What Was Your Best Experience At A Video Game Store?

What Was Your Best Experience At A Video Game Store?

We've heard from the other side — and my god have we heard some things — but now it's time for the bright and shiny stories. What were your particularly good experiences at any video game store? Did an employee suggest a life-changing game? Or maybe you just dropped your scoop of ice cream and they bought you another? There are no limits to bizarre but perhaps delightful human interactions. Let's hear 'em!

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    I went into the store, with the title I wanted in hand, and they found it straight away, the price was decent and they didn't try to upsell me anything.
    I was in and out in 3 minutes. Bliss.

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    Went in to buy a ps4 and traded in some games from the pack I already had. Got talking about games with the sales person and they didn't try to upsell me just had a normal human conversation while sorting out my purchase.

    I walked into a store to buy Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, chatted with the manager for awhile about the series, walked out with a new part time job.

    Got a price match no questions asked, without getting grilled or given some bullshit that they can't because it's below their cost price or it's not in stock within 100m of the store.

    Was in EB back in 2006 and was given a free 7 day Trial disc to World of Warcraft because the Sales Rep didn't like that I said it was stupid that a game had a monthly Sub and it didn't make sense so he wanted me to try it..... Best freebie I was ever given and ended up playing on the same server as that Rep and became good mates.

    Gotta say though, it was a life-changing game suggestion alright, met a lot of great friends through it that I've known since Vanilla and BC days and still visit/hangout with even though I don't play anymore and really helped me with the depression I suffered due to the loss of my Mum at the age of 17, this was a couple of months after her passing that I was given it.

    It really helped me to become more confident, open and social, not to mention that through these people I found a style of music I liked which got me into Dancing a couple of years later and lost 25kg because of that and managed to keep it off since.

    To this day it was the best suggestion I'd ever been given.

    TLDR: Was given WoW, it changed my life.

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    Working back late with a co-worker I fancied. I'll spare the details ;)

      You really shouldn't spare the details. I for one LOVE details ;-)

        The details involve awkwardly staring at them and then crying when their significant other comes to pick them up.

    Nothing too exciting but I do kinda miss the days the Video Games Heaven stores were around. I used to go hunting around for second hand NES/SNES games there before the rise of ebay. Always seemed to be nicer game stores to walk into than EB.

    I went to the Mass Effect 3 breakfast launch at the now-closed EB Games in George St, Sydney. It was really cool. From memory they had juice and muffins (or breakfast rolls or something) as well as free posters. Picked up my N7 edition, guidebook etc without any fuss or bother.

    Just recently I wanted to purchase The Elder Scrolls Online on a whim but after looking around at local prices it wasn't worth the $100. I looked online and saw Mighty Ape had it for $55 and then to my surprise Harvey Norman, via the live chat on their website, were happy to match it seeing as it was an Australian based online store.

    A 10 minute chat online followed by a quick drive to the local store and I had it in the Xbox within the hour. I think Harvey Norman are highly underrated as a games store and would recommend them to anyone.

    I'm good friends with the regular staff at my local EB Games, so each time I go in i'm never pestered with preordering or pre-owned titles. We usually have a nice chat and talk about we are going to hang out next.
    The only time this is different is when there are new staff on and don't know I'm a regular, or the district manager is in and is being pushy.

    Midnight launch of the Xbox 360 at The gamesman store at Bayfair good vibe well organised some good swag to go along with purchase. Sadly the launch 360 I got that night went back to Msoft 3 times over the following 12months thanks RROD

    Back when EB Games was Electronics Boutique and had a inkling of customer service, I went in on Christmas Eve 1998 to buy myself an N64 game. The dude behind the counter and I talked for a while about the best games for the N64, then he says "hold on a minute" before disappearing out the back and returning with a copy of Turok 2. "This hasn't released yet, we're not supposed to sell them but I'll let you buy it now." I paid, thanked him and had a pretty awesome Christmas that year.

    This one time, no one asked me to pre-order.

      I get revenge on people who do that to me by asking about obscure PS Vita games that I know full well they don't have any intention of stocking. One of the sales assistants at EB Games said to me 'What's Genkai Tokki Monster Monpiece?' I then gleefully explained the rubbing mechanic to her with a straight face. She looked it up in the system. 'Um, sorry but I can't seem to find that one.' 'That's OK,' I said, 'Firstly, its digital only for the English version. Secondly, it hasn't been submitted to the Classification Board by the publisher so I doubt it would be legal for you to sell it in Australia anyway.' She looked nonplussed :-)

    Wanted a wireless adapter for my Xbox 360, and of course I had to have it immediately. Searched places online that sold them, called the local EB Games store. They had two left and the guy said he'd set one aside for me.

    Went there 30 mins later, spoke to the guy. He had it set aside with my name on it as promised and 30 mins later I was happily online on my Xbox.

    Good service is very simple.

    An EB Employee who gave up his Collectors Edition for me after it had sold out. Insisting on it even though I told him it really wasn't necessary. I hopefully repaid the favour in kind by calling Head Office and telling them about his overall exemplary customer service (and also did the same thing via their website). I also bought him some of his favourite energy drink. I will never forget that.

