulance DLC. It does increase the difficulty but doesn't really add anything meaningful to the gameplay

    Mad Maxx still trying to get all the challenges done before I move on with the story struggling with Rattling your Dags challenge (fill fury meter in less than 10secs) anyone have any tips?

    Rainbow 6 Siege beta, some CS:GO.

    I'm tossing up between purchasing MGSV or The Taken King.. Suggestions?

      MGSV x 1000000

        Haha too late, I went with Destiny.. Should have bought Metal gear..

          oh dear.... start saving those pennies boy and correct that mistake.

    I think I may finally finish Witcher 3 this weekend :-D

    Done all the side quests (well, the ones that aren't broken), completed all the scavenger hunts I found, have upgraded a bunch of mastercrafted Witcher gear (so I can see which one looks the most badass) and am about to go to the Elven homeworld.

    Not long now! Seriously, I've been playing it for a third of the year. What a great game.

    Looking forward to Arkham Knight and Phantom Pain next :-)

    I'm hoping that even though I'll be busy looking at apartments I'll have time to finish up MGSV. I've only got S Ranks on the extreme missions, and I've already cleared most of the objectives. If that ends up happening I might pick up Yu-Gi-Oh.

    1st weekend in a while where I'm really hyped to game. Fifa 16, NBA 2K16 and the GwG Tomb Raider game all await.

      + 1 for NBA2k16 I have it pre loaded and the wait until 5pm is killing me.

        Especially excited for it as I skipped the last 2K for first time in like 10 years.

      Been waiting for the 2GB update to download for the past 5 hours. The wait is literally and figuratively killing me.

    I've been playing through Half-Life: Source on hard only going on through autosaves and got kinda stuck on the second stage of Gonarch's Lair. Gonna try and finish it a few more frustratingly bullet-spongy times before I'll have to go back to the lambda core when I had more than 20 hp and hadn't run out of all of my explosives.

      Sounds brutal!
      Good luck!

        Haha, thanks. The AI of the soldiers and aliens is pretty easy to screw with when you're in a tough situation, but Gonarch is another matter.

    I hate to say it but MGSV just hasn't grabbed me like a Metal Gear game normally does. It's weird but it's doesn't feel like a Metal Gear game to me. I'm only 20% in so it has time but I just got FIFA16 so I feel like I may not spend much time playing anything else for a while.

      It's definitely a change of pace. Where MGS4 had hour long cut scenes MGSV has hours of action between events (if you don't count the cassette tapes). Personally I can't get enough and I'm really hoping they remake the original MSX2/NES Metal Gear using the new engine, but I can understand why some people aren't into it.

        Oh god I hadn't even thought of the possibilities for using the same engine and mechanics with other canon entries.


    Destiny. Hopefully raiding, otherwise, trying to finish off the few quests I have left that don't involve killing raid bosses. Likely getting slaughtered as I try to get sword kills in crucible. Likely some Rocksmith as well, given they released a Breaking Benjamin pack this week, but I'm a little annoyed the chose the 2011 version of Blow Me Away over the original. Still, gives me an excuse to play some of the drop-Db and drop-C songs I've been neglecting lately.

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