What Happens When GTA Online Players Band Together To Stop The Train

What Happens When GTA Online Players Band Together To Stop The Train

Ten brave GTA Online players line up with their favourite cars in a tunnel. A train looms in the distance. Can they stop it?

Maybe not. But what happens instead is hilarious. Pure, sweet chaos. The very spirit of GTA, captured in a few seconds.

Probably not surprising, given that prior experiments to stop the train have failed — and people have tried just about everything to stop it, as this older clip by Metahelion shows:

Here we are, years later after the original release of GTA V, still trying to stop the train. Still failing. Still having fun! That's what matters.


    Stopping that train is like stopping The King (LBJ), YOU CAN'T! :D

    Kinda sucks that you can't.. clearly it's been programmed that way.. be nice if Rockstar patched the game to make it possible.

      "Clearly it's been programmed that way" - that statement made me cringe, not because it was false, but because it was so obvious that it need not be said.

        It needed to be said to preface the following statement. What you said did not need to be said.

        Shut up. Don't be a smart ass. Clearly most people haven't figured out by now that it wasn't programmed to be stopped despite people still trying to find ways to stop it.

    I thought the train stopped if you killed the driver, or was that just in SP?

    The train can be stopped by blowing up the locomotive. It takes a lot of fire power, and I've only seen it done twice. Both times were by bombardment from jets.

    You can kill the driver but the train just keeps going. Killing the driver just stops it from stopping at the station.

    Man I'm salty with Rockstar... I bought the game at release and finished it with little problem, since then I have got myself a 970 (had a 7970) and a 144hz Gsync monitor... So pumped to play it again. Long story short I get into a Police chase and my computer shutters, google it and found its a known problem that has been around for months, introduced in a patch and is yet to be properly fixed. with an overclocked 3770k at 4.5Ghz 16GB of ram the game running off a ssd and an 970 that is OCed to give about 16% more performance I cannot give it any more juice... checked drivers and retested everything and it is definitively not my system.

    The first stories of the issue were back in like May, a bug that old... I don't think it will ever be fixed.

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    Thats classic, we were on the trains last night, but not trying to stop them. We were having brawls in one of the carts lol so easy to make your own fun in this game, don't think it'll ever get old
    I now want to try and stop one haha

    Theres a rooster teeth lets play where they use about a dozen of the giant dumptrucks jammed into the tunnel. Nope, dat train dont stop.

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