Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared

Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared

From the sound of it, some English-speaking Splatoon players are either afraid of or annoyed with their Japanese counterparts. A few even hate playing against them.

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Earlier today, several popular Japanese game sites and blogs (here, here, and here) reported that some (not all!) international players do not enjoy online multiplayer with Japanese folks.

Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared
Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared
Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared
Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared
Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared
Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared

The reason for this is not only due to the Japanese players's Splatoon skills and high rankings, but apparently, the adventageous lag they cause.

Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared
Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared

This has led to some rather dodgy English language tweets that might be jokes or nothing of the sort. They are being translated in Japanese and circulating online. (So, jokes or not, it might be a good idea to think about how your tweets can be construed!)

Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared

Dear Japanese company, please remove Japanese players from your game.

Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared

See above.

Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared
Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared


Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared

Not all the tweets have been negative or nasty!

Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared
Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared
Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared


    They have awesome skills and awesome internet connection


    Last edited 04/09/15 8:13 am

    I actually find that my issue is that I can't turn quickly enough a lot of the time. Also, my up and down is too sensitive so I'll either be just above or below the person. I know this is something that could be fixed with motion controls, but I can't get used to them.

      Mess around with the sensitivity slider. I had to turn mine all the way down when I started. Slowly been moving it back up

        The problem is, horizontal is too slow, vertical too much. I need separate sliders for both D=

          I thought it did have separate sliders for the two?

    This article is for Americans. Because we share a time zone with Japan, all Australian splatoon players have been forged in the crucible of hardcore.

    It's funny that the rest of the world is slow and dull.

      Yep. When I was forced to play Call of Duty with Japanese players, I had to pick up my game. It's like the one time that game isn't easy to play.

      Back in the mid-00s I used to play a HELL of a lot of the Half-Life mod: Natural Selection. And when I say 'a lot', I mean 6-8hrs a night for months.

      Because it was a very niche game, you pretty much played on any server you could get a decent connection to, regardless of where it was in the world. The end result was that you could definitely see distinct differences in playstyle between different cultures and nations.

      It was fascinating to see actual, measurable differences in cultural attitudes emerge, over hundreds of hours of observation.

      The Japanese were a little terrifying to me. They simply did not communicate... but they didn't need to. Every match was almost choreographed perfection, a terrifying level of practiced precision - players would move to where they needed to be, and commanders or gorges would place buildings without them needing to ask. The Koreans were much the same... only faster.

      Americans were team players HEAVY on communication, calling alerts and updates frequently. Marines in particular were dutiful soldiers, more reliably obeying orders and travelling in groups for safety. Unfortunately, in any given engagement they were terrible shots and would suffer losses no matter how carefully-played.

      By contrast, Australians were terrible, terrible soldiers. Less communicative unless they wanted something, and incurable Rambos, one and all. They compensated for their gung-ho, irreverent attitudes by being excellent shooters, adept in surviving combat. But getting them to travel cohesively as a unit or follow orders that ran counter to their instincts was nigh-impossible, which led to them getting outnumbered and overwhelmed FAR more often than was necessary, or even if the Aussie was a survivor, critical structures were left un-built for far too long, cramping the commander's strategic advantage.

      (Interestingly, the most effective combination was a mix of US players supported by the occasional Aussie.)

      I played on a few European servers which were mostly German, and were an interesting combination of US obedience with AU competence.

        Haha, wow this is so true. I used to put so many hours into NS and you are spot on.

        It also shows in how different countries play MOBAs.

      ROFLMAO... I was actually about to say this...

      Most Jp players I've played with are fairly average and I can hold my own on most matches unless I get a bad team line up xD

    *Australian Cries at 5 mbps*



        That's at non peak times, don't forget in the evening
        you get a standard mere 0.89mbps

          I'm happy to get 248kbs. Darn NIMBY councils. If only the NBN was coming to the Blue Mountains...

            There's NBN in the estates both left and right of my own. I'm in metropolitan Melbourne. FML.

    Ahahahahahaa! Of course foreigners would only demand a region search option when it doesn't benefit them. Of course.

      What's ironic is that its the US players that are complaining... Usually people are wanting a region other than US cause screw ping times to the US

      Last edited 04/09/15 11:30 am

    Good to see Americans are finally having problems with regions not being separated and the associated lag issues.
    Come to Australia, that's life 24/7.

    So the problem is that US players are not used to having to deal with lag when playing competitive games?

    Am crying for them on the inside... really, I am....

    wait till they find out how good koreans are at starcraft


      If you post that comment on tumblr than it is indeed racist.

    That explains why I hadn't noticed anything different when playing against predominately Japanese teams.

    Thing about lag though, it goes both ways. It's an advantage for you just as much as it is for them, because your "reality" of the game is considered just as valid. If you can use that three quarters of a second (where as far as your enemy is concerned they've killed you) to kill them, then that'll still be counted.

    Although it completely fucks you over when trying to repel a kraken.

      It can screw you over with rollers too. I've had it happen a few times.

      Last edited 07/09/15 11:01 am

        Oh yes, the invisible roller attack. Mystery splat, then see them roll over your spot seconds later :P

          It's a bit frustrating when you're like, huh? But I'ma shooter and they're a roll-oh. Lag.

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