Why Batman’s Story Isn’t Tragic At All

Why Batman’s Story Isn’t Tragic At All

Bruce Wayne beating random thugs as Batman is probably not what Gotham needs, when corruption and poverty is all over the city, and as one of Gotham’s richest, he could be the one ending it.

Dorkly‘s recent video also shows that Bruce Wayne’s childhood as an orphan is nothing compared to the life of that random thug he beats up every day.


  • I put it down to lead piping. Gotham doesnt seem to care about its population. Lead in the water supply has resulted in a bunch of crazy people (batman included).

    • I’ve thought before that the entire population of Gotham must be crazy. Apart from the big-leagues, you have the disposable thugs that work for them (who know that their best case scenario is being beaten to a pulp by batman, but mostly end up tortured and killed by their bosses). Also, the general populace; why would you even live there if you didn’t enjoy the chaos on some level?

  • Gotham is largely a pretty decent city economically, its actually just a couple of ghettos that bring it down. A lot of its issues were explained in court of owls/night of owls, where Bruce finds out that this entire time there has been a group manipulating every one from the shadows.

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