    I like my local EB. They know me well enough to avoid certain questions they're required to ask such as pre-orders and trade-ins, even though I'm not really a regular shopper. One time I found a second hand copy of Diablo 3 for 360 on the rack. They spent twenty minutes looking for the copy with no luck.
    They gave me a brand new copy for the second-hand price. No threats or being irate on my part required.

      Oh, and there was an EB in the city that gave me a Season Pass coupon for Borderlands 2, even though I hadn't participated in some kind of pre-order or promotion to earn it.

      I'm not an EB fanboy. I just know they get a TON of flack, and I have had some good experiences.

        Seems it's pretty much policy that people criticize. Way above average prices by default that you need to proactively price-match to bring back to sanity, plus the regular miscommunication between pre-owned and new release pricing divisions (yup, handled by two separate areas), and up-selling. I'm sure most of them would avoid that as much as possible if they could, but they get 'secret shoppered' (and it's not just about whether YOU are rating them but whether the secret shopper is in earshot) so can't really take the risk.

    I bought The Order 1886 at EB games. After finishing it in 5 hours I was able to return it for my money back. The girl behind the counter didn't even laugh at me for buying it in the first place.

    10/10 would buy and return shit games again.

      I once saw an EB assistant talking some dude into buying Aliens Colonial Marines and it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut.

    I go to my local game traders fairly regularly so I am starting to know the guy who owns the store there. the staff are always amazingly friendly to chat too and wont hesitate to hook you up with a good deal if you're not afraid to ask.

    Went in last week to buy the Wooly Yoshi Amiibo for my Girlfriend and saw an oldschool Digimon device on the counter that was just traded in. I asked how much he wanted for it and said he hadnt had the chance to price it up yet.

    looked around for a little while longer and went up to pay for my stuff and after I paid and got my discount :) he just popped the Digimon in the bag for me and said to have a nice day :)

    stuff like that keeps me coming back to the store :)

    Walking into store to buy a game. Standard pleasantries 'how you're day going' etc. Hand over money, get game, leave. Back to work. No upsells, no extra warranty/insurance, no delays. Lovely.

      It's the scratch protection up-sell that gets me. I always ask them - 'What the hell do you think I do with my games? Use them as coasters?'

        They don't like it when you ask them to check the games you just traded in and tell you if they think you need it.

          LOL, that's fantastic. I'll have to remember that if I ever trade my games. I've been thinking about it but just can't bring myself to do it. They're like my children...

            On the pre orders my usual responce is if i wanted to pre order somthing i would have said so. When gtav was coming to ps4 they ask me to pre order so i asked them if they were really going to run out of copies of one of the biggest releases of the year.

    Back when Toyworld sold games (Games Clearance center in Brisbane Queen st Mall) I purchased 10 Commodore 64 games for $5 and it took 6 months to play them all, partly due to tape drive.

    That time when we purchased BC two days before release date so we could get it installed early (before pre-patching was a thing with WoW). Due to timezone difference we where freaking out our American guildies because we where leveling ahead of them, stores where not open until tomorrow for them.

    EB selling me a sealed "used" copy of Halo MCC for XB1 for $30 when they where selling the new game on sale for $40. The employee knew I hated used games so when he told me it was sealed and traded in from XB1s sold recently. They made more money off the game, they gave me the game in the condition I wanted (Sealed) and they where polite about everything and never pressured me. Admittedly 90% of the new copies where open.

      "...partly due to tape drive." LMAO! I know right!?

      "Admittedly 90% of the new copies where open."

      This is what I don't get about EB Games! How can you differentiate between new and used when the DVD's or BluRay's all come from the same sleeved wallet in a draw?! As far as I'm concerned, unless the previous owner of a used game was obnoxiously careless, then they both get put inside an empty game case in a similar condition. Brand new to me is in shrink wrap. I don't know what the situation is like now, but when I was buying console games back in the day, I can't even remember a time when they gave me a shrink wrap copy of anything. I used to ask if they had shrink wrap copies of 'new games', but it was rare they even had one. It used to annoy me.

        The practice has changed at least at my local EB so that only the ones they put on the shelf are opened. It's a thing that most retail sites do these days.

        I like opening a game case in store and checking that all the manuals/codes are there, and also checking the disc surface. Unless it's all present and correct and the disc is unblemished, I don't accept it. I've been stung before with missing DLC or a supposedly 'new' disc.

    Playing guitar hero world tour with the staff of EB Launceston on the midnight launch night of Wrath of the Lich King

    Every visit to Hi Tech World in Brisbane in the late 90's before the franchises took hold and drove them out of business. We were always welcomed, the staff would always see if there was a game we wanted to try and would put it on for us. We never felt like we overstayed our welcome. They always had at least 6 consoles running with demos and ran their own regular competitions. Felt genuinely rewarding to be a loyal customer.

    perving on the check out chicks gstring'd ass as she bent over to grab my preorder

    Why post? They only collate the US responses with these things.

      We may not make it to Kotaku US's big post but we can all enjoy these stories ourselves here and now.

    Met my fiancé while working in the games section at the previous JB Hi-Fi I worked at. She came in asking for a game. We didn't have it, but I asked her about what it was like. Half an hour later she asked me for my number. We're getting married in February.

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