Developers Of Spiritual Successor To P.T. Launch Kickstarter


    Is it still a "spiritual sequel" if it comes from a completely different developer?
    Not saying it's a bad thing, cause I loved P.T, but cashing in on a popular game seems a little... I dunno.

    I guess it would be worse if Silent Hills were still actually being released.

      Spiritual successor means it carries the spirit of what came before. The developer had nothing to do with it

        Oh, I know, but most, if not all spiritual sequels (I can think of, at least) still come from the same developer, like Dark Souls was to Demons Souls, Shadow of the Collosus was to ICO, etc.

        Just idle musings by me, mostly.

          I totally agree. I have nothing against the team, the game looks beautiful and they seem to be doing a good job of it, but there is something a little cash-in like about it all.

            It seems to me that fans and news sites are the ones mentioning PT, not the devs (besides a brief mention in the kickstarter video about fans referring to it as such).

          I'd say the difference is in whether you use the term 'spiritual successor' or 'spiritual sequel'. To me, spiritual sequel seems to indicate that while it doesn't share the same name as a previous title, it is produced by the same (or some of the same) team. By this logic, Bloodborne is a spiritual successor to Dark Souls, due to the similar premise and gameplay, as well as being produced by the same company/team.

          On the other hand, spiritual successor seems to indicate that while the game isn't being made by the same team/company, it is being developed with the goal of being similar in nature to the game it is inspired by. I'd put Allison Road in that category.

    Pledged! I really hope this one succeeds. On a side note, is there an indication as to when VR on ps4 is coming?

    Its Oculus Rift...Fuck that for a joke.

